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  • yourarmy 8w

    It had been a few days that I am here. At first, When I came out of my house I was astonished to see the world. So many big and small things. So much beauty around.  A Big red flower hanging in the sky grabbed my attention. I flew towards it in joy. Soon I realised it was not in the sky, It was somewhere in middle. I rested on it for a few minutes, I was comforted by its soft cushions and was treated with sweet nectar. With a warm hug, I said goodbye to her. I flew as far as I can, I was enjoying the green, yellow, white variations. The wind was competing with me but the fragrance he carried pleased my mind to begin the friendship. We travelled through many places but gradually my friend turned into an enemy. The fragrance in him turned into a disgusting smell. He was no more cooler, he was aggressive as if he was the new person. I decided to leave him and said goodbye with a painful heart. He replied,  " Welcome to City ".

      I left him, thinking what is "city"? Suddenly someone came in my path. I stood, it looked like a barrier, made of concrete. I flew high to see where I am. What the hell? Where are those greens? Where is that beautiful flower? Where are those lakes? Where are those trees with fruits? What is that black thing, where is the soil? What do they eat? Where ever I saw, I found so-called buildings, towers and under construction sites. I wanted to know who live here. Because so far I came across people who work in farms, children who played in soil, grandpa and grandmoms who narrated stories, loving couples near rivers. I met people who live in the happiest world.

    I was resting on a slippery surface till a light hit my face. Oh, wait...it is a kid. He took my photo....! What? He never saw a butterfly?  Someone came behind him to kick me out. I ran into the corner saving my life. It is a big home, I never saw one like this. What I saw was a small house where everyone slept in the same room. So many times I fell into sleep hearing their stories. But here, It is something different. Why the child is busy using a mobile when his mother is beside him. And Why don't his mother feed him taking him in her arms? In past, I missed my mom whenever I saw them feeding their children in the moonlight. Wait....! Where is his father? I entered a room that was above. Why he is inhaling the smoke? How he can breathe? Why doesn't he spend his time with his family? I was getting unconscious, so I came out of the room. I saw beautiful frames hung on walls. So happy they look in frames but why not in reality?

    Feeling sorry for them I came out. I was in good sleep but the sound around was getting louder. Till now I had seen the sun awakening the world but for the first time, I was feeling like Sun was getting up due to their noise. I saw singles, couples, busy, calm, happy and sad faces, some faces were emotionless. I felt like the city life have made them run out of emotions. But after covering some distance I was happy to see some flowering plants kept in broken buckets, plastic bags and something called pots. I ran into them, I hugged them with blissful tears. It had been long. I was tired of searching for you. I flew from one flower to other in joy, I shouted as I made a discovery. I was flying but suddenly I felt weak, I made a crash landing on the floor. I am laying on the ground, it is hot, I can see the flower near me but I am unable to fly. I am falling asleep. I don't know, will I be able to open my eyes again. But I know, I have lived my life. I learnt many things from observing the two sides of the same coin. Though they belong to the same world they are entirely different. No one knows when you will end the journey. But you can decide how it can be. I am saying goodbye and I don't have regrets.

    #busylife #world #life #lostlife #butterfly #whatISaw

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    What I saw...


  • hum_raaz 17w


    बढ़ जाते है लोग आगे
    अपनो के अरमानों को कुचल कर
    एहसास होता नहीं उन्हे
    अपनो के एहसासों को रौंद कर

    कर जातें हैं वो
    कुछ बेजार जिंदगी
    मर जाते हैं वो
    जो मान लेते हैं उन्हें जिंदगी

  • viyaansh 21w

    No title

    Dil me dard daba k betha hoon....
    Aankhon me aansu chhipake betha hoon ....
    Rone ka bohot mann kar raha hai ....
    Andar andar ghut ghut k mar raha hoon . ....

  • _shattered_soul 33w

    In the eye..

    Do you know how it feels?

    Do you care how it feels? To be forced into living

    In the eye of a storm

    Each day?

    Being pushed from all sides,

    Being pulled from all sides

    A different storm each day

    Tosses me into spins

    Of confusion.

    One day from one side I hear,

    The next day from the other side I hear,

    And don't forget, the third side,

    Ever present, yet never there, has the

    Biggest voice of all.

    Somehow forgotten in the game,

    Somehow ignored within the game,

    Yet always secretly playing,

    Quietly whispering why

    I can't play.

    Today it may be one of you.

    Tomorrow? It may be none of you.

    Confused, untrusting, and very alone I sit,

    Everyday in the eye of your storms.

    No wonder it’s called the

    “Death Zone".

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    #LostLife #SuicidalThoughts #Pain #ShatteredSoul

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  • sceptical12 34w

    rkh k umeed tere aanay ki
    mar k b ankhain khuli chod di hain...

