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    Beauty queen of my phantasms
    Flirtatious in light of lilac purple
    Innocence subdued within her
    Darlings glance fades my behave
    Igniting our animalistic desires

  • wilmaneels1 35w

    She bloomed early like lilacs does
    Many judge her but she was fiesty
    Never let the judgment of others deter her
    She remained beautiful

  • bonitasarahbabu 35w

    In the splendid array of flowers,
    The lilacs were prominent.
    Their color was spectacular,
    And the diversity of their audience, they loved it.
    The birds, the bugs, and the homo sapiens,
    They loved the lilacs.
    The deep, pulsing color,
    It attracted many visitors.
    As the flowers bloomed,
    The audience grew, and many came to visit.

  • bclark2681 35w

    Lilac Surprise

    My arrival upon your doorstep
    With a surprise of lilac flowers
    Within my trembling hands
    Introduced tears upon your
    Blushed cheeks and a smile so
    Beautiful across your lips as
    Loving embrace overcame us

  • sonu99 35w

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    The blooms of confidence,
    Symbol of purity and innocence.
    Beautiful mauve petals with little hues of dusky pink,
    With spring peeping through the chink.
    Passion of lilac with its splendid beauty,
    Mesmerizing all with its royalty.

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    The blooms of confidence,
    Symbol of purity and innocence.
    Beautiful mauve petals with little hues of dusky pink,
    With spring peeping through the chink.
    Passion of lilac with its splendid beauty,
    Mesmerizing all with its royalty.

  • antheia_ 35w

    #wardrobe #lilacc

    *'Guilt sits heavy like london air in 1850s' & 'churning colours'~ poetconnection & Apanoplyofpoetry


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  • absynth 35w

    a cl(e)an-d(u/e)st-ine affair

    There's a lot of work to be done
    When it comes to my wardrobe,
    It's not in the best condition
    With lots of empty spaces between piles of clothes
    And shiny stainless steel hangers
    Tinted with flaking bits of corrosion.

    I can start the cleaning with fingers dipped in metaphors
    Like skeletons tumbling out of the closet
    Or cat in the cupboard
    Or Pandora's box
    And other intellectual finery
    To adorn my emotional nudity
    But as always a voice whispers to me
    To first rummage through the reality.

    So here I open the wardrobe now
    And firstly toss the faux pas and bloopers aside
    Then dig in a little deeper to look for clues
    that I may find
    Though a bit hesitant at the thought of
    Stirring up the sleeping dragons that lie
    But proverbs only complicate the process than simplify
    And so I continue with the foraging
    for something relatable and untouched by time.

    There are a few clothes gifted by my siblings
    most of them now faded as the childhood memories
    That hibernate in my mind like the winter wear collection
    That I haven't yet packed inside a suitcase on wheels
    Which I still possess as a heirloom of a family
    That slowly drifted apart to different continents for new starts
    While swapping old dysfunctionalities for new ones.

    Then there are a those clothes which were gifted by lovers
    As purple mementoes of our passionate times together
    Alongwith shedded skins of relationships streaked in lilac recollections;
    All trying to fit in among the lavender scented mothballs,
    Still clinging onto bits of the fleeting warmth and comfort
    Once found in those arms
    And the snuggly awkwardness of them
    masquerading in my over sized shirts.

    But the few of those who stuck around
    And dressed me up in their vulnerabilities
    While removing all price tags
    Before gifting them to me
    Now make me address their honesty
    And feel lucky
    To be able to hold onto the sentiment longer
    than the fashion statements and trends
    Though there's still a lot of work to be done
    in the department of wardrobe malfunction,
    Some dying chemistries to save
    At the risk of more exposure.

    For the ones who stayed behind
    Are the ones who help me to reorganize
    And mend the tattered threads,
    I just wish for the courage
    To look them straight in the eye
    When it's finally time to decide whether
    The old clothes are to be salvaged or discarded.


  • zoya_charmz 35w

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    #wardrobe #lilacc

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    #nightmare #ak_alliterations #ak_alphabets
    BG edit- Bae @arya_abhipsa

    All written rights reserved
    17 May 2021 10.25 pm

    / Z to A - persona + wardrobe - Alliteration/

    Wardrobe of her World ~

    Zephyr caress the zorbeez robes in tangerine hues, humility and humanity at the zenith
    ~ a Zen monk

    Yellow weaves of Youghal lace adorns the yearning soul of a guru to whom world yields
    ~ a Yogi guide

    X-rays of nightmares in a hollow body of mutants, a cloak of misfortune and mystery in a xyst
    ~ an X men

    West wind tickles the woolen coats of a wanderer, a hang watch in waistbag and a warm blanket in backpack
    ~ a wayfarer

    Velvet veiled gowns and velour suits rests in her closet, her hands on the bow, heart on a vow
    ~ a violinist

    Unleashing her virtue and vigour she packed ultrasuede ensembles in her suitcase and her passion, an ukulele
    ~ a unique persona

    Tapestry of daydreams weaved in textiles of amorous beauty - her precious possession, she treads
    ~ a tourist

