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  • charlieka 2w

    Never To Fade

    evergreen this blush
    to cheeks to lips to heartbeat
    the roses you bring

  • mahendra_m 20w

    प्रेम विदुषी अमृता प्रीतम जी के जन्मदिवस पर उनके उनके प्रेम के नाम..!
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    तुम्हारे नाम लिखी गई कई अप्रेषित चिठियाँ
    डायरी के बीच से निकले कई पन्नों के टूकड़े
    रूक रुक कर चलती वो पुरानी दवादी क़लम
    अनगिनत ख़याल और बेचैनी से भरी वो रातें
    तुम्हारी सालगिरह के दिन सब एक हो जाता है
    और बन कर चुंबन चिपक जाता है मेरे माथे पर
    तुम्हें खो देना मेरे लिए प्रेम की सच्ची परिभाषा है
    मैं तुम्हें फिर मिलुंगा अमृता कंहा कैसे पता नहीं

  • abineyraj 21w

    Let me remind u

    Even my scattered mind had to deal with the chaos even though ur departure was certain as setting sun but I still see the horizon for a change and there's nothing I can do about it..

  • an_mars 38w

    Dear PS
    The very first day i talked to you as a stranger,
    I never thought that you'd be someone i will not regret knowing.
    Those late night chai and never ending story we told each other,
    Something strange and a sudden connection i felt that day...
    How can i forget the signs i got when we coincidentally talked about the experiences i had same as yours.
    The way you felt numb seeing me sick in the early morning of Winter.
    And everything you did to make me Happy...
    I wasn't ready to love, but you made me do
    And now when you're out of love it's hard for me to unlove you...
    I may sound fool to say that the way you made me fall in love, please teach me to live without it too, as you were the one who said goodbye...

  • _alchemist_shiva_ 45w

    I wish I can read ur mind..I wish I can know how u feels about me..how u feel when I touch u..how u feel when I hold ur hands..how u feel when I look into ur eyes..how u feel whenever I m with u..I really want to know all these things..I wanna feel ur soul..what u think..how u feel..do u also get butterflies in ur stomach..do ur eyes also shine whenever someone calls my name just like my eyes shine whenever anyone calls ur name..do u also randomly smile remembering my words, talks & my things..do u also imagine our wedding scenerios like how I ll look in that bride look..how we ll be laughing having big smiles on our faces..nd how it all ll goes on..do u think at night that I ll be soon become ur bride & be ur side nd u dnt have to sleep alone..I wish I really can read ur mind & feel inner hidden pain..all ur upsets moments & can reheal them..I wanna make u feel so strong & our bond that I can feel u, ur soul, ur mind everything by heart..I wanna see everything coming for u way before it comes & protect u sooo strongly from anything from anywhere in the world..I love u..Nooo..it's more than love..my ❤️ beats only for u my love..my soul exist in u..all I m is u..

  • sidharth_jeevakumar 50w

    Love Note

    It was a simple beep,
    But it had life in it.
    Everytime she texted,
    It beeped the love note.


  • sidharth_jeevakumar 52w

    The Joyous Dream

    The joy in dreaming is ineffable,
    And I kept dreaming about her.
    From just looking at her for hours,
    To hugging her real tight longer.
    From surprising her with a love note,
    To giving her a relaxing head massage.
    I know this won't ever become reality,
    But I simply prefer to dream.


  • jen995 66w

    Love note

    I can trade any privilege for
    Those unexpected warm kisses on my cheek
    And your occasional warm hugs.
    That grin on your face and those beautiful brown eyes.
    To hear Ale wah wah wah and Sad ladar yenaka jenu chuttney karta.

    I always cherish
    Our endless long chatters on call and our long distance bike rides

    I can feel the respect concern and care in your eyes for me and my family.

    I always feel safe and secured in your arms.

    Thank you Roy for coming in my life and make each and every day beautiful and unique in its own way. Thank you for being a patient listener and handling all my tantrums and mood swings.
    Thank you for accepting me the way I am.

    Your the best thing that has happen to me
    and I thank God everyday from bringing us together.

    I always wanted to have a love marriage.
    But now I feel arranged marriage are equally beautiful as the bond is united by God and blessed by our parents.

  • jaya2711 79w

    Baaton Baaton Mein

    यू ही कभी बातों बातों में बात हो जाती थी,
    हमारी उनसे अक्सर अनबन भी हो जाती थी,
    रहते हमारे आसपास ही थे वो,
    चलते चलते हमारी टक्कर हो जाती थी,
    पिले रंग की कमीज़ में क़यामत ढाते थे,
    हमे उस लिबाज़ में वो बेहद पसंद आते थे,
    नाम औरों के लेकर बात हमारी करते थे,
    कभी कहते नहीं थे मुझसे हाल-ए-दिल
    पर मै जानती हूं
    मोहब्बत मुझसे बेइंतहा करते थे,

    शिकायतों की सूची ज़रा लंबी थी,
    इसलिए बस मुस्कुरा कर बात टाल दिया करते थे,
    दिल्लगी थी या डर था कुछ टूट जाने का
    शायद इसलिए इज़हार भी नज़्मों में करते थे,
    उनका चेहरा बसा लिया था निगाहों में,
    क़सीदे लिख देते थे अक्सर किताबों में,
    नशीली आँखे, क़ातिल मुस्कान,
    गालों में उठता भवर,
    वो छुप छुप कर देखना
    वो नटखट शरारतें,
    आज भी जिंदा है दिल के किसी कोने में,

    वो कहते है ना कुछ मोहब्बतें थोड़े पलों की होती है,
    ऐसी है थी हमारी मोहब्बत भी,
    स्वाद तो बोहत आया,
    पर हाथों में उसका हाथ नहीं आया,
    सुकून था थोड़ा जुनून था,
    नया सा ये हमारा इश्क़ था,
    निगाहें मिलती थी तो ठहर जाती थी,
    लबों तक आयी दुआ लबों पर रह जाती थी,
    बस उन्हें देखकर ही राहत सी मिल जाती थी,
    और कभी बातों बातों में बात हो जाती थी ।

  • naheen_zaara 80w

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    3/07/2020 ��

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    You are my courage , you are my light
    You are the fuel that boosts up my flight.
    You are my sun, you are my star
    You are the armour that protects me in the war.

