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  • thanewb 15w

    Wanted to write you

    I wanted to write you a letter about how i would love to sing to you forever! But i cut out the middle man and thought this would be better! It was going to say, as long as i breathe, you would hear a melody and as long as music lives so shall we! Even when the world falls off we'll never miss a beat and my song to u is "i am complete"! or "ly your's" the only one who's ways can make me feel some type of ways are your's! You bring out the best in me... always, and even at my worst you always stay! The greatest love song ever sang is to you because no matter what for as long as i've known you i could always count on you! through sickness and health, death could never do us part cause even when it can't beat no more you are my heart! only you have the ablity to turn my frown upside down with just a sound! You are the one that sat with me through all my tears and never left me because of fears! You were made for me and i for you hell one of the reasons i still breathe today is cause of you! You help me express myself even when there are no words and through you i can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world! i know you'll never let me go and i'll do the same and that's why this song "our song" is always playing!

    Tha New B(lue)