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  • vijayyogi 1w

    चले गए दुनिया से
    ना लिखकर कोई खत गए,

    पैदा किया बस
    ना देकर खाना ना देकर सर पर छत गए,

    खुद तो चले गए
    पर अकेला छोड़ गए मुझे इस जालिम समाज में
    पर जाते जाते
    अकेले रहने की मुझे दे लत गए

    और जाते जाते
    मुझसे मेरे मां बाप
    मेरा नाम
    और ले मेरा मत गए,

    कुछ देख कर तन्हा मुझे आए थे आंसू पोछने मेरे

    पर पता चला लावारिश हूं
    तो सुनके पीछे सब हट गए,

    फिर गलती से कोई मुझे इंसान न समझ ले इंसान कोई

    "लावारिश है ये लड़का" बता कर पूरे शहर में पर्चे मेरे नाम के बट गए,

    सच ये
    इंसान होकर भी हम अमीरी गरीबी के चक्कर में सब मिट गए ....!

    By V¥ "R∆M∆"

  • shadesofyu 3w

    Ma, the unborn child uttered,
    Still unknown to the world,
    But Ma, you are her world,
    For every breath you took, every move you made, she could sense you ma,
    How can I not trust you,
    When you were the feet, behind my wings,
    Inside with the warmth, and outside towards the atrocities of the world,
    Inside alone with you, where outside lost in the crowd,
    Inside sensing you cry where outside seeing you hide your tears,
    Inside making you realise my being, with sense of a kick while outside, sometimes ma, my cry would not be heard,
    Not because you didn't want to hear it, but because you were stuck ma, with the other things in life,
    I understand Ma,
    But i wish somedays you would just sit,
    For i could make tea for you,
    Or i could just sit and cry,
    Wipe your sweat, sometimes your tears,
    Cause Ma, i am made from you,
    I was in you,
    I will always be with you,
    I know you Ma,
    I will hold your hand, walk you through the journey of life,
    For even when your coffin is being laid, i will hold your hand ma,
    One piece of me i shall give you,
    Cause if you are gone, am half gone too Ma,
    My Ma,
    My only Hope!


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    Ma, a gift to Eternity


  • ritik_19 3w

    To the beautiful soul,
    You made me out, with love, you taught me how to judge, you made me crave for delicious food, also taught me to cook some of those, you made me confident to stand in a crowd, and you supported me in a way more than my own out.

    To a beautiful soul Mom. ❤️

    #mother #mom #mata #ma #motherday #sunday #funday #love #beautiful #soul #thaught #delicious #supported

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    To the beautiful soul, 

    You made me out, with love, you taught me how to judge, you made me crave for delicious food, also taught me to cook some of those,  you made me confident to stand in a crowd, and you supported me in a way more than my own out. 

    To a beautiful soul Mom. ❤️

  • merai_rajput444 12w

    #ma chup hun ...
    srf mohabet ke wjah sy
    # just a bigner

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    Baze laga bhe sakty thy
    jan war bhe sakty thy
    tere be rukhe pr ham
    tujhy dil sy otar bhe sakty thy
    bat farz karo be-wafae ke agr
    tumhy shehr bhar ma ruswa krwa bhe sakty thy
    aj yeh jo tm gheroon k sath khush ho jana
    un ko a k wo khat daikha bhe sakty thy

  • himaang 19w


    कि समझ उतनी ही थी मेरी और मैं ज़िंदगी उतनी ही जीता था..
    होंगे मायने नए दौर के तो हो सही..मेरा कल तो बस उस दायरे में बीता था..

    कॉफ़ी की चुस्कियों के बीच पीढ़ियों के अंतर को नापने वाले..
    कोई समझाए उन्हें..मौलिक़ ज़रूरतों को पूरा करते मेरा हर पल बीता था..

    मेरे बच्चे मुझसे खींज़ जाते हैं आज़..मेरे रूढ़िवादी विचारों को सुनकर..
    हाँ वही..जिनके परवरिश के स्वार्थ में हर अपमान को मैं बेझिझक़ पीता था..

    शायद उम्र बढ़ती जाती है..और समन्वय बैठ नहीं पाता है..
    याद यह नहीं आता..अपने ज़माने में इन जज़्बातों को मैं कैसे सीता था..

    ख़ैर मैं विकास के ख़िलाफ़ नहीं हूँ और नयी सुबह का स्वागत भी करता हूँ..
    बस भूला न जाए..इस दौर के बीज़ को हमने अपने कल में सींचा था..

