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  • alonestar1 1w

    एक song ⭐�� ( सर्द हवाएं )

    मिलने की आरजू है उससे,,,
    ये बात उस तक पहुंचाऊं तो पहुंचाऊं कैसे ??
    वो बना है किसी और के लिए,,,
    उसे अपना बनाऊं तो बनाऊं कैसे ??

    #alonestar1 #सर्दहवाएं #love #song #wait #longdistance

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    #सर्द हवाएं

    ये सर्द हवाएं,,,ये ही तो है गाएं ।। 2
    मिलने को आजा ना तू,,,
    दर्श दिखा जा ना तू ।। 2

    ये रातों का सूरज,,,चमकते सितारे ।।
    मेरी जाना मुझको,,,लगते है प्यारे ।।
    ये रातों.......
    अपना जलवा दिखा जा ना तू,,,
    दर्श दिखा जा.....

    ये ओस की बूंदे,,,तुझे ही तो ढूंढे ।।
    आवाज लगाऊं,,,तुझे ही मैं गाऊं ।।
    ये ओस.......
    कहां छिपी बैठी है तू,,
    दर्श दिखा जा...........

    ये हल्का हल्का,,,बारिश का पानी ।।
    बढ़ा जाता है ये,,,दिलों की बेचैनी ।।
    ये हल्का.......
    सुकूं मुझको दे जा ना तू,,,
    दर्श दिखा जा.........


  • mazafaltu 2w

    Someone who is far away from you #longdistance #love #poetry

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    Yaadein ❤️

    Ansuo ki bundo se khwabo ko mat bahana,
    Duriyo ki yaado me sapne mat bhulana,
    Jab bhi yaad aye bas un lamho ko yaad kar ke musukrana

  • scientistsahai 3w

    Shor bhari us mehfil mein
    Aa jakda mujhe khamoshi ne
    Tu maujood yahan par ho
    Ya dikhai diye mujhe madahoshi mein
    Kadam badha kar pahunche tum tak
    Bas chand kadamo ki doori thi

    Gujare saal kuch ginati ke
    Tanha lamhon ka hisaab kahan
    Faasle the chand shehron ke
    Badhati dooriyon ka hisaab kahan
    Tum paas se nikale aur palat kar dekha
    Jaise saalon pehle the palat gaye...

  • smily_sn 4w



    Tum kuch nahi the fr bhi thiii

    Tere sone k bad hi soti thiii

    Tere hasne p main hasti thiii

    Tere dard se main roti thiii

    Tujhe pass rkaha mere sath rakha

    Deddar tera mayassar nhai

    Fr bhi teri surat ko maine sbse khass rakha

    Tere sab armaan mujhse phle the

    Maine meri zaruratoon ko
    Tere baad rakha..

    Tu phle tha fr baki sb
    Maine tujhe sb se khas rakha

    Dil mujhko bura ab kehta hai
    Maine kyun tujhse koi ass rakha

    Tere liye mera hasna tha
    Aaasu bhi tere naam rakhe

    tere liye main sajti thi
    Mendhi pe tera naam likha

    Maine har sajde main
    Bas tujhko hi manga tha

    Tujhse zarurri kuch bhi nhi tha

    Tere calls mine tab bhi uthye
    jab hathon me mere niwala tha

    Vo din bhi yaad h mujhko
    Bas teri khatir pura class bunk kr dala tha

    Tere naam pe mine
    Kisse likhe

    Tere naam se kudh ko
    Sawara thaaa

    Tujhse zarurri kuch bhi nhi

    Tu mujhko sbse se pyra tha

  • _sajan_ 5w

    Breeze winds !

    To kill My lazy Mood
    To feel the nature
    To remember the feel of love :)

  • pragati_thapa 7w

    Should I feel fortunate that I have you in my life
    Should I feel unfortunate that I can't have you right now with me.
    good or bad ?
    #love #rhyme #poem #boyfriend #longdistance

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    Every night i wanna be wrapped in your arms till the sun shines bright.
    With you around, everything feels Allright.
    Wanna watch you fall asleep , all calm and quiet
    Want to always wake up to this perfect pretty sight.
    Wanna kiss your forehead when you're sound asleep.
    You are the most precious thing to keep.
    wanna give you back rubs when you are feelin low,
    Till your face regain that most lovely lustrous glow.
    wanna walk every route holding your hand.
    Whenever you are stuck in conflicts , will always take your stand. 
    I'll do everything that I can to keep you away from trouble.
    Will be  right there beside you in all your struggle.
    Knowing that I have you in my life feels so right.
    Yet, knowing I can't have you right now keeps me awake at night.
    Not having you here with me tears me up inside.
    I desperately want you by my side.
    But , no distance can ever keep my heart from loving you.
    What I feel for you is soo very true.
    I'll be there with you raccoon, someday soon,
    To love you all day , night and noon.
    Till then do believe in the love that I have for you .
    Remember, happy days are on the way, never be gloomy or blue.


