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  • autumnwillow 10w

    A love letter to my long distance partner. #longdistance #loveletter
    #love #couple #longdistancerelationship

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    Long Distance

    It’s only been a week since I last saw you, yet it feels as though months have gone by. I got so used to you by my side, that the covers do little to keep me warm. How quickly I became accustomed to your every little touch, that now crave the gentlest brush of your hand on my skin.
    Oh, how this distance kills me. Lovers aren’t meant to be a thousand miles apart. Yet, even in all this pain caused by our separation, I still feel your love.
    And knowing I’ll see you again keeps me going.

    Until then, my long distance lover.
    Sincerely, forever yours

  • unbeknownst 10w

    Letter to Immortal Love

    Dear Darling,

    My body is on the bed taking rest after hustling all day.

    But my faithful thoughts are out there in search of you.

    My dreamcatcher imaginations have filled my nights with your exciting thoughts.

    Darling come here and love me, the way I love you.


    All these velvet thoughts won't let me decide.

    Whether to love in a classic way, where you would bend under beam of dim rays.

    Or to love in a religious way, where drops of moon will touch my cutest june.

    Or perhaps i should gift you this bliss on an afternoon.

    Where I'll melt you more than that burning sun.

    Streching from a blissful afternoon till the midnight moon.

    Aaahhhh! These velvet thoughts won't let me decide when to love you the most.

    My love has made me so selfish. That I can't see anything except you.

    Even after seeing you millions of time. You still fascinates me whether it's a day or night.

    You are an influencer who inspired me to be the best.

    After those velvet thoughts I imagine our sequal of love.

    Where you and me becomes we, then we becomes us, and after spending few decades with my love a day will come when we are hugging and sharing a farewell kiss.

    And after that moment the whole world will know what is immortal love.

    I'm composing this love note on a sleepless night. Not to impress but to express.

    That I found a stranger, but now I fall in love with her.

    And trust me darling this feeling is true.

    I can martyred myself in love for you.

    Love you june.

    Only Yours,
    Secret Panda.


  • k_tanishq 12w


    ढूंढो ज़रा देखना कहां गए,
    मिल ही नही रहे पता नही कहा खो गए।
    संभालकर रखे थे अपने दिल के करीब,
    लिखे थे जो ख़त एक दूसरे के लिए।
    तुझे लिखे थे मैने बड़ा डर डरके की कोई और न पड़ले,
    वो ख़त मेरे जो सिर्फ लिखे थे तुझे।
    वो इंतजार की भी कुछ अलग ही बात होती थी,
    वो मीठी सी तेरी मुस्कुराहट तेरे ख़त को पढ़कर सोचने की वो चाहत होती थी।
    कहां गए अब वो ज़माने जब ख़त लिखकर बातें होती थी,
    कहां गुम गए वो अमानत हमारी जिसमें तुम्हारी और मेरी कहावतें होती थी,
    कहां गए वो ख़त तेरे मेरे जिसमें कितने सालों की हमारी बातें होती थी।

  • curiositylive 15w

    Shadow of love

    Dear love,
    I wonder if it exists, still wondering though.
    Until I met you, the shadow of everything,
    You make me young and crazy, smile and everything else.
    That never ending long conversations,
    That longing nights, where your voice could ease my mind,
    Bad days withered and smile blossomed.
    All I needed was your mysterious voice and a story to laugh.

    That boldness, that power that confidence,
    You're just you.

    *Be forever young and forever mine*

  • mar9iech 17w

    I can never recover from this

    #chickadee #promise #love #letter #loveletter

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    - I -
    My chickadee,
    she wrote to me,
    First and foremost,
    I don't like promises
    for they never seem to last
    But this, I do feel safe:

    I promise to you
    I would not ever
    not remember
    or think of you

    Wordless is the art
    you've made in my heart
    and my soul and to this day life
    Good or bad or painful strife
    is a story I wouldn't trade for anything
    You were still there despite anything

    My chickadee,
    The idea of friendship that we
    have endured has been so long
    surprised me all along
    --and yet, it doesn't;
    It just doesn't
    seem like enough time
    I wish we had more time.

    - II -
    Sometimes it may
    take a stronger soul than just
    anyone to take the path
    and the choice you have
    I know it has to
    still cause you
    great pain and must
    take your breath away
    out of rhyme
    from time to time

    God knows I still
    wonder what could've been
    in alignment
    if things had been
    I try to not think
    of those things,
    for regrets and losses feel
    so sad and empty

    I promise
    I am always
    here regardless
    of your path
    or what we have
    seen in the past.

