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  • blinganshu 25w

    It begins with
    My fingers stroking the keys on the keyboard
    Mind deliberating what to write about this familiar stranger
    The romantic lyrics playing in my ears
    The normal heartbeat
    Lips sans the smile
    Eyes staring at your pixelated smile
    And I sit down to write about love
    The love for you which I sometimes feel and sometimes I don't

    The ticking of the clock
    The moving tires of the car
    The chilly winter wind blowing in my face
    Tangled hair, Cold feet
    Irrational heart, and the rational mind
    All tell me that I am headed the love's way
    And its gonna hit me hard

    It won't come with a timestamp
    The journey is gonna be tiring and the destination would be
    Well have no idea what it would be
    who would trump in this faceoff, the heart or the mind

    But just as a wise man once said
    It is what it is
    It would be what's meant to be.
    #lovec #itbeginsc #sustu #meanttobe

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    Meant to be

  • wilmaneels1 25w

    So many forms of it
    Sometimes used in jest
    But when spoken in sincerity it will be lasting
    We view it differently too
    I can use my words to describe it
    But it will probably differ from yours
    Because love has so many different elements

    Love is
    What you need it to be
    Love is
    What you feel in this moment
    It's valid to you
    It is true in its form

    You dress it up
    You deal with it if and when it falls apart
    But don't ever feel guilty for how you love
    It would be like denying who you are
    Like with everything in life even our love language differs

  • harsh77 25w

    She told me that
    I will never leave you
    Yeah she was right
    She's always on my mind

    When i woke up
    Till I'm going for sleep
    You are with me
    Thanks for always there with me

    I wanna text you
    But now I've fear that
    You will left my message unread
    And that's hurts me.

    I don't think so
    Now you have any feelings for me,
    And now I've fear
    To falling in love, scares me

    #lovec #diary #missyou @writersbay

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    How much you far away to me
    That much you mean to me,

    How much you sky is big
    That much my love is for you,

    How much fish need water to live
    That much i need you to live.


  • wordsnippet_girl 25w

    You Know I Love You When..

    I wish I know the answer
    so that I can show it
    in the best and excellent way
    but I know it is far from possible
    because perfection is not such a friend.
    Going back to the question,
    How and what does it feel to love someone?
    In my own little way, I'll try to answer it anyway.
    To that someone out there,
    you'll know that I love you, because:
    I say silent prayers for you anytime of the day.
    I think of you. I want to know what you think and
    what you're feeling.
    I see you as a part of me in the future.
    You are the inspiration behind my words.
    I want to be the one to comfort you in
    your battles. I want to know what makes you laugh.
    I want to love your character.
    I want to know what makes you sad.
    I want to know what makes you
    an entirely amazing person
    that I could fall in love with
    for the rest of my life!

  • ersheeen 25w

    Loving someone is the best feeling in the world. Because it carries all your actions, reactions, emotions and a lot more. Well it's quite awkard until you get it but really whenever you find it, it would be the bestest gift ever in the world.
    1,2,3.......start..... it lies in the poles but expands upto equator. It stays in the heart but shows in the eyes. It flows in oceans, fly in the sky, climb the leak and lies everywhere. That's why even the sun loves moon because it is more powerful than gravitational force........

  • fellowtraveller 25w

    #lovec @writersbay

    Note: This is my interpretation of love or forevers in general which doesn't mean there is some beautiful bonds out there��

    No meanings attached.. Might not make sense or be reader worthy.. Loosely connected with clusters of verses and letters..

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    Fragile forevers

    Forevers were always endearing and enticing. One which always makes her heart beat a little close to the eternal strings of fantasy. One which always blankets her soul in the vintage palette of abstract alliterations..

    The familair yet unfamilar barrenness each cups of coffined drowsy despairs left behind, leaves a bitter taste of leftover chewed analogies cradled her never ending heart breaks for belongingness..

    Dawns devoured her dreams with a pinch of delusional daintiness Sun debted..
    Dusks savoured her screams in the name of silvery scars moon mended..
    Dancing the night away with the demons in her head, she whispered sweet nothings to the mountains..

    Ashes of forevers adorned her doorways. Each time she chants, 'no more' while the moon silently sighs knowing she was all along the antagonist who pretends to be the protagonist of her untold tale.. Looking for love in all the wrong places, like the saying goes, she called herself a Saint who slits her own heart in dark welcoming the Sinner in her home..

    Her forevers were fragile, so was she!


  • waitaminute 25w

    Loving someone is the best feeling in world.even when the day doesn't go well ,that phone call at night cheers you up.close or long distance just being with them it makes you happy. When after a long time you see each other,you hug each other and your eyes know you love each other.Fights happen ,but understanding makes things right . Nothing can separate your bond if you are truly in to them." You fall in love alone but everyday you both rise together."

