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  • charlieka 1w

    Love Knots

    Intuit your essence
    seeded in my sub conscious
    newly attired shyness
    with eyes downcast
    lips bitten in wistful
    this twisting me up
    in knots maybe it's love


  • faulty_puppet 3w


    I don't ever wanna show
    How the heart flows
    'Cause too many times I tried
    Have you felt the pain
    When the endless rain
    Soaks you to the bone?

    Maybe It’s my time to fly
    Leave this life far behind
    Maybe I just wanna escape
    Go on one last escapade
    Maybe there’s nothing left for me
    Have seen all I have to see

    Soon I have to go
    To a place I don’t know
    'Cause there’s not much left to try
    It’s all the same pain
    With the endless rain
    And I know it in my bones

    Maybe I don’t wanna be
    All the things I hoped to be
    Watched my tears as they dried
    All I have is empty whys
    In my eyes all I see
    The things that you’ve never seen

    Its time to take a bow
    Smile and leave the show
    Hop on to the last ride
    Left with no words to say
    No place to play
    No one to call home

    Maybe its my time to fly
    Leave my dreams far behind
    Maybe I just wanna escape
    Find my own pearly gates
    Maybe all I see is wrong
    Or this is my one last song
    If there was one together
    Maybe I could live forever


  • banerjeedekai 4w

    In the cathedral of love, your eyes will become the witness of my feelings.......


  • nandhinikannan 5w


    Maybe I stopped sacrificing my wants
    for someone else's needs
    Maybe I stopped caring about another
    when they never did for me


  • the_half_soul 6w

    Do you ever crave someone's hug?
    An unhesitant hug, a long warm hug, a hug where you feels like you're finally home from a long tiring trip.


  • raman_writes 6w


    कोई तो ख़बर आएगी उसकी वो बस नाराज़ है ।

    भला अपनो से कोई कितने दिन दूर रहता है ।।


  • banerjeedekai 6w

    If we love someone we make magical things happen aur agar itna bhi nhi ho rha hain toh chod do..............


  • likealifelessdoll 6w


    Maybe I'm the one who is a bit too much. I'm realizing that I still don't have anything to offer, I never sacrificed, I never tried to reconcile with him... he's always the one who moves, and that may be the reason why he's too happy when I once tried doing the right thing.

    Am I a bit too much? Do I unconsciously hurt him with my words, actions, and everything? I always thought to myself that I'm right and when he's trying to explain himself, I'm stopping him and refuse to listen, and even it hurts him... he never planted anger towards me. He always loves me. Today, tomorrow, and every second of his life.

    When will I stop being selfish? When will I stop building walls? Am I not yet tired?

    I already have a boyfriend and yet, I'm still the person who thinks of herself that she could do things alone.

    But why I do not care even a little?

  • banerjeedekai 6w

    Beautiful things doesn't last forever
    Real things last forever and that's beautiful..........

  • raman_writes 8w


    ख़ुश होने के लिए बीते हुए वक़्त को सोचता हूँ ।

    जिस बीते वक़्त में सिर्फ़ तुम हो और कोई नहीं ।।


  • mrrajain 10w

    Are you wrong?
    I don't know!
    The current theories feel just right.

    Have you always been right?
    Hell no!
    Been wrong a lot!
    More than number of days I have seen.

    Well well well!
    Then who are you among these contradictions?
    I don't know!
    All I can say
    I am collection of memories
    Sum of all my questions and addictions.

    Are you sure this time?
    I don't know!
    I want to be
    But I can't.
    It's the ambivalence surrounded me
    Making me hypocrite at times.

    So, Mr Hypocrite! What else is there to confess?
    I don't know!
    Maybe it's the seduction
    It feels good to be right
    It hurts to be found wrong
    Guilt of hypocrisy, chokes at times.

    Why are you confusing me?
    I don't know!
    There are things
    I simply can't avoid
    The ego wants more power
    More superiority
    There are days when hunger is there
    For acknowledgment with empty stomach.

    What if you are still wrong?
    I don't know!
    Isn't it better to be wrong and fail?
    Isn't it better to fell in dark and feel?
    What's fun in being moral and always right?
    God play looks cool but is simply boring.

    #maybe #silence #is #better

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  • banerjeedekai 10w

    You can worth your mistakes by learning from it not by keeping a count of it...........


