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    You're no fern
    stand firm
    you're a tree...*


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    I try to write lyric type poem it is my first try
    #lyric #love

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    I fly by the site in that ride
    In that shore of smile
    I smile I remember on that beautiful beach
    I hold your hand so that you can't run away from me
    I saw the depth in your eye
    The more it deeper gets the deeper I fall in the
    I peer the looks of your
    I saw that shine of the star
    I fell in-depth for you in that deep sea

  • fayello 23w

    Let it be known

    Let a path be made
    Let the world witness
    The glorious ascension of my love
    This love made for you

    Let each bit be poured out
    Let the fountains of God's heart
    Be let lose like an endless storm
    Let his love wash us

    Let's love with all we have
    Let love be all we want
    Let's be together oh together
    And not even death can separate us

    My priceless love for you
    This love in my heart
    It all belongs to you
    This life of mine is your carpet

    Know I love you
    Far mightier than words
    Know I need you each moment
    For there is no one like you

  • fayello 25w

    I give you all

    If a smile
    Is painted in your world
    Then in my world it can be
    For your heart resonates with mine

    If love beats in your chest
    Then know I wish to hold you
    So by your side I can hear
    The rhythm of our love

    If my mood seems down
    I'll let you have control
    For I know you have your magic
    To make happiness be in my sight

    It's not just saying
    It's beyond feelings
    The word I love you
    I'll say just to you

    For you are my lady
    The love of my life
    I love you my darling
    Priceless of all damsels

  • robyyy 28w

    Masquerade of Liars

    Mirror mirror, on the wall
    Am I worthy of this all?
    Recognition and appraise
    Am I just a lying face?

    Mirror mirror, make the call
    Shall the winner take it all?
    Entity of dishonesty
    Shall he claim the victory?

    Mirror mirror, show the hall
    If they rise, some will fall
    Masquerades of lying soul
    Should not reach the peak of goal

  • theemsen 30w

    I would like to tell you

    I would like to tell you
    About my life in every detail
    What I do unlike, or like, everyone else
    An everyday, unimportant but so important
    Details you do not care about.

    I would like to tell you
    About memories I have not yet forgotten
    The small moments, I never show, where the feeling is fixed in the heart
    Images that over time become more difficult to see 
    The forgetfulness that constantly threatens. 

    I would like to tell you
    About my innermost thoughts
    What I think about, and do not say, every time I am silent
    Words that must never come out and form their meaning
    Thoughts I sparingly share.
    I would like to tell you
    About my deepest emotions 
    Those who keep me awake all night, good and bad, and sometimes something else
    Illusions of things that do not exist 
    Emotions I can barely handle.

    I would like to tell you
    About my past, my present, my future
    What has made me who I am, today, and maybe tomorrow
    A time when happiness is not forced
    The future where dreams can be find.

    I would like to tell you
    About everything you do not know
    Shout for you to stop assume and instead ask
    Ask you to not only hear, but to listen 
    Because you know… 

    I wanted to tell you.


  • sangeetamagar 32w

    People never really leave or die, even though we hate some, we learn to love some, we grow fond of few, we like many, even though they may be far, or have long become united with the earth and stars, they live in our hearts, they breathe in our memory, they walk with us... Some find place in our smile and some in our tears.


  • vkpiley 32w

    We all need someone in life who will accept us unconditionally like nature.
    #natur #love #lyric

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    Koi to ho

    Yun toh milte hai log bohot,
    Kehte hai jo karte hai pyar,
    Najane mujhe wo mila kyu nahi,
    Jo de mere dil ko sawaar,
    Koi toh ho in hawao k jesa,
    Jo chuu jaye rooh ko,
    Koi toh ho jo baras jaye
    Mujhme simat k har ik dhul ko,
    Koi toh ho jo apna sake,
    Meri har ik bhul ko,
    Koi toh ho jo chalde kabhi,
    Mere sang fizao k auur,
    Koi toh ho,
    Koi toh ho....

