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    Muted Horror

    "White is Black and Black is White"

    Blank ... empty ... numb ... I am waking up from an ear-splitting silence, returning from no man's land. I am surrounded by an unbearable white noise that seems to kill off everything that approaches me. I try to focus. My body is aching, every muscle is in burning pain. Still I have to be brave, I have to move, escape my silent prison ... but I can't. Something is holding me back like an invincible force.
    How is this possible?
    I try to open my eyes, every millimeter is a battle, a war against agony and gravity but I have to face it. Suddenly a heavy pain hits me as I am blinded by a bright glistening white light. I am struggeling to stay strong, to hold on ... but I can't and my eyes fall back into darkness.
    I can't stay here like this, I have to brace myself for this barbarous sharp pain and open my eyes again. It is the only way. Silent screams escape my lips as my eyes are torn apart by the light. Tears start running down my cheeks but I have to bear it, I have to stay strong. So I lie and wait until my eyes come back to life ...
    Glancing at the ceiling ... white. Trying to move my head a little bit but my brain is muted by pain again. Staring at the walls ... white.
    Am I in heaven?
    Am I dead?
    I doubt they would pin me down to my bed over there. My arms and legs are tied up with some strong leather straps bound by heavy iron buckles, making my hands and my feet feel numb. I can't move a finger or a toe.
    What happened to me?
    Where am I?
    And how did I get here?
    So many questions are running through my head but my brain still feels like a vacuum. Think ... Focus ... What are the last things I can remember?

    I see myself walking down a lonely avenue. There is no one around, no house, no car, not even a bird is singing. The road is dusty and every step I take, sparks a little cloud of filth over the ground. The air feels hot and heavy, it is hard to breathe. I keep going, not remembering what was my destination anyway. And then there it is ... A small house.
    At first I think it to be an illusion, that the heat has made my brain weak, but the closer I step, the more real it becomes. It looks very shabby, some windows are broken, many roof tiles have fallen off, the walls are covered in dirt. This house must have been abandoned for many years already.
    As I am stepping closer no sound can be heard. I guess I am all by myself out here. Walking around the house, peeking through the shattered windows ... Nothing. I am about to leave when I am struck by surprise and horror at the same time. There it is ... A totally surreal yet fascinating scene.
    A pair of lovers, a woman and a man I guess, standing in one of the rooms. He is dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie, looking formal, stern, intimidating. She is wearing a red dress with some pieces of white lace, leaving her arms bare and vulnerable, looking pretty, delicate, fragile. The man is holding her in a tight embrace while they are united in an innocent kiss. He seems to be in a dominant position as the woman is leaning her head upwards to meet his lips. Together they look like the metaphor of a merge of love and death, completely lost in each other.
    Still this bizarre scene leaves me struck by horror and disgust. Their faces are covered with a white scarf, erasing their individuality, stealing their humanity, turning romance into perversion. Like two contrary forces being confronted, the closeness through love and the impossibility to communicate. Everything is muted, there is no intimacy, just a blank space.
    Maybe the woman has been kidnapped and is forced to be here.
    Maybe this is part of some cult's sick ritual.
    What is happening here?
    Should I save her?
    I continue to observe the scene, unable to look away. No movement is visible, no breathing, no heartbeat.
    Am I going mad?
    Is this even real?
    Maybe it's a statue, a piece of art that someone has forgotten over here a long time ago.
    Wait ... Did the man just shake a little?
    He is slowly moving his head towards the window. I am terrified, there is nothing but white emptiness. No eyes, no nose, no lips, no ears, all senses muted, no face can be seen. I try to scream but my voice gets stuck in my throat, unable to be released. Panic is rising ... My heart is racing ... I am breathing heavily ... I can't move ... I am doomed.
    The world around me starts spinning in circles and everything turns black. Then I must have passed out because the next thing I remember, is waking up in this room.
    Black turned into White

    I am lost in my memories, still trying to put the pieces together, when I hear the noise of cracking locks being opened and footsteps getting closer. I am trying to move my head but there is no one to be seen and everything around me is falling silent again. Maybe I was hallucinating.
    Time keeps passing by without a trace of hope and I am sure that my mind is playing tricks on me ...
    Until a familiar whitened face appears in front of me, Once again I am struck by horror, fear and panic are washing over me in huge waves. I try to move but there is no way to escape. The face shows a silent and merciless laughter. His invisible mouth wide open, turning into an endless white void.
    He is moving closer to my face and my screams are muted by my own voice. I can't get away. He is pulling out another white scarf, getting closer ... Closer ... Closer ... Touching my face ... It is too late ...