    Scintillating silks of harmony in hold the entire soul of her, orchestrating a seraphic symphony
    ~ a singer

    Roses of reminiscence, reticella laced attires, she springs with a brimming heart, for her Romeo
    ~ a romantic lover

    Quaffing the ale of ethereal empyrean and beyond, questions encircle her being, quite yet quick
    ~ a quantum soul

    Polaroids of still life moments, an array of albums as prelude to her passionate life, and plush fits, her world shrinks to a picture
    ~ a photographer

    Odes and oracles converge, ottoman silks and ornaments of speech, narrating an odyssey
    ~ an orator

    Nameplates and nemesis urge her to attain more, she flys high, evading nets with notions and novellas
    ~ a nefelibata

    Music awakens her, food for her soul, muslin weaves in magenta shades, and her muse
    ~ a musician

    Love is the embodiment of soul, its eternal attire, linen threads and lilac lace of luck, sometimes lost at life
    ~ a lover lost

    Kaleidoscope of visions and kite-like vibes, knitted dreams, she seeks knowledge
    ~ a kalon beauty

    Jubilant waves of change, she outshines everyone, cwtching the jewel of soul
    ~ a jewel

    Inking stardust on a stellar sky, gleaming over nocturnal life, in her veins is color blue, inscribing imaginations
    ~ an Inara

    Holistic hues of desire splashed on the canvas of life, she paints a holy heaven
    ~ a haven of colors

    Gardens blossoming in spring, awakening the growth of a soul, adoring the garment of nature
    ~ a gardener

    Fragrance in the wind, fragile blossoms surrounding, fashionista of a kind, fusion of flavours
    ~ a florist

    Embodiment of Elegance, embellished in golds and silvers, enchantress in ethinic wear
    ~ an empress

    Dashing and delightful, breathing life to dormant dreams, doleful and dainty, dancing to drums
    ~ a dancer

    Cuddling clouds of white and coloring the welkin in neon, some crumbled notes and coins
    ~ a cloudwalker

    Blues and greys combine, silky silhouette sways, enchanting the audience in the tale of blackswan
    ~ a ballerina

    Array of stars make way for her abode, adorning angelic white, and devoting life to art
    ~ an artist

    Wardrobe of Her

    Halcyon days weaved Habutai silk gowns for her, part hailing happiness, part haunting horrendous... nonetheless left her heavy heart longing for a hiraeth

    Eagerly awaiting phobias in Eolienne,corded curtains, entailing her endeavors, emerging to erase her efforts to embark on an enlightening journey, tempting her to elope with ego... whereas she ensures to engage in embodiments elegantly with energy, envisioning a future well enlivened

    Reveries reformed themselves into raging Russel cords, reminiscence running in warp-wise lines, entangling with her reflexes and veiling her reflection... hitherto rests those rare records of her rosy life, recollections of rains and rainbows reviving in riveting rhythmic refrains

    // She's a Ballerina of Beguiling blue nights
    Inamorata of the Balmy Moonlit sky
    Inking Blissful verses, a Buoyant star //


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  • miss_silentlyweird 35w

    She have a wardrobe in her body filled up of lilac bruises covering her skin pair up with shoes of lies.

  • _creatingworldsthatdonotexist_ 35w

    / Boyhood /

    Forgive me,
    I might say things
    You carry to the grave,
    Might break a few picture frames in your head,
    Might move around and mix chaos
    Into your mouth,
    So when you sleep
    I'm still
    Rearranging the furniture in you
    And trust me, interior designing is
    My thing
    And when I stepped into the church
    That day
    I saw it in your eyes
    Four of them
    Five days ago
    At the dinner table
    Your mum had told you there
    Was a tumour in your mind
    No, she wouldn't call it cancer
    She wouldn't call it a name
    You thought you were ferral
    And there was no hope
    I knew it was love,
    Boyhood, I mean
    Pine trees in your backyard
    You, on the pine trees
    Snow on your lips
    Scraped knees
    And thoughts of thirty books
    Thirty with an 'F'
    In your head
    Dimples on your chin
    And you're afraid to let out the flood
    In your eyes
    You think its a sin
    And I wish I could show you the
    In your veins
    The boyhood I mean
    Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen
    And now seventeen
    Vengeance on a white tee,
    Assymetric shirts, unorthodox ties,
    Dense cities under those dark baggy eyes
    And words all over your chest
    Remember the time you grew your hair ?
    It felt nice, didn't it ?
    Not having to bother ?
    Why'd you feel guilty 'bout it then ?
    And I wish I could let you know
    That IS machismo
    Boyhood I mean
    Your friends,
    Thirty six jokes that shouldn't have been
    Don't you cry too ?
    Tell scented pages how much you love ?
    Vulnerable Summers
    chequered smiles
    And the autumns could probably
    Have more poisonless light
    A little less dyed
    A little less lilac
    A little more white
    And I wish I could tell you its okay
    The boyhood, I mean.
    Know you cook better than me
    Both stories and food
    Holes and Breezer
    Nights in your head's freezer
    Skin care's for you
    So are heels
    And songs sung aloud
    And happiness
    And sweat
    And photographs and photobombing
    And perfume
    And everything else
    Because insecurities are colourblind to it
    So are desires
    To the boyhood I mean.
    And I'm afraid
    I don't know enough
    Nor do you
    About this ~
    Boyhood I mean.

