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  • singh_capri 1d


    From time immemorial I have heard people talking about love,
    Very less talked about marriage,
    Now I know why
    Because Marriage is personal and is precious
    It is not just about starting a family,
    But it is more about being in two bodies at the same time.

    It’s about sharing finance, happiness, sadness, agitation, and calmness.
    It’s about being complete.

    One cannot deny the fact, that humans need advice,
    And your marriage gives you that harsh critic for life,
    Because he is not afraid of you leaving him when he criticizes you.
    At the same time, he relies on you for honesty and accomplishments.

    He becomes your pride,
    As his success means you backed him for people
    And his failure means you did not back him enough.

    While seeing our parents always reminded us of an unbreakable bond,
    Yet the idea of being married made us feel like being old,
    The jokes which surround a marriage in common WhatsApp forwards are not the reality,
    But a mere way of running away from your responsibilities for your partner,
    And thus being unbalanced.

    Very few know,
    that being married means that you have nothing to worry about but yourself now.


  • varunasopa_ 2d


    Marriage is a lifetime partnership of two different souls which consists of love , peace , security , mutual understanding , faith , devotion , lending , sharing happiness and griefs , tests , facing reality of life , managing home stuffs with tons of challenges including workload management of office and home commitments , coping up parental challenges and last but not the least maintaining home's debacles and carnages and converting it into an absolute peaceful and quiet environment ✌️

  • arun_jayaraman 1w


    A wedlock is all about an everlasting companionship and a lovely commitment that prevents two souls from giving up on each other regardless of their lives' ups and downs.

    Dedicated to all the lovey-dovey couples across the world.


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    The Wedlock

    One spring day, in an opulent room,
    we sat together as a bride and groom.
    High and bright, with an elegant plume,
    her looks sparkled, and a cherry tree bloomed.
    A radiant rose with angelic brows,
    my girl had a gold stud pinned on her nose.
    Those syrupy lips said "I love you".
    It melted my heart and made me her beau.
    Blessed by the light of a thousand moons,
    we entered the wedlock filled with boons.
    Up in the air, soared helium balloons,
    as we shook our legs to zesty tunes.


  • vashishtaisha_ 2w

    Dahej...ek abhishaap

    Kya h ye dahej pratha
    Jo hai aur badhti ja rhi hai
    Izzat ka sawal bn gayi hai
    Pehle ladki ko padhana jaruri
    Phir ache ladke se shaadi ho jaaye
    Dahej dena jaruri

    Puri punji lga deta h jo baap
    Phir bhi kami hi rehti h kya nahi h ye paap
    Ladki dedi kya bohot nahi
    Kya izzat ko rupyo se tolna h sahi

    Are gaadi di hai to hi maan bhadega
    Wrna kuch bhi krlo bs dhahega
    Kya ye vichar dhara galat nahi hai
    Majaak men ladki ko taane dena kya ye sahi hai

    Dahej maan nahi abhishaap hai
    Jo khatm nahi ho rha hai
    Waqt k saath badal raha hai
    Dahej aur vikraal roop le rha hai

    Ladki ki koi maanayta nahi hai
    Vo bs in reeti rivaajon men jo phansi hai
    Akhir kb hamesha k liye pratiband lagega
    Kb ye dahej roopi raakshas marega..

    Akhir kb..

  • wingedlioness 3w


    Love became memorable
    When the butterflies left
    It became memorable when
    We had to pull each out of dark holes
    Nursing each others wounds
    Bringing light into the darkness
    Love became memorable
    When we were no longer seperate
    But became one under God
    When we fought for each other
    Love became memorable
    When we celebrated the smallest things
    Laughed about the mess ups
    While building each other up
    Setting goals and achieving them
    Always together, Growing together
    That's when Love became memorable

  • soulo_scribbles 4w

    Ring repeller

    It was a failing screenplay
    Recorded take after take,
    A love sparked from grudges & mistakes.


  • swayam_raje 4w

    Wedding trauma

    Can any individual make an vow to be someone's forever?


  • smartsam 4w

    Check in, Check out!

    You're living your life
    Im living my mine!
    Married we are but
    it feels nothing alike!

    Im busy in hustle bustle,
    money,deals & buisness!
    Misguided albeit our marriage
    it turned only a mirage!

    You have your things procured
    albeit shame secret paramour!
    I - who cares me life frustated
    I call many flirtious paid girls!

    You are at job
    day or be it night!
    There's secret & or open
    salacious your free lust rife!

    Me I don't care of any
    life good, bad or worst!
    For you so selfish are
    money,avarice & this world!

    I never seemed so but
    how indifferent
    we got in this nuptials?
    So different we both in choices
    needn't mention sexual!

