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  • thanewb 203w

    Open Heart Xclusive

    Another chance i may have blew, cause i was feeling u but u never knew

    But now i found the courage to let u know, and it's totally up to u how far it'll go

    And right now I'm paying the price, cause i don't know if I'm going to be a part of ur life

    All is fair in love and war, and you awaked a heart that swore to love no more

    I know ur pain and seen ur struggle, and when I'm within ur presence it makes me humble

    I know u and love what u r, and u make me feel truly like a star

    Ur heart I'll keep and always protect, cause the world u r to me never forget

    That I'm urs if u will have me, with all my baggage, i know.... I'm not easy

    We never argue even if we disagree, talking to u is sometimes like talking to me

    Open heart letter here, 'am i a fool?!', even if, that's what I'll b, for u

    U brought back a joy i thought was lost, and now i stay with a smile like a boss.

    Now, how do i say all this so that u know that this feeling for u continues to grow

    That for u I'll risk my life, and for u any minute with my all ready to fight

    If life imitates art, u r the Picasso hanging in my heart

    What would u do with this power, let me love u or let it wilt like a plucked flower

    This is something i know not how to do, but my smile is a direct reflection of u

    Just know I'm always here, and my heart no longer lives in fear!!