    - III -
    There are always words I
    have left not said to you
    someway, somehow
    I can't describe it but when I
    wake from those dreams with you
    every then and now,
    empty is all I feel,
    a type that can never heal
    Where no words are found,
    there a bond is bound

    I will never lose the tears
    at those feelings there
    I believe they’re
    a permanent part of me now;
    I solemnly vow
    Always, I am still here

    Stay strong, chickadee
    So much good in life, there is
    Even if it’s painful, there is
    I miss thee.


  • mithumarkose 21w

    Dear love,

    Let us meet again for the first time and reinvent the beautiful moments we had. I am naive and artless, trying to figure out the miracle being you. I don't even remember your name, my love. Yet, here I am, blessed with tiny fragments of you floating in my mind. Like the shards of unwritten poetry, your memories abrade my heart, crafting a scarlet layer of verses. I have seen the scintillating charm of the midnight sky, the alluring hues of mountains, and the gleaming azure of oceans, but they weren't as beautiful as you. This is how I like to imagine, a dream, elegant and graceful, that redefined my reality.


    Mithu Markose | 01-02-2022

  • sachinjacob 23w


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    പ്രണയ ലേഖനം


    ഹൃദ്യമായ സംഗീതം പോലെ തന്നെയാണ് നിന്റെ മിഴിയും..,

    കാരണം കേവലമൊരു പൂച്ചെണ്ടിൽ ഒത്തുക്കാത്തെ
    എന്നോടുള്ള വികാര നിർഗ്ഗളം ഒരു മധുവായി പൊഴിയാതെ,നിൻ്റെ ശകതമായ തൂലികകൊണ്ട് എന്റെ പുസ്തകതാളുകളിൽ എഴുതിചേർത്തത്...

    ലോകത്തിലെ നൈസർഗികമായും കാലാനുഷ്ഠിതമായും കാല്പനികതയുടെ ചെണ്ടുകളിൽ മുളപ്പിച്ച ആ വാകമരതണലിൽ വേണം നമുക്ക് നമ്മുടെ സ്നേഹത്തിന്റെ പതാക പാറിക്കുവാൻ...

    കേവലമൊരു യൗവ്വനത്തിന്റെ വികാര വിസ്ഫോടനമായി മാത്രം കാണാതെ വേര് പിടിപ്പിക്കണം നമ്മുടെ പറുദീസ...

    ദസ്തെവിസ്കി പറയും പോലെ "എനിക്ക് നിന്റെ സ്നേഹം ഭിക്ഷയായി വേണ്ട പകരം നിവേദ്യംമായി മതി"

    ഒരു വാക്കിലോ നോക്കിലോ ഒതുങ്ങിനിൽക്കുന്നതല്ല എന്റെ പ്രണയം..
    അതു അനിർവചനീയമാണ്..

    അതു കൊണ്ട് "നിന്നെ ഞാൻ എന്റെ ഹൃദയതോടൊപ്പം കൊണ്ട്പോകുന്നു......"


  • unbeknownst 25w


    My love is for uh, now n forever...

    I want uh to fall over me like drops of rain and shine like a sun that gives me rays of hope...

    Even when uh r far away from me, uh never leaves my heart even for a single second...

    My love will blossom until my dying days...

    I really don't have fancy words to express my feelings for you but I only have three words i.e. I Love You❤️♥️❤️...

    Some issues forced use to travel on uneven paths, but that doesn't mean my feelings have changed...

    Uh r still my sweetest cupcake...

    My love for uh is real and I'm going to love uh forever...

    Because uh r the only one that deserves to be loved and pampered for the rest of the life....


  • artidutt 25w

    The person who never acknowledged my love

    How are you doing babe?
    I hope you are doing great in your life.
    I wish you success in life and pray that 2022 is good for you.
    In the past few months, I have realized that your rudeness is congenital.
    But thank god you didn’t come with any cloven hoofs in my life. I know your affection for me was a sham that’s why it didn't affect you that much.
    Thousands of times I pondered which part of me doesn't deserve your fondness ( but that was all in the past)
    I've already accepted the truth
    But still, I am unable to understand why you are hedging against your warm heart.
    Don't put your soul in the penetralia.
    Don't be too hard on yourself.
    Don't punish yourself for what you didn't commit.
    forget the past.
    let yourself live.
    Let your heart breathe.
    And allow yourself to feel the essence of love.
    Accept love, open your heart to warm emotions and especially to those who truly love you.
    I hope you will not repeat your mistake.
    Your voracious soul needs to be mollified with kindness.
    I know you're not cold so don't be so harsh and insensitive to yourself.
    Take good care of your health, you are precious :)

    Yours forever


  • purelovesl 29w

    How can I sleep?