    पर समझ यह नहीं आता..कि यह सब मैं आज़ क्यूँ लिख़ रहा हूँ..
    क्या पता कल अपने बुजुर्गों को भी मैंने..इसी ऊहा पोह में कभी घसीटा था..


  • pallavi4 24w


    Mothers have a special way
    Of saying that they care
    Loving us from afar sometimes
    Without even being there
    No matter what goes wrong in life
    It is a comfort to know
    They will never judge us no matter
    How many tantrums we may throw
    You are special to me
    Because you are also my best friend
    And I know we will have each other’s
    Back right till the very end

    I was a very naughty child and still somehow
    Was the apple of your eye.
    I think I was one of those
    Children who were lucky to not
    Have been separated from their
    Mothers even when they were at work
    Because I would be tied to your back,
    Like the local native population
    In my town and so I would simply go
    Wherever you did.
    I still begin to smile
    Just recollecting those days of fun
    With you. My favourite memory from
    Childhood is sitting on the kitchen
    Counter and poking holes into savoury
    Snacks that you would be
    Waiting to prep and fry.
    You and I would either listen to your
    Favourite songs on the cassette player
    Or sing some ourselves while we cooked.
    This inculcated the love for music
    In me at a very tender age. I still remember
    Those days fondly when we still sing
    Them together even now ....
    So many decades later.
    The whole environment of food and
    Music and your company
    Were and will always remain my
    Favourite memory from my childhood.


    7th of December, 2021

    Pic credit: picture circa 1985

    #imppersonc #mother #ma #writersbay @writersbay @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @miraquill

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  • shayara_rinny 27w

    जिंदगी काफी सुकून से बीती है
    अफसोस रहेगा तो बस ये
    कि जिन माँ बाप ने
    मुझे पैरों पर खड़ा किया
    उनके सुख के लिए मैं कुछ नहीं कर पाई


  • brijesh_banarsi 39w


    चंद पंक्तियों में मै सारे जहा का प्यार लिखता हूं,
    गुरु, पिता, भाई और दोस्त सब है वो नाम लिखता हूं,
    कलाई पे बांधा एक धागा मुझे मुश्किलों से बचा लेती है,
    मां के ना होने पर पास बहन मां के हिस्से का भी प्यार अदा कर देती है।

  • sia_sissi 43w

    I am very bad at poems, still tried �� please ignore the mistakes��#kwansaba #wod #ma #baba #love #firstlove #forever #true #scribble @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Since the day I saw the light,
    I saw heavenly angels on the earth
    You taught me what love is about,
    By selflessly loving and caring about me
    Sacrificing all the desires before knowing me
    You didn't expect anything return from me,
    Ma baba just stay forever with me.


  • pallavi4 43w


    Every time you caught me when I fell
    Every moment you stood firmly by my side
    Every second you put things together
    Every instance you made right
    Every dream that you nurtured
    Every fault you casually brushed aside
    Every occasion you saved me from disaster
    Every bad situation you again made bright
    Every setting you carefully predicted
    Every crunch set right when my hands were tied
    Every shred of strength you provided
    Every twinkle in my eye
    Every hour you spent worrying about me
    Every thoroughly examined but forgotten lie
    Every naughty and silly behaviour forgiven
    Every achievement spoken of with pride
    Every rough surface that you smoothened
    Every secret I was able to in you confide
    Every breath that is a blessing from you
    Every tear you helped dry
    Mamma..... I am, because you are .


    29th of July, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you for selecting my post for EC @miraquill !

    Repost from 27th of October, 2020

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  • shrihari_nandini 44w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #pitaji #ma #father #love #fear #insecurity #obstacles #pain #endless


    Prisoner to Fears
    By ShriHari Nandini

    "Where there's love, there's no place for fear,
    when there's fear, love cannot survive"

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    Prisoner to Fears

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Brimming with love, filled with care
    With arms ready for a heartfelt embrace
    Mind full of thoughts about loving beloved
    With affectionate heart which was true
    Believe me, my Lord, Oh Vaikunth Madhav
    I swear, my feet ran towards you!

    Then halted suddenly, as the waves rushed
    Of thoughts, insecurities and my low deeds
    In my lowly mind, full of fear of the world,
    I was scared to my last breath Oh ShriVishnu
    I stopped myself altogether at your door
    But I swear my feet ran towards you!

