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    My Innocent Mayya
    By Bhavya Gogia

    The Sweetest Ma Lakshmi,
    Who sits on the Lotus throne,
    Is adorning on her face,
    Today a big frown!
    What did PitaShri do?
    Are thinking all the children
    While Narayana thinks,
    That we are the real reason
    We try being meek
    And Hari the accomplished actor
    Come to Ma's Lotus Like Room
    And ask for her welfare,
    We say, 'Ma you okay?'
    With a kind of teary eyes
    And Hari says, what happened Priye?
    The frown doesn't look nice!
    And Ma a bit irritated
    Stands up from her Aasan
    And we all are afraid
    While Hari's eyes widen;
    'This is not fair at all!
    Exclaims our Mayya Shri,
    'What?' We ask in unison
    And she comes towards me,
    I look up to her,
    As she begins to speak
    While making us all stand in queue
    And pointing towards Hari,
    'You and all thy children,
    None acquired from me,
    You all are mischievous and sans
    The innocence, I carry!'
    We all sighed a relief
    While our lips curled to a smile
    And some of us laughed much
    And I clinged to her shoulders awhile
    Before Hari could start to speak
    We all said together,
    'Oh Ma, all our fun's for you
    And for your sweet laughter'
    Hari agreed to our words
    While Ma smiled at us
    And we all sat near her feet,
    To enjoy their charm Beauteous

    Hmm, so since we, our Mayya's children are very mischievous, and even Our Father, Hari is Mischievous, Our Mayya thinks, that is she the only one innocent in Vaikuntha or in any other realm, our Father has made all us children Mischievous like himself. So, Ma complaints you could have made at least one child innocent like me! ��
    Awwww my innocent Mayya ��������❤����

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    �������������� ������������: To the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: Bhagwaan Jagannath is persuading Mayya to get happy again by presenting Rasgulla Sweets to her. The Story of Jagannath yatra is a must read when Mayya gets angry from Hari.�� I could relate picture here, so I added it. ��

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    My Innocent Mayya

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #bhudevi #bhumi #avani #bhu #piratti #amma #thayar #godha #devi #godamma #andal #vishnu #sankarshan #bow #shaped #forbearance #mayya #mylordvishnu #shrihari #bhuhari #bhudhara #shridhara #neela #devi #ma #pitaji

    Prayer to BhuDevi
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Bhumi, with a slender waist
    Oh beloved of Vishnu Deva
    Who resides on crest of Sankarshan*
    And receives the Nitya Seva
    Oh one who carries a bow
    And is shaped like one,
    Who is the personification of forbearance
    And is effulgent more than the Sun.
    I bow to you my Mata
    Please glance at me once
    That's the only thing I wish
    I won't ask anything thence!
    Your eyes are like a lake
    Of immense unparalleled mercy,
    Where I find my peace Oh Ma,
    And my rest Oh Devi.
    How shall I find a place
    Which is a reservoir of solitude
    Alike you, Oh KamaDhenu to needy**,
    Who is the source of beatitude!
    I plead Oh Medini, the consort of Hari
    That you help mediate my case
    Along with Mayya Lakshmi
    So, that I escape the chase,
    Of time and the sins,
    I accumulated since immemorial
    And help me reach the peace,
    Which awaits me, and is my yearn cordial.

    *Sankarshan- A Vyuha Avatar of ShriVishnu who supports the entire creation(Bhudevi) on his hoods. ��
    **Kamadhenu to needy- The wish yielding cow, Bhumi Mayya provides us all with all food and shelter we need��

    Bhu Suktam Shlokam 12-13.
    vishNu patnIm mahIm devIm mAdhavIm mAdhavapriyAm |
    lakshmI priyasakhIm devIm namAmyacyuta-vallabhAm l 12
    We salute BhUmi PirATTi (mahIm devIm), the consort of VishNu; we salute
    that mAdhavI, who is dear to Maadhavan (Her Lord ) and who is the dearest
    friend of LakshmI devi. Our salutations are to BhUmi PirATTi, who has
    vAllabhyam (vaSIkaraNam) over Her Lord, Achyutan.

