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  • shadowofthoughts_ 24w

    Love letter

    You're like the breeze
    through heavy shadows.

    People are busy looking for treasure,
    Love is like a letter delivered slowly,
    But they mistake the blazing sun for it.

    Your smile is like a ray of light,
    That lights me up.
    I often wonder,
    If this is what love is.

    The flowers are blooming slowly,
    Love is a letter delivered slowly.
    The more curious you get,
    the less you hear back.
    I know, the summer isn't over yet.

    And in the dim serenity of the forest,
    You're like the breeze
    through heavy shadows.


  • shadowofthoughts_ 25w

    Love letter

    When all expectations are wasted
    How to be calm.

    Oh is there a suitable time and space
    to let the loved ones embrace
    If the oath becomes less heavy
    Can I hold your hand again.

    You smiling eyes
    Transform the worldly noise.
    I still don't know,
    How to love without any suspense,
    How to wipe away this unknown sadness.

    Spring flowers and autumn moon
    are hidden in the bottom of my heart
    to write freehand words for you gently.
    and you only appear in my dreams blurry.

    As my heart beats once, twice and thrice
    I want to compose a song for you on ice.
    I want you to accompany me to the end
    of the world to pay a lifetime of waiting,
    Because of you I understand a heart ache.
    You only appear in my dreams blurred.

    When your voice rings out
    I finally bloom again withered flowers of my soul
    Oh, Accompany me through the dream of light years.

    Poems written in your name,
    My heart's playing games.
    Just because I don't know how to express,
    many dusty and yellowed writings
    submerge in the suspense.

    Oh whose is the pen lingering on my fingertips.