    My mind which wonders about your wonders
    About your beauty, your grace and charm,
    About your mercy filled rain cloud persona
    Was then just filled of melancholic blue
    Tears filled my eyes, my heart clasped pain
    But I swear my feet ran towards you!

    My worthless mind which adored bitter ego
    Told me how low I was, I had no standard
    To embrace you Oh Father, it called me bad
    I felt helpless and trapped without rescue
    But before succumbing to my pain and grief
    Believe me, my feet ran towards you!

  • shrihari_nandini 49w

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #pitaji #ma #father #love #forever #bestie #mylifeline


    Happy Father's Day
    By ShriHari Nandini

    Mirakee has removed the option to put your own picture, I made a beautiful collage ��

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    Happy Father's Day!

    By Bhavya Gogia

    Dire circumstances when fill me with grief
    There is a haven which provides for relief
    On the arid soil, like pouring showers anew
    Blessing my days, my future, my views
    That's how I feel when I am with you!
    Like the flowers which are nourished bright
    With constant and ample sunlight,
    Like the night which is glorified with moon
    And the welkin with stars obtains value
    That's how I feel when I am with you!
    Pouring wisdom on the barren landscapes
    Of the naive mind and its empty escapes
    You fill the voids incurred by gloomy blues
    With words of worth exuding nectarian truth
    That's how I feel when I am with you!
    When thorns of pain make my heart bleed
    I think about your smile and feel released
    I love you Father, and forever would I do,
    One day I will make you proud of me too,
    Because that's how I feel when I am with you!

  • pallavi_chaudhary 49w



    यू अचानक चले जाने की वजह क्या थी मां...
    .... मैं अच्छी बेटी होने का फ़र्ज़ नहीं निभा पाई क्या?

  • i_aastha 51w

    #ma ne rchai saas wali raas

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    Meri khud ki maa k sath saas bahu wali tragedy chl rhi hai,
    Saas toh muje goli hi maar dengi...

  • heart_wrenching_stories 52w

    Tell me, Ma, why do you abhor the colour of my skin? Why you so adamantly paint me with cosmos of beauty products? Ma, tell me, did you forget the colour of your mother and her brown cheeks. Tell me, Ma, how can I be ashamed to resemble the selcouth ground my ancestor's walked on?

    Tell me, Ma, why should I hide my stretch marks? When did the world convinced you that scars echoing my strength are horrendous? Tell me, Ma, how it is fair to my body to hide her true self in an atelier?

    Tell me, Ma, why do you keep telling me to loose weight? Why you look at my thighs with such disdain? Tell me, Ma, should I be mortified with my juggling thighs and saggy breasts just because one day I'll wrap them around some guy?

    Tell me, Ma, how can I be angry at you when I know you were always taught to say "okay" and "obey". Ma, we no longer need to be another Hera or Aphrodite. Because now is the era of kingless, magnificent, resilient queens with gunpowder coating their wings. Don't worry Ma, I will teach you the art of self love & you can let go of the demons hiding in your bedroom. Together let's create a sanctuary from fractured ashes of our sempiternal dreams.

    //All Rights Are Reserved//
    Picture courtesy : Pinterest
    Edited by : heart_wrenching_stories
    Date : 27/5/21
    #ma #quotes #selflove #dreams #writersofig #pod #wod #queen #writersnetwork #brown #mirakee

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    //Ma, I will teach you the art of self love & you can let go of the demons hiding in your bedroom.//

  • anisbudhraja 54w


    Mera bhi janam hua uske janam k sath,
    Jab thama usne mera mamta bhara hath.

    Kami thi jeevan kuch mere,
    Mano usi ko pura karne aya yemere pass.

    Aaj jab dekhti hu usee muskate hue,
    Main bhi khil uthti uske sath.

    Pyar sai bhi pyara hai ye rishta
    Duniya ka sabse gehra
    Gehra hai ye rishta.

