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  • pallavi4 3w


    The rose petals in my journal have dried Into shades of brown and your photographs
    In my drawers haven’t tasted air in years now
    Yet your presence haunts me like a persistent ghost
    With no plans of leaving just yet.
    The broken shards of my heart have not yet mended ,
    The scars are still fresh and
    The wounds are still healing .

    I hide them , covering them with
    Unbelievable tales of self injury sometimes
    Trying to convince myself that you never were .
    That you never existed .
    That you did not matter.
    And yet every time I do,
    I know deep inside my heart that that will
    never ever be true….
    So deeply ingrained is the pain that you caused me.

    I still feel you like the winter breeze
    That carries a message of destruction
    In its wake, a cold wave of discomfort and distress.
    I still feel numb.
    I still feel like that rose that was ripped
    Apart by its very own thorns just because
    It fell in love with them and decided
    To give them a chance to get close.
    I still feel like the wood aflame in the fireplace —
    Uncomfortable and undervalued.

    In those pictures that I’ve tried to
    Burn a thousand times to discard memories of you ,
    To rid myself of any shreds of you that still lie connected to me …
    I only see failure.
    A failure to be ruthless ,
    To be heartless ,
    To be able to fight back.
    I still feel like a wreck inside and I know
    My insides are still raw.

    It is delinquency yet I feel one never truly
    Forgets someone they once loved
    No matter how much they hurt them .
    Love like water has memory .
    It retains the forms and shapes it was subject to
    No matter how harshly
    And hence resists replacement.
    The heart does not necessarily need
    What it wants. Yet…..
    We cling for unknown reasons
    To the faded memories of a love that we once knew,
    Trying hard to sniff out the fragrance
    From the dried flowers in our diaries
    Just to feel enamoured again ,
    To feel love again
    Only to be left cold and disappointed.

    I don’t want to remember you, yet I do.
    I don’t want to recognise you yet
    I search for your face in a crowd.
    I don’t want to hurt anymore yet
    I keep one hand firmly on the wounds
    So that they don’t heal completely.
    If they were to be repaired somehow
    Then I feel I would lose you once and for all
    And in the process lose myself once again ,
    Get lost in an unknown wilderness
    That I may not be able to find my way out of again.
    So I keep you alive in my life,
    In the yellowing pictures that
    I cannot get myself to burn
    And the diaries that still house
    The roses you’d once given me.


    28th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 6w


    I rub my icy cold hands together
    Trying to absorb the heat from the fireplace
    Pulling the blanket around me I huddle closer
    Wearing a sad smile of nostalgia on my face

    The Christmas tree is alight and decorated
    And the house adorned with fairy lights,
    Little shiny bells and ornaments —
    All part of sharing the festive delights

    Every one I know is happy and making snowmen
    Before the advent of the snowstorm
    In a crowd of delighted faces I look lost
    My heart is desolate and forlorn

    It is my first Christmas without you
    In a state of saudade I lie moping
    Forcibly trying to keep myself occupied
    While to you my thoughts keep roaming

    You are celebrating too without me this year
    I wonder if at all my remembrance haunts you
    I stand outside punishing myself, in the freezing winds
    Knowing I’ve been replaced by someone new

    Is love meant to be fleeting and fragile?
    Last for one while the other moves on?
    What do I tell the silence that occupies my cottage
    Now that all but your memories are gone?

    When I cross your street and see your house
    Delightfully decked up with twinkling lights
    I know in my broken heart that you no longer
    Are the missing piece in my barren life


    6th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Picture credited to its rightful owner- Todor Jovanovski

    Thank you for EC @miraquill !