  • jamesdavismcallister 33w

    "Demons I Thought Were Friends"

    All the times you did me wrong
    Such a sad song
    While I'm Pacing the halls
    Debating if I should end it all
    Will anyone miss me If I'm gone
    Or just carry on like theres nothing wrong
    Couldnt you hear the sorrow in my songs
    Ink from pen drips again
    I dont even know who I am
    Dealing with these demons
    I thought were friends
    Turns out they want me dead
    Rolling around inside my head
    Playin with demons again

  • away_with_words 34w

    She Don’t Know (that she needs me)

    She don’t know that she needs me...
    ...She barely even sees me.
    Still, its like she keeps me breathing;
    ...When she’s gone, my heart stops beating.
    It's as if her laughter feeds me...
    ...And in time, she’ll be believing...
    When I say, without deceiving...

    That she gives my life more meaning.

  • k_yes_yes 40w

    The depth in the lyric of Kaviraj Shailendra
    can even drown an expert swimmer


  • sangeetamagar 41w


    I have got fire on my wings
    And cold in my heart
    I am the queen of frost
    Longing for light

    They have crushed me so
    As if I am a dead plant
    I have long hit the rock bottom
    But I am not dead yet

    I drag my broken limbs
    I pause to breath
    The pain is soul-crushing
    Life is swirling swing

    And I wait for the moment
    When the sky is clear
    I have been down for a while
    To rise like a Phoenix on fire.


  • ryancier_ 44w

    Lyrical Vines, #1

    There goes the pretty
    lines, that make up the
    old vines, where the water
    drips, and nobody
    slips over the ice,
    but, last I checked, they --
    the people -- were still
    moving out... of these
    pretty lines, onto
    better, cuter sights.


  • sangeetamagar 45w

    Call me...

    Call me from my prison cell
    Call me to an awakening dawn
    Call me to see the worst of me
    Call me to know the pain

  • sangeetamagar 46w

    I know the charm of words
    I know how the Siren preys
    But when it comes to sweet old love
    I am Blinded on my way

  • unicorn_dips 49w

    Waqt ne hai kiya humpe
    kaisa sitam,
    Tum bhi bezaar ho,barbaad hai hum..

  • ayubkhan_u 51w

    The Moment

    It's a different feeling
    So far never happened
    A dream created in heart
    Now experiencing, can you hear the song?

  • ayubkhan_u 51w

    Can you come down to earth?

    O' my dearest Moon.
    Will you come down to earth?
    'Cause wind has no power,
    to convey my message to you.
    If blue is separated,
    the mighty sky has nothing to reveal.
    If you keep away yourself from me,
    there's no significant words to express.
    A lyric translation

  • ayubkhan_u 51w

    Almighty-The Governing Body

    O' Almighty God
    If you make us to play
    Who will not play
    In a cradle of desire
    O' all powerful
    Who will not play
    Panjali just asked long cloth
    To protect her honor in distress
    The great warrior Parthan listened Gita
    When troubled by worldly problems
    In my situation, what am gonna ask you
    O' Almighty God
    Just allow me to perform more good deeds
    And a heart to endure the pain relentlessly
    A song translation

  • nocturnal_enigma 51w

    Just end this pain ~

    When I was a litttle girl, ��
    wonder �� what I'll be...
    when I've grown-up. ��
    Now, I've become adult; ��
    Just end this pain! ��

    Ooo...hoo ����

    I keep crying...��
    like a baby.��
    Then, smiling; ��
    But, not �� happy. ��

    Ooo..hoo ����

    I'm just faking...��
    the smile �� lately;
    & keep falling...��
    down �� already.

    Ooo...hoo ����

    When my time is up, ⌛
    wonder �� what, could have been.
    When? Maybe, not...��
    now, but soon? ��
    Just end this pain! ��

    Ooo...hoo ����

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

    * 553rd post
    * 24/9/2020; 4.03 A.M

    * Will upload the video-recording at my new Youtube channel that I'll make, later. ~


    #Lily #AlanWalker #song

    #SadParody #sad #parody #ChangedLyric #lyric


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    Just end this pain ~

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    * Sad-parody of Lily- Alan Walker's song