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  • thelonesurvivor 25w

    Love could be a blessing for someone
    And it could be a life filled with thorns
    It can make a person grow and be better
    And it can make a person low and leave with scars
    It can make your life beautiful
    It can make you lose everything just for that one person
    It can change you to be a better person for that one person
    Loving someone is not easy but not that tough
    Just seeing them smile can make you smile
    Everything about them affects you
    Both in a good and bad way.

    Love is special
    And so are you for me.


  • anshikainks 25w

    Love is just embellished hatred

    Love - Leubh ( German root )
    To desire , care ?

    Canoes of gasped desperation
    Tied themselves to drown ,
    Spurned lemans knotted their lips
    And bled the scars of wan,

    Sixty days into abysmal pretence ,
    But stagnant spines , never back,
    Hollow promises lingered on bones,
    The flesh when burnt hands ,

    Stranger roads surmounted orbs
    Wretched kisses pierced disgust ,
    Names that bleed carcasses
    And Eyes shiver from lust !


  • writersbay 25w

    Write something about love. What does it feel like to love someone?

    Tag and share it with #lovec

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    Soul Mates

    I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place, some other existence.

    – Lang Leav

  • mirakeewrites_ 37w

    She paints her dreams with the all the colours she owns,
    A little crimson shade of those fragrant roses.
    a tiny tint if those gray stones,
    some black of her ink with which she writes her proses.
    A little bit of silver from all those twinkling stars,
    A stroke of blue from that beautiful sky.
    some hues of fire to win all her wars ,
    A little sparkle from her eyes where all her hopes lie..
    Some part of white from the dancing dasies ,
    That yellow from the distant sunflower field.
    Some pinkish blush from thecheeks of those smiling ladies.
    That golden from the farmer's wheat yield.

    She owns a painting which holds her all,
    her hopes, aspirations all big and small...


    (PS- I know it makes no sense , just writing to feel less heavy )


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  • standbyme 40w

    The true union between man & woman can take us beyond this animal lust into total trust & merging with the other where each becomes both.


  • standbyme 51w

    You are the music to my breath & words to my heart...

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    Love is a drop of rain
    that mixes in the sea.
    Yet the sky
    searches for it
    and gets it back!


  • aihamid 58w


    Am feeling bizarre,
    like a whirl wind in the mist of a tornado.
    The careful feature of a warm surface,
    doesn't feel so warm anymore.
    The sirens wailing for me to back off,
    but rather I take that as a signal to get closer.
    Am grazing and searching for air,
    looking for your face in the mist of all.
    I look around hoping to catch a glimpse of you,
    whoever that's suppose to be.
    I don't know the colour of your eyes,
    but am hoping when I look at you,
    it will feel like we were once souls that collided.
    This awful but crazy perspective,
    I: someone that was hopeless roaming around to no end, hoping that I will cease to exist.
    I kept waking up to the wallowing sound of the distant sky.
    It captures a really great scene to be admired
    I feel left out,
    Like am the only soul who doesn't want to be in this magnificent den.
    The trees really enormous and it's petals beautiful.
    But each passing day I long to leave.
    Untill the very day, my orbit changed.
    You held my hand carefully making sure that I was okay.
    You taught me that as crazy as I am, am worthy listening to.
    It felt lavishing how each passing day when I wake up you are the first thing I think of.
    I guess life finally found it's way in my agenda.
    As beautiful and magnificent it is.
    Not all fairytales have happy endings.
    I guess it took me to risk someone else's happiness to realize that.
    We might be stray souls now but I know once upon a time we collided.


  • pepper_16 59w

    His love story was all about her.

    #AllAbout series

    #lovec #writersbay #mirakee

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    All about having her as my only littoral in this massive ocean like world.❤️

  • pepper_16 59w

    His love story was all about her.

    #AllAbout series.❤️

    #lovec #writersbay #mirakee

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    All about living a fairytale that made her my strength.❤️

  • the_world_is_unknown 67w


    Chapped and lost in the minds of a forlorn soul. Crispy memories being crushed like the petals. Few red pop outs from the mellow background of a crimson heart. Crystal display that pricks the eyes and imparts an aroma of memories, long forgotten.

