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  • mindking 6w


    जिंदगी तेरी खूबसूरत है ।
    इसे तुम ख़राब मत करना,
    आने वाले हर लम्हें अच्छे है।
    किसी सोच में पड़ के,
    इसे तुम बर्बाद मत करना।

  • dani_sunflower 7w

    Four letters

    L O V E
    Four letters.
    Unconditional matter.

    L O V E
    Four letters.
    An emotional cake mix batter.

    L O V E
    Four letters.

    Just four letters.

    But oh, how important and valuable.

    Four letters, just four letters.

    Just four letters that show the blood,
    In my veins,
    Illustrating the way I love you.

    Just four letters that show my worth,
    By display,
    The way
    I handle your heart.

    Just four letters that show my heart,
    My soul,
    My human experience,
    My God given traits
    From the Great Yahweh.

    L O V E
    Four letters.

    Just four letters.

  • therjn 7w

    What if?

    "No one came, no one saw, heard, touched or spoke.
    Thus was nothing changed or polluted."

  • vy_thoughts 8w

    मेरा इसलिए भी कभी बुरा दौर आया नही,

    मैंने सिर्फ गलतियां की
    कभी उन गलतियों को दोहराया नही...!
    By - V¥ "R∆M∆"


  • vickysardar243 9w

    You always have better things to do than pointlessly staring at your screen.
    Pay attention to your surrounding, be aware of the things around you.
    That will add more meaning to your living.


  • vy_thoughts 11w

    समझ चुका हूं by - V¥ "R∆M∆"

    #samajh #motivationalquotes #waiting #myworks #god #whenlifegives #thoughts #meaningful

    Read my thoughts on YourQuote app at https://www.yourquote.in/vy-prut/quotes/merii-mehnt-jaise-rb-pr-milenge-rb-ptaa-nhii-kb-sbr-se-phle-cfin4b

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    मेरी मेहनत जैसे रब,

    पर मिलेंगे रब
    पता नही कब?

    सब्र से पहले है जो
    वो है कब्र
    और शायद
    सब्र के बाद है सब,

    थोड़ी देर लगी समझने में
    पर समझ चुका हूं मैं ये अब...!
    BY - V¥ "R∆M∆"

  • realityvision 19w

    What make our life meaningful to us and to mother nature?
    #mothernature #happy #meaningful #realityvision #life

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    What make our life more meaningful to us and to mother nature?

    Doors are attached to hinge on one side, other side is free to move, this makes door useful to us to protect our house likewise as a human we should get attached to one life goal on one side and travel on our life journey, it makes our life meaningful with destination on mind, on our life journey we help mother nature Have a nice day


  • discreetliterature 28w

    Bridge of thoughts

    I guess one day,
    we all will get done with our egos,
    wrap up all the unwanted small talks
    and barriers of formalities,
    And communicate in a pure way,
    An idea unfiltered from here
    and there.

    gradually by Building a bridge of words,
    Slowly decorating it with simple sentences,
    steadily connecting it with other meaningful end.
    Where more thoughts would Collaborate in real sense.
    From mind to heart till heart to mind.

    Why else do we live for,
    What else is the purpose here,
    Who can other than us,
    When ever if not now,

    Let's do it.


  • anuradhasharma 37w

    ताल्लुक , रखने की वजह ढूंढ़ने वाले ।
    काश ! अपनी वजह पे गौर फरमाते ।
    क्योंकि , वजह वजह की बात है ।


  • _rakhi 38w

    May be time will heal everything but
    what about scars

  • anna_leigh 39w

    Fear Incarnate

    you laugh at me.
    you mock me.
    you drag me through the dirt.
    you shove glass down my throat.

    my throat bleeds
    when i try to ask for help.
    i lose my sight when i look for an escape.
    i lose all my senses trying to fight.

    every day, and it doesn't stop.
    not even when I'm asleep.
    you haunt me in my wake and in my sleep.

    when will i be free from you?
    your hands grasp at my neck,
    choking me 'til im purple and blue,
    'til my body goes limp.

    you never gave me a fighting chance.
    you never let me defend myself.
    you never thought about me.
    and then you killed me.

  • anna_leigh 39w

    #sad #atpeace #meaningful
    i wonder if this is too violent?

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    The Freeing Pupeteer

    rough, bumpy scars,
    surrounded by metal bars.
    stripes of raised skin
    reminds you of sin.

    the blade is thrown out
    all you do is pout.
    after it stings,
    you get pulled by strings.

    the pupeteer wants you,
    and he goes to pursue.
    haunted by ghosts
    and their hosts,

    you accept his offer,
    and head to the slaughter.
    perfectly preserved in wood,
    you feel understood.

    now as a wooden doll,
    your final breath will fall.
    finally at peace,
    lay your soul in a coffin of fleece.