  • mohd_suhail_bazz 55w

    Mere Dil Ki Baat MOTHER

    Kuch log meri nazar me aase he unhone aaj
    apni Ma,Mother,Janne,Ammi,Ammma .
    Ki photo whatapp status ,,Facebook is status
    Per lagai he he or likha he ....
    Happy Mothers day.
    i love you Ma etc..
    Yakeen manna un me kuch logo ko acche tarha se janta hu
    Unme se jadatar log apni MA ke saat uchi aavaz me baat karte he kbhi puch ker dekha ma jab se tuzse uchi aavaz me baat kerta hu tuzko kesa lagta ma
    Ma dil us wakt rone ka to kerta he per roti nhi he
    Kya usne tumko janam deker galat kiya.?
    un sab me me bhi samil hu me khud esa kerta hu per mene kabhi MA ki mohobbat ka dhindora nhi bajaya.
    To kirpiya kare mohobbat se saleke se baat kare uchi aavaz me na bole .. Kal tumko bhi Ma,Baap banna he
    Khavat he
    Jese ko tesa....***
    Status upload ker me mat dikhae
    Ant... Me ek baat khena chata hu
    .jis mohobbat ka dikhava ho
    Vo mohobbat nhi mohobbat nhi

  • shrihari_nandini 55w

    EDIT: I apologize for the late responses, I was not keeping well, hope you all are safe and taking care.. I pray ShriHari keeps everyone safe and sound! ������

    #mahalakshmi #narayana #godha #sita #rukmini #lakshmi #radha #ma #mayyas #mother #day #love #supreme #perfect #unique #irreplaceable #loving #mapitaji

    On Mother's Day
    By Bhavya Gogia

    As I began to write something
    On the outstanding woman I call my mother,
    The blank pages give an empty stare
    And fill my mind with huge despair
    Oh she's cool, she's gorgeous no doubt
    She's wise of course and I wanna make her proud
    She gives me love, I will get from none
    And if I know a live goddess, she is the one
    But is that enough, the pages ask me
    The words adoring her are infinitely many,
    But what portion of my self centered heart
    Could I give to her, as she does selflessly?
    To give her something, mere words to say,
    Would be like giving the Sun a ray of light
    To give her a present to show our love,
    Would be showing God, our little might
    Well, one who bothers about my well being,
    Since the day I took my first breath,
    What gifts could I ever give her,
    Which may repay my ever flowing debts?
    As I ponder over my helplessness,
    The blank stares answer back,
    There's 'nothing' you can give to the one,
    Who dedicated her life to selfless love
    When there's no expecting, and only to offer
    The soul becomes like God, they say
    While we reflect on the rarity of such state
    We experience its irony every day!
    Why would I compare a mother to God
    When God's love is called 'motherly' by all
    Why would I think I can repay her love,
    I'd rather stay in the debt forever more,
    Therefore I pray to the almighty today,
    Is to grant her beatitude, all blessedness
    She never grieves, her smile be sempiternal
    And showers perpetual happiness!


    Pic: My Mother in her loving forms ❤

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    On Mother's Day

    By ShriHari Nandini

  • shalini_guha 55w

    Happy Mother's Day!
    Thank you Ma. My Love for you is the only way to repay you for helping me into the person I have become...
    #mothersday #happymothersday #loveyouma #MA #poetry #poem #writers #writersnetwork #poetsnetwork #poetrysociety
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Your warmth filled in my luggage
    The clothes folded were your embrace
    My nose whiff this perfume
    Reminding me of your scent
    A box stuffed at the corner
    When opened, scales, rubber, sharper
    And the pens reminding me
    The desire to write a letter someday
    A bag filled with my essentials
    packed with so much care
    The moisturizer feels light
    Just like your tender skin
    Lingering is the scent around me
    When you caressed or pinched my cheeks
    The coconut oil relaxed me instantly
    As I remember your finger tips
    massaging my scalp with care
    My hair still holds the fluffyness
    Of the shampoo in this bottle
    My toothpaste and brush
    this liquid for my body wash
    And the towel that feels so soft
    Replay your pestering me
    To bathe when we went to bed
    With dirty clothes
    The puff with the talcum
    Feels like childhood
    Puffed on my neck and arms
    Due to the scorching heat
    Two ears of my plush peeking out
    Taking me back to the time
    When I was showered with gifts
    Because of no reason at all
    Surrounded by small and large soft toys
    Filling my bed with no space at all
    Just like the box of chocolates
    My favorites, kept on the side
    My hand extend to pick one
    And pop it in my mouth
    Thinking back while savouring
    Most pieces always left for me
    I look at the box of tea and boil some water
    Some honey and lemon mixed in it
    Taking in the aroma,
    Standing on the balcony
    I call and talk to you
    While we both drink the same...

  • ms_dimple__ 57w