    The smell of burnt forests that smudge it's existence on the forlorn paths. The clouds of venus that mark their existence, blurring few and causing a fervent burn of petals.
    Roots going down, reaching the depths full of humus. The soil in touch gets the onyx shade that it never longed for.
    The bud that lies deep inside is quite, letting the unwanted leaves to get in touch with red parts of the petal. Light of day and night has no difference on it as it lies inside with a hope to bloom and let its surface to feel the soothing touch of the warm winds of the vulnerable forests.
    There's someone who nourishes the roses and keeps the barks young and keeps the canopies wide open to let some light of night come and leave an enduring burn on the petals.
    The person is unfortunate to not get the felicity of burning. He lies wondering now. Wondering forever on the branches of hemlock tree and letting the poison within to go down in the earth full of sin.
    ~the_world_is_unknown (Udita)


    I don't know whether it gives any meaning to you or not but I have just described the pic in the post with a meaning.
    I don't write much deep I try to keep it submerged...
    I enjoyed to write this coz I like roses from a poet's view ...
    I wrote being tension free after a long ...
    It's soo good to be back .
    I cannot guarantee whether I will post everyday or not but I will be reading all the posts of my dear friends who kept missing and wishing me luck for my exams... I love you all ..
    And I love @mirakee .. a place where I can take out some time and write my heart out
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

    @the_frozenn_heart I missed you
    @fronwitchpen thank you for your constant wishes

    #promise to keep writing
    #nowhere #writersbay #mirakee #wod #pod #roses #lovec #ceesreposts #endc

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    Black roses

    A soul that nourishes them,
    Sets fire on it.
    And now he wonders on a hemlock tree,
    Letting the poison within
    To mix with the earth full of sins!

  • the_world_is_unknown 69w


    The reminiscence in me is burning my heart. I can feel the edges melting and resting amidst my lungs filled with a potion of roses. Few thoughts getting lost in the dark fog and hitting again with the sharp edges.
    On an Onyx night with my heart at rest and mind filled with whispers I stepped on the bed of roses and felt their edges pricking my eyes. With my hands dry in the nights of November and my mind dipped in the potion of love is squizing my consciousness.
    A rose starts burning in the corner of room spreading it's essence in me as I feel each and every particle touching my artries with the frozen blood.
    The hell infront of me and my eyes on the blue blood inviting me to step on the green lush. I step on the lush green poison and I feel my heart getting freezed preventing it from crying. The green poison competing with the throbbing of my heart and I see the petals of the burning rose falling one by one showing the peices of love getting burnt. After sometime, the throbbing stops and the green poison flows out of my eyes with the pain of my demise.
    Few whispers that got suppressed under my scream that night, my body on the box with flowers with burnt roses giving warmth to my heart so that it gets melted!
    Now, the reminiscence is still within. My heart is frozen and I lie on the mushy grass of heaven but few cries of damsels knock my ears
    The sounds being so loud knocks out few memories and I find some broken peices of reality. An unstable river of reality flows around me, thinking about the mistake of coming to this world of wonders where hell feels more sweet place than the cosy place against someone's heart.
    My eyes are black out and I feel myself on the roads of reality where people are talking about a suicide or murder and the radio announces a death on the lush green bed coated with red.
    I am again brought to this but this time my heart is deserted and only has few ashes of the burnt rose.

    And update. I will be back soon and read the updates of my friends.

    #deserted #pod #wod #ceesreposts #writersbay #mirakee #lovec #hate
    @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

    @the_frozenn_heart and @fromwitchpen thank you for missing me❤️

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    Burning roses!

    The reminiscence burns my heart,
    The edges melting
    And resting amidst the lungs
    Filled with potion of burnt roses.

    Next time my heart lies deserted,
    With just the ashes of the burnt roses!

  • the_world_is_unknown 71w


    With a silent smile,
    Lyrics of love that I compiled.
    The words danced in my heart,
    Making me to restart.

    The lyrics of love on page,
    Would give a smile to,
    Anyone in rage.
    The angelic experience of life,
    Lied within me that time.

    Never thought to hear,
    With my cheeks soaked in tears.
    I closed the diary once again,
    Tears of affection fell again.

    Wrinkled pages of love,
    Having the memories of
    Someone who was belove.

    The diary I opened with a smile,
    The lyrics of love that I compiled.
    Broke the melody of my heart,
    Made me dead enough to restart!!!
    It was better for me to leave away the things that didn't let my emotions to flow.
    I wrote the song ago with smile and now I close the diary once again but not with smile of satisfaction but tears of attraction.
    The tears letting my emotions to flow as they were trapped behind my eyes though they wanted to come out.
    #melody #wod #pod #mirakee #destiny #song #lyrics #ceesreposts #writersbay #lovec
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @purvi7 @fromwitchpen @taniya_9124

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    You're like a song in my diary,
    Which I closed years ago,
    Because I wanted my emotions to flow.

  • standbyme 83w

    What else one can gain from LOVE!
    Passion entails passion
    As Insight begets intelligence
    Love is ecstasy
    Lost love is misery
    Love only can outlive the time and locale
    Oh! Let my flesh be combusted by the Love
    I shall depart gleefully . . .
    For I've kissed the dazzling LIGHT !

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