  • titikshaha 42w

    When The World was Ending

    I lay in bed under the December sun. Dust particles dispersed in the sunlight, I spend almost an hour watching them; motionlessly, effortlessly. 9 o’clock, shoot. I have to reach to the day-care in an hour. Today is my last shift. I finally got the apartment in the Upper East Side, among the rich. Moving to NYC always seemed like a dream; big busy city, a young girl pursuing her dream career in midst of a chaos and challenges, falling in love with a man on my way, in the end a happily ever after. It was, at last, just a dream.
    I got up, splashed handful of water on my face and looked into the mirror. 32. I look older than my age. Dark circles, wrinkles and flat lips, god I’m getting old. I rushed to get ready and walked out of my small one-bedroom apartment to catch the bus. With coffee in my one hand, I held the handle in the bus with my other. My eyes lay on a young couple sitting in front of me. It reminded me of me and my husband; we spent our whole day running around town, working together in the neighbourhood restaurant. Life was good before we got married. He wanted to start his own business. A chuckle left my mouth. Own business. He was so excited for it, we had saved all our money, got a bloody insurance, he got the shareholders. It was about to be the biggest accomplishment of our lives. He always dreamt big. Two dumb, very much in love teens dreaming about an impossible life. We never went to college either.
    The bus driver pressed the brakes, I almost fell. Glaring at him, I got out of the bus. 10:30 am. I rushed inside to find Este already with the kids.
    “I’m so sorry” I apologised.
    “Its alright” she smiled. Este, the owner of the day-care, was kind enough to hire me even though I had no qualifications. She had been with me through thick and thin.
    12 pm, I finally managed to get the kids to quiet down and colour in their notebooks. Such a pretty and innocent crowd of little devils. These kids have been my everything from past 8 years. 8 years of my life I spend in this small room, without planning or thinking of tomorrow. Living today was difficult enough for me. 8 years ago he passed away, left me all alone. My parents wanted me to move back, get remarried but my heart never gave in. I quit painting and started coming here. Now in a few days I’ll begin a new chapter of my life. He always told me he wants to see my paintings in an art gallery, I’ll do that. I’ll quit crying, I’ll quit not living my life just for him.
    I sat on my desk watching the kids when little john came up to me showing me how he turned himself into a super hero. I praised him, “Good job John! What’s the superhero’s name?”
    “He’s C-capt Sav-avi-” he stammered.
    “Captain Saviour?” I asked.
    “Yes!! Grr” he shouted and ran to his desk. I watched him show everyone his little painting with so much admiration and excitement, it reminded me of Him. That’s when my phone rang.
    “Hello?” I picked up.
    “oh- oh m- oh my god” Este panicked on the phone.
    “Hello? Este este? What happened? calm down”
    “See the news, Betty” the panic and horror still in her shaking voice. I quickly switched on the tv.
    ‘This is a global emergency; everyone is requested to stay where they are. This is a global emergency’
    “Este what is it?” I got up and looked out of the window. People running in all directions.
    “I-I don’t know. Betty, you are with the kids watch them. Something is happening I don’t think any of their parents will be coming. Lock the doors and be wi-”
    “Hello? Hello?” I shouted, nothing but a static sound could be heard. I started panicking. No network. News channel was static too. I turned on the radio, no luck. Electricity went out. Kids started panicking as well.
    “Miss, what is happening? I’m scared dark” Sofia said holding my hand.
    “Me too” three other children called out.
    “Miss, can we open the curtains?” Brian suggested.
    “Um” I struggled. I need to be strong, the scenario of outside is scary. Okay Betty get it together. “Oh no no, we are going to play a game”
    Almost all of them cheered.
    “I need you all to move your tables, chairs and backpacks to the back to room. got it?”
    “Yes” they all said in unison.
    “Alright I’ll be back in a minute, lets see how quickly everyone does it”
    Everyone rushed to get the furniture. I ran to lock the main gates, I saw the bright white sky turn unusual green. There were no clouds, no sun, or birds. I got back, told everyone to sit in a circle.
    We all sat, holding each others’ hands. I could feel the tears dwelling up in my eyes. Is the world ending? Just like that? I questioned myself. I thought about the kids sitting around me, what about their life? Their future? They just started to learn, observe the world. Will they understand whats happening? Will they ever get to see their parents? I thought about their parents, how helpless they must be in some other corner of the city. Wondering if their kids are alright, at the thought of this I heard a cry.
    I opened my eyes to find Gia crying.
    “Are you alright darling?” I asked. I felt my voice empty. My throat was dry, my heart was throbbing. I felt suffocated.
    “I miss my mom, I’m scared” she said sobbing.
    “Its alright honey, your mom will be here soon”
    “My mom always sing a song when I feel scared”
    “We can do that” I smiled. As the words escaped my mouth, I saw her eyes lit up even in the dark. How innocent and clueless they are.
    “Its called, welcome to won-wo”
    “Wonderland?” little John completed. “I know that song!”
    “Me too!” several children joined.
    “Alright we’ll sing that on count of 3. 1, 2-”
    Everyone started singing together,
    “Welcome to wonderland, we’ve got it all
    Potions and pastries that make you grow tall”
    I felt the hair on back of my neck stand up. For the first time in a while I was praying for a tomorrow. Whatever happens today, at least I wont leave with a heavy heart. I’ll finally be with him. I thought of him, I thought of his annoying habits, his infectious smile, his dad jokes. I missed him.
    I thought of my parents, do they even know what’s happening?
    “Make an appearance and maybe they’ll sing us a song
    Dancing through a dream underneath the stars”
    I opened my eyes and saw everyone singing their little hearts out, eyes closed. Tears shedding from my eyes, what if its a dream after all?
    I closed my eyes, his face appeared. That same wide smile. And the last thing I did was smile.