  • jagruti_patil30 7w

    What do you think��
    #longdistance #love #realtionship

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    Thought it would be different in a long distance,
    But your thoughts are only the distance,
    Your facial expression are enough to see your mood,
    But learning that by your texts messages is very good,
    Meeting regularly is what urge you to be in a relationship,
    But not meeting for long span of does it change something?


  • hazel_nut_sucks 9w

    I Miss Him

    I miss him, I thought that if I work as to not miss any deadlines I won't miss him much, but as I lay in my bed struggling to keep my eyes open after a rigorous day of over working I am writing on i miss him....

  • arunkrishnavivekananthan 10w

    பனியைப் பணி நீக்கம் செய்வேன்
    உன்னை அரவணைக்க உன் அருகில்
    நான் இல்லாத பொழுது பொழிந்தால்


  • alltimefamished 12w

    Friendship love

    They were walking on a silent road. She'd hear him breathing heavily. It was their last day together. Tomorrow he'd fly to Canada, and she would return to Kenya.

    Their hands were still twinned together but eyes were far apart.

    She knew her house is not too far from where they were walking but the journey seemed like never ending.

    He broke the ice. "I'm leaving tomorrow!" his eyes glued to the road.

    "I know, I'm leaving for Kenya tomorrow as well. I'm sure we will meet soon". She knew it was a lie.

    Before she would blink he asked,"Will you wait for me till I return?" he hoped within for a positive answer.

    She didn't utter a word. All she did was hugged him.

    She was waiting for this. Somehow he took too long to express. Their childhood friendship is now turned into a relationship. But little they knew, long distance relationship is all about expressing love.


  • manalibajpai 12w

    करवा चौथ

    यादों में तुम रहते हो बातों में तुम हस्ते हो,
    बात करो ना फिर भी तुम साथ हमेशा बस्ते हो।
    याद करो जो तुम हमको चंद्रमा को ज़रा बाता देना,
    पूछूँगी जब उसको मैं तब लाल होके वो मुझे बता देगा।
    जब एक समय हम देखेंगे तब करवा चौथ मना लेंगे,
    हम देख उसे तुम देख उसे एक दूजे को गले लगा लेंगे।।
    बैरी बनी इस दूरी को चाँद श्रण भर में यूं मिटा देगा,
    वो पास हमे फिर ला देगा हर आक्रोश मिटा देगा।।
    तब साथ जब हम आ जाएंगे मुस्कान हमारी पाएंगे,
    फिर बैठ साथ देख चाँद प्रिये हम करवा चौथ मनाएगे।।


  • cyberious 14w

    #love #unconventional #friendship #longdistance

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    I Want To Dream Again

    Once upon a time, there lived two people in two different world, so similar to eachother yet apart from eachother millions of miles. While one lived in North and the other lived in south. None of them knew eachothers existence. Things started to change one night. When they both slept, they dreamt the same dream, It was a dark night with soft light of the moon touching the face of the Girl while she closed her eyes listening to the clam sea, the Boy walked towards her and sat next to her. They glanced eachother face and smiled but didn't speak a word yet it was meaningful to be there in the moment with eachother. For the first time in a while they felt happy to be with someone who is a reflection of themselves. When the morning sun shine hit their face, they woke up and wondered what they dreamt was really a dream as it was felt so real. Everytime they slept, they met eachother, sat on cliff watched stars rain, walked on empty streets at night, watched fireflies on grass. The more they spent time with eachother, it fade the line between dream and reality. The more they dreamt the more the eagar they became to know if the person existed in real life.

    The end



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    Stories Of Life #5
    I Want To Dream Again


  • manalibajpai 15w

    यूं जो गाते हो तुम,
    तो मैं पागल सी फिरती हूँ।
    गोपियों जैसी मैं,
    नाचती सी फिरती हूँ।
    बावला ये मेरा मन,
    तुझको ही क्यों सुन्ना चाहे।
    ये नज़रो के तीखे कटार,
    तुझसे ही क्यों मिलना चाहे।
    कब मिलन की बेला आई,
    अब ऋतु ये बरखा लाई।
    जब तुझसे मिलने की बारी आई,
    सुन सजन में दौड़ी चली आई।।


  • hasraton_ka_ashiq 15w


    सपनो में तेरे लिए अपनी हसरतें बयां करता हूँ

    तू दूर है मुझसे
    तुझे चूम नहीं सकता .....

