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  • copeabe 6w

    Love is sweet when it's new and even sweeter when its true.


  • dawnmemories 7w

    Better version..!!

    While we expect something from our partner in a relationship.. We loose an opportunity of becoming a better version of ourselves.

  • secrecyofthemind 18w


    Sundays are supposed to be rest days but my mind wanders more as the coming week is already in my crystal ball. Flashes of events are stuck in my head and oftentimes I predict disasters. I’m my own fortune-teller when there should be nothing to look forward to. A day is never as expected. A life is always uncertain. A tomorrow is never guaranteed. Yet, we live with our thoughts, thoughts that are meant to pass too.


  • aryaa_anand 28w

    who am I

    am I what they call me; a jerk?
    or am I what they want me to be; a virtue so pure, the snow would've blushed
    am I a reflection of the scars on my face?
    or am I what the mirror says?
    am I what my mind does?
    or am I what my heart contemplates?
    a lively child's play
    or a matured hard clay
    sparkling as the sun
    or shining as the stars
    am I what I am meant to be?
    am I the light of someone's life?
    or am I a dark nightmare?

    whatever I am
    I'm the best,
    of what the omnipresent power
    of the universe
    made me.
    and I'm rare
    for what I can do, none can
    and I'm precious
    for what I am, only I am.


  • _untoldfeelingsever_ 43w

    तुझे याद आती नहीं, मैं भूल पाती नहीं
    जिंदगी में आगे बढ़ने के दो ही तरीके है
    एक तुझे आता नहीं तो एक मुझे आता नहीं

  • iridescent_dreamland 44w

    Love yourself

    Love yourself, you're a piece of eye candy


  • meri_kahani_alfaaz 45w

    मेरे मन के प्लेटफॉर्म पर कुछ देर ठहरती है....
    तेरी यादों की ट्रेन।।
    लगा रहता है रात भर इन यादों का
    आना जाना...।।।

    ~प्रियंका ❤️

  • motive_world 52w

    There is no time like the present to present the present.


  • snehant 53w


    One of the toxic thing,
    I've ever done is,
    Ignore the bad in someone,
    Because I wanted to
    keep them in my life.
    Now enough is enough.
    Not anymore.


  • black_mind 56w

    Best Experiment For Making Me Happy Is, I always Praise About myself, for been an confident . Just love yourself, if you don't know about yourself, give some space to you. Coz you are the one for yourself. No-one is here for you.
    You had came alone, and you'll go alone only.
    #mirakee #praise #loveyouself

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    Best Experiment For You
    Is Love Yourself,
    Be Yourself Priority
    At Last
    You vs You.

  • triptisinghyaduvanshi 71w

    Wordplay or Worldplay

    जिसे शब्दों का जादू आता हैं,वही दुनिया को काबू कर पाता है।जो शब्दों से खेलने का हुनर जनता हैं,
    वो ही दुनिया को मुट्ठी में कैद कर पाता हैं।
    Play on words,play with the World.
    Who can play with the words,
    he can play with the world.
    he called the magician of the words.
    he is a multitasker,who can face every problems or situation,with courage,
    or also can handle like a rider.
    bcz life is a race or ride and we all humans like a recer or a rider.
    Without words, Life is a blank paper.
    or live is a game ,which we played,all time.Life is impossible without Worldplay bcz without Words,we can't express our thoughts or Imotions.if there is no word,life will be on a Silent Mode

  • tapasyashah 75w

    Value yourself before anything else

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #valueyourself #loveyouself

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    Don't Worry,
    You will soon
    learn to
    value yourself

  • chahat_samrat 82w

    दुनियादारी छोड़ो खुद की जिंदगी जिओ, पहले खुद से प्यार करो

    Be kind by heart,
    Ignore world's rubbish thoughts about self

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    दुनिया खुद में!

    जमाना अब भी लाख बुरा कहता है हमें,
    पर अब फ़िक्र नहीं करते,
    लाख शिकायते अपनों से ही हैं,
    पर बात और बढ़ जाए इसलिए जिक्र ही नहीं करते!

    ज्यादा कुछ नहीं बस खुद में खुश, खुद में मस्त रहते हैं,
    मेरे खुद के अंदर एक दुनिया है, उसी में व्यस्त रहते हैं,
    पर फिर भी कुछ लोग बेवजह ही हमसे पस्त रहते हैं!

    ना अब ज्यादा नए रिश्ते बनाते हैं,ज्यादा फरिश्ते बुलाते हैं,
    ना किसी से इश्क की ख्वाहिश करते हैं, ना किसी को शुस्क होने की गुंजाइश करते हैं!

    कुछ किरदार मेरे खुद में बेमिसाल छिपे है,
    उनको निखार हम खुद को खुशहाल करेंगे!
    गिला - शिकवा किसी से कोई नहीं,
    सबका सोचने जीने का अपना नजरिया है!

    हम खुद खुद के बेहतर किरदार को तलाश,
    दुनिया का नजरिया बदलेंगे!
    दुनिया बदले ना बदले, हम दुनिया से परे बस निष्ठा, इंसानियत की
    डगर पर बढ़ बेहतर इतिहास खुद रचेंगे!!