  • hasany 42w

    It was old

    I used to establish long and meaningful sentences.
    The words were that much lull,
    As if they were created for each other.
    They were meaningless when they are not together.
    Anymore I’m not able to do so.
    The words has lost their meanings.
    As if they don’t like each other any more,
    However I still would like to do,
    Not like old, yes but,
    I still want!

  • jaydmarvin 43w

    Tears Don't Lie.

    Tears don't fall unless its worthy,,
    Coz every droplet of tears that comes
    From the core of the heart is a precious pearl
    that has the deepest emotions
    that bore from the bonding of two souls.

    Trust the heart that drops it's precious pearl,
    Coz both the eyes and the tears don't lie.
    Having that kind of souls by your side is a royal diamond in billions, coz it has gone through many pressures through years to be like this.

  • yungdanielson 48w

    Deep Ends Side Story

    Lyrics I wrote that I want to just put out there. I know about copyright and stuff im not worried about someone taking them. I own these lyrics in full. No one else was present in the making of it. Enjoy

    (Verse 1)
    It's how you play the game and see the streets and then look at the world from where you stand it. It's either sunny one moment then it turns cloudy but you're prepared for the change every morning. /
    Envy on the forecast that could last for days so I guess it's that time for me to start packin' and get movin'. /
    Pray for that one person to hear you then reply, congratulations you might be a new trend, next top hit or even start the next great movement. /
    Then take pictures like, remember that day, and watch them all run by your life lapping the course of hard work earned memories. /
    It all starts off with a positive minded dream and a team to keep things successfully flowin' to rise through the ashes of Dead Ends Side stories. /
    Now hands up to the sky Bang, flash, smoke bombs. Im not leavin a single dead body with their hands up so wait. Im not a criminal you see It's not my fault if they all lined up and handed me their money. So don't judge me if you don't like what im bringin' to my menu im listing, now just drop it. /

    (Verse 2)
    See I mine business, do you mind yours? Boom, bang, pow, mhmm coff, thats loud. If you keep walking my way on some hater made undermining bull. That is super childish little petty, then I pistol whip ya. If that's all you got, what you talk for? It's your grave just be quite and lie down while im diggin' it. /
    I shovelled deep down, my thoughts still high and im just tryin to make a peace of livin' so shout out to all the bull shhh, to the ground. While I processes through life, bein born is a real struggle sometimes. So let me please walk by while Im still kickin' it, and don't like what you see, then here i'll toss you a cricket in it. Shwoosh. /
    Started dreamin' they had lights liftin' me for every syllable I spoke, the crowd would scream but the atmosphere felt below 0 degrees still. So I had kept spittin until they saw nothin but clouds steamin, crowd fanned it all and then boom, it became historical fire, breathe-in'. Is everyone real lit? Breathe out, then good evening. /
    Turnt the nob up 100 more degrees and watched how hands fanned from beneath me as I listened to the sound of myself slow motion drinkin'. Then I levitated and yeeted head first into live streams, poppin' champagne with big macs and happy meal smilin' with the socials on the media. /

    Channeling dreams to reality, from cavernous thoughts my visions condensed with tears are now rippling. /
    Aura surrounds me then I get the notion of flying around blowing up radio towers from city to city. /
    I want there to be banger noises, lights crackling the skies for the memorial take over scenery. /
    Then when they all scream for Merci, I will not stop because you didn't notice me until I started flexin hard and beamin'. /

