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    #EvilStillLurks #SongPoetry #Lyricist #TruthInMusic

    Pervasive, invasive
    Try to prevent causative
    Greedy Pharma,
    Wanna turn up
    the heat
    Play dirty with patients
    Bottom line, is the goal
    So they've put on a show
    And they tricked so many
    people, stopping their heart
    And the ones who have known
    Have their positions and home
    And the ones severely affected
    end up dying alone
    They see the bodies pile up
    An immense field of bones
    The investigations
    build up, they just pick up
    The phone and say

    Hey, do you want to do
    Another shutdown?
    Pulling all the wealth this way?
    He says, I don't mind it
    Just keep it to a minimum
    Just keep giving me airplay

    So we go into a shutdown
    Closed down, empty streets
    Homebound, hoping it'll make
    it ok
    But in the end, the stealing
    started to begin
    And they left so many this

    Have we forgotten how they
    Bailed out the elite, the inner
    Crowd, 4.3 tril to play
    And how they kept moving the
    money now
    Just putting barriers in the way
    Where's the proof that these fucks
    Needed all the loot, pushing all
    the masses away
    I think we seen the evidence of
    where it all went
    Left the workers behind
    And jacked up the expense

    Hook, Chorus

    ERAP, has gone dry
    But the LRAP
    Continued to thrive
    Pulling the same crap
    As the 08' stimulus
    Still not focused
    On the groups that
    Are hit hardest x2

    Hook, Chorus


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    "I believe that the shutdown is not over. There is still a shutdown. We didn't solve anything because there was a shutoff of common sense. And even if we can breathe again without masks, we have already been silenced."-HonibeaTheHumanist AKA Beatrice Harris

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    Shining Darkness

    Once darkness departs this artisans heart I shall pardon the scars given sparsely by shards that targeted arms disregarding the harm done to cartilage partly by carving apart; this body of mine until comets collide in the starkest of nights to dissolve any shine I have harbored in my incompetent mind until karma revives the intolerable light.

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    Word Vomit

    Otherworldly concepts encircle my conscience rebirthing unwanted recurring responses from personal pontiffs resurfacing cognitive terms I've adopted while serving the godless.

    Imperfect concoctions of earthly despondence reverberate comments of hurtful respondence unworthy of conscious concern; in synopsis, I thirst to be thoughtless as words are now nonsense.

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    Do not stitch me but butterfly the wound I have slit. The tool was a swiss army pink beautiful bitch. I assumed when I flinched blood truly would drip, but a few more than six droplets dutifully dripped. Too many minutes have loosened the grip that I have on this masterfully cute little clenched sharpened red blade yet still two digits slipped and more than just grazed my useless white skin.

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    A once desolate planetarium is now lit to the fullest. Each star on the ceiling shall glint like a bullet that's been shot from the barrel of a minty yet polish semiautomatic pistol when you pull it; the trigger that is, as it splinters the skull with lead from the cartidges spit from the coldest hot metal cylindrical slit now my focus is changing I'm back to initial this poem with mentally broken indigenous doses of scripted emotional pent up explosive aggression, DEPRESSION WAS MEANT TO BE FROZEN by Christian's or Moses, who really is known in the torah before the new scripture was spoken; oh no this digression has skipped over locusts while leaving the subject of this little poem we're back to the topic I mentioned the ocean above us is dusk and then dawn then unnoticed, but really it's totally sick while in motion; the LEDS fluorescent bulbs twinkle then roses appear on the screen for a tiff with the phone men who's dates are so tired of spending their own cents on dinner with somebody holding their dope dick while eating potatoes and spitting out o's with smoke from a previous crystal meth dosage; and still I digress in this riddle I've wrote with a nicotine stick to my wrist while this poet explicitly pens his misery woes with blood dripping from wounds accidentally opened. My injury knows if parentals expose it I'd miss many doses of literal grown twigs; formed into 100's and 50's I've owned when I worked for a living oh shit look! It's glowinnnn!!

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    No one is suspicious if you show them that you're mischief's uncontrollable when misfits of unholiness come visit your sick soul that is exquisitely atrocious when the dybbuks now exfoliate your senses then revolt against their fleshless less than full life half than blessed with any sonar that's been left with every poser that is preciously exposing any threatening exposure to the restless...

