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  • jeetspeaks 5d

    Do away with your fear!

    Try to do away with your fear and you will see how free and comfortable you feel. Your internal fear is something that keeps you away from all ventures. Try to get rid of it and you are really free. Fear is something you can always deal with when you learn not to get affected by what others do or talk about you.

  • writeweird 2w

    heartbreak at 27

    wait, in your sleep,
    don't let them take you away
    before we meet

    for one last time then
    you can leave

    while you rest let me dress
    in a funeral morning

    stay with me until i
    forget how to breathe

    how to sing, how to speak
    for i'm nothing without you

    for all i ever did was to
    bleed dry for you

    in the cold afternoons
    to seethe jealously

    standing by your doors i
    keep watch helplessly

    to burn for all yours wants
    for all your needs

    that feed my desire
    to be warm

    filled with thoughts
    and dead seeds

    frolicking in your arms
    forever on repeat

    day after day
    into a dying forest

    that knows not what
    is grief

    sheltered by the moon
    many a lover seek,

    dying too soon.


  • crimson_starry 2w

    Winter's day

    The warm sun on a cold day, felt just right
    Everything else? Collapsing into bits and pieces
    She could, she wanted, but giving up, she didn't fight
    The blood running in her veins wanted the warmth too
    Running in her wanted to run down on her too
    What a bloody mess it would be, she thought
    Even in the last moments, with her will, she fought!
    With shivering cold hands she held the weapon
    Even in this Blizzard she could feel this heat
    She did it, finally, whoosh! Bloody me,
    Running down her feet.

  • lollipop71 4w


    The sun is shining, the weather is perfect, blue
    Skies above
    Most days are dark in my world due to being
    Damaged goods from the horrible situations that I had endured growing up from a very young age.
    The recurring nightmares, the awful memories that
    No matter how hard I tried I could not forget.
    The past haunts me still now.
    Recovery from mental illness, aka nervous breakdown,
    Can be a long road to feeling any kind of "normal"
    If you are suffering from mental illness, talk to someone about it, no matter what you feel, embarrassed, ashamed, insecure.
    You matter!

    After 3 years of learning how to cope with mental
    Illness, most days are still somewhat dark. I cherish
    The good days when I have them


  • writeweird 5w

    A starry night in the uncanny valley

    lights in the sky fighting,
    somewhere somebody's trying
    to put out the fire

    with bare hands and dying
    breaths, in ways no one could
    ever understand before

    there's more to a painting
    when you know how it ends

    every stroke made in haste
    and for no one else

    where the world is made and
    broken down for someone else

    there must be more than life
    if we could see into the distance

    more than just colours trying
    to seduce the mountains

    the rivers that run and hide
    from the preying atlas

    deep into the forests helm
    where the naked hide

    rains that fill the oceans
    before it's time

    swallowing the sunsets deep
    into its hallowed grave

    where gouls fall in love with
    wandering mermaids

    how beautiful you must be
    to reject the gods?

    the very essence of what
    it takes to beat a heart

    is captured now in still water
    and cascading waves

    perhaps one day we could
    swim carefree

    into the same approaching
    melancholy that has made a home
    inside the swirling storms

    the very winds that travel back
    and forth across this planet

    dwelling into nothingness and
    so far away from everything else

    maybe home isn't what keeps
    us from the outside --

    it is us playing make belief
    on the porch

    guarded by salt walls and lashing

    the horrid stain on every artist's

    made in spirit of the restless and
    the tormented

    scattered words and memories
    wrestling with dreams and thoughts

    he who cannot speak might scream
    the loudest

    never judge a book by it's cover
    even if it's on fire.


  • realityvision 6w

    How to calculate your physical and mental health?
    #physical #mental #motivation #happy #realityvision

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    How to calculate your physical and mental health?

    In any computer hardware components performance is calculated by device lifespan, software performance is calculated based on how fast it delivers the solutions on user input, likewise human physical health is calculated how long you live in this world, mental health is calculated how fast you get solutions in life and how happy in your life Have a nice day

  • jeetspeaks 7w

    Who is not alone?

    Everyone is alone, everyone is lonely in this world, if certain things are taken into consideration. People may be surrounded by hundreds of others, they are not able to speak their mind to any of them; some people don't find a right life partner to share their feelings and emotions; and some people who are introvert by nature thus unable to mingle with anyone. These are a few cases. There are umpteen number of such cases in our society. However, loneliness may be a state of mind, it can have a great impact on our physique too.

  • writeweird 8w

    my head gently weeps (and the world is no more)

    while my head gently weeps
    & my soul is awake

    i find myself drifting
    a length in time

    & there's nothing that
    i can do

    but pass softly
    onto the next moment

    marked by days &
    months of restless afternoons

    breathless nights awake
    smoking aimlessly

    trying to recall your
    fading face &

    the things we used to
    talk about for hours a
    lifetime ago

    how is that every sad
    thought leads me back to
    you ?

    i guess i'm just waiting for you to
    tell me it's going to be okay


    i'd swallow my own eyes
    if it helps me breathe

    i'd do anything for some
    company -

    even kiss death

    one day to disappear
    never to be seen again


    perhaps this is life
    after all


    fighting sermons that
    never fail to evoke a feeling
    of dread & heaviness

    resting on my chest

    & making its way through
    my fragmented thoughts


    while my head gently weeps
    & the moon glides across
    the beautifully laden sky

    i hear the sound of a
    car speeding across the
    lonely road

    perhaps i'm not the last
    man to exist tonight

    here where i'm supposed
    to perish,

    i'll search for civilisation.