    om dhanurdharAyai vidmahe sarvasiddhyai ca dhImahi |
    tanno dharA pracodayAt || 13 ||
    We worship Her by knowing Her as One who (wields the bow and looks also like
    a bow, lean in the middle) is adorning the bow. For that purpose we meditate
    upon the One who blesses us with all success (sarva siddhi). May that dharaNi
    dharA/BhUmi devI, prompt us for that meditation! (We worship Her for the
    sake of worship - sAttvIka tyAga)

    SOURCE: sadagopan.org (Bhu Suktam)
    My poem is inspired by the same. All Glories and Gratitude to ShriHari and ShriVaishnav Jans! ��❤��

    Bhumi Ma, the consort of Narayana, is the personification of his forbearance his forgiveness, and she along with Mayya Lakshmi is our ideal mediator who pleads Bhagwaan to forgive our sins and take us out of Samsaar Sagar. So, let's take the shelter of Bhumi Piratti's (Ma) Lotus feet and ask her to take our case to ShrimanNarayana. ��
    Even this is very sweet! ��❤
    Bhagwaan stands in the middle, while Lakshmi Ma stands on the left and Bhumi Ma stands on right (some say opposite though am saying according to the picture ��). So, for us what they do? Lakshmi Ma tells Bhagwaan to forgive our sins, which are so big that Bhagwaan turns his face, and on turning right what he finds? Bhumi Ma is saying the same. When Hari still doesn't listen, our mothers get angry from him, actually sad, which Hari can't bear to see hence he readily forgives us and gives us his Precious Devotion! Narayana Narayana! ShriBhu Sametha My Narayana! ��������
    Since, Bhu Devi is his forgiveness and Shri Devi is his mercy towards us we should see our Mothers non different from our Father. ��
    Sashtras too say that we shouldn't approach Bhagwaan directly, hence we should approach through the best mediator ShriMahaLakshmi, BhuDevi and Neela Devi too. Neela Devi is also said to be his affection personified but she is mostly seen as non different than Bhumi Devi or ShriMahaLakshmi.

    �������������� ������������: Google, to the original owner
    ���� ������ ��������������: ShriBhu Amma Sametha Narayana ��

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    Prayer to BhuDevi

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    Meet My Small Mukunda! (Mukunda means giver of Liberation)

    My Little Father
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh My Darling Madhusoodan
    With face smeared with butter
    And dust adorned on black complexion
    Are you hiding from Yashomati?
    You came to my home Oh Hari
    And are looking at me now,
    With eyes as large as full bloomed lotus
    And hands busy inside milk vessel
    Oh Krishna Little son of Nand
    Did the Gopis tease you much
    That you came to me, one worthy of pity
    To become my Saviour, MY little Father?
    Oh one with a wide smile
    Is it a lotus or you yourself?
    Are my eyes decieving my self
    That you appeared before me
    Oh Lovely Boy of seven( years)
    Who danced on the Proud Kaliya
    Stay forever never leave me Hari
    For you're the zenith of Vatsalya

    Madhusoodan-Killer of Demon Madhu
    Vatsalya means the unconditional love of parents towards their children. Just like that of cow towards it's calf, now you can never imagine ShriHari's love! I got my Little Father (in pic) and also an idol of ShriSeethaRaam Ji on my birthday last year. I think these two were the best of gifts that anyone get. My Little Krishna keeps looking above(at my face) with a wide smile with lips as red as ketchup ���� and hands inside the butter pot! My Little Master whom I sometimes fail to believe that came to a sinful person like me! Oh How may explain, how sweet my small Kanna is! ��������
    Jai ShrimanNarayana! Jai ShriHari! All hail to My Chhote Pitaji! (MY LITTLE FATHER) My mom says why I call such a little child my father ����But my small boy is very much my Father and of the whole universe! Who showed the whole Universe to Mayya Yashoda in his little mouth when she made him open his mouth to see whether he has eaten mud or not! ��������

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    Pic: My Little Krishna (idol at home) (Holi pic)

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    My Little Father

    By ShriHari Nandini