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  • era_writes 1w

    Everything around me ,
    Appears to be grey.
    In the faces of people rushing
    Their way through the day,
    In the cries of an abandoned child,
    In the silent screams of those
    Fighting against their own self,
    In the broken heart of a lover,
    I see Grey and melancholy dripping..
    Unhappiness prevails in the world
    around me in the shade of Grey..

  • darthgaaru 2w

    As I got older, I found myself in an increasing number of circumstances where I felt I was in a loop, where I felt a lack of excitement and where I felt anxious. Then one Saturday morning I woke up a bit late and something magical happened.

    #memories #nostalgia #melancholy #life

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Past Saturday

    You see,
    On that particular Saturday,
    It just so happened that I overslept.
    So the stuffy warm odour of the sweaty gym floor,
    Which were staples of my morning fitness routine,
    Were replaced by the aromas of mom’s Sambar,
    Of heated Ghee and of idlis just steamed.
    Breakfast indulgence had ceased long before,
    But on that day I decided to indulge and eat.
    You see,
    On that particular Saturday,
    It just so happened that I overslept.
    So the silence of the cold dawn, before the Sun’s rising,
    Which left me wanting to get back into bed,
    Was replaced with the tunes of The Bombay Vikings,
    And a host of 90’s Indie Pop tunes instead.
    Old beats and old styles of strumming strings,
    Revived old memories I thought were dead.
    You see,
    On that particular Saturday,
    It just so happened that I overslept.
    So the noise of the news channels into which I’d tune,
    To listen in to the latest useless flashing report,
    Was replaced by the sounds of my cousin watching cartoons,
    And I thought back to all my favourite shows.
    I knew from the bottom of my heart, the truth,
    That they made the cartoons way better before.
    You see,
    On that particular Saturday,
    It just so happened that I overslept.
    So I slowly opened my eyes to the blinding yellow light.
    It had been lifetimes since I had slept so well.
    That day, I woke up in the past, my most treasured time,
    And in the bliss of my childhood, for a moment I dwelled.
    For some reason, I knew everything would be fine,
    And after ages, my anxiety was finally quelled.

  • endlesstranquility 2w







  • endlesstranquility 2w

    Ek khubsoorat sa ehsaas

    Ek ajeeb sii kashish hoti hai
    Najane ye kaisa ehsas hai,
    Sath paney ke liye dil har baar hi betaab hai
    Kuch esi hi toh kashish hai maa ki
    Bin boley hai sab samjhti
    Bin kahey mere mathe pe aaye un tanav ki lakeero ko dil mein hai sehjoke rakhti
    Maa ek khoobsurat si yaado ka labrez liye tumhari hoto mein ati vo badhi si muskurat
    Jo mere tanav ki lakeero ko htake sirf sukoon bhardeti hai .
    Ek umeed ka sawara banke jab tum mera hosla bnke uddhan badhne ke liye pankh banti hoon
    Maa ek ajeeb sa khoobsurat vala ehsas
    Maa ek dost se bharkar dost vala ehsas

  • pinkest 3w

    Not Alone

    Lonely little clouds floating across the sky
    They bring me peace
    For when I see them
    I never feel alone

  • hazel_nut_sucks 4w

    Another Companion

    We met in those dark nights of a lonely forest. He was always there when I was alone, the more time we spent, the more we embraced each other.The mornings went with frustrations and the evenings with anticipation.The months went by and people started noticing, they stated the obvious, "it is not healthy, it is killing you". But I know I found solace in him in those dark uncomfortable nights. After a point when people couldn't bear further, they forcefully sent me to different places so that they could separate both of us, and after a long time they did succeed I became more and more outgoing and when I was leaving they said he has a name called depression I said I knew all along. And some nights when no one notices ,I still wait for him in silence but deep down I know that he shall never return

  • singwithkim 5w

    Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Heart

    I wanna know what makes your eyes light up together with that beautiful smile,
    Or what have you been doing for a while,
    What makes you laugh the hardest,
    And the lullabies that put you to rest,

    I wanna know the dreams and fears you have when you were little,
    Or the reason behind that sweet innocent giggle,
    Tell me what is hidden in your heart,
    And the last time it was torn apart,

    I wanna know what keeps you awake at night,
    And how to make things alright,
    Will you let me hear the calmness of your voice?
    Tell me, what makes your heart sing and rejoice,

    I've always been curious what do you think about the world?
    I may not agree with everything, but I promise you I will listen to every word,
    Tell me all your aches,
    And I will tell you that you are not a mistake...

  • darthgaaru 5w

    There are days, when you don't know what to do. There are days when everyone you know is busy. There are days when both these things occur together. These kind of days last far longer than they should have to. I guess writing away such days is one way to deal with them.

    #life #alone #melancholy #friends #love
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    They’re getting more frequent.
    Those days filled with blues,
    When I sit alone in the pizzeria,
    Or when I sip on a warm brew,
    Alone, in the cafeteria,
    Having just an earnest longing,
    To share a moment of bonding,
    With distant friends,
    Or with someone to love.
    But for now, I’ll have to make do,
    With the silence of the cold wind,
    And the rains pouring from above.

