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  • sahil_chilange 20w

    No one can take the place of Dad in life.


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    Parents are Blessing,
    Lucky are those,
    who can say:
    "कही घुमने जाते हे ना PAPA".

  • shreyakheal 34w


    I'll die without you
    I simply stumble and
    I will fall from the height
    I will not feel the pain
    After that.

    I'll die without you
    I don't have the guts
    To see you saying goodbye
    You deserve to stay
    And I,
    Well I never cared
    About my life.

    Whatever is the reason
    I made you sad
    I feel bad
    That I made you cry
    You are my life
    And I'll not regret
    If I die.

    I will die without you
    My favorite person
    I know you are in pain
    Not the physical one
    But it hurts
    When I see you lonely
    When you suffer
    Because of me.

    I will die without you
    But I won't let you go before me
    I know that my life is you
    And I can't go on
    Without you
    And so
    I'll die without you.

    I'll die in peace
    If you live
    And I leave,
    You deserve to stay
    And I to die
    Never conquered
    Whatever you dreamt
    About your little girl
    I hope I will make you proud
    Before I'll leave,
    And then I'll die without you
    With a smile.


  • kvn_26 47w

    Love, Papa

    Happy Father's Day Papa ✨
    You're the true hero in our lives (with Maa being the Heroine beside you)
    You annoy us n we too annoy you, so we're a perfect pair of family in life
    But your unconditional love is what keeps us going in life no matter how difficult the time is!
    Short tempered n moody but you are still our cutie
    Getting old but still gold
    Thanks for being a father for Maa too when she needed it the most..
    Love you always & thanks for understanding n being there for all of us❣

  • bhavikguru 112w


    The world gives more attachment and love to mom... Let's think about dad...
    If you are shoe, dad is your lace who gives you stiffness...
    If you are bottle, dad is your cap who completes you...
    In these days of CORONAVIRUS pandemic also, dad earns for us...
    Thanks to dad for such hard work...

  • _merikitab77_ 123w

    माझा बाप

    बाप माझा जग आहे माझं
    माय आहे माझी
    प्रेमाची गाय आहे बाप माझा....

    मायेचा झरा आहे बाप माझा
    आयुष्याची साथ आहे बाप माझा...

    आनंदाचा वर्षाव आहे बाप माझा
    साधा आहे बाप माझा ....

    मला आयुष्य मानतो बाप माझा
    आशिर्वादाची थाप बाप माझा.....

    त्रास सहन करूनही आनंद देतो बाप माझा
    सगळी स्वप्न पूर्ण करतो तो बाप माझा....

    आयुष्यात कधी खचला नाही बाप माझा
    दुःखाला हरवून जिंकतो तो बाप माझा

    मुला एवढं प्रेम करतो बाप माझा
    शिकतो, जगवतो, रागवतो......
    जगण्याची नवी उमेद देतो तो बाप माझा....

  • romen81 134w

    A little more of my father in me
    I hope everyday I see in me
    In me
    In me
    I hope everyday I see

    A little more of my father in me

    - Keith Urban

  • umashree 152w


    You were there at my first blink of eye
    You held me in your arms.
    The best place it was
    Your lap and mama's.
    Your smile was just enough,
    To give your little girl a courage.
    Your frown more than adequate ,
    To make one soon relent.

    When I need guidance,
    Advice in abundance
    Fails not to come from you.
    You lend a strong shoulder
    To ease my flow of tear.
    You hold high the lantern,
    To drive my fears away.

    Papa you're like my sun.
    You give beaming light,
    And warmth of my life.
    You are a simple man,
    With heroic power to fight
    All the thorns that's over my ways.
    Protecting from storms and thunders.
    As long as you can.

    You are the God of my life.
    I knew your voice ,
    Before I could even speak.
    The voice that puts me to sleep.
    With the lullaby that can
    Never be parted from my heart.

    It's all my safety that I have,
    When I'm with you.
    You do have,
    A great place of honour.
    Deep within my heart.
    At fatherly duty ,you're the best.
    Every affectionate smile,
    Every pat on my back,
    Showing me your love.
    But it's the word from the bottom
    Of my heart.

    I admire you so much Papa
    Your works,action s towards me
    And to everyone .
    No words of lips can describe you ,
    My love for you ,your love for me
    And my love for you
    I love you world without end.


  • pizzaa 153w


    I asked him how he everytime understand my feelings without me saying it
    "humne tujhe paida kiya hai" he replied


  • curtbville 154w

    "Love, Dad"

    I watched you come into this world.
    Pretty little girl; a true pearl.

    I changed you.
    I fed you.
    I rocked you to sleep.

    I made you smile.
    I made you laugh.
    I always tickled your feet.

    I taught you words.
    I helped you to learn your ABC's.

    I watched you grow.
    Your destine to be all that you can be.

    Today I watched you complete elementary school.
    Now for a new journey.

    No I'm not ready.
    What happened to the little girl I once had.

    A soon to be middle schooler.
    Time has gone by so fast.

    Tears in my eyes but no not because I'm sad.
    Tears of joy at the little young lady your becoming.