  • stella_rain 42w


    I look around and see them
    I see them passing by
    Their smiles, their stride
    How they grow with their hopes held high.

    I look in the mirror and see
    I see me nowhere I want to be
    Feel stuck in this speed racing world
    While others bloom, why am I still curled?

    Should I even dare to dream a dream?
    Is there any path that still accepts me?
    For all I do is try to get by
    Day by day and night by night.

  • _rash_ 43w


    നീ എന്നെ കൊന്നു.
    ഞാൻ നിനക്ക് വേണ്ടി എന്നെ ഇല്ലാതാക്കി. എന്റെ സ്വപ്‌നങ്ങളെയും ഇല്ലാതാക്കി.
    എന്റെ ജീവിതം അർത്ഥശൂന്യമായി മാറി.
    നീ മാറ്റി...!

  • my_pen_name_manu 54w


    Mostly, I’m just tired.

    Tired of choices, consequences.

  • mohittilak143 59w

    Mohabbat ki shikayat kare to kare kaha...
    riwaaz khokhle hai aur anda kanoon hai yaha...

  • waitedtears 66w


    i used to believe that it was a truth

  • dreamyparakeet 83w

    Days are going faster
    Numbers are in a
    Hurry to move .
    Months are speeding up
    But Iam still stuck in
    my dreams of fantasies.
    Wishing to make those
    Fantasies come true .
    But the destiny was
    Quite different.
    Don't know how to be
    Free from those dreams
    Let us pretend
    Nothing happened.

  • _ha_ha_ 87w

    Dragging myself from the dark,
    Burdened with your memories,
    My tainted blurry eyes,
    Searched for a speckle of light,
    In the bottle of vodka...

  • abin_varghese 88w


    The most messed up thing the universe will ever do to you is let you meet the right person at the wrong time!

  • tejaswee 91w

    क्या धुंडू जिंदगी मै अब ,
    जब जिंदगी ने गम ही दिए हो हजारों।
    सूकून तो इसका मौत भी नहीं,
    बहुत करली दूसरों की, मन करता है अब कि कहीं दूर चली जाऊं,
    और उस दूरी मै खुद में ही कही खो जाऊं अब।।

  • tejaswee 92w

    Sometimes it's difficult to face the reality ,but unlikely we have to face it.....

  • anamikaaa_ 102w

    Miss Me

    I've hit the rock bottom
    Im heartbroken, because i loved him more than i could ever love myself
    Im lonely, because i was busy making evryone else happy
    Ive lost, because im tired to try again
    So when you don't see me tomorrow, or ever again
    I want you to know
    I needed you..
    And the least you could do for me is,
    Miss Me...


  • _shwarnika_ 104w

    Friend: what is love?
    Me: broken heart


  • iaspire 111w

    I'm dead

    I feel like I have fallen
    Into the same pit,
    My Lord once pulled me out from
    Where I was all drowned
    In the mud of my sins
    I feel like I am here again
    At the lowest point of my life
    In terms of my self esteem
    My faith, my character and my pride
    I feel like I have lost the battle
    The battle of my life
    What should I do now
    How should I move my number self
    How do I caress my dead heart
    How do I love myself

  • shi8025 114w


    अंधेरे गुमनाम राहों में रोशनी की एक किरण हो तुम।।
    उदास दुखी चहरों में मुस्कुराते हुई एक खुशी हो तुम।।

    जिंदगी की इस मंजिल का सहारा थे तुम, तो क्यो नदी के किनारे पहुंचने से पहले किया बेसहारा तुम।।

    ये जानते थे न तुम,
    कि डरते थे गिरने से हम।
    कि डरते थे बिखरने से हम।

    न‌ समझ पाएं तब थे तुम, न समझ पाओगे अब तुम।
    क्योंकि अब ज़वाब तुम्हें हम न दे पाएंगे।।
    क्योंकि अब ज़वाब तुम्हें हम न दे पाएंगे।।
    कि गलती न‌ होते हुए भी किया कूबुल,
    कि चोंट खाते हुए भी किया भूल।।

  • nauthika_kshetra 114w

    Shehzadi thi ghar ki
    Ghar ki thi ladli
    Palko par pali badi
    Pyaar k siva kuch na mehsoos kiya kabhi
    Par us din k baad
    Nahi patha ye kya hogaya
    Ghar mera sunsan hogaya
    Na mai galat thi
    na meri kuch galthi thi
    Jab jab darpan mai apna chehra dekhti huin
    Tab tab apne khwaabon ki chitha dikhti hai
    Us din sirf mera chehra nai meri zindagi bhi jalgayi
    Meri zindagi k sath sath mere ghar ki khushiyan bhi jalke rakh hogayi