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  • ronron269 3h

    Resist to Co-Exsist

    as i resist to co-exsist
    i look at the flick of my wrist
    i cant help but to feel some type of way

    let me say ....

    getting myself caught up in my own web
    exsponging my own brain
    instead of yours
    how can i train it
    how can i shut it off
    just cut me off

    now thats okay...

    as i resist to co-exsist
    now you got me pissed
    in the exsistence to your appearance
    of my current review
    who knew
    as i sit here
    vaporozing with my finger tips
    oh dear
    typing too
    wishing this was
    at times
    a typo too
    the type
    of words
    the type
    im feeling
    you see what im spilling
    pouring out the dark side
    as i slide
    slid into homerun
    im at homeplate
    fu*ck forgiveness sakes

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    i aint no longer
    resisiting being pissed
    little ronron
    by the way
    isnt coming home
    talking to my self
    oh well
    its better this way
    i aint running away
    i aint got all day
    dont dare ask why
    as you cry
    how come?
    i dont deny
    i cry too
    who knew
    i see you
    nah nah nah nah
    im not yet in la la la land

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    speaking to all my 6 senses
    im not senseless
    god got me fucked up too
    see cuz
    god blessed you
    not me
    not me motha fucking me V
    how bout me
    who knew
    now you know
    about my knowing
    you still aint gonna bone me
    any way
    any how
    now listening to
    Bone thugs and harmony
    my blood flow
    im caught up in the feeeling
    just chilling
    no cop-ah feeling
    u feel me '
    nah dont kill my vibe
    i might as well go and hide
    not to be seeked
    go ahead and be displeased with me
    wee wee wee
    all the way home
    motha fu'kas dont understand
    no need if your pleading
    that aint me

    as i was stating...

    as i resist to co-exsist
    as i pass the pipe
    take away your own pain away
    i just know im not going insaine
    never loosing my insanity
    i just know im still blending
    with society
    now that can give me anxiety
    cuz you see
    the cult of society
    just isnt me
    my words
    as now they occured to you
    who knew
    as im now
    telling you
    moving forward now
    not missing up on the rotation
    showing some appreciation
    thats right
    its in my inrightious right
    no ones flying a kite
    no ones taking flights
    damm i wanna
    be more then alright
    im just that type
    cuz i still got more
    by the way
    let me allow myself
    to hit it
    never quit it
    til i really feel it
    dont spill it
    quit it
    let me feel

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    as you proceed
    to give myself
    what i need
    that is
    up to the rim
    up to this line
    damm what a line up
    motha fuckas shut up
    i aint walking the line
    as i rhyme
    no need to be
    i aint the one
    by far
    as im stacking bars by far
    since the age of 5
    cant they just be
    a silence of a lamb
    as i chopp it up
    and chop this shit right here
    now thats whats up
    this is whats up
    speaking to my mind
    never mind all
    im still standing tall
    never to a fault
    u feel me ?
    damm i love this sin
    as i sin away
    all day
    to the core
    now this is my type
    of feeling
    this day
    by the way
    i was never a whore
    never a bore
    cuz i got more to offer them
    to him or her
    as i do pray for them to l.i.v.e
    i dont play
    with their lives
    that is
    im just a hit
    and to be
    let me say...
    im just as is

    let me get out the way
    im glad you hear me though
    on the real though

    as i was saying lastly...

    as i exsist to co-exsist
    at the same time
    im out here commiting selfless crimes
    still having a mind
    got more then my last two cents
    in a pitched up tent
    times is finally
    passing me by
    fu*k yea
    an outcast
    at last
    not outlasting my last breathe
    that is
    bets on
    bets off
    hands off
    your cut off
    who passed away
    not me
    i dont play

    as i resist to co-exsist
    black blood flowing
    in & out
    im finally here
    loving the fear
    the sting rays
    fu*k the sun rays
    by the way
    to set the record clear
    here im going
    to cloud 9
    never mind

    im out...

    FYI no need to scream and shout

    im still here co-exsisiting
    thriving on life.



  • authorlady 5w

    Spread it to all !

    Jollity of light and the light of love,
    let them walk over thy yard,
    being a rose, being a dove.

    Wear the veil, cover the nose,
    never thou mask thy soul,
    but hide thine mouth and nasal lane,
    which the ogre may espy and throttle;
    Thy heart , may get the kisses of cherubs,
    those with the wings of phoenix,
    yet with a healing smile ;
    those who sing from the paradise high,
    the melody of love, across the sky,
    and the lord's name they neven,
    being the skylarks of heaven .
    The lord who demount every vice,
    from the belly of a silvery night,
    who brings the gold of sunrise.

    Christmas and love , walk aside,
    to be kind and to be joyous are one.
    Spread it to all ! spread it to all !
    spread the heath, not the hate,
    rift the windows apart, widen the gate,
    that hath the ladder to the soul of thine,
    that hath the sweetest vine ;
    spread it to all ! spread it to all !
    all thine bliss thy soul hath,
    spread the stars, thou being a magic,
    spread it to the alley inside the cavern,
    where the rain stucked inside the embers.