  • the_half_soul 11w

    And on some days we need a little more love
    Not because we can't love ourselves enough but maybe because we've been keeping so much to ourselves, maybe because we've been battling all the odds for others and maybe because we've been holding the weight of the world for so long.
    On some days we really need someone to hold us, to tell us that we're loved, to hug us till we feel okay.
    Yes maybe,we all need that.


  • alone_angel 13w

    May Be...!!

    May Be, I'm tired of hiding feelings for long time..
    May Be, I'm scared of what will happen..
    May Be, I just worry too much..
    May Be, I expect more..
    May Be, I feel weak often..
    May Be, I'm making my heart disappointed..
    May Be, I Get Exhausted very soon..
    May Be, I get hurt easily..
    May Be, I Blame Myself for everything..
    May Be, I am the reason for trusting too much..


  • rebeccar116 13w

    The Way You Damaged ME

    I wish you were focused on being there for me instead of parenting me. I don’t even have a relationship at all with you, I can barely even call you my mother. You always said “I’m your mother not your friend” but I needed you to be my friend when I was not allowed to have any. The pain and scars you put on me were unbearable. I tried many times to leave but I considered what that’d do to you instead. I once told you I didn’t like you but I got laughed at and everybody knew of it. I tried talking to you still after, but my words got pushed down or ignore. Nothing I did was ever good enough for you. Not my grades, my attitude, my room, my looks, my smile, my speech, nothing. Everything I did had to be perfect. I had to be the perfect daughter to make up for my siblings mistake. Maybe I would come out of my room every now and then. Maybe I wouldn’t hate holidays because those are the days you’re home. I couldn’t get too close to family or friends cause I had to hear something negative about it. You broke my self esteem, my courage, my love, my happiness, my self love, my heart, my trust in you, myself and in others. You broke me. Maybe if you had spend time with me like you did them, tried talking to me like you’d talk to them or even listen when I talked, things would be different. Maybe if you had picked me up instead of putting me down, I would be different. Maybe if you hadn’t shown your love with whatever was in hand reach or with those hateful words, I wouldn’t be so broken. But it’s all just a maybe at this point and I don’t know how to get out. I can’t trust, don’t know how to really love or even accept it. All I know is self sabotage, hurt, brokenness and nothingness. Yes I smile a lot and I’m playful and I try my best to be someone else, to be someone happy, to make people happy but deep under my mask I’m just empty. If only you hadn’t make me this way, who would I have actually been? Happy maybe? Trusting maybe? Healed maybe? Lovable maybe? I’d even just settle for not damaged maybe….?

  • iaaannp 15w


    What's your 'maybe' in this lifetime?
    Have you ever fought for it over a dime
    Perhaps traded it with a glass of lime


  • banerjeedekai 15w

    You were looking
    Among the pictures of the past
    Searching for the love that once I had for you
    Suddenly the pain arrived in your eyes
    I wonder
    If you were about to have an
    Epiphany about it
    Will that free you from that
    Painful Wound
    Which you hold onto
    Like a Badge of Honour...............


  • the_dream_flyer 15w


    I'm smiling , but maybe I'm not happy
    My tears come out , but maybe I'm not crying
    I don't get hurt , but maybe I'm hurting
    I don't get any wound , but maybe I'm feeling the pain
    Everything is fine , but maybe I'm not fine

  • worthlessliar 16w

    You are Greedy and you know it.

    I knew I crossed the line when I called you all greedy little pieces of crap.
    There is no punchline that's it, I'm not even ashamed of it.

  • kp_singh 17w

    शायद एक दिन मेरी कविताओं में तुम वो बातें समझ पाओ जो मैं तुमसे कह न सका,
    शायद एक दिन मेरी कविताओं में तुम मेरे दर्द और आंसू को पहचान पाओ जो मेरी आखों से बह न सका।
    Maybe one day in my poems you will be able to understand those things which I could not tell you,
    Maybe one day in my poems you will be able to recognize my pain and tears which could not flow from my eyes. -kps©2021

    #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #maybe #iwish #pain #secret #numb

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    शायद एक दिन मेरी कविताओं में तुम वो बातें समझ पाओ जो मैं तुमसे कह न सका,
    शायद एक दिन मेरी कविताओं में तुम मेरे दर्द और आंसू को पहचान पाओ जो मेरी आखों से बह न सका।
    Maybe one day in my poems you will be able to understand those things which I could not tell you,
    Maybe one day in my poems you will be able to recognize my pain and tears which could not flow from my eyes.