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  • binibining_vj 11w

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    Our hands is the creator of our own map to reach the destiny we want too.


  • pinkys__06 11w

    I don't need any map
    To reach you
    I am right there
    Compromising my self respect
    Waiting outside
    The door of your heart

    Because I have chosen love
    Over my fragile ego
    You peep through the window
    But you are not willing
    To open the door for me
    I don't know the reason
    What makes me hold on for years
    But I can't leave
    I can't see a single ray of hope
    Yet I just can't leave
    Perhaps I don't want to

  • muskaanbhatt 13w

    M A P

    "I don't need a paper map to reach to the core of your heart because your love has enough signs and symbols which directly take me close to you without wasting time and without getting lost"

  • megamarie 13w

    when following the map leads me to places
    and situations i don't want to be in,
    i decided to follow my heart.
    sure, it did lead me places and situations
    i don't want to be in.
    but, at least i created my own map
    where every step i took i put my heart into.

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 13w

    All Rights Reserved
    30 March 2022 1.30 pm

    #prose #map

    || ᴘʟᴇxᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀɪᴇꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀᴛɪᴅᴇ ||

    Winter and falling snow adorned orphan burials
    of a weeping autumn in white frilly frocks of frore,
    layering cakes of cottony cream-clouds to mimick
    heavenly skies, all over vermillion vinyls that play
    sayanora in feuillemort fonts

    And all of winter feels like aeons of ataraxia, that
    of plexured poetries dormant in snowflake's sweven

    That each snowdrop is a season resurrecting in petals, each snowball is a reason rebounding in ping-pongs
    and each snowtrail is a treason re-traced in palettes

    For my melted misty mind, all my springs were
    secluded sakuras and all my monsoons were
    liberated lilies. All my summers were tangled tulips
    and all my autumns were teared up tuberosas.
    Yet my winters alone weren't wretched, they were
    neither torn nor worn. They were calm camelias

    Winters crotcheted elysian duende, they crafted
    canvases of limerence levitating in the limelight
    of altruistic aisles
    Winter spells serendipity in snow crystals, that stays ephemeral but stamps sempiternal, sometimes
    erasing wounds and oftentimes evolving scars

    Scars of memories buried under frore are fractions
    of forelsket awaiting to be reborn, a kaleidoscopic
    kalon nestled betwixt parataxis in poetry
    I purloined some poetries, that were holding hands
    under the winter-welled welkin, to press floorbeds
    of eunoia and etch maps of munificence

    // Unlike other winterwalks, in this hyemation, I pray
    harmony never cease to climb fenses of farewells //


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    ᴘʟᴇxᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀɪᴇꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀᴛɪᴅᴇ

  • bellemoon99 13w


    Your words were a map to my heart
    Your heartbeat a soothing lullaby
    Your eyes a healing elixir for my wounds
    Your death was my own

  • xiluva 13w


    "Step, step, twirl and step"
    These are the footprints I leave behind
    Did you ever think Charlie, that we'd be this far?
    Looking at places we could only dream of

    It takes some getting used to I guess
    The smell of fresh rain and sound of the birds
    One day we're in the slums the next abroad
    From shacks in Alex to a suburban home

    I've learnt alot you see
    The truth is, we need to often care more for ourselves
    Selfish I know but,
    If you keep giving others steps from your ladder, just so they get higher doesn't that leave you behind?
    I've figured that this is the map to success
    Less kindness the less the mess
    The less you care the less you stress

  • flaminghearth 13w


    Hello, sir!
    I was prompted
    To write a piece
    A piece which contains
    A word
    The word
    How shall I go about it?
    Where shall I begin?
    Please, show me the way!


  • abhayrao 13w

    3 wise men

    Scar lines and tattoos, symbols of hope
    Wounds to treasure, or just a way to cope
    Stars that point, to patterns in the sand
    Lines on the horizon, broken by land
    Anchored by fate or free to float
    Tides carry melodies, tunes and a dime
    Atlantis's beacons beckon, lost to time
    Brave explorers with a thirst for more
    Mad hatters that can, follow the lore
    Perceive where dreams and reality meet
    Digital clues to graffiti by the street
    Follow the lights leading to destiny
    3 wise men and the map they didn't see...

  • kamrie872 13w

    Theres a destination on this narrow road
    I only had to go straight
    But signs and the wonder of my mind
    Took me another way
    Detours to the places of their mind
    Rest stops in the warmth of his hands
    The colors of their eyes
    And the direction of their plans
    Set me back on the path
    But not without bruises and scars
    With better understanding
    I take out the map I was given
    With clear instructions
    And move forward without looking back

  • artemiswrites 13w

    #map @writersnetwork
    Omg @miraquill thank you so much ������

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    If you try to plot
    the lands found
    within a kind heart
    on a map,
    the map will be the colour
    of a thousand flowers,
    interspersed with the
    blue of happy skies and
    the gold of beams that
    glint off of crystal lakes

    The Map of a Kind Heart
    is a Map of Spring.

