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  • julia_goolia 205w

    I guess there are several ways you could perceive this. Be the outcast! Stay with the lord, because in the end you could either be the ones getting raked up and thrown away, or you could be the ones to stay with the tree. #unfailinglove #spiritleadme #outcast #lonely #dangling #lonleyvalentine #eternity

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    I'm like the last leaf dangling from a tree in the fall. If I were to part ways, I could join the others lying on the ground who's minds were tempted with the promise of adventure, who's fear of winter overwhelmed them. Or I could stay and be the outcast, forever bonded with tree, sticking to it through the think and thin. How lonely must it be for a tree who's children have abandoned him? We could watch the others eventually get raked into a trash bag where they will spend the rest of eternity. But me? I will forever be with the tree.