  • luci_dark16 9w

    Feeble and fractured mind

    It dreams to fly peacefully under the tendrils of this fractured sky,
    It moans a thousand times feebly, petrified of masked wolves of sly,
    It suffers under the starlit night till the embers of the day stumbles through it's window, intoxicated high,
    It's core is fragile like the heart of a butterfly,
    It has been wailing lonely as the darkness encroaches  rapidly, evoking to embrace and just die.

  • the_amorist 12w

    Some days I'm a paper plane
    Gliding through the air
    Staying afloat, staying sane
    For as long as I can bare

    Some days I'm a house of cards
    Caving in at a blow
    Birthing ruined kingdoms and hearts
    Appreciating my highs only when I'm low
    #Life #Mental Health
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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  • geesegremlin 13w


    Healing is such a fickle thing
    I've grown so much
    I'm doing much better despite the trauma
    But my mental state still is so shitty
    It's happy and healing at one point
    And then back to square one
    I get so depressed that I shut down
    It hurts
    But knowing I am better than I was before
    It's nice, it grounds me
    I hope in the future
    I get the proper help
    But for now
    I'll just do my best

  • gloomyblossom 14w

    its different when someone slowly kill your soul and hurt your body.


  • sheikhsaira 15w

    #Depression#Mental health matters!

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    It took you to the another world,
    And amazingly you went to travel with it!
    It made you weep every lonely night,
    And amazingly you wept every lonely night!
    It made you feel you are worthless,
    And amazingly you also felt it!
    It made you thought living is difficult for you,
    And amazingly you also thought living is difficult!
    It made you feel everyday is same,
    And amazingly you also felt nothing has changed!
    It made you feel deceased,
    And amazingly you also felt you are no more, though you were breathing!
    It made you feel lonely,
    And amazingly you also felt no one is there for you, though everyone was there for you!
    It took you,from yourself!
    And amazingly,you gave it permission to do so.
    What if you haven't gave permission to it?
    Amazingly! You would have been alright right now.

  • smartsam 15w

    World Mental Day!

    Accept or not
    I'm one mad you other one!
    What a coincidence though
    in various stream all
    confess but none!

    This world is crazy
    it's just different labels!
    Nutty, flappy, mad
    name each other they
    easy & interchangeable!

    Some love money for it
    they desert health & wives!
    Other mad of man & women
    nay bear these other choice!

    Sadly few are
    mad of multi fear!
    In past what occurred
    or what will happen never!

    Psycho to cranky
    clumsy if not weird!
    Back behind or upfront
    label & name each other
    real & or to hide own fear!

    This world is sadly slipped
    of love, trust & kindness!
    What more you call it than
    a world of mental sickness?!


    World Mental Day
    10th October 21

  • jpwriter 16w

    Learn life,
    Because life will not learn you
    Learn right,
    As doing right Is what you should do
    Life's turn pike
    Is something we all go through
    So burn bright,
    Being the light others can see view
    Concerns might
    Hold you hostage to your potential
    Return Bite
    If others mess with your mental
    Yearn Life
    As it may be gone tomorrow accidental
    Learn Life
    Because nothing in life is coincidental


  • faerie_fox_poetry 16w


    I just need some sleep

    But I have to let it in again
    Because it's getting ever louder
    So I'll ease the rapping at the door
    That tell-tale heart I can't ignore
    And it lingers in my veins

    Wandering these empty halls
    It will blow out all the candles
    And invite in the gloom
    Darken each and every room
    To make it more inviting

    I will carry it around with me
    Yet as empty as it feels
    The weight only grows
    And time never slows
    But I will be fine

    I just need some sleep


  • backstorypoetry 17w

    When you start losing everything one by one, you can't blame someone for it, you are the one to blame.
    Where do we go wrong??
    A comeback to the world of writing.
    Never let anything break you.

    Follow @backstory.poetry for more

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    Life is not the same anymore

    A life that was worth everything to me
    Is nothing now
    A person who meant everything to me
    Is now a stranger
    The enthusiasm which I always had for everything
    Is lost somewhere
    The people who saw the best in me
    Now point out every mistake in me
    The love and care which I always had
    Is now turned into anger
    Life is not the same anymore

  • jcksttn 18w

    Here. I’m taking time for two. Feeling the wind blow through. Sitting here for you.
    I feel a little lost. The world passes by like the early morning frost. Time moves quickly but I’m standing still

  • jcksttn 18w

    After some days pass. A thick fog descends upon my mind. My eyes become like the windshield of a car after a cold, frosty night. My every being drips down to its subatomic particles. They feed into a melting pot of emotions. This can crock has been stewing on high for far too long. Eventually, it all reduces to a hot sludge. A defiant and unyielding muck. Sticky and bitter to the taste…. I think I need a good soak. To let hot water seep into all my cracks like rain in the desert. Hopefully, this will dilute my sludge and carry it away. I may just have enough time to clean the pot Before another day like this one creeps in from the shadows.

  • jcksttn 18w

    Time is sacred and unforgiving.
    An arrow from a bow.
    A complex tapestry, seemingly stitched by those outside time itself.
    Is my story already depicted?
    Am I simply a spectator, suspended in this soft vessel?
    Playing my part in this game of life.
    To what extent can I influence?
    My thoughts manifest from the unknown depths of my inner pool.
    These thoughts become my actions - Were they meant to be?
    Nevertheless, the consequences, good or bad, are mine to handle.
    I wish to ascend above time itself
    Join those stitching the cosmic tapestry.
    Perhaps I’ll leave gaps on purpose
    I’ll call them specs of free will.
    Allow moments for the consciousness to weave its own patterns of infinite possibilities