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  • pallavi4 7w


    She waited patiently for him to
    Return home from the war
    And lived facing difficulties alone
    While he wrote to her from afar
    Her love was true she knew
    He would never her forsake
    She knew he would return to her
    And a life together make
    After five long years he appeared
    Troubled and forlorn
    The man she had loved for so long
    Was far from gone
    She tried to help him return home in totality
    His broken spirit she tried to rebuild
    All the while wearing wings of iron
    Living in a cage made of gild
    He tried hard to adjust to life, tired of
    Only being the soldier that he was
    The bitterness he felt inside put his
    Better nature on pause
    While she cooked and cleaned for him
    Never once stopping to rest
    He kept watching, sometimes spying on her
    His mind frazzled like a bird’s nest
    Every time she spoke to another man
    He felt threatened and insecure
    The seed of betrayal had taken root
    And for that there could be no cure
    The first time he lifted a hand at her
    She was hurt and truly shocked
    As time went by the beating became a part
    Of a routine while by him being mocked
    She tried her best to save herself
    From the lavender bruises and outpour of his anger
    She vowed to run away from him
    Her life was in peril and in mortal danger
    The day she’d planned to run away
    He caught her trying to flee
    He beat her to within an inch of her life
    Saying, “you thought you could get rid of me?”
    She lay helplessly in a pool of her blood
    Knowing fully well that the end was near
    It was better to die than to live with a man
    She had once loved but now had come to fear
    Love died that day and hate won outright
    With her, his anger died too
    All his life he would remember her last words
    “In this life I only loved you”.


    3rd of December, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 8w


    I lie bleeding under a canopy of shimmering stars
    Aware that this will be the last time I see them
    The cold seems to have seeped into my broken bones
    I’m coughing clots of blood along with the phlegm

    As life slowly ebbs towards the end
    I cling to each moment, each breath
    I shiver thinking any minute may be my last
    I seem to be inches away from death

    Life flashes before my now drooping eyes
    As I lie dying on the grassy greens of my own house
    In life I hadn’t achieved much
    Neither been a good father nor a bearable spouse

    My wife, the doting, meek, mother of two
    Stands by me watching me hang on to my dear life
    She’s soaked to the bone , as am I
    I lie prostrate on the ground, she holding a bloody knife

    In my life I had had little consideration for her
    Or for that matter anyone else but me
    I had been spoilt and selfish, self centered and a cheat
    Inspite of my kids I had always considered myself free

    She had on the other hand had
    Spent her life tending to me and later the kids
    Her obliging, sweet manner were good for a person like me
    Oblivious to her own needs she had lived

    I had cheated on her for years now
    She had only now discovered one
    Read the love notes written by one of them
    So she knew how behind her back I’d been having fun

    When confronted with the notes I denied
    Any knowledge of their existence
    Plead to her of my innocence in the matter
    Thought I could persuade her with some persistence

    The lies did not seem to have moved her
    She was embarrassed, angry and outraged
    I had underestimated the degree of her ire
    She stood seething like an animal who had been kept caged

    Without a word , she lurched at me
    The blade of her meat knife piercing my heart
    As I fell to the floor I lost count of the slashes
    They’d been so unexpected that they’d given me a start

    I slowly dragged myself away from her
    Towards the garden I started to crawl
    She stood like an amazon watching me mewl
    Watching my blood soil the floors and the walls

    As the thunderstorm outside blessed
    Her lovingly tended garden with showers of rain
    She followed me out to the lawn
    Where I now lay writhing in extreme pain

    The kids were asleep although they were
    By now used to the silent treatments and fights
    I wondered what they would think of their gentle mother
    After she disposed me off this very night

    I pleaded with her to get me a doctor
    I knew I was close to being gone
    She stood silently like a block of wood
    While I bled out on her meticulously manicured lawn

    She walked to the house alone after orchestrating the catastrophe
    The nearest neighbours were further away than a mile
    For the first time in years once she shut the door
    Her face lit up with a beatific smile


    22nd of November , 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Blind Love” by Cora Tiana

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  • pallavi4 9w

    Falling Leaves

    All it took was autumn for us to
    Fall apart like leaves on a windy day
    We broke into tiny fragmented pieces
    And ran out of things we could say

    I wrapped the cold around like a blanket
    To brace myself for the inevitable storm
    And fell into a state of oblivion
    For a little while unable to carry on

    You tore yourself ruthlessly away from me
    Only to be frozen into nothingness
    Like the fall leaves you were blown away
    Into the vast grave emptiness

    Maybe we were meant to find each other
    Only at the right moment to let go
    Stagnation would’ve served no purpose
    At least now we can individually grow

