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  • loftydreams101 2w

    A Lake Cradled in the Mountains

    Floating through a quiet space
    Beyond the rumbling salvos
    Perched high in the mountains
    Far away and at ease
    Forgotten skylines glow
    And roar infernal,
    The enclosing ring
    Of grieving embers
    Wailing up the steep walls
    Of this parcel of Eden
    Are the hollow hearts of mothers
    Who roam from their beloveds
    Nothing cries back down
    From this perch in the wild
    The horror rings through their bodies
    As they claw the cliffsides

    © 2022 William Wright, Jr.

  • dreamer_broken 2w

    Leniency is to go above and beyond and loan some assistance - we identify and grasp others' sentiments.

  • _wanderinglion_ 5w

    The Best Friend To Have

    I smiled through my tears..
    Knowing He would never desert me..

    He's always there

    What more could you ask for
    From a friend?

    But oh,
    It doesn't stop there!

    He gives so much more!

    A lot more

    You just gotta ask..
    And bam! He gives it to you..

    Be it just the way you asked for it..
    Or, perhaps, in a more discreet way.

    He also knows what's best for you!
    He always knows.

    I made friends..
    Many of them..

    But I'll be honest with you
    They left.

    They all left..
    Over one excuse or another..

    Be it death,
    Lack of understanding
    Or some other petty excuse.

    But they all did leave..

    Most of them at least.

    But through thick and thin
    The Most Merciful stood by my side..

    Like a friend..
    A true friend.

    I have a friend.
    A true friend.

    Would you like to have one too?

  • theswordandtherose 5w

    I wait with hopeful anticipation
    And a faithful heartbeat
    For your response

    But I find myself still waiting
    Still wondering
    Still hoping

    Then I realize
    If I have entrusted you
    To our I Am

    That means
    I should by faith
    Choose to
    Trust in Him completely
    With you and your life

    And so I surrender
    To His mercy and grace
    For me
    And for you


  • _yuku_08 10w


    I'm so lost in the world, I can't find myself anywhere.
    Just want my life to have some Mercy on me.
    Can't find my way out, I just want my life to go with an equal pace, not with fluctuations.
    Feeling so dead afterall.

  • heavenly_broadcast 12w

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    Are you yet to make Jesus Christ, Lord of your life, then make today yours in knowing Him and receiving His Love for you; so that you can step into that realm of dominion over sin and death, basking in the Love of God.

    Therefore simply join me in praying this, believing Every Word of it with your heart as you do:
    "Jesus I come to you today, believing you are the Lord who came to this world for my sins, died and on the third day you rose again. I receive forgiveness of my sins and cleansing from All unrighteousness. I receive you as Lord of my Life, receiving the abundance of your Grace by your Blood and I offer my life to you today, use it for your glory; Amen."

    Congratulations, you just received the abundance of God's Grace in the salvation of your soul, with that simple prayer. You are now a part of God's family and He desires to reveal Himself to you daily, so that you can live life triumphantly. So simply get a Bible from any app store and begin studying about the abundance of God's Grace and the gifts of His righteousness to you.

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    #Grace, #Mercy, #Goodness,

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    The Grace we live by is not ours,
    For it is the power of the highest
    who envelopes us and protects us

    Keeping us close, He Favours us,
    For by His Blood He redeemed us
    Ready to save, and deliver
    Above our errors and seeming blunders,

    No matter our errors,
    He is ready to save,
    ready to deliver
    Till the end of Time

    So Are you willing,
    and ever ready?
    To drink of His cup,
    Of Endless Mercy

    Are you Awake?
    To His Glorious Sound
    The Glorious Cry
    Of His LovingKindness

    Jesus is He
    who wants to feed you
    Feeding you Love
    and Endless Mercies

    Jesus Is He
    Who wants to Heal you
    That you may Taste and See
    He is Good

    He paid it all
    For you to pay none
    So What is your answer to Him today?
    Give Him your answer In Total Faith.

  • absolutelove 12w

    Messy Love

    I don't know what direction to turn anymore
    My brother used to say it's time to do some soul searching, some serious soul searching..
    God rest his soul
    Angels please grant me mercy, direction, kindness and love
    I can't do this on my own..
    A simple prayer and it means everything
    So much grace
    Running with fearlessness in faith

  • kaach_ka_panchi 12w

    Let me go, please have some mercy on me.
    I'm like a fish caught in your net.

    your eyes cast a grain in the net, and I caught in your fake pretending laugh.
    You have kept me in captivity without my consent,

    I can't even get rid of you, you are so powerful that your huge tears, your naked body, your tattoos on your breast and your fake pretence lies and deception keep me trapped.

