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  • okh_johnny 155w

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    I'm feeling so depressed
    Don't knw what to write
    Writing is my medicine
    Yet it isn't curing me
    Why is it in a rhythm
    It's not coming through ����

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    Trying to impress
    Admist my distress
    Is giving me much stress
    Like I have no sense

  • hungerwrites 156w

    Aspired to be a cricketer,
    Like any other indian youngster.

    admired cr7 in football, bolt in athletics,
    Until ten sports introduced me to a cricket aesthetic.

    Crazed celebrations were in twenty-eleven,
    When you helicopter shot wearing jersey seven.

    You're an example of a belief being godly,
    and a sport being religiously senti.

    You're an inspiration of calculations being successful, but at times marginally unsuccessful.

    You're pride of Indian cricket, no matter whether you lost in your last world cup wicket.

    You're MS, MSD, Mahi, Captain Cool, Thala, and The finisher.

    You're legacy is untouchable, irreplaceable and unforgettable because In the world of cricket you were and will be the only true cricketer. ����

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  • hungerwrites 156w

    Start owning what you experience,
    Deep dive into the miniscule details that made you grow every single day, so that there is natural enhancement to your personality and character.
    Visualise the inexperienced, to format your brain towards making it an experience.
    Consciously feel positive about those momentary emotions,
    That one day you're going to stand tall, be proud of yourself, be so grateful that you made this change and you're a part of the chain of Change.

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    Crest of choices

    Rain drops were rain beating
    A thought was repeatedly hitting,
    that what made me different?
    What made me resilient?
    Not the speed with which I overtaked
    Not the wave split of the drops that the two-wheeler made,
    But the choice of that riding experience on the road full of crevices,
    But the choice of living nature, if not my own life, satisfactorily...

  • jayant_writes_ 156w

    Flawless love

    After many days
    They met in a bar
    Eyes begin mating
    From too much far

    Rushing for each other
    They hugged very tight
    Nobody could make out
    Their feeling on that night

    It clearly looked as if
    Heavens came calling
    As they very suddenly
    Started in love falling

    With lips inches far
    Their face began to glow
    Finally fluffy skin touched
    Halting every river's flow

    It was only a minute
    That stealthily ticked
    But it felt like ages
    Have suddenly whisked

    An intense emotion
    Rapidly built in a while
    And they undressed
    Making huge clothes' pile

    Their naked skin touched
    With a push very light
    That deep warmth
    Slayed all their fright

    Hands began discovering
    The unexplored places
    With heart so craving
    They didn't left any traces

    Dwelling in each other
    They found their stars
    And they simply burnt
    All their previous scars

    Finally they emerged fully
    Like a hot burning coal
    Now it was very simple
    As they've become one soul


  • divyag0017 156w

    Stained Bedsheet:
    At 14- it was impure,
    At 21- it somehow became marker of her purity


  • calldispatch 156w

    How tragic it is that the string that used to bind us together is choking me to death now.


  • calldispatch 156w


    There is a painful truth that lies behind my smile
    One you'd never want to know
    One you'd never want to involve yourself to
    Because you are too busy
    And I was just being childish
    And should get over myself.

    I've decided that I just should keep it to myself
    Not because I don't wanna bother you
    But because putting up a smile is a lot easier
    Than explaining to you why I am not happy.
    You wouldn't listen anyway.

    By the way, I still have it
    The letter you told me to keep
    I still read it everyday. Everytime.
    I loved how you told me there
    That I was your sunshine and you're a flower;
    How I give you strength and motivation everyday.
    But even flowers wither under so much heat.
    At least that letter didn't change, because you did.

    I guess this is how some things end up
    Whether we like it or not
    The sun does not shine forever
    At some point, one way or another,
    It will find its way under the clouds.
    I hope you're not one of those who miss the sun when the snow falls
    Because I've found my way through the storm
    And I'm not certain I can come back.


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    I guess this is how some things end up
    Whether we like it or not
    The sun does not shine forever
    At some point, one way or another,
    It will find its way under the clouds.
    I hope you're not one of those who miss the sun when the snow falls
    Because I've found my way through the storm
    And I'm not certain I can come back.
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  • _cliche 156w

    *If I had a son*

    If I had a son,

    I would tell him that its okay to not hold it all in, okay to share his fears and let his pain be known
    that his fears don't make him any less of a man, and being brave is sometimes being afraid.

    I would teach him that he is sure to fail, and its okay as long as he doesn't break or bend his principles, and that failure is all success is really made of.

    Even though smoke and mirrors look good, I would show him that his truth is better than living a charade.