  • shivatado 13w

    I wish there would be 
    a map for the heart.
    Then I would have
    my piece of it
    from you.

  • sheez_happiee 13w

    "I was gasping for words, more and more, I found.
    My shadows bear the map of my poetries, that find me when I'm lost."
    #map #pod

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    My Map

    I was gasping for words,
    More and more, I found.
    With each verse so profound,
    I started chipping away.
    My soul, partly lost and frail,
    The breaches between alliterations.
    Gaping at saccharine sunsets,
    She followed my poetic trail.
    And then I breathed again,
    For, I found myself,
    With the map of poetries
    Lingering in my shadows forever.


  • childauthor_345 13w

    In the deep convention of chaos ,
    Riding on the route of life , it's impossible to know
    When person turns into #map ,
    Revising the routes with redolence.

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    Clinched cliche is not that much exciting ,
    But I never got lost travelling on that , it's exciting ,
    Even sightless navigates it's path , not so colourful but exciting ,
    & I evolved a stubborn , to experience more vibrant , something more exciting .

    It's on the map , but still you would not be able to get onto it ,
    There are mazes developing every second , don't count only on moonlit ,
    Rouge mirror isn't a destination , it's a plinth composed of agate grit ,
    Keep nourishing the nature of your niche rhymings , by whit or huge wit .

  • eyeenma 13w


    I tried to map my life according
    To expectations of my parents and my family
    I Never wanted to let them down,
    I grew up to beleive every thing
    That social convention dictated me to be.
    I learned to sing and dance stich and cook
    Do my hair and makeup
    To study hard and be brilliant

    The circumstances
    Made me learn to be a man,
    To be financially independent to be a giver
    A protector, a lover, a mechanic, an electrician
    A painter and sculptor,
    I rider and a driver,

    I tried all the roadmaps to be incredibly desirable.
    I gladly achieved!!
    Happy and excited I turned back to my parents and said,
    See I became everything you wanted me to be!
    I thought they would be proud of me .
    They were
    But they still want me to be a wife.

    So I am still searching for the one
    That compliments me.

    The response that I get now,
    Is I am over qualified.

  • msushil 13w

    The map of love
    For which
    The shelter
    Of tree became the usher,
    I lost myself
    In the expressive eyes
    Of yours
    And my body
    Became a soul
    To transport love
    To the rose
    Of your soul.

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  • carrie09 13w

    Sometimes I held the map of my life within my brain, but I followed the wrong routes, like a sailor searching for wealth hidden amongst those strange islands but alas! I found instead bare corpse with a warning scripted on them "do or die"

    Then I held the map within the sight
    of my eyes, but the route is blurred,I
    was blindfolded I could not see my destination.Holding my map in confusion and hopelessness like a weary traveller,I showed the map to everyone and cried for help "please show me the right route to my destination " but none help me.

    In my anguish and desperation
    I placed the map of my life within my heart whispering a prayer to the Almighty "You are the planner of the map in my life, please show me the way how to walk in the right route to my destination "A replied from the above returned "my dear child the map I planned for every one,but the route to follow lies within your wisdom but while you walk along the dotted destination of your life , if you found your treasure of wealth don't let pride goes into your head lest it demarcate your map of life, if you found success don't let it control your heart anon it reaps your map apart.Be patient if you climb the mountains and terrains, be brave when you sail through the turbulence of the sea,be grateful when you walk the green pasture indicate in your map"

    Years of my life kept adding, I could not stay young forever, strand of grey hair crown on my head, I know not how long will I go on travelling in this world, but I am thankful to God for showing me the secret inscription to go on holding the map of my life through the rough seas ,through the upheavals of mountains and greenery path in my life.

  • melodious_nightingale 13w

    You are my Map

    You have maps of dreams
    As you dive deep into my mind
    Where we travel and explore
    diffrerent places as we discover
    so many hidden secrets
    My forests may go dark
    but you are a wide range of hills
    around me in the fields
    You are my map
    For you face more than others


  • tuiethetweety 13w


    Once i took a piece of map,
    and started off to find love
    and loyality in today's world.
    with the help of the map,found
    love and started being in that.
    initially,loyalties can be seen.
    they live just adjacent to love.
    however, i didn't bother much
    about loyality and love as i had
    thought they both are mine.
    After quite a long time, i soon
    began to realize there's some
    or the other thing is wrong.
    Then i received some shock
    regarding my life and also got
    to know there's no loyality there.
    I was mistakenly living in the
    wrong address which i thought
    are love and loyality,my home.
    But soon the truth got revealed.
    I became hundred percent sure,
    and also found out that the map
    i took to find the addresses of
    the latter wasn't the right one!
    i had actually brought the wrong
    map,ended up being in wrong place.

  • mahtobpensdown 13w


    The journey here has been already fixed;
    even if you don't have a map
    Trust roads will lead to beautiful destinations
    For the route has been fixed by lord Jesus to avoid mishaps!