    You have no worries
    you live for merry & namesake!
    Money,lust & gaudy
    men,women dirty & yourselves!

    Life in one house we
    it seems two souls bottled!
    No home this feels now!
    Check in,check out
    acquiesce just as in hotel!


  • sharadnagpal 5w

    कुछ तो कमी रही होगी उसके प्यार मे,
    कुछ तो दोष रहा होगा उस इन्सान मे,
    कुछ तो खामी रही होगी उसके स्वभाव मे,

    वरना ऐसे ही थोडी इतने बड़े अभिनेता से कोई मोहब्बत करके निकाह ना करे ।

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 5w

    বিবাহ, কি যে আচৰিত!
    যি গৰাকীক লৈ অভিমান কৰা হয়
    সেই গৰাকীক জীৱনৰ সাৰথি কৰিবলৈ সক্ষম কেই জন হ'ব পাৰিছিল?
    কিমান পীড়ানাদায়ক হ'ব নহয় জানো, যদি আন কোনোৱে সেন্দুৰ দিয়ে?

    বয়স, সৌন্দৰ্য্য আপোনাৰ গতি নিৰ্নয় কৰে নে?
    তেনে হ'লে কি ভিত্তি এখন বিয়া সম্পূৰ্ণ হয়?
    শিক্ষীত হয় যদিও, নিজৰ জীৱনৰ চাবিৰ গুছি আনক দি দিব লগিয়া হয়
    নিজৰ মূল্য হ্ৰাস হ'ব পাৰে নি?

    সমাজত স্বীকৃতি দিব নে,
    একে লিংগৰ বিবাহ, একে জাতিৰ বা ভাষাৰ অমিল
    বিবাহ জানো সঁচাকৈয়ে স্বপতবাদি নে
    এটা প্ৰচলিত হৈ আছে কেৱল ৰীতি-নীতি হিচাপে?

  • madinah_writes 5w

    On a Saturday morning, I left breakfast on your bed.
    But you insulted me and made me feel dead.
    I had a lot going on in my head.
    Eyes full of emotions and heart you haven't read.
    You never talked, you never smiled.
    I wonder what this marriage meant to you, would I forever hide?
    Now I'm heart broken, enduring the worst drop of pride.
    When we first met, you were so gentle and mild.
    And now, you're arrogant and wild.
    I know love can fade but ours was too soon.
    It's true what they say, appearance should not be judged by mare look.
    So I'll add... so is character, a changing moon.
    It's been ten years of marriage, now I understand I had been a fool.
    For all these years, I've been your sex tool.
    And when everyone writes about their joys and spoils, I'll still write about about you.

    © Madinah_Writes


    So, I wrote this poem 11 years ago when I was 12. Just came across the piece this morning and had to do a little adjustments. I need your ideas and suggestions. What do you think about it?

    #poem #weekend #marriage #heartbreak #miraquill #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #sextool #breakups #wod #joy

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    On A Saturday Morning


  • shahjahanscribbles 5w

    ‌ அவளும் சென்னையும்

    நீ என்னை விட்டுப் போனாலும் சென்னை விட்டுப் போகாதடி


  • smartsam 6w

    I composed this poem considering the ever increasing load & stress on married couples these days!

    Both Husband & Wife present times are much stressed, exhausted due to hard work, costly life, each other's imperfections & need not mention uncertainty of life!

    What here smoothens marriage is calmness, understanding by both the spouses. And helping eachother in every possible way!

    Marriage is happy only with respect, unselfish love, sacrifice & faithfulness by both mates everyday & night in their married life!

    May JEHOVAH GOD bless you all! ❣️

    @Miraquill #miraquill
    @mirakeeworld #life @life #family
    #wod #pod #marriage #love @family

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    Marriage, Life & Love!

    He) The problem begin here
    here it start!
    I thought you stupid.
    And I only smart!

    She) No so sorry
    I labelled you foolish
    It was my fault!

    He) When we saw first
    never we considered!
    Beyond job, money,
    future & kids matter!

    She) Yes we were
    so much romantic!
    Forgot life's not in books
    Romeo & juliet as if!

    He) I'm sorry it was
    my fault!
    In front of others
    you shouted I loud!
    She) Now let it be
    you were from work tired
    My fault 'twas I behaved proud!

    He) I'm sorry actually
    I was so tensed!
    The installments fees &
    house loans!
    She) Now don't worry
    its not your mistake
    Last month me callous
    & bills didn't check!

    He) Oh! If only I could
    help on days difficult!
    This quarrel & mess
    wouldn't be the result!

    She) Ok now don't blame
    yourself so much!
    I didn't care of things vital
    considering petty wrong such!