    Today I’ve found relevance and impetus
    After breaking from your oppression
    Today I’m a person in my own right
    Not just a china doll in your possession

    I often wonder if we were already broken
    Before the onset of the harsh autumn season
    Maybe things are not random in life
    But happen for a predetermined reason


    17th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner - “Birch” by Chinese palette knife painter Wilson Lau

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  • pallavi4 9w

    Dear place that I had to leave,

    Oh my beloved whom I had to abandon
    And desolate and lonely roam
    How I miss you terribly even today
    The gateway of my affection - my dear home

    I was forced to let go of you
    My from own haven I was thrown
    I expected nothing more from Him
    Other than to be left rejected and alone

    I remember the wildflowers near your gates
    And the antique lamps in which you shone
    You were comfortable, secure and peaceful
    There was a time you were just my own

    I hope you are looked after well now
    Kindness and gratefulness are shown
    You will forever remain that piece
    That from my heart was brutally torn



    16th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me- Hobbiton, New Zealand (2018)

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  • pallavi4 9w

    Dear person I couldn’t forget ,

    Some evenings when the light dawns upon the dusk
    And the sky gets flooded with golden specks
    Just to feel the wind swirling around me
    I stand with my arms outstretched

    I close my eyes, hugging and holding me close
    I imagine your arms instead
    Even though it’s been eons since we last met
    But you I could never forget —

    It kills me when I think about how we ran out
    Of things we could say to each other,
    And how all the while we were still in love
    We became strangers to one another

    I don’t think it’s you I miss most though —
    I miss the person I was when you were around
    I miss the happiness that would fill my soul ,
    The love for life I would feel abound

    When I think of those days now lost to the sands of time
    I still smile and remember you
    If anything I’m grateful for the time we had
    And that I was able to feel things known to very few



    14th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me- Queenstown, New Zealand (2018)

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  • pallavi4 10w


    Without you what would remain of me
    I would often wonder
    I thought I would become that nimbus cloud
    Who had rain but had lost its thunder

    Picking flowers from the garland of my miseries
    I wrote poetry to make peace with myself
    And kept dusting the cobweb infested album
    That I kept of us on my bookshelf

    I’ve spent so long with your shadows now
    More in my imagination than in reality
    You still reign over my days and haunt my dreams
    Without us ever again being even a mild possibility

    Who am I now ? Who could I have been ?
    What have I become ?
    Have I been able to find myself again ?
    Am I complete even without having no one ?

    Who am I without your betrayal ?
    What can I write about other than this ?
    Have I come to embrace my grief ?
    Lace it with lies and label it bliss ?

    What if I lose this part of me forever ?
    What feelings will I pour into my words ?
    Have I managed to free myself from your shackles ?
    Or have I remained a self imposed caged bird?


    10th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner
    - “Blue Garden” by Henryk Plociennik (1973)

    Thank you @miraquill for EC !

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  • pallavi4 10w

    The city we never were

    Tall waves crash against the shoreline
    Where I stand looking at the horizon
    Debris from the once alluring city
    Lie behind me on the entire island

    Drenched in disappointment and regret
    I staunchly refuse to start weeping
    As the rain pours from the troubled skies and
    Into the cracks of our home it starts seeping

    Desolate, destroyed and aggrieved
    I slowly walk away from the shore
    I stare at the crumbled towers
    That will never be whole once more

    Empty streets filled with nothingness
    A shadow of how life used to be
    Destitution now reigns all around while
    I go unnoticed, unable to break free

    Come look at my blank eyes
    That no longer harbour any aspirations
    You’ve dissembled my city of joy and
    Buried it under a pile of expectations

    Broken dreams and abandoned hopes
    That a while back were such a lure
    I wonder as my clothes billow in the winds
    Is this the city we never were ?


    9th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: picture clicked by me-
    City skyline, Mumbai, India (2018)

    Thank you so very much for the repost @writersnetwork!