  • shivangisangal 82w

    Kabhi dil krta h ke khud ko he kahu ki bass ab bahot hua sabka khayal rakhna
    Ab toh bass tu apna khayal rakh
    Bahot ho gayi h sabke liye jindagi jeene ki saza
    Ab toh tu apne liye jee
    Bahot ho gayi h sabke liye he sochna
    Ab toh tu apne liye soch
    Jab dekhti hu piche mud kr toh kewal logo ke liye kiye hue Sacrifices he yaad aate h toh maine sabke liye khud ko bhula diya h sabke liye khud se he picha chuda liya h
    Ab toh bass bahot ho gaya ab bass khud ke liye he sochna h khud ke liye he jeena h sabka kya h koi saath nahi deta hamesha ke liye koi nahi jeeta tumhare liye
    Are tu jiyo na apne liye
    Toh kaise chod paaoge tum apna saath tum khud toh ho na hamesha apne saath
    By -shivangisangal

  • _eva2568 96w

    #Depression #faceit #learnfromit #loveyouself
    This is how people should face depression you have a regret you gotta make your solution.
    It is time we face the future...

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    Sorrow Reppling Around my neck,
    Aching my heart,
    Sowwing sadness and pain,
    It's like thorns they are hurting me,
    Depression runs through my vains,
    The regret, the failure,
    Anger burns my skin,
    3rd degree,
    Boiling really hot,
    Steam coming out of me,
    I wish, I knew how to change
    The past.......

    I may not know how to change the past,
    But I know how to shape the present,
    For it is in my hands,
    My past is my history,
    My present is what I am,
    My future is a mystery,

    That being said I am going to end this poetry.


  • ylviia 96w

    I have been so down lately
    And I can't afford to bath in self-pity
    So let's cheer yourself up
    I don't need other people to do that for me
    Sadly I can't trust anyone with my issues
    So that's why I try to have a positive mindset
    Because if I don't try I know I won't be standing where I am today
    So cheers to me
    To all the things I have endured these past years
    Cheers to me
    Fo not giving up on myself and not taking the easy way out
    Cheers to me
    For always fighting even if there was no purpose anymore
    I am fucking proud of being the person I am today
    I have battled all my battles in my own
    I have been my own shoulder to cry on
    I have carried so much garbage and I have not fallen yet
    So I don't care what other people think of me
    Because I don't need anyone but myself
    It's gonna be a hella difficult time for me in the future
    I can already see that
    But no matter what I will always be fighting
    Because I am a damn warrior and I am strong
    And even if I am my own worst enemy
    I am also my own best guardian
    Because without my fighting spirit I would have been long gone
    So thanks to myself for handling all the things
    Even if it had consequences
    But I am freaking proud of being a warrior and for not going down
    You hear me?
    I am proud of myself
    And so should you because no matter what
    You will always need yourself
    You can have others support you
    But you need to fight your battles alone
    So be proud of yourself!
    Treat yourself nice!
    Give yourself a break if needed!
    And don't hurt yourself!
    Don't make the same mistakes as me
    Because that was one of my biggest mistakes in life
    Because now I am stuck in that devils circle
    And I have another big battle coming up
    And you just need to have faith in yourself
    That you will win


  • clutterednotes 97w

    What goes on in my mind
    Is a different galaxy I created
    Then try to fathom

  • sandra_panta 101w

    Outro: EGO

    I go back every day
    To me of yesterday
    To the life of giving up
    I let myself go away
    But in this world, you know
    There are truths unchanged
    Time rushes ever forward
    There’s no ifs, buts, or maybes
    Almost forgotten memories return
    Touch of the devil, fateful recall
    I still wonder, why did they beckon again
    Every day ask me, guess it, whip it, repeat oh
    Nothing that will change, so
    I lock it up again, close
    ‘How much love? How much joy?’
    Soothe myself and stay calm, alone

    Yeah I don’t care, it’s all
    Choices by my fate, so we’re here
    Look ahead, the way is shinin’
    Keep goin’ now
    (Ready set and begin)
    That way, way, way
    Wherever, my way
    Only Ego Ego Ego
    Just trust myself

    Life not of j-hope but Jeong Ho-Seok flashes by It must have been full of regret with no hope till
    I die
    My dancing was chasing ghosts
    Blaming my dream, asking why I live and breathe Oh my God Uh time goes by
    Seven years of anguish come out finally Oppressions all resolved
    Into my heart come answers from my most trusted
    ‘Only one hope, only one soul’
    ‘Only one smile, only one you’
    Definite answer to the truth of the world
    Only one and unchanging me

    Now I don’t care, it’s all
    Choices by my fate, so we’re here
    Look ahead, the way is shinin’
    Keep goin’ now
    (Ready set and begin)
    That way, way, way
    Wherever, my way
    Only Ego Ego Ego
    Just trust myself

    Way I trust
    Way I go
    Became my fate
    Became my core
    It was hard
    And it was sad
    Still reassured and
    Made me know myself
    Map of the Soul
    Map of the All
    That’s my Ego
    Map of the Soul
    Map of the All
    That’s my Ego

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  • mankibaatey 127w

    Life is Tricky baby

    Life lo andarki Edo oka issue untadhi
    Kunni members patinchkoru
    Kunni members avoid chileka pichi ga life end chestaru
    Kunni members tensions teskuntu untaru
    It depends on us ..how we be
    Andartho manchi ga untey ah manchitanam a backstab chestadhi ..
    Evartho ela undalo chusakovale
    Be as u r ..ni Identity common ..rules values common but be tricky wth this life ..
    Leda chala kastam undam