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  • pallavi4 2d


    I was invited to be a part of a fair
    Which was held on a bright and sunny day
    A walk into this fair was a stroll
    Into my forgotten childhood days
    I carried with me no umbrella as the English do
    In order to be able to enjoy the afternoon rain
    And got lost in the happy and joyous revelries
    In the crowds found myself again

    I bought …..
    A little box for storing memories
    Reams of paper for thoughts to be inked
    A rug to make winters cosy
    A book of posies to make me think
    A coffee table book with glossy pages
    An album to store all my pictures
    Several pots to house my many plants
    Along with a book of bygone scriptures
    A piece of handwoven, embroidered cloth
    A bunch of chimes to sway in the wind
    An ancient looking ink pot
    A mug to down my tea with gold rimmed
    A handmade sun dried tomato pizza
    A risotto made with local rice and fish
    To drink - a nice cool lemonade
    An exotic looking apple pie dish

    Admiring the local artefacts I’d bought
    After punting in a boat in the nearby lake
    The day ended on a high as I came home
    And ate a slice of a very delicious cake
    Sometimes we lose a part of ourselves
    But in surprising places, it we regain
    Every little facet that makes us feel lost
    Can be eliminated by a walk down the memory lane


    21st of January, 2022

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me- Punting under the “Bridge of Sighs”, Cambridge (2019)

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  • charlieka 10w

    These Are A Few of My Not Favorite Things

    blood on the paper
    the scent of mildew and copper
    a basement
    airplanes and blow flies
    motorcycles and chains
    crawling among littered cigarette skins
    the sting of stains
    laughing in the light of an oily lamp
    a baby doll with her eyes pressed tight
    curbside delivery


  • seraphel 10w

    Things I never did but I wanna experience:

    1 die
    2 live again
    3 fly
    4 learn to swim
    5 marry

    Short explanation:

    1 literally die
    2 literally live again
    3 literally fly


    But for now, at least in time,

    I want to

    4 learn to swim
    5 marry

  • kingdomdelight 10w

    Love the Best Teacher
    (God is Love)

    Love(God) always leads us in truth
    Truth leads us into God's perfect will and ways
    God's perfect way and will leads us into freedom
    Freedom let us fall in Love with God
    and God is love
    Love makes us mature in Christ
    And love stays forever to bless!

    Experience the worst teacher!
    Oh, because not all experiences,
    was born from the heart of love
    Some were made OUT of,
    the PERFECT will of God
    Those experience HURTS ...
    I'm sure all has their own "free will" story,
    that felt like hell
    God is love
    Love doesn't want, one to hurt
    But indeed "free will" GOD gave to all
    That's why so many is still immature
    wrong experience lessons hurts
    You may learn from those bad lessons
    But love still the best teacher,
    to avoid all bad experience


  • _rutu_writes_ 11w

    List of life

    Let me shorten some of important things-
    Build faith
    Defeat procastination
    Love yourself
    Live to fullest
    Learn mistakes
    Create moment at present

  • summermoon 12w

    To Do

    Contemplate, exasperate, execute
    Work, work, work some more enough to be sore
    Fuel the body nutritiously while watching food videos of people baking cookies tremendously
    Clean, sweep, dust, vacuum
    Learn, grow, expand the mind
    Take a nap, enjoy the rest of the day

  • minutiae_in_metanoia 12w

    Seethe, pine, break things
    With hands in gloves,
    heart in mouth.

    Look, see nothing, breathe,
    drag myself through this day,

  • nocturnal_enigma 17w

    * 26.9.2021; 4.41 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * #AlphabetPoem #Alphabet #Poem #NuEmAlph

    * #NuEmLists

    * I did an Xray many months ago when I was still skinny. My upper back bone is bented. Doctor said I have scoliosis.

    #ListPoetry #List #Poetry #Kept #wod @miraquill

    * Rears = Buttocks

    * Cape = A very large piece of land sticking out into the sea

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    Things I preserved for U ~

    There are some things that I preserved.
    They are only for you, that I've reserved.
    Unchanged feeling for U, over 2 years.
    Used to your voice. Echoes in my ears.
    Vivid dreams of U. In my mind it's kept.
    Vast memories of U. Not large as a cape.
    Well, I'm fat. For me & U, I'll get in shape.
    Won't reject me again. Hope U will accept.
    X-ray of my bones. Scoliosis. Far from rears.
    Xoxo. Love & kisses for U. Plus, my tears.
    You'll be given gifts by me. Cuz' U deserve.
    You're in my heart. So, please conserve.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • angel_k 17w

    I saved tales, about everything.
    I saved an email, which I sent.
    I saved a contact, which I cannot put on a call.
    No wonder how everything had been.
    But there remains a void,
    And I believe it will always be.
    I saved few emotions,
    And I still remember how bad it felt,
    The day you said, you and me are not us.
    It's always will be two opposing teams

  • tuiethetweety 17w

    "Cherishing Golden Times"

    Things I've preserved for the years are the old
    golden times i had in the past,their memories are
    so carefully kept deep inside my mind just like
    any most precious gem or something as such.
    The past i had was totally full of fun,enjoyment,
    freedom,celebrations of life spontaneously.
    when i was much immature yet innocent and
    a friendly loving nature and also caring for others
    I loved and loved to the core though later got many setbacks related to broken heart,but still i
    could somehow coped with this and moved on for the various life paths of different vibrant hues,nonetheless enjoying that time newly way.
    All these memories are from the last decade of my thirty one years life,these were and are so so colourfull and precious to me,i still cherish them.
    I'm fond of these golden memories,they will remain in my heart's Gem corner till my death.