    इसीलिए तेरी तस्वीर चुम लिया करता हूँ

  • the_sunset_girl 16w

    The Bluemoon

    He left her when the dawn touched the horizon,
    With a vow to meet; he crossed the Lethe soon.
    His memories have sunken to the depth of oblivion;
    While with each passing phase, she waited for her blue moon.


  • _kaya_ 17w

    Don't even remember how it started. But the way he looked into my eyes made me skip a beat. Oh my! The way he pins me aginst the wall, holds my hands over my head and claims me, leaves me with no option but to happily surrender. But we are suckers for power-play. He leaves me helpless but so do I. I pushed him onto the couch while we both stripped our clothes. Sitting on top of him I could feel how hard and hungry he was for me! The way he grabbed my ass made me gasp. He slipped his fingers through my panties to feel the pool of honey that is waiting for him to devour, and that combined with his hardness throbbing against my sweet spot; i couldn't help but to grab his hair and back and let out the most sensual moan into his ears!

    I woke up abruptly from my afternoon nap. Laying on my back I was looking at how delicately my curtains were flowing while constant chit-chats creeped in from the next room. But I couldn't care less about all of it.
    All I could think about was him and all the wetness. His presence and aura was lingering on oh so strongly just from my dream. The distance between us is almost unfair, and my cravings are definitely not helping me. My body feels numb and I just grabbed my comforter, curled my toes and buried my head into my pillow. What am I supposed to do now?!
    Little did I know counting days can be so hard!


  • oreo2706 18w

    খোলা প্রেম...

    বলছি শুনছো...আমি প্রেম পাঠিয়েছিলাম তোমায়, পেয়েছ?
    নাগো বাহ্যিক নয়, আন্তরিক প্রেম, খোলা প্রেম! তুমি বোধহয় পাওনি সেবার। অসুবিধে নেই, আবার পাঠাই আজ। খোলা প্রেম, শুধু তোমার জন্য।
    মনে আছে ওই হলদে ফুলের স্নিগ্ধ প্রেম? মনে পড়ে তোমার, ওই সারি সারি কাশ ফুলের প্রেমের ডাক? মনে পড়ে, নিশ্চই মনে পড়ে তোমারও! সুন্দর ভোর, হাওড়া স্টেশন, ব্যাস্ত জনমানব, কয়েকটা লাগেজ, কলকলে ঘাম, রবীন্দ্র সেতু, মাটির ভাঁড়ে চায়ের চুমুক আর গঙ্গার ঠান্ডা বাতাসে নিঃশব্দ প্রেম...মনে পড়ে নিশ্চই তোমার? আরও আছে, যেমন কফি হাউস, কিংবা গুরুদ্বরা, কিংবা শপিং মলের সিঁড়িতে...অথবা প্রথম দেখার হঠকারী প্রেম!
    আজ সেইসব আবার পাঠাচ্ছি, সঙ্গে থাকছে বৃষ্টিভেজা সন্ধ্যের কোমল শীতলতা আর মাটির সোঁদা গন্ধ মাখা আরও অনেকখানি নির্ভেজাল প্রেম, দূরত্বের বেড়াজালে প্রতিদিন আটকে থাকা অফুরন্ত অপূর্ণ প্রেম, খোলা আকাশের জ্যোৎস্না মাখা খোলা প্রেম।

    বলছি শুনছো...এবারে কিন্তু জানিও, আমার প্রেম পেলে কিনা! অপেক্ষায় থাকবো....
    দূরত্বে অপেক্ষাই যে সব থেকে বড় সম্বল!!

  • ashish_suman 19w


    Ye dil dhoonde aashiyana ....
    Ye dil dhoonde aashiyana...
    Jab se tu mila ye tere bare me hi sochta rhta
    Na jane kb mile iski aashiyana

  • inutansharma 20w

    Some day, under the same sky
    It will be only us, U and I

    Staring at the moon, thinking of the time
    Time when I will be yours and you will be mine

    Smiling and blushing for all good reasons
    Trying to count days, and count seasons

    Stars will twinkle and moment will freeze
    While we feel the vibes with that passing breeze


  • _irina_ 21w

    The long distance love

    I'll remember these nights
    Tear-filled eyes
    Writing at night
    Extremely tired bodies, short sleep spells
    Struggling to talk
    Still doing all our best
    I wish God feels our pain
    Reetik, I just love taking your name
    My first prayer would always be that we stay together always
    I wish everything that we are going through now doesn't go in vain
    We hope to see eachother locked in one another's arm
    Going to bed together with no barriers keeping us apart
    Feeling, touching, seeing, kissing, hugging
    And in future
    If we ever see things going against us,
    We won't give up
    And tell our hearts
    If we could do it then,
    We can do now!