    He) Oh it's been long
    I haven't bought you any gift!
    She) No I'm sorry
    many days I didn't cooked
    your favourite sweets!

    He) Oh you care for me
    Im sorry I forgot!
    She) Don't worry darling
    this world, job a people
    hard is your lot!

    He) Oh my love wife
    you so kind & thoughtful!
    She) No my darling hubby
    you're so loving & careful!

    He) Again I'm sorry
    I used wrong word's!
    She) Forget my darling love
    now give me a kiss!

    He) Oh! My Sweetheart
    you are so wise & understanding!
    She) No just that my loving husband
    you work so hard are
    loving & so thoughtful !

    He) My cute darling
    you're the best wife!
    She) Come now to table love
    now it's dinner time!

    He) I'm sorry darling
    for loud, voice & harsh words!
    She) Forget that now
    I was my mistake first!

    He) Thanks my loving honey
    what in dinner plate!
    She) Surprise my Darling hubby
    its chicken your favourite plate!

    He) Oh my love please forgive me!
    Never will again hurt you see!
    She) Ok now forget life is daily
    eat your food full
    & & &.. our bed is new & ready......;)



  • jeetspeaks 6w


    Marriage, a social institution, a social ritual. There's nothing like if one doesn't get married, he/she cannot survive. Marriage, after all, is no oxygen. It is just a means to gratify one's carnal desires, it may be much more than that but my point is one can live happily without negotiating those desires too.
    What surprises and pesters me a lot is as soon as a boy or girl reaches the marriageable age, the family people, kith and kin, and relatives everyone chases him/her as if he/she were a perishable commodity and if not sold quick, it'd go wrong. This mindset should be changed. We are living in an ultramodern world..

  • theluopoet 6w

    Positive vibes.
    The secret to a happy relationship/marriage is being nice to each other,Just sit down talk things over and get good understanding of what you are doing and where you are going don't be engulfed in pride or ego just humble yourself and accept the mistakes even if you are right.


  • unnatural 6w

    A friend of mine called me and he shared his problems. It was really fun listening to him.


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    A marriage,
    Is a problem carriage.

    It's not easy,
    To sit alone and drink whisky.

    You can't be care free,
    Burdens are leaves and you are a tree.

  • light_flame 6w



    'Je Vous Aime' is 'I Love You' in French...
    Penned the poem as a gift for my friend's marriage...

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    Je Vous Aime

    I have cherished you since beginning of time.
    "You are the one", my heartbeats chime.
    If you are with me, I may endure any sacrifice;
    So, it is either you or else loneliness will suffice!
    Beyond all the limits,
    I want only you by my side.
    My mind honestly admits,
    Together we can subdue any tide.
    Every pulse of mine commits;
    That our marriage vows I will abide.
    Let us now express our adoration openly;
    'I love you' in your voice makes me feel heavenly!
    Without you even seconds seem like ages!
    With colours of love let's embellish life's stages.
    Our love is exorbitant,
    And passion immense.
    You make my world illuminant;
    Even meaningless things make sense!
    With you every moment becomes fragrant;
    Soulmate! You are the definition of true love's existence.


  • journeyhale 3w

    I looked at you in the early hours of morning, with your hair a mess and your face calm in sleep.
    I often just lay there, thankful that we chose to walk together in this life.
    Because in every crazy idea I have concocted for us, you have been there to help me build or tear down every creation.
    You are the carpenter, and I, the composer.
    Together, we built a concert hall, playing the concertos and sonatas of a life lived and living.
    Every string strung and reed adjusted.
    Every movement a work of art within a structure with perfect acoustics.

  • anuradhasharma 45w

    गौर कीजिएगा ,
    कीमती अल्फाजों को ।

    बाज़ार से सारी रौनकें ख़रीद लाएं ,
    दौलत शौहरत ,
    गहने ज़ेवर ,
    माशाअल्ला !
    कायनात स चुना था ,
    निकाह का जोड़ा ।

    कमी कहां ,

    पर ख़ाली ,
    कुछ तो ,
    रवां उसके भीतर ,
    जज़्बात भरे थे ।
    पर सुनने वाले ,
    खलिश को भरने वाले ,
    शून्य लोग थे ।

    सारे ऐश-आे-आराम थे ,
    पर जान भरना भूले थे ।
    क्या पुतली को विदा किए थे ?
    ---Anuradha Sharma


  • anuradhasharma 45w

    जो , असली दौलत का मतलब न समझा ।
    वही , दहेज़ मांगता है ।
    ओ , बेवकूफ़ इंसा ।
    धनलक्ष्मी से ही धन लूटता है !