    (Verse 3) starts
    Smoke first, then talk business while in the house scrollin through my phone lookin' for a great beat to stirr in the mix and turnip with a hmm, nice hot lil banger mean recipe to whip in it. Gotta keep the seasonings flowin' and the alphabets clear while I'm swirlin' and table turnin' in open business one day, some lucky year. /
    There's beef on the menu but I always suggest to choose my finest. Its organic and comes from a sensitive muscle, with alot of guts and it'll make your blood pressure rise then stomachs drop on some raw, then I smack it. Then tell me if you like the way I moon walked and talked in that business. Eat what's here or just go disappear. /
    Heads up, then down, while I play instruments on the side tryin to think of somethin' lenticular to play on words with it. So I chop it, put in a little tricks serials in the mix, then taste it. Add propitious charms to shuffle the magic recipe, and tick tock, bibby bop, dropped it all on the left and right pan like its hidden a feat. /
    3rd eye was snoozin wide awake on the blueprints to see the moral and it's never to sleep on your dreams or you'll wake up in "this reality" with the same livin' washin' cheap rags, lookin' for your mind and movin' lease to lease in a broke mans nightmare. While swagg-in' another mans fashionably dreamed reality. /

    Channeling dreams to reality, from cavernous thoughts my visions condensed with tear drops are now rippling. /
    Aura surrounds me then I get the notion of flying around blowing up radio towers from city to city. /
    I want there to be banger noises, lights crackling the skies for the memorial take over scenery. /
    Then when they all scream for Merci, I will not stop because you didn't notice me until I started flexin hard and beamin'. /

    (Verse 4)
    Dreams don't go away unless you stop believing or just scratch the pages chaptered and slam down the book because the petty talk of the world took what you was feelin' and gave a sunken Deep Ends Side X chain amount of thoughts to push you to just move along and try to transport you to another heart broke dead end mental faciliy. /
    If pushed, then push back, don't start fights and dis anyone you just tryin' to break away from all the struggling. In the meantime I'm benchin' on the side, brain stormin' while runnin' through tempo's and tryin to clock-in on every word written on this cool thawed it out, now just grind the beat. /
    Just breathe if you're going home, keep spreading your wings you're free there's no stoppin ya. Try to feather what was a blessin or side memento given from a simple talk as paths crossed on the streets. Gotta always remember there is room for more mentions and improvements to that chaptered story. /
    Sands between the toes of my feet. Im just listenin' to what the masquerade under the WAVs had to say from the Deep Ends Side story'. Do I need money to pay for a college degree to proceed? I get that knowledge is valuable thing. I just want to be free from all of the struggling. /

  • himank_schatzi 53w


    You were the one
    I wanted the most
    to stay!

    But time could not
    be kept at bay.

    The more it goes,
    the more it's gone
    the more it takes away

  • stevenlgoosby 54w

    God's Spirit

    Emtyed out the space in my heart so you can
    have a place there

    gave you the spark that you needed because you thought the love wasn't there...

    Believing one day that the dream to be apart of you will one day come true

    I still find beauty in finding reasons to continue to love you_


  • uroooh 54w

    Falling of the leaf

    I forget you a little everyday
    And not remember as much as I once did
    How your hair hued in sunlight
    Or where we had our first kiss

    I'm ready to let you go
    Just like the dried leaf I see on the tree
    And feel the peace that in ocean resides
    Once the havoc has sunk a ship within

    For I can still see the colours
    And still breathe the same air
    Well the season looks a bit duller
    But than again, when did I care?

    Oh I could bring back the light again
    Once I've burnt the very last wick
    And perhaps I'd be happy before I die
    But than again, when did I ever live?


  • kaustubh_jumle 56w

    वक़्त से काम

    इस घड़ी में घड़ी को थाम ले हम, ये वक़्त है की वक़्त से काम ले हम,
    कहते है मोहब्बत के मायने है खुदकशी, ये जान कर मोहब्बत की जान ले हम,
    ये वक़्त है की वक़्त से काम ले हम।

    नशे का नशे से होता है कत्ल, बे-सुरूरी के लिये जाम ले हम,
    नींद छीनी है रातों ने मुझसे, इन्हे टालने के लिये उधारी में शाम ले हम,
    ये वक़्त है की वक़्त से काम ले हम।

    कहते है बंजारन तेरी सूरत को, सीरत की वदियों में मकान ले हम,
    मै जानू तेरी क़ुर्बत में है कुछ तो बात, इस लिए एक दूरी से सलाम ले हम,
    ये वक़्त है की वक़्त से काम ले हम।

    बुरी लगती है दिल की तस्करी बोहोत, तो कागज़-कलम की दुकान ले हम,
    कहते है तुझे गिला है घाट से, उसी लहजे में बनारसी पान ले हम,
    ये वक़्त है की वक़्त से काम ले हम।

    फ़रिश्तो से हमारा क्या वास्ता, बड़ी बेपरवाही से तेरा नाम ले हम,
    इश्क़ मोहब्बत प्यार की बातें, ये सब भरम ये मान ले हम,
    क्यो कि, ये वक़्त है की वक़्त से काम ले हम।