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  • romancecreativespeaks 244w

    “To listen to the silence in our hearts
    To create and make music based upon the true joys of our hearts
    To express ourselves in ways that help others
    To find our way back to what is described as heaven
    True bliss
    Unconditional love
    And an infinite amount of resources” - @romancecreativespeaks
    Sometimes it can feel like you’re loosing, like you’ve lost it all or are in fact failing when you don’t have it all or you don’t have the answers. However, God is just resetting your navigation system to come back. To come back home. Home to you, yourself, to your Creator, to your true happiness, to the truth, to the power within you and not outside of you & most importantly, to what your soul already knew but you were taught to forget. Be patient with yourself. Trust that everything that is falling, unveiling and peeling is for your highest good. Look deep within all obstacles and you’ll see the miracles. They may seem insignificant to you but in this moment someone else is praying, wishing and crying for this change. Be good to yourselves. Be better !! Start where you are and honour it, honour your strength for overcoming all that you have and know that there will always be another unknowingly holding your hand as they go through exactly the same thing too #loveyourself #unconditionallove #losetowin #Spiritual #soulfood #empath #blackpoet #love #coach #counsellor #healer #souljourney #blackpoet #poetry #lost #soultribe #relationshipgoals #relationshipcounsellor #intuitive #lightworker #goddess #loveempress #writer #poetrycommunity #life #journey #words

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    Life is really about what you want
    As much as it is about losing
    Losing the will to live
    The joy in living
    Losing our ego
    Losing the pride our ego has created
    Losing our possessions
    Losing the ones we love
    Losing ourselves
    Just so we can find the i in mine again
    And bring us back to why we’re here
    Now in this present moment
    Finding out who we really are
    Outside of material matter
    And this projected vortex