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  • pallavi4 11w


    I was lost in the midst of a turbulent storm
    Caused by you, struggling to keep afloat
    Thrashed side to side by treacherous winds
    I barely clung to the edge of my boat

    I held on in hopes of being being saved one day
    Of finding calm waters in the bosom of the constant uproar
    The lesser you paid heed to my pain
    I awaited your undivided attention even more

    The upheaval and turbulence forever kept me
    In a state of panic and perpetual fear
    I found happiness in the bits you threw at me
    Swallowing my pride, my exigencies, my tears

    It took me a decade of being alone at sea
    Never once seeing a glimmer of sunshine
    What I’d thought was only my own, I realised
    Had never actually, in reality ever been mine

    The more I clutched at the water in my hands
    The more it rushed away from me
    I was left humiliated, my existence denied
    Embarrassed for all to publicly see

    Do you call such perseverance survival ?
    One that leaves one’s soul bare and sore?
    The abasement when you’re made a laughing stock
    Leaving you mentally anguished galore ?

    Yes I endured the violent typhoons you caused
    Yes I overcame, outlived and resisted
    Weathering it all, never heeding my wounds
    I suffered silently but I continually persisted

    And I survived !


    1st of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner-“Storm” by Ksenya Knysh

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  • pallavi4 12w


    I still own the old dusty books that house
    The dried roses that were once alive
    Kept as a token of your supposedly true love
    From when I was young and naive

    The book of poems you’d given to me
    I still flip through from time to time
    Sometimes it makes me weep tears of grief
    Sometimes I just keep staring blankly at the rhymes

    Why is love like an endless loop
    A hamster wheel I still can’t seem to get off of
    Like rusted iron chains around my neck
    Was it dependence that I mistook for love?

    Your betrayal and its pain still fuel my soul
    Making me the person I think I am inside
    I fear if I someday finally shrug you off
    I will lose a grip on my anger stoked life

    Words now seemingly flow out of me
    Compelled by my torn and fractured soul
    I doubt there will ever be a cure for my heart
    You’ve left such a enormously gaping hole

    You were such a big part of who I was
    Your reality was such a massive lie
    I am still amazed at my tenacity to cling to it
    While life quietly passes me by


    29th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner
    - “Mosaic Path” by Erin Hanson

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  • pallavi4 12w


    You were the air in my lungs
    You were the love of my life
    You slowly encompassed all of me
    And became a thorn in my side

    I killed the very essence of me
    While trying to become someone you wanted
    You lauded every drop that I lost of me
    Took advantage of my trust and for granted

    In changing into someone completely different
    From who I really was inside
    The will to get up everyday slowly faded
    The lust for life I had , died

    Everyday you cut me up in pieces
    With your tongue like a razor sharp knife
    With cruel words that you never minced
    Changed the course of my life

    I stopped seeing the mirror to see myself
    Saw myself only through your eyes
    I was weak like a helpless plant and when
    I protested there was no one to hear my cries

    Lacerated by the gashes you made
    Stripping me slowly of my soul
    I lost track of who I was in the woods of mistrust
    Strayed far away from my aims and goals

    I was unable to protest while you stood proudly
    Glad with the wreck I had become
    I was left with no friends to call my own
    I was now a stranger to everyone

    My emotional dependence on you hurt me
    Just like my broken spirit I put aside
    You went on with your life like nothing was wrong
    Wove a complex web of lies

    The hand that was extended in the midst of pain
    Was a friend I had lost thanks you , long ago
    She pulled me out the quicksand you’d placed me in
    And then refused to of me let go

    A sad story like ours needs no epilogue
    Know that I don’t feel shame or guilt alike
    And I no longer feel like the rose you cut up
    Just so you could feel good inside


    23rd of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - “Rose blindfolded“

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  • pallavi4 13w


    I must be dead, I think I am at the end
    Lying prostrate in a pool of blood
    The last thing I remember is falling
    Down the stairs, landing with a loud thud

    I think I’m dead, everything around me is peaceful
    While I’m lying in the middle of a crime scene
    There seems to be no one
    In the house anywhere to be seen

    I should be dead, I wonder realising
    I must’ve hit my head on the hardwood floor
    All my bones feel badly broken and
    I can’t feel one side of my face anymore

    I could be dead, I struggle to stand up
    Unable to see clearly in the dark
    Wondering is this where my soul
    On a new journey shall embark?