    I would tell him that his manhood has nothing to do with being lord over a woman, that they are not gem stones to be collected and put on display, to boost his ego.

    I would tell him that his yes isn't any more important than hers, and her no even when passive is to be held in highest regard, that he doesn't deserve her place just cos he has a penis and she does not.

    I will show him that having a woman in his life doesn't make him a lord over all her affairs, it's better to have her as a friend and partner than go to war with all her intentions.

    I would tell him to chase his passions, and that his success is not tied to any degree, but on handwork and his ability to see the system for what it is, a lie.

    I would tell him to live for himself, for God, and for all that's good, and when it gets tough, going down on his knees is all the therapy he needs.

    I would teach him to respect both the young and old, the rich and poor, and that no one really is beneath him.

    I would show him that he doesn't have to follow the path that the older generations has laid out for him, that its okay to not have it all figured out by 25, that its okay to move at his own pace, and not try to fit into the image of all society thinks he should be.

    He will live his life for him and only him, society be damned.


  • stars_and_me 156w

    And Darling

    I was your twinkling star
    Among those thousands
    You gazed at
    I was there embracing
    You with my light
    But the time fly so fast
    That I even lose my grip
    So I have to fall from the sky
    And Bid Goodbye

  • innsaei_ 156w

    U abandoned...
    Walked away
    My Heart..
    Breathed it's last...

    My heart...
    Died a long ago...
    Remains only...
    Dead soul...


  • priya_kaur 157w

    Like the shadows beneath closed
    eyes. Wings and bone shatter in the scattering noise, Like the song
    unending In its voice, silence is stranded, What must I become, To sway like
    stars upon the sightless trees, And
    move my lips to the words of the world, Hanging on God's finger tips, Like the whispers of the invisible breeze..


  • innsaei_ 157w

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    Mom, how did we die?
    With Dad's one lie...
    Was our love not enough
    That he left us without a word...

    What was ur fault??
    That he broke all
    His covenants with u
    That he made on special day...??

    What was mine???
    That he left
    My side...
    For someone... ???

    I was his wish...
    He asked me from God
    So he called me 'Abhilasha'
    Then why is he not with me today...

    What malediction did she play,
    That she...
    Became more important,
    Than his desire... ???

    What magnificent beauty
    Did she possess..
    That made Dad blind
    Infront of all vows and love... ??

    What was our fault??
    How all our love
    Went in vain??
    That we r left in
    Endless sorrow and pain....

    Mom, how did we die?
    With Dad's one lie...
    Was our love not enough
    That he left us...
    All alone by ourselves...
    {continued below}

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    "Our fault was this much
    That we loved him
    Much more than...
    Anyone can imagine...."


  • hungerwrites 157w

    Happiness is the consistency of your smile through the criticism and not the appreciation,
    happiness is serving your goodness to those who don't deserve it, and doing what you love.
    happiness is giving in your repeated efforts to become effortless, despite of failing again and again.
    happiness is the reason that makes you smile at the end of the day, no matter how damned your life is, happiness is the power of instant self-motivation at the time when you're demotivated.
    happiness is an experience, experienced in so many different ways and yet remains inexperienced at some point.

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    At the moment happiness to me is having the copyright of my own words and delivering some of my original content to all of you.

  • heartvsmind 158w

    I tried putting into words what I've been feeling lately. I'm still a learner, a keen one at that. So any and all feedback is appreciated!
    Thank you ��


    Waves crash softly on my feet as I struggle sculpting a sandcastle. Pearl white clouds dance in the azure sky. I see you standing in the distance, your eyes shining, grateful to be here. There's no place you'd rather be, you tell me. I instantly believe it, for I feel the same.

    I follow along the instructions you shout from there, carving a pattern while gently holding the castle with the other hand. I make mistakes but your constant reassurance keeps me going. I'm singing to myself, stopping only to laugh at your funny stories.

    Suddenly, I see you coming towards me. You decided you wanted to spend time with me, beside me; help sculpt the castle with your own hands.
    I panic; the skies turn scarlet, the waves threaten to drown my castle along with me. I look at your promising face, your arms open, welcoming me. I wish to leave everything behind, rush into them.

    But the birds are now shrieking in my ear, "Remember, Remember". I look around - the place looks all too familiar, the winds whisper old forgotten songs, bringing back memories. I look at you - your face now reminds me of all my past mistakes, coming towards me, mocking me for letting them resurface.

    I flail my hands helplessly, do I save myself or do I save my castle? I plead you to not come nearer, unable to breathe as the chaos engulfs me. With your each step, I sink even deeper.
    "I'm different!", you say, "I won't hurt you, I understand you, don't let your past define what we have now!"