  • faerie_fox_poetry 8w


    We watched
    Melancholy pines
    Paint silver moonlight
    Into a velvet sky
    Kept warm beside
    A pensive fire


  • barbietocatwoman 9w

    Tell the tale, Succubus

    I don't know how to talk to him anymore
    I feel as though every word that slips will drive the weapon further in
    I feel as though the song will last but the friendship won't
    I learn to keep myself at arms length
    For not every boy is mine to own

    I despise the way the story repeats itself
    How I fall for the ones wrought with damage
    I hate myself for the sad eyes and empty souls...
    my heart it clenches
    stuck in it's clutches, my new home

    Leaping in bounds to save every fallen soldier
    Lending a heart, temporary
    a crying shoulder
    My light split in fragments for every stray
    I sit in darkness with none...for me

    I sing to myself in melancholy
    The burden of an empath
    Akin to none,
    the lie "I'm fine" in your eyes
    Seen only by a pain interpreter

    The bitter that I've been taking
    They can never belong to me
    So I return every stray
    where I found 'em
    Either in the arms of another or the streets

    The heart is a thing of futility
    I know now
    I wish we had been taught how to care for the most fragile organ in the human body
    Yet somehow the most proud

    Maybe then I wouldn't hurt the ones who seek the flame

    Maybe, just maybe, even one would call my name


  • warriorofthenight 9w

    And perhaps she was not mourning the past but the future, not what had been but never would be.
    -F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • insearchoftheseaandthesoul 11w

    On nights like these,
    When I cry myself to sleep
    Or on mornings
    When tears can't
    Stop flowing down my cheeks
    No matter how time has flown past
    Melancholy settles on me,
    Like a sudden change in the weather
    A kind of intangible sadness
    An ache that you can't pinpoint
    Exactly where it hurts
    You just know it does
    You just feel it deep in your bones.

  • blugeni 11w

    I bathe in silver waters
    To rid my body of that scent

    I turn my eyes to the golden sun
    Letting the luminance fill this void

    I bury in the womb of this red earth
    A fragile love to be born again

    I scattered upon the green fields
    Blue blossoms of forget-me-nots

    I breath in deep this black night
    To fill my empty chest with stars

    Finally on an altar of alabaster white
    I lay my devotion to be sacrificed


  • blugeni 12w

    I wasn't built for the monsoon
    It is my season to wither

    These overcast skies blurring the mind
    The gloom drowning the heart

    This humid atmos reminding me
    Of anxious brows and clammy palms

    Desolate nights of white noise driving
    Me insane...

    Every clap of thunder
    Echoing through this empty life

    Every bolt of lightning
    Affirming my solitude...

    No respite from the darkness, whatever be the hour
    As out of the psyche crawl my demons
    Into this murk to frolic and scour

    I yearn then of the only light that can save me
    I yearn then for the Sun and His kingdom of summer

    His luminescence banishing the dark
    From every crevice of my heart

    Only the crystal sky can out-blue my melancholy
    Only the crisp air can dry my laundry....and tears

    In those bright spaces my sadness seems so small
    In those clear days living seems so easy

    And I can finally see my silhouetted demon
    Is nothing but nostalgia....


  • vbear9396 13w


    Once, when I was young,
    I planned to...
    wake up every day with optimism,
    laugh as loud as I can.
    sang a song, that implies happy thoughts.
    dance in a exuberant tone.
    cried because of blissful stage.

    And I did!

    But, one day, all of these fades away in a blink of a sorrowful eyes, full of melancholy.


  • hidden_emotions10 16w

    Loneliness is a feeling that can make the richest life also miserable. Tried speaking of my loneliness, I dont know how successful I was in. So share your reviews in the comment section to let me know.

    I know I am lonely
    Lost in some melancholy.

    From those cozy mornings to sleepless nights,
    My solace seems to be on a fight,
    Lies that unwanted monotonous lifestyle,
    And all those dreams are in a plight,

    I know I am lonely
    Lost in some melancholy.

    With no dias to make me feel light,
    All that speaks of me is just my eyes.
    None still exists to be so wise,
    To have a read, just by its sight.

    I know I am lonely
    Lost in some melancholy.

    Amidst all what I found by my side,
    None else than the words that I write,
    It stands there to hold me tight,
    Abiding to speak what I feel deep inside.

    I know I am lonely
    Lost in some melancholy

    With all my strings attached
    I need a soul as stated so wise
    Coz I know I am lonely
    Lost in some melancholy.

    #lonely #mirakee #melancholy #deep #writersasststant #poem

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    I know I am lonely

    (Read in caption - A poem that describes a person's loneliness where he arrives on a conclusion. Tried to depict it, I dont know how successful I was in it. Need your reviews)


  • kumarbibhu007 16w

    Scared heart

    It's okay...
    It's all good...
    Just take a deep breathe and relax ur scared heart...there is lots to see in this beautiful blueish-green world...
    Just take a look and your heart will be free from all the contempts it has been collecting...
    Tell it that it's just a hallucination...
    There is always love when there is hate...
    So embrace the hates and turn them into love...
    Love yourself and everything will be alright❤️

  • betibetss 19w

    Not a princess

    I need a kiss
    that'd pull me from this bed of roses.
    Rescue me from this tragedy.
    You see, beauty is deceptive;
    shut eyes rolling
    on the vast of unending dreams.
    I need a kiss
    that'd part my lips,
    desperately gasp for air–
    Breathe. Breathe in me.
    End this misery,
    kiss me.


  • sejal_thapa 19w

    What she only wanted was, some serenity.

    What she always received was only, an intricate melancholy.

  • fortuitous_ly 21w

    The Me in Myself

    Time flies by......
    The moment I thought I reached,
    I started again
    Now I am that big rock
    Built out of those broken pebbles
    Melancholy surrounds
    Yet tears frozen, they don't flow
    It makes me think I am strong
    Alas!! But I am wretched hard
    It became a graveyard of withered flowers, my heart
    It was before that I were those little flamboyant pebbles
    Weak but strong
    Every time I fell,
    I gathered myself with Love
    It was then the 'Garden of Advent Daisies'-my heart
    My pathetic soul, wailed aloud in pain
    It suffered.......
    And the silhouette of the scars describe
    The reason it can no longer be Ocean-hearted