    I may be dead, the struggle between us
    At the top of the stairs I remember
    I recall the unfired Glock in his hand
    Recollect the fireplace and its dying embers

    I can be dead, the fight had ensued after I’d
    Talked about his cheating with my friend
    Would a shallow man’s infidelity be
    The reason for my untimely end ?

    I’m definitely dead, I painfully try and
    Take one step at a time
    I discover that his body
    Had been lying right next to mine

    I’m imagining myself dead, he seems to have no pulse
    I can feel the blood still oozing from his head
    Shockingly I know now that
    To his death he seems to have bled

    I ought to have been dead, there is no cut nor wound on me
    Although my whole body is painfully sore
    How come I’m still standing and not
    Being made to walk through heavens doors?

    I can’t be dead, the blood was his and not mine
    I could kick myself for being so naive
    He might not be but today
    The gift of rebirth I have received

    I am not dead, with his death love for me
    Has ended like a bittersweet song
    I thought love would last forever
    Evidently I was wrong


    19th of October, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Dark Beauty” by Paulina Siwiec

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  • pallavi4 18w


    A decade ago I let you tower over me
    While swallowing my ego and my pride
    Over the years I hid away the scars of your abuse
    Slowly absorbed your sneers and snides

    My meagre expectations drowned
    In a sea of disappointed hopes and despair
    When you threw me out of your life mercilessly
    I thought, at least my life had been spared

    My feelings I resigned
    Of anger and of shame
    Thought I had managed to bury the past
    And my discontentments tame

    I have mixed emotions about you now
    Some of grief and some of regret
    Some of long simmering ire
    Making it ridiculously hard to forget

    Cursing my wrong judgement
    In silence I have kept myself contained
    Shrinking and crouching in corners
    Cringing every time someone mentions your name

    Time remembers all and doesn’t heal
    What was once broken inside
    Simply making it easier to conceal pain
    And splintered sentiments hide

    Could I ever really stop loving someone
    Whom I loved a little more than I loved myself ?
    Could I keep my heart forever fooled ?
    Let it get dusty while kept keyed on a shelf?

    Do we really forgive and forget ?
    And with our fractured lives move on ?
    Do the fissures really ever heal and get filled ?
    Is a new day in reality a new dawn ?


    17th of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “No Voice” by Tom Rocha

    Phrases used:
    A. I loved you a little more than I loved myself
    B. Remember

    Thank you so much for the repost @writersnetwork !

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  • pallavi4 20w


    I was left lost and abandoned
    Abandoned like a boat rocking in the stormy ocean
    Ocean had no one left to call my own
    Own understanding I lacked of my emotions
    Emotions when you found me I was
    Was wilted and near death , barely alive
    Alive as your comforting touch was a relief from the pain
    Pain it helped cure, helped me survive
    Survive I did and clung to you like a drowning man
    Man you were the only one in sight
    Sight you became the essence of my soul
    Soul(‘s) saviour in the dark and desolate night
    Night was when I fell in love with you even before I knew
    Knew what I was really getting into
    Into the sky you were the rainbow
    Rainbow that I was drawn to like glue
    Glued, mended my broken self and calmed
    Calmed my tattered and shattered soul
    Soul I trusted in your hands
    Hands healing me was seemingly my only goal
    Goal was lost with a crack here and a jolt there
    There you used my unbreakable trust in you
    You turned it around to bruise me now and then
    Then you became someone I never knew
    Knew that I was a monster, a plague
    Plague where the fault always lay within me
    Me thought you were the angel who could do no wrong
    Wrong I was and I needed to set you free
    Free I wasn’t but emotionally broken and scarred I left
    Left only to find loneliness and despair again
    Again it would be a decade before I would heal
    Heal and my life’s reed fully regain
    Regain myself I needed to love me completely
    Completely it was me I needed to learn to like
    Like I was slow to heal because myself
    Myself I’d grown to hate and dislike
    Dislike causes a daily struggle to love myself
    Myself I’m still slow while trusting others
    Others falter so we should learn to trust ourselves
    Ourselves remake till us it no longer bothers