    Not the bane but the blithe filled tale,
    spread it before the air gets stale.
    Spread it to all !
    Thy good, thine fervor,
    thou being the voice of lord !
    Serve the truth's glory,
    thou being a server !

    Being a rose, being a dove.
    Let them walk over thy yard,
    Jollity of light and light of love.

    © Upasana_Chatterjee

  • jeetspeaks 18w

    Forgive all. Love all.

    This may sound a little strange but there is a noble reason why I write this. When you learn to forgive all for whatever wrong they have done, you actually help yourself by saving your peace of mind. If you keep on fighting with them whole day and whole life, you are not gonna achieve anything but to lose. You will lose your peace of mind, your mental stability and as a bonus, you may get lifestyle diseases too. Therefore, if you forgive all, you are not going to any of these in life. Have a happy life! Forgive all. Love all.

  • lalitarora 18w

    Psychology of Mankind

    When you restrict your sight to few meters on a roller coaster, fear automatically disappears.


  • _poetry_army 31w


    I know you are tired of trying
    It hurts and you are sick of crying
    I know you have been smiling
    But within the heart something is dying
    No one can help unless they see the pain
    The storm of feelings is hard to explain
    Being home alone you are breaking down
    Want someone to be at your side to spill everything out
    Your family comes home you have a fake smile
    Because you never wants to make them see
    "Their falling apart child "
    -Anshera Mulani

  • raj_kishor_13 32w

    राह राह पर कंकड़ पड़े हैं ऐ दोस्त, जरा संभल कर चलना,

    यहाँ ग्रहिता भी तुम और विधाता भी तुम।


  • beensn 32w


    You will agree with me, money is the greatest enemy of mankind,
    Money has eaten away humanity and made the demons to lead.
    Peace is lost, relations disappeared, time has become scarce,
    No sleep, no smiles, all time chasing money in a race.
    People are made to believe that money can buy money,
    That is the only essence of life and can please any.
    It has made people crazy, blind and heartless,
    There is no value for truth, honesty and selflessness.
    Money is a good servant but a bad master by definition,
    The whole world is run by the money master without any vision.
    As long as we all are the slaves of money,
    We can always expect one or the other tsunami.

  • sai___ 33w

    Lock Down..

    It's all from the land of dragons..
    To the land of various kinds..
    The invisible villian of lives..
    Spread.. And Mutation occurred..
    All the developed n developing Nations..
    Lost their Kith n Kin..
    Oh god what Sin they made..
    The protectors of man kind..
    The front liners fight back the villian..
    Some succed some can't..
    They masked and many of them sacked..
    They Distanced themselves.. Locked..
    The rich n middle classes people survived..
    The poor the daily wagers.. is of no food..
    Here the desired humans.. stopped their race..
    And look around the reality of life..✨

  • anas_husain 33w

    Help Mankind

    If you do not fulfill your responsibility, it becomes burden on someone else.


  • ammy21 36w


    Music is the universal
    Language of mankind


  • blossomwrites 37w


    Battling through this dysfunctional world
    It follows
    Personifying one’s own reflection
    In this world full of unique shades of mankind
    It is persistent
    It firmly elates me
    As to how despite anything it follows throughout
    Your journey of life

  • harsh77 38w

    She is the reason I'm lost sometime
    I was numb facade in public like everyone wearing facemask and everyone holding their grudges
    No one can easily believe in you in this world
    Some pep are strong some are just oversmart
    But humanity is murdered by some cruel humans

    Beat change(hope you get this if you listen some rap music)

    Now we are in the era
    Where politics leads the world
    They used their power and all we know if someone use their power its means some people(rich) will have pros(advantages) of the power and some people (poor)will have cons(disadvantages) of the power.

  • shailesh_d_one 39w

    How do you see ??

    how do you see ?
    this horrible state ?
    patients keep dying,
    at the hospital gate !!

    These political leaders,
    simply debate ?
    now nobody is referring,
    them as 'great' !!

    Aware of the fact ?
    that we are already late ..
    please try n understand,
    am not spreading hate !!

    hoping God once,
    does eliminate ..
    this pandemic should end,
    I can no longer wait !!

    shortage of oxygen,
    remember this date ..
    didn't we humans,
    script our own fate ??

    situation is so worse,
    can't illustrate ..
    Tired of seeing ,
    my world suffocate !!

    Friends can we try ??
    and regulate ??
    these laws for mankind,
    n help life to recreate ??

    Pass this on,
    and plz nominate ...
    the ones you feel,
    who can motivate !!


  • strangethings 40w

    Be the reason,
    Someone believe in good people.

  • anas_husain 40w

    Disease in demand

    What is jealousy?
    Unhappy with fate.


  • anas_husain 40w

    Too much love provokes hatred.

    "Hate springs from self obsession."