  • mahtobpensdown 17w

    An earring pair which doesn't mean dispair
    Artwork and pencil shades
    Lots of memories burried in my heart ��
    Unspoken words in some corner
    Happy events ; how lucky I'm to be alive
    Relations made and preserved through
    Just keep filling your heart's pockets ��
    For only this will stay with you ��

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @ink_whiff @love_whispererr

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    An earring pair which doesn't mean dispair
    Artwork and pencil shades
    Lots of memories burried in my heart
    Unspoken words in some corner
    Happy events ; how lucky I'm to be alive
    Relations made and preserved through
    Just keep filling your heart's pockets
    For only this will stay with you

  • abinaya14 20w

    Things that fill my heart

    I could say the palpitations of anxiety,
    The fear of being forgotten,
    Flood of emotions leading to satiety,
    And the thought of slowly getting rotten.

    At times the acoustic alteration of the rainfall,
    The stain of rainbow on the cloudy sky,
    The leftover memories to recall,
    Watching my love walk towards me as the clouds pass by.


  • bubbly_bluebells 23w

    #tell #list

    Tell me
    Dear bubbly buds
    When you open
    Namaste petals
    to bloom as flower
    Isn't guesture of praying?
    Also pay gratitude
    By writing
    a geometrical song
    In the blue zephyrs
    for butterflies
    whispering process
    About wholeness
    Among red ladybirds
    In an authentic-self
    preserving a treasure
    inside for future hopes
    Whose wilting wish;
    to be green again
    In the Aura of serenity

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    Transforming,an eternal light
    Of monsoon serendipity!

  • brain_dump 23w

    My daddy's got no money
    I'mma lend my house to you

    #list @writersnetwork @miraquill noticed this used to be a prompt

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    A squishy pillow
    and a big bunny bear
    A number of rings and scrunchies
    and the equipments to make my hair

    A huge box of dark chocolates
    and a wardrobe loaded with books
    A pack of torn bookmarks,
    a torn dictionary, beaten thesaurus by looks

    A new guitar with colourful picks
    and a teacher who could teach
    A new record with baroque and romantic,
    a classic collection out of people's reach

    High boots or pencil heels
    and a black dress up to my knee
    A split red skirt on my legs
    winged sunglasses for when it's sunny

    A rocking chair on my balcony side
    To watch pink sunsets and crimson sunrise
    A Sci-Fi series and educational magazines
    A writer who makes me feel wise

    (To be continued)

  • lilco444 23w


    Prompt: List of things I left when I left someone.

    My fear
    My doubt

    Your hate
    Your lies

    My time
    My bruises

    Your anger
    Your taste

    Our heartbreak
    Our fate

  • _faded 23w


    11 August 2021

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    When he/she left me,
    I left the pieces of us,
    I left the laughter of us,
    I left to smile that was because of him/her,
    I left the talking long on calls,
    I left writing long msgs,
    I left expressing what I feel,
    I left all of me which was because of him/her,
    I left much things I lose.

  • kanungoswati 23w

    #list# memories @miraquill @writersnetwork


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    Incomplete drama

    From my bag of dreams,
    I extract a casket
    full of broken promises
    painted in rosy hues,
    a diary of memories
    breathing of nostalgic
    flash backs,
    a cornucopia of feelings
    singing of good and bad times
    and myriad of fallen


  • inchoate_ananta_upadhaya 23w

    For you

    When I am gone I hope
    You will find these things I left

    A peaceful void
    Eternity of Nothingness

    Playground of darkness with
    Galaxies scattered around it.

    Twinkling stars with
    Planets revolving.

    Beautiful wholesome world
    And a bright blue moon.

    Trees caring about you
    And flowers reminding me.


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    For you !

    A peaceful void
    Eternity of Nothingness


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 23w

    #list #left #ak_wn_repost
    I didn't leave anyone
    Maybe I should have

    All Rights Reserved
    11 Aug 2021 5.20 pm

    Thank you so much for Repost �� @writersnetwork
    Thank you so much for like Miraquill !
    Thank you so much for EC !!

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    / List of loss, list of gain, list of pain /

    A pipe dream broken under the doormat of hope
    A scarf of thorny memoirs pricking and prodding sobs
    A shelf of rotten nightmares replaying attires and masks
    A cup of cold coffee scenting his sweet lies yet tasting bitter
    A rusted key to the door of fortune and a sealed lock
    A pamphlet for forsaken future and a receipt of grief
    A cotton blanket reeking of dusky dewdrops and fears
    A bottle of champagne with a sticker of empty promises
    A turntable that echoes polished laments of eclipsed moon
    A collection of fading polaroids, a palette of mourning hues
    A suitcase full of choking doubts, a pinch of paranoia
    A handful of skeleton blooms and a withering fern of fate
    A scar of trust on the walls of my heart that's rewinding beats

    // A griefcase is my treasured possession
    For until I rest betwixt rocks and mosses //


  • inked_selenophile 23w

    I left the torn papers that had gathered
    fragments of our lovely memories labeled