    Love, Dad


  • jaiminroy 164w

    कुछ पापा के नाम

    बातें पाप की मुझ पर कुछ यु असर करे,
    वो भी मुझे देख के ख़ुशी से गर्व करे।

  • messcreator 184w

    Today my dad said no . Instead of expressing it any other way or saying "what..... is the need .....? Why..... ? "
    He said no . And truthfully speaking it didn't felt bad at all . It actually felt really good and soothing . I just want to say to my daddy that sometimes its okay to say no, sometimes it's okay to stop me from doing something I really understand that because I know you love me and whatever you do is for the sake of my happiness.
    I love you to my life .

    I just pray to God to help me be something which will make you proud . (Eventually if u will be happy I will be that's mean but it is what it is)

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    Today my dad said no......


  • my_lil_heart_tabassum 191w

    True love

    However I am
    white or black
    Tall or short
    Cute or not
    They will always love me
    "They" are my parents..


  • __stoned_alien__ 200w

    When I was young, I was against about a thing called "suicide". Even I have promised myself that I will never do that crime.
    But I never thought that I will come to a situation like I feel my life is over and I'm totally a waste product, but I could't die cause my parents would end up in fight on that, which I never wanted to happen!

  • shapthamimanokar 203w

    #lovedad #father #happybirthday #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #mirakee #poem

    Happy birthday dear daddy, I will make you proud one day.

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    Love dad

    You love is ever more
    strong and with infinity
    baby, you're showering
    the strength everyday
    you're the one lifting me
    everytime I fall you're
    so tender with inspiration
    and because of you I'm
    where I'm meant for
    and all that you did,
    all that you do is filled
    with immeasurable love.


  • elatedreamer 204w

    Inking a life story which moved our (me and my brother )world and made us realise how our fathers can also be just like us
    Fathers too have a young blood like us
    All they need a spark from our side to ignite and they are your best friends forever

    #fathersday #son #happyfathersday #fathersday #lovedad #dad #father #angel #story #brothers

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    Why we value something
    Only when it is about to turn nothing
    The day when you were ill
    We didn't believe
    That without you there is nothing to live
    Prior to that, we were something
    After that, you became our everything
    Thanks, for always sailing our ship
    As sons are supposed to have a casual relationship
    But the love which a father have is immense
    Which we can never sense
    He is like a hidden angel
    Keeping us safe from any hardship to dwell
    Fathers are always filling our empty parts
    By sharing there fulfilled ones
    It's rightly said we are there part
    And we are proud to be.


  • 777writtings 210w

    Mein Intezaar m hu Papa

    Papa muje naye kapde chahiye..
    Papa muje ye khaana h..
    Papa muje ghumne jaana h..
    Papa please aaj ice cream khaani h..
    Bolti thi ye sab jab aap the..
    Nhi.. naye kapdo ki zarurat nhi...
    Nhi.. bhukh nhi h muje..
    Bahr jaane ka Mann nhi h..
    Ice cream nhi Khaati m..
    Ab ye bola karti hu..
    Har shaam apka bolna ki Kya khaana h bahr see aur har baar Mera dosa mangwana..
    Ab shaam bhi aati h magar koi puchta nhi ki Kuch khaya bhi ya nahi..
    Roz dopahar m aapki video call.. hasta chehra dekh Kar Zindagi m ek nayi umeed aati thi..
    Ab har dopahar pta nhi kis soch m nikal jaati h..
    Subah aapki call se uthna aur fatafat tyaar ho Kar btana ki papa m ja rhi hu..
    Ab jab Mann karta h uth jaati hu aur kisi ko kuch btane ki icha nhi..
    Aapse tareef sunne k liye Roz raat ghanto padha karti thi.
    Ab bhi jaagti to Roz der raat Tak hu par padhne ko Dil nhi karta..
    Aakhri baar phone p aapne yahi bola.. beta Rona nhi.. himmat se zindagi chalti h.. aaunga tuje milne m..
    Na jaane ab Tak Kyu na aaye aap papa..
    Intezaar m hu aapke..
    Koi aaega..
    Has Kar Gale lagaega..
    Meri betiyaan Mera garv h..
    M intezaar m hu papa..
    Aapke hone ka ehsaas lene k liye apne ser par haath rakh k so Jaya karti hu..
    Ghanto darwaaze ki taraf dekhti rehti hu jese aapke aane ka samay hogya ho..
    Aaj gyi thi aapki dukaan ki aur, aapka na dikhna kaafi tha ye Zindagi ko naa jeene k liye..
    Par marna bhi kha munasib tha aapke shabdo ka lehaaz tha..
    Rona nhi..
    Himmat se zindagi chalti h..
    M aaunga tuje milne

  • writers_soul_ 232w

    The best feeling God ever created is the
    feeling when you see your parents happy because of you.


  • sunny11 256w

    I shouted on him, he smiled at me..
    I cried, he wipe of my tears..
    I won, he felt that he also won..
    I lose, he felt that he also lose..
    I didn't do anything for him, he made everything for me..
    I forgot about him, but he never gave up on me..
    I made choices against him, but he never made choices because I am his life...
    He is my Dad & He is my Hero❤️


  • readwriteunite 276w


    Yes, a child need his mother the most
    A child need a FATHER too!

    -To all the single father out there

  • rehman_iac 276w


    Yes, a child need his mother the most
    A child need a FATHER too!

    -To all the single father out there