    How can I sleep knowing you there unwell

    How can I sleep without a touch of my love

    How can I sleep without getting the essence of your body

    How can I sleep knowing the blanket would be off

    How can I sleep without a kiss from you

    How can I sleep without giving you a glass of water

    How can I sleep without giving warmness of my body by cuddling

    Tell me, how can I sleep without you!

  • imlovewriter 29w

    Love life ❣️

    ये चिट्ठीयों का लिखना,
    तो हमने सीखा नहीं,
    पर वो इश्क़ की दुनिया थी,
    जहाँ ये सब मुकम्मल सही |

  • keatsazla 33w

    Dear John,

    by Keats Azla

    Soft maple brown eyes,
    captured my, ever, fragile
    heart-- its beating quickens
    whenever you are near

    Your omnipresent dimple,
    deep and profound,
    like, my love for you, I hid
    for so many years

    Strong, manly hands
    gripped my fragile
    little thigh, just be careful
    not to break it and snap!

    We went to a museum,
    but couldn't get in, I look at
    you, instead, a beautfiul art,
    just I wanted to see.


  • kiran_k 33w


    Whenever the wounds of your memories start to heal, the universe starts reminding me of you.

  • icar_13 35w

    Blue feels

    How many times to say "I love You"
    How many times to say "I miss you"
    Before the distance between us
    Be gone or if not at least be reduce
    For what I feel is definitely blues
    Due to the fact,that and this
    I cannot do without
    Yes, without you by my side.

    Ps. Missing you feels.like babe Jenny Ann Berbon,I love you

  • icar_13 36w


    A list of reason
    Why I love you
    A lot if you may
    Allow me to say

    You are you,one
    You're beautiful,two
    Inside and out, that's for sure
    You're a blessing,three
    With a heart pure and also my cure
    From the world that's so unsure

    I love you Jenny Ann Berbon. I'm in for a ride with you in this lifetime.

  • dnswords 41w

    गीरफतार kar liya he tere nayno ne ....

    बेल नहीं मिली तो ,

    पहिली बार कोई कैदी खुश होंगा

    ❤️ ©dnswords ❤️

  • h_u_e_s_o_s_ 45w

    ~ Cerise Pipe Dream ~

    I thought you were a daydream,
    time passed too fast.
    Don't wanna sound too extreme,
    let's make it last.

    But overthinking got us mixed,
    transformed it all into illusion.
    Sad emotions will not be fixed,
    it ended as a big confusion.

    So now we float in a delusion,
    with no real end, with no conclusion.

  • h_u_e_s_o_s_ 47w

    ~ Angel ~

    I really don't know if this is true or not,
    I fear this emotion of feeling exposed,
    with all these mellow thoughts and what it brought,
    where we often keep our hearts closed.

    But then again, I truly believe in this person,
    I have some kind of a blind faith,
    I've got nothing to lose or worsen,
    I really don't mind if it takes me to a wraith.

    She's given me another reason to hope,
    another reason to feel human,
    another reason to stay away from the rope,
    an emotion I can bloom in.

    She's not an ordinary girl,
    she might have something to hide,
    but I know her heart shines like a pearl,
    and I can't just leave without saying I tried.

    I often look up to the sky and wonder,
    if she someday might actually open up,
    doesn't matter if I end up six feet under,
    or if she always keeps telling me to shut up.

    I strive to know all about her,
    to make her feel that things do get better,
    so all bad things just go to a blur,
    and that she sees that this isn't just a love letter.

    She might just be all I ever needed,
    we can make this love blossom,
    with all these words that we've seeded,
    trust me, it can be awesome.

    Angel, a beautiful being in essence,
    you radiate a light of aspiration,
    our hearts are in concrescence,
    bringing us to a point of creation.


  • yuvaagushtakh 47w

    I want you to speak
    Speak what
    Of your boldness
    Of you lonelyness
    Of you spooking past
    Of the harship In craft
    Of your personalities
    Of your actuall individualties
    Stay calm take deep breath
    I'm not so near but not so far
    Although at distance but near at a buzz
    I'm not falling for your charm
    I'm like a fine arm
    I just want you as a Dragonball
    One of those 7
    Cause one can wish you
    And you are different from others
    As you are special
    Special at trusting
    Special at honesty
    Special at your crafts
    I'm always there
    but I won't say
    Much cause its not the time
    I want you to just slowly surpass this rain
    Like a snail
    You again be the birds with all your wings
    Ready to chase those alarming stroms
    You are so brave at this all
    You like supercane
    Started making your whirls
    At the shore I'm just looking this all

    Let's move like the parallel rays side by side
    Never trying to merge at a point
    Rest we can leave this on universe
    Its on his and ways��



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    for love

  • ramya04 48w

    He write
    "I wait for the day
    you sing lullaby to our children",
    this lines in
    his love letter
    with a rose bouquet.