    28th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 21w

    An artist in love

    He was a vortex, a violent whirlpool
    That slowly and steadily consumed me
    He swallowed me and my pride whole
    Till there was none left for anyone to see

    Drowning in that pool of swirling emotions
    I was left flightless and unable to flee
    Willingly I let of the reins of my life
    To be what he wanted me to be

    Drawn towards him like iron is to a magnet
    I found myself agreeing to things I’d never agree
    He found his way into my very being
    Gradually becoming my joy, my glee

    I wrote him odes and poems in rhymes
    I felt only he could my value decree
    Caught in never ending wave of turmoil
    To my soul he became the newly minted key

    Never once was it smooth sailing
    But still not once did I fight to be free
    Entwined in a tangle of twisted fates
    Not once to be let go of did I plea

    Together in an indestructible bubble
    Clinging to him made me feel complete
    Dependent on him for my happiness I became
    A version I’d never thought I could ever be

    When you exist in an inexact love relationship
    You are able to feed your soul artistically
    By discovering innumerable ways of being creative
    And find an avenue for the all inefficacies

    He left me on the brink of destruction one day
    I guess he was too wild to ever not roam free
    I was left in a lurch waiting for things to
    Return back and find a sense of normalcy


    22nd of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • deep13gk 22w

    11:40 pm
    Night mood
    people around me

    As long as I can make happy others
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they care each others
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they don't lie to each other
    I can smile like fools for them
    As long as they are happy in others happiness
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they don't argue with each others
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they can live together
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they wouldn't leave each other in
    Critical condition or in their need
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they can live together happily
    I wouldn't cry in front of them

    I can do anything for them and I don't want anything just want a little understanding or love

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    people around me

    people around me

    As long as I can make happy others
    I can endure anything for them
    As long as they care each others
    I can do anything for them
    As long as they don't lie to each other
    I can smile like fools for them

  • deep13gk 23w

    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take
    heart of people all over world
    World under beauty waves
    Full of mystery and dangerous
    World under water is a special
    Creation created by God
    Which is full endlessly things
    Like unique kind flower,
    Stones, spices of animals
    Things we have not saw yet
    That beauty Is can't express
    By any word in world

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    Waves follow the fragrance of love
    Beauty of waves take


  • pallavi4 23w


    Leaving you behind in the past
    Left a gaping hole in my soul
    And forever I’ll remain incomplete
    Never again will I be whole
    Broken hearts rarely mend and
    On their owners take a toll
    So I left behind much more than a heart
    That was no longer my own

    A register full of complaints
    A bag of belittling memories
    A lot of unnecessary drama
    A notebook of forgotten melodies
    A bed filled with crumbled dreams
    A pocket full of faded sunshines
    A set of your clothes that I’d worn
    A book of love poems and rhymes
    A multitude of ideas about love
    A life that was no longer my own
    A conundrum that protected you
    A risk of being left all alone
    A tired and haggard soul
    A joke that I’d slowly become for you
    All the games you played with my mind
    An abusive existence known to very few

    In the decade that we spent together
    I lost track of who I was inside
    You still felt the need to seek another
    While slowly pushing me aside
    Kicked to the curb like a cur
    I still somehow found the will to survive
    I pray that our paths never cross again
    That life for us never coincides


    11th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you @miraquill for EC and the like ! I’m truly shocked 😳

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  • pallavi4 23w


    The wind blew away precious hours
    Like coarse sand grains blown away by time
    The secret was that truth was found missing
    In the lies with which I built you a shrine
    In the depths of my deranged deception
    The sun shone on the faithfully unfaithful
    I tore you down piece by piece while
    Putting you high up on a false pedestal
    Your dreams I crushed like a broken mirror
    Every jagged shard a dagger’s plunge deep
    Your empty life was a vessel I filled
    With foamy water from a tumultuous sea
    My raging anger you bore silently, calmly
    The wounds left forever open and sore
    Till the day you could bear it no longer
    And refused to be a fatality any more


    10th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Repost from 4th of April, 2021

    #sandc #shreds #love_gone_sour #love_poems #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #writerstolli #miraquill #MirakeeWorld #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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