    ~ Harshita

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  • aditii_ 35w

    ~The only wardrobe I had~

    That room
    had a window
    which showed
    hundred dreams
    and sung the lullabies
    of hazy shores
    also the single furniture
    I had a wardrobe
    of cliche memories
    and ashy breeze
    the bedsheets
    it had in the corner
    have stained into acnes
    the under-garments that
    were hidden under them
    have started unleashing
    the pain in them
    my frocks are dancing
    on the top of their torn edges
    my school uniform is still
    smiling with the
    ripped marks on it
    the books of my forgotten days
    which are kept
    in the lowermost drawer
    have grown fragile
    that safe I had in the bottom
    has the lilac euphoria
    that only wardrobe
    I had with me
    has turned into
    the drenches of
    every summer
    I heard in my scream.

    Tragsjjsjtjskksh. Bye.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #wardrobe #lilacc #wod #pod

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    The only wardrobe I had.

  • yayshi 35w

    Not all my blues turn to stark black;
    Sometimes time adds some pink from the springs and paints a fluffy lilac for me

  • monsteralive 35w

    In the lilac sky moon shines like a white button on your purple top.

  • bubbly_bluebells 35w

    Why lilacs symbolise grief?
    Why do we curse flowers innocence?
    Just because they are silent
    Easily stained by selfish motives
    when their purity is crushed
    Petals also wanna taste sweet
    sugar cubes of happiness

  • fatema_sayyed00 35w

    Random rant.
    @writersnetwork Thankew♥️ (27)
    @mirakee #lilacc #wardrobe #wod

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    Fragrant lilacs, crisp pages
    & cologne scent it used to be.
    The wardrobe which now consists of
    withered petals, torn books & faded scent.


  • someone_you_know 35w

    Shall we carve a forever together?

    They say there's never
    a forever
    but when I look into
    your deep impenetrable eyes' hue
    I see there exists a forever
    but then I fear
    to lose the sight of these eyes
    'cuz of which, in my mind a few questions arise
    and I just wonder
    if it isn't meant to be a forever
    then why so hard did we had to endeavor?
    yea yeaa...
    if it isn't meant to be a forever
    then why is it even there?

    They say for talking to your virtual love
    you shouldn't ever crave
    if it is an online relationship
    you will soon lose its grip
    'cuz they say just like the social filter(s)
    these online love stories gradually alter
    but when I gaze at
    that cute face
    I freakin' wanna adore it forever
    but then I fear
    to lose the sight of those cheeks,
    that nose and those lips
    and I just wonder
    if it isn't meant to be a forever
    then why so hard did we had to endeavor?
    yea yeaaa...
    if it isn't meant to be a forever
    then why is it even there?

    They say those teenagers in love
    about a forever, they shouldn't ever dream of
    'cuz it will end soon with heartaches
    and heartbreaks
    as their love isn't deep
    not at all a forever to keep
    their love isn't pure
    it is just a mistake you will always have to endure!
    but when I muse 'bout you
    I see purity and innocence in your serene soul, whenever I look back
    just as if you stole it from a garden of white lilac
    but then I fear to lose the camaraderie of the soul
    I admire the most
    and I just wonder
    if it isn't meant to be a forever
    then why so hard did we had to endeavor?
    yea yeaaaa...
    if it isn't meant to be a forever
    then why is it even there?

    /And, I hope one fine day
    my unanswered questions
    will be considered by someone/


    #and_darling #ceesreposts
    #lilacc @writersbay I don't really know if it comes under this prompt��‍♀️ {reference- para 3}

    Ps - A long post after a long time... tbh I'm writing something like this for the very first time! Please do point out my mistakes.
    [ Wait, can we sing this as a song?�� ]

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  • a_gentilischi 35w

    @miss_silentlyweird I borrowed the term "lilac bruises" from your amazing post today. Hope you don't mind ��✨


    I'll let go of you
    And all the memories we made
    Like the silk threads unravelling
    From the faded gold linings
    Of my old wedding saree
    That's rotting to dust
    In the wardrobe upstairs
    Where I wrapped it up
    Sentimental fool that I was

    The memory of the day I bought it
    Is still a fresh memory
    In the sweltering heat, Amma and I
    We had gone to the store
    Where every surface spilled with
    Tendrils of embellished tulle

    On the morning of the wedding
    Clad in just a blouse and underskirt
    Face unrecognizable with makeup
    I felt so naked and alone
    As I stood among the beauticians
    Clutching the bundle of shimmering silk
    To my hammering heart

    And the only thought in my mind
    Was that this saree and jewels were too heavy
    All these chains and studs and sequins
    And that it would weigh me down
    When we were pronounced one

    Little did I know
    That the only thing that would weigh me down
    That would ruin my whole life to rubble
    Wasn't the saree...

    But you
    And your lilac bruises


    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    #wardrobe #words #sari #wod #pod
    #dark #lilacc #thoughts #life #stories

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