  • gunnuloveswriting 44w

    It's true that dry leaf never come again������������������������������������������
    U see ur name and fame o ....Silly stupid
    It's not the your life aim ........
    U will have to live for all......That kind of life
    Is the god game ..............The world will shine
    But u will not if you only see your name
    Go near your parents....And show your love
    Go with friends and party harder


    Don't think about your fame it's the game only money or fame.....If you totally depend on this thing ......So u should be shame ......
    Go with the orphan and show your sympathy and give them food or clothes
    It is the real leaf who can grow again and again........������������������������

    Your name and fame ....One day it will dry as a dry leaf will never attach their tree ....
    But your kindness will grow ���� forever ��������������������������������
    #be human

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    Dry leaf will never green


  • itsyourgirlayomii 46w


    What does our existence as man mean?
    What is life?
    What does life offer us?
    And what do we offer back to life?
    What does our existence as man have to do with life itself?
    That is a question I can ask myself all day long
    And think through it all night
    Yet I end up with a fright
    I rush up from my bed
    With my hands on my head
    Cuddling my pillow
    I open the window
    And smile when the light shines on me
    One of the things that life gives to me
    ©Ayomide Anjorin

  • charfire_m 48w


    ♒️🌬 #mankind #vmankinde #animal #vanimale #fav #vfave #meaningtolife #vmeaningtolifee
    ♒️ #1 #v1e #1one #one 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚪️ #Lifeisagift that you get to open, smile your the zest in life loving life/you and you being in life zesting it up; your beautifully beautiful, your kind of IAM.... for this is a fractal universe, you to be you in many ways, in here and now space+time as you+yourself to be enough as only you can be you being you🟪🟦🟩🟨🟧🟥 🐛#v2021e 🦇#2021 🦋 🐳 🐬🦍#Enjoy_empowered_life_value #ENJOY_empowered_life #enjoy_empowered_living
    #lifessmile #backatyou #youarelifesmeaning #lifesmeaning #meaningtolife #meaningoflife #findingnewmeaning #inlife #findingmeaning 🦚 🐾 #beingenough #iamenough #yourenough #enough #soultruth / #highertruths #whatami #whatwillibecome #whatistheanswer #findingitout 🦏 is a🦄#lovingself #Beingfree #lifeandlove #answers #iwilllovemyselfthroughthis #trustingself 🐉🌵☯️♒️ #Highertruth ====#alwaysbewilling #tobe being a #continuumthat is #continuallysending #loveandlight #toallforms #oflife 🐲🔥☘️⚡️🍃🥒🥑🍊🍌🍆🫐 🌬♒️

    #website #vwebsitee

    #Entomology / #Slash
    #word #magic #Wordmagic #spells

    #soul #vsoule

    Do you think your just a human/monster(legalese) when you are of Mankind/a Soul/An Aspect Of IAM, God+Creator /God+Spark(“The IAM that you are/Multi+dimensional being, that is Energy and not the body that is a living Quantum lifestyle and a solace pathway to God+Creator; life’s rippling roar of Divine happens” or are you an NPC robot that thinks it’s the body? That’s why you got to be “Knowing of,“ and grow from ”Knowing it;” because you are always whole yet, you are always filling up your cup at the same time asking “ Is the glass half empty or half full”... to be or not to be self+loving.... I sure you think of yourself.); I send you love and light, so you can better light the darkness as to get that Dharma that you deserve, as an innate soul #God #vGode

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    1:15 AM 1:16 AM 12% backyard

    animal (n.)
    early 14c., "any sentient living creature" (including humans), from Latin animale "living being, being which breathes," noun use of neuter of animalis (adj.) "animate, living; of the air," from anima "breath, soul; a current of air" (from PIE root *ane- "to breathe;" compare deer). A rare word in English before c. 1600, and not in KJV (1611). Commonly only of non-human creatures. It drove out the older beast in common usage. Used derisively of brutish humans (in which the "animal," or non-rational, non-spiritual nature is ascendant) from 1580s.

    animal (adj.)
    late 14c., "pertaining to the animal spirit of man," that is, "pertaining to the merely sentient (as distinguished from the intellectual, rational, or spiritual) qualities of a human being," from Latin animalis, from animale (see animal (n.)).
    1:18 AM 1:19 AM 12%
    1:20 AM 12%
    So that means that the “L,” in animal is the animal and the “anima,” is the breath of life=man, be that of man has dominion over the Earth(heart outside) that man than gave life to the “L,” of animal by are breath=word of mouth=as you are the meaning bring too this life, and life it’s self =as, all things create a ripple. Simply simultaneously one thing is happening at the same time.
    1:24 AM 10%

  • tonytherattil 53w


    Greed is a word that is never used as a compliment. However, it is really surprising to know that this five-letter word is one of the reasons behind all the earthly things you enjoy. This would make you wonder how a word this bleak be something that has such a positive impact on mankind. “Mankind the only creatures on earth that are never satisfied with what they have”. It is not something new to mankind from the very beginning of humanity man has been running behind earthly desires which has been a stepping stone to success. Be it the innovation of the wheel to the modern EV’s or the Space Shuttle that have the capability to travel at the speed of sound was only possible because of the GREED of man.