    In your absence my world looks pale,
    As you have transformed my life into a fairy tale.


  • bwirael 81w

    I miss you o'clock.

    It's okay.
    It's okay to miss you during the wee hours.
    It's okay to cry during my most vulnerable times—because of you again.
    It's okay to feel my heart sink as I remember the first time our eyes locked and the last time our eyes met.
    It's okay to feel again.
    It's okay to admit that a part of me hasn't gotten over you.
    It's okay to think about what you're doing at three o'clock in the morning.
    As long as it's not three o'clock in the afternoon—it's okay to be real again.
    It's okay to be human again.
    And sooner or later, this too shall end.
    But right now, at this hour,
    I miss you. Again.


  • tear_tales_007 92w

    What was my mistake ?

    -- Heart asked

    Being soft_mind replied

  • __rsoni 96w

    Aaj phir utni hi mohhabat se bulao na,
    Keh do Milne ka mnn h aao na

  • eosblaze 96w

    If I kiss you,
    On your lips what will I taste?
    Your Happiness,
    Or my heartbreak???

  • the_hollow_lad 98w

    तेरे जाने का गम...

    इश्क के गुलाम थे हम,
    तेरे जाने से आज़ाद हो गये।
    तेरे रुह से जुड़के आबाद थे हम,
    तेरे जाने से बर्बाद हो गये।

    तू जो थी तो मुक्कमल सा था जहाँ
    तेरे जाने से कुछ कमी सी है,
    सूरज व चमकता था जी भर तेरे जाने से पहले
    अब तो उसके आँखों मे भी कुछ नमी सी है।


  • neerajmantu 112w

    "The truth is sometimes I miss you so much that i can hardly stand it."

    #lovequote #lovenote #hindishayari #hindipoems #urdupoems #mirakee #writersnetwork #love

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    "यह कुछ इक शामों की, बस इतनी सी खता है...

    उसकी यादों को आज भी, मेरी यादों का पता है..."

    नीरज जोशी

  • lockhart_red 119w

    He said

    " You're like a soft chaotic mess
    who will not be able to
    match her socks in the morning "


  • __rsoni 119w


    Your forever ended
    But my forever is till eternity
    I'm always yours...
    Though you are not mine


  • elatedsoul512 120w

    As soon as I switched on my cellphone..
    <Phone beep beeped>
    <2 msgs received>
    I ignored it..Thought it was from BSNL company..!!
    I even didn't bother to see it..& neglected it like always..
    I threw my cellphone on the other side & I started completing my daily assignments!!
    Few mins later
    <Phone beep beeped>
    <One new msg received>
    Erratically I took my cellphone & thought itni raat yaad kaun kr ra.. !!
    My joy knew no bound when I happened to see your number on my notification bar!!
    Well though our conversation remained incomplete..& unaccompanied..
    But m happy..vo *Something is better thn nothing* wala concept se..��
    Well just wanted to say..
    Khayal rakhna apna!! Be happy always!!
    & kbi bhi zarort ho just know that hum hai yahn! Always ❤
    Happy Navratri Love ❤ Stay blessed always ❤
    #loveNote #oneSided #lovestory #forevermine #blessed #sleeplessNight #brokendreams #deniedFeelings #unrequittedLoveStory #3:45amPost #missingYou #heartbreak #relationship #Him #Mine

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    I wanted to make it a conversation..
    Wanted to ask..
    How it's going..
    How are you..
    Wanted to know..
    How have you been lately..
    About your new lifestyle there at b'lore!!
    I had so much on my mind to ask...
    About everything & anything!!
    As soon as I exposed myself to your text msgs..
    I stood frozen & fainthearted..
    Blowing hot & cold..
    Felt my world turning upside down.. disorganized..shambolic..
    My sense went out of control..
    Exceeding bounds .
    I knew not..
    what to reply..
    How to reply..
    Thousands of sentiments which were coffined..
    Were consigned to the grave..
    They woke up again..
    Making me feel more unstable..neurotic..
    They screwed me up..
    Again those conflict between my heart & my mind evoked...
    Anyhow I managed to cool my heels...
    Agreed to reply..
    God knows why..
    But lying through my teeth I texted..
    * *I don't have enough balance to text you again**
    I clearly spoke a lie..
    You trusted my words..!!
    5-6 msgs exchanged
    Our chat ended..
    Silly me..
    I stayed back there..
    Restlessly waiting for your call..
    Over-scrutinizing & over-analyzing..
    Just for one more last time..!!


  • canadian_cowboy 121w


    I broke her heart the day I went. I told her that my love was spent. She then began a dark descent. This is the love note that she sent:

    "My salty tears will not subside. I feel your absence from my side. My steely fortress cannot hide; the burning longing deep inside.

    Your eyes are like the sun and moon. Your lips so full I always swoon. Your touch is as the sun at noon. My body aches to hold you soon."