    The winds roar, and I'm back. Back to the peaceful beach side. You've stopped, confused and alarmed. "Are you alright? You suddenly went numb", you say.

    But my sandcastle is crumbling, my limbs are weak, I can feel the bruises on my body. Aghast, I manage to smile, "You won't understand."

    By © heartvsmind

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    There's no place you'd rather be, you tell me.
    I instantly believe it, for I feel the same.

  • outlandish 158w


    She washed herself till her skin became red
    And she started to feel burn
    She wanted to wash away that feeling
    His rough touch on her soft skin
    And scars he left on her soul
    She was no longer whole
    Her pretty face now disgusted her
    She hated herself because she caught his eye
    She hated herself because she was a girl
    She hated herself because apparently her salwar suit wasn't enough,
    To protect her from his intentions.
    She hated herself because her silence was thought to be her yes
    She hated herself because she knew it wasn't her fault
    But still couldn't come out like before
    Because once she was raped in dark
    And next world will rape her again with their judgements.

  • hungerwrites 158w


    I don't want to impress you,
    I just want to empower true emotions from the within.
    I don't want to rest any dominance,
    I just want to be an unfelt experience of your mind.
    I crave for knowledge
    So that our talks go endless,
    I crave for some physical contact
    To sense whether our souls connect.
    If not... Why not?!
    They will,
    Ofcourse! They will.
    I'll force my energies to sync with the frequencies of your soul's demand
    Resulting in an inseparable form of attraction.
    I'll force to expand beyond my boundaries of imagination
    Resulting in an unexplorable form of our relation.

  • outlandish 159w


    She saw herself in the mirror and broke it
    Hating how she looks
    Wishing she could be more whiter
    And could avoid those awful comments
    From so called pretty people
    Either she would die or,
    Change those insulting moments.

    His sexuality was questioned
    Because he loved dancing
    And was called names for showing emotions
    He was not a "man" for he didn't go to gym
    Didn't smoke, liked pink,:Or didn't used girls for fun,
    He was tortured because he chose things society didn't "allowed" guys
    Apparently he wasn't manly because he ain't muscular but slim.

    Those so called "fatty"
    Starved themselves
    And punished their bodies
    Because people couldn't believe they could exist
    And rewarded them with stares
    They couldn't be normal because fat humans were punching bags
    And deserved to receive glares.

    She was humiliated because she loved a girl
    Their "modern" society
    Called her a blot
    For seemingly love should be between man and woman
    And her's was nothing but abnormality
    Doesn't matter how hard she tried to convince
    But she dared love a girl and she was guilty.

    And like that humanity died
    Because people failed to accept differences
    They failed to differentiate beauty from skin and body sizes
    Failed to accept differences in choices
    Failed to see love over gender
    And failed to accept their own brothers.

  • hungerwrites 159w

    First sight

    Lights dim, alone, and on bed today
    Together always if you wish to stay
    Sex? no just unburdening of the love
    Which just filled over the brim on chats,
    Don't you think my love?
    it's hard to believe how mature our love stands
    With tests of long distances, limited talks, or even a moment to propose you right in hand
    I'm breathing your love purely it seems,
    Uncontaminated with lust, insecurities and suspicion at any means.
    I don't want to continue the brain storming over you,
    Since it fuels every dimension to think about you.
    I'm perceiving you saintly , raw , holy and untouched by the slighliest of any sensation,
    As you're my nature's crafted creation.
    You're asleep baby because it's midnight,
    And I'm awake...
    because I'm living my love at first sight.

  • heartvsmind 159w


    I'm falling
    Faster, swifter
    Caught in the middle of a whirlwind
    What is this feeling?
    It seems remote yet familiar
    And as I think about it, it grows even stronger
    Deeper, and twisting my mind even more

    I get this urge to run away
    As far as I can
    As fast as my legs can take me
    But I've bound myself in your lose shackles
    Growing tighter with every laugh
    With every moment we share
    Do I break them? Do I bear them?
    They'll leave me scarred, either way

  • varouna 166w

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    // Equality //

    When I demanded equality
    They shut me up
    Making me tight lipped
    For they thought
    I wasn't mature enough
    To be aware of my words
    Forcing me to bury them
    deep inside.

    But little did they know
    Silencing me won't help them
    Cause I now understood
    Demanding would lead me nowhere
    The world can't give me things
    Unless I don't give myself
    An equal chance.

    A Chance to be able to
    Be the change I wish to see
    For I won't be treated equal
    Until I believe that I am
    Equal like any other.