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    It's been long since you are gone...the roads we have taken together don't scare me anymore,I walk on them,feeling as light as the air...I pass by your home everytime I go to the market but now I hardly have a look at it to see if you are back from hostel...I go the same cafe where I shared my mojito and white sauce pasta along with some laughter,love and a million of memories and moments but barely any of them bothers me now...
    because it's been long since you are gone...I sleep on the bed where we both cuddled when my parents weren't home but I don't get nightmares anymore...I sleep on the same pillow which once was always drenched by my tears but had been dry since a time I can't even remember!!
    It's been hell of a time since you are gone and I can't even remember your lips that I kissed ,your ears I had biten,the sight of those eyes,those long heavy hands,I can't recall how you looked,you are like silhouette which is mouthless,eyeless and is just a border that resembles some kinda body form but...
    But I haven't forgotten your touch...how It felt like getting hit by a lightning of thousand volt when you touched, and, when yesterday,I felt that lightening again in the mall when a boy passed me by,I remembered everything...the silhouette has a face now,I m getting nightmares again, pillows are wet these days,my eyes unintentionally look at your home now,I shifted my cafe now and I never knew there are so many roads that can lead to the market...
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    One day you will wake up and realise that all you have done was for nothing.


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    तुम मेरी ज़िद को टोकते रह जाओगे-
    और हम यह संसार जीत कर कही दूर बस जायेंगे।।


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    #lyricist-Amitabh Bhattacharyya
    #Singer-Sonu Nigam

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    Sapna jahan..

    Sapna jahan dastak na de
    Chaukhat thi woh aankhein meri
    Baaton se thi tadaad mein
    Khamoshiyan zyaada meri
    Jabse pade tere kadam
    Chalne lagi duniya meri

    Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaali thi
    Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
    Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
    Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

    Tu rooh hai toh main kaaya banu
    Taa-umr main tera saaya banu
    Keh de toh ban jaaun bairaag main
    Kehde toh main teri maaya banu
    Tu saaz hai, main ragini
    Tu raat hai, main chandni

    Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khali thi
    Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
    Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
    Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

    Hum pe sitaaron ka ehsaan ho
    Poora, adhoora har armaan ho
    Ek dusre se jo baandhe humein
    Baahon mein nanhi si ik jaan ho
    Aabaad ho chota sa ghar
    Lag na sake kisi ke nazar

    Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaali thi
    Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
    Main bhatakta huaa sa ek badal hoon
    Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

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    Tujhse izhaar aur tere inkaar k darmiyaan main akela lar raha hu...

    Janta hu tu haawa nai h mere asmaan ka,
    Islye har saans mein mar raha hu!

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    Find me in the pieces of your heart,
    Look inside yourself
    tell me if you also see
    the love of us,
    the connection which says
    we were never unfamiliar
    to each other
    from the very first day.

    Make a wish to your soul,
    Whisper your name
    and hear that echo
    comes back with my name.
    Trace all the dots that
    your dreams are designing
    Let the light of your dark shine in.

    Grab my hand and
    pull me closer,
    even if I say no.
    Read my eyes
    that smiling with a consent.
    Push the fears of love away
    and let my heart come your way.

    ~Nancy Uppal

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    14 - feb - 21 4:33 p.m.

    Song no. 2

    Skip or read. Your choice. Happy reading ��



    तालिम - education
    अबर - cloud
    रहमान - gracious, merciful
    तबस्सुम - smiling
    शबनम - dew drops
    सीप - oyester
    इल्तिजा - request

    Welcome to highlight my mistakes ��

    इक्कीस वर्ष की हूं
    पर दिल नादान है x2

    जितनी तालिम किताबों से हासिल न हुई
    उतनी तालिम जिन्दगी के पन्नों ने पढ़ाई है
    ओ खुदाया...!
    तुझ सा रहमान ना है कोई
    फ़िर ऐ! इंसान, नक़ाब को खुदा समझ कर, क्यूँ सजदे में मसरूफ रहे?

    ख्वाब बुनते बुनते एक दौर में शामिल हुए है
    या इलाही....
    ख़ुद ही को ख़ुद से मिलवाने के लिए

    है जंग खुद से ही
    ख़ुद की पहचान बनाने की जीद्द में अड़े हुए हैं
    कितनी रातें सोए नहीं
    ना इल्म है किसी को
    क्यूं है ये बेचैनी?
    या इलाही....

    इक्कीस वर्ष की हूं
    पर दिल नादान है x2

    ख्वाबों के अबर में,
    न तबस्सुम है, नहीं मैं हूं खुद में
    ओ खुदाया...!
    कैसी है ये सिलवटें?
    क्यूं है ये बेजान-सी जिन्दगी?

    इक्कीस वर्ष की हूं
    पर दिल नादान है x2

    हूँ मैं एक शबनम की बूंद
    ना जाने किस सीप में गिरेंगे
    यां जाल में फंसे रहेंगे
    भटकते लोगों के तरह

    या इलाही,
    तुझ सा रहमान न है कोई
    या इलाही....
    छोटी सी इल्तिजा है तुझ से
    मेरे लिए बने ही रहना
    मेरे लिए बने ही रहना

    #leenaafshasongs #lyrics #iikkish_warsh #zindagi #taleem #pod #wod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay

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    इक्कीस वर्ष

    (Read the whole piece in caption)

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    "To love is to live. Why do lyricists want to die?"
    "Because love is the only time death feels exuberant."

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    #singer-Javed Ali#lyricist-Javeed Akhtar

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    Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
    Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai
    Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
    Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

    Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
    Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein
    Sare sehmein nazare hain
    Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
    Aur dil mein koi khoye si baatein hain

    Ooooo hooooo…

    Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
    Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

    Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
    Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

    Kaise kahen kya hai sitam
    Sochte hai ab yeh hum
    Koi kaise kahen woh hai ya nahi humare

    Karte to hai saath safar
    Faasle hain phir bhi magar
    Jaise milte nahi kisi dariya ke do kinare

    Pass hain phir bhi paas nahi
    Humko yeh gum raas nahi
    Seeshe ki ek diware hai jaise darmiya

    Sare sehmein nazare hain
    Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
    Aur dil mein koi khoye si baatein hain

    Oooo hoooo..

    Kehne ko Jashn-e-bahara hai
    Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

    Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
    Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

    Hum ne jo tha nagma suna
    Dil ne tha usko chuna
    Yeh dastaan humein vaqt ne kaise sunai

    Hum jo agar hai gumgee
    Woh bhi udhar khush to nahi
    Mulakato mein hai jaise ghul si gai tanhai

    Milke bhi hum milte nahi
    Khilke bhi gul khilte nahi
    Aankhon mein hai baharein dil mein khiza

    Sare sehmein nazare hain
    Soye soye vaqt ke dhare hain
    Aur dil mein koi khoye si baatein hain

    oooo hoo

    Kehne ko Jashan-e-bahara hai
    Ishq yeh dekhke hairaan hai

    Phool se khusboo khafa khafa hai gulshan mein
    Chupa hai koi ranj fiza ki chilman mein

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    कानपुर ! आह !आज याद तेरी आई फिर
    स्याह कुछ और मेरी रात हुई जाती है,
    आँख पहले भी यह रोई थी बहुत तेरे लिए
    अब तो लगता है कि बरसात हुई जाती है

    तू क्या रूठा मेरे चेहरे का रंग रूठ गया
    तू क्या छूटा मेरे दिल ने ही मुझे छोड़ दिया,
    इस तरह गम में है बदली हुई हर एक खुशी
    जैसे मंडप में ही दुलहिन ने दम तोड़ दिया

    प्यार करके ही तू मुझे भूल गया लेकिन
    मैं तेरे प्यार का अहसान चुकाऊँ कैसे
    जिसके सीने से लिपट आँख है रोई सौ बार
    ऐसी तस्वीर से आँसू यह छिपाऊँ कैसे

    आज भी तेरे बेनिशान किसी कोने में
    मेरे गुमनाम उमीदों की बसी बस्ती है
    आज ही तेरी किसी मिल के किसी फाटक पर
    मेरी मज़बूर गरीबी खड़ी तरसती है

    फर्श पर तेरे "तिलक हाल" के अब भी जाकर
    ढीठ बचपन मेरे गीतों का खेल खेल आता है
    आज ही तेरे "फूलबाग" की हर पत्ती पर
    ओस बनके मेरा दर्द बरस जाता है

    करती टाईप किसी ऑफिस की किसी टेबिल पर
    आज भी बैठी कहीं होगी थकावट मेरी,
    खोई - खोई-सी परेशान किसी उलझन में
    किसी फाइल पै झुकी होगी लिखावट मेरी

    "कुसरवां" की वह अँधेरी-सी हयादार गली
    मेरे "गुंजन" ने जहाँ पहली किरन देखी थी,
    मेरी बदनाम जवानी के बुढ़ापे ने जहाँ
    ज़िन्दगी भूख के शोलों में दफन देखी थी

    और ऋषियों के नाम वाला वह नामी कालिज
    प्यार देकर भी न्याय जो न दे सका मुझको,
    मेरी बगिया कि हवा जो तू उधर से गुज़रे
    कुछ भी कहना न, बस सीने से लगाना उसको

    क्योंकि वह ज्ञान का एक तीर्थ है जिसके तट पर
    खेलकर मेरी कलम आज सुहागिन है बनी,
    क्योंकि वह "शिवाला" है जिसकी देहरी पर
    होके नत शीश मेरी अर्चना हुई है धनी

    -गोपालदास "नीरज"

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    To reach out my heart,
    you have to dial the extension 143.

    - Nancy Uppal


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    Lunacy Is Life

    I cannot escape these uncommon aches so I tolerate them and always pray to my God that angst won't assault my faith, at least pause the pain until this somber state has been alterated, I have gone insane...

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