    I am standing with you as if there is a moat beneath me.
    You hold my hand,
    you talk about love,
    you kiss me hard and bite my lips,
    you caress your long pointed nails in my hair,
    And say softly in my ear that you have a right to torment me, you have a right to burn me and hurt me.
    I have a right.., I have a right.

    You push me and when I'm falling in that deep gorge,
    I see you are smiling like a Witch standing above me while I'm drowning you shedding tears on the other side.
    you are crying so that you will feel pain when I fall into the ground but I know that the ditch into which I was being thrown by was yours.

    Where the bone will not break, it will break my heart and even if I escape from it, Next I will get stuck in some swamp.

    That swamp would be yours,
    that ditch was yours, that net was yours.

    So I'm begging you please let me go,
    have some mercy on me.
    I am caught in the clutches of some witch,
    it seems that I will be chewed raw.
    I have to live myself now but I am afraid in your shadow.
    you suffocate me,
    you rip my heart, you tear my soul and also apply ointment on it.

    But I'm tired and feared,
    Begging has some mercy on me.

    I am not a fish caught in your net,
    not a puppet in your show who dances at your behest.


    #mirakee #mercy #story #tale #wod #poet #musing #dark #witch #writerscommunity

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    Wtich! Have mercy.


  • holybible 15w

    2 Samuel 24:14

    And David said unto Gad, I am in a great strait:
    let us fall now into the hand of the LORD;
    for his mercies are great:
    and let me not fall into the hand of man.

    © HolyBible

  • ct_and_skylines 18w


    God doesn’t know of the danger
    that’s in view.
    God doesn’t know what’s around
    the corner that’s why it sent you.
    “Learn for me” it says, experience the pain.
    Don’t tear your eyes out along the way; I need them to see the mistakes I’ve made.
    Plug your soul into the world around and pray for a hand when you start to drown.
    No god doesn’t know that’s why we are here.
    There’s no man in the clouds to console your fears.
    While we’re at it, I’ll bare it all and rip my heart inside out.
    No one will know the uniqueness of your pain and
    don’t expect god to know either,
    it has no fucking clue;
    that’s why it sent you.

    -Christian Taylor

  • alexi_silver 18w

    Among her sisters,
    Only mercy,
    Can undo what time wounds,
    She is the only one,
    Who wields power over death,
    Despite not owning a weapon,
    And maybe that is why,
    We often forget her name,
    Because history lauds war,
    And forgets the healers.


  • theswordandtherose 21w

    The Duality of Love 🖤♥️

    Love can
    Hurt, sting
    Break, shatter
    Consume, abuse
    Take advantage of
    And then some

    Love can
    Burn, kill
    Cut, misuse
    Control, crush
    It can suffocate
    And then some

    And yet, faith testifies that…

    Love can
    Nurture and nourish
    Enlighten and encourage
    Inspire and bring sunshine
    Heal and restore

    Love can
    Mend and reconcile
    Bring tenderness and truth
    Patience and mercy
    Grace and laughter

    This is the view of love’s duality
    This is the reality of its perspective

    No assumption here 🤍


  • holybible 22w

    1 Peter 1:3 (KJV)

    Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,
    © HolyBible

  • holybible 22w

    Isaiah 41:13

    For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”
    © HolyBible

  • aadil_sadiq 23w


    Eventually I learned to put my trust on Allah.
    For I have seen my plans failing but it was He, who paved my way out of every difficulty!

    Sufi Aadil Sadiq Qadri

  • kajalpawar2911 29w

    "I would decorate you in temple with flowers, leaves, jewels and most beautiful things,
    But here you are seated lovingly in the throne of my heart where there is no one else but you my king of kings."

  • aadil_sadiq 29w

    ان کی کریمی تو دیکھ,عیان ہے تیرا ظاہر و باطن
    ان پہ,

    پھر بھی محبوب ہے ان کو تیرا حال تجھ ہی
    سے سننا...


  • andthen 35w

    Setting Songs

    Some people are shaped like light houses
    The passage to safe harbor or a warning
    Left from a by gone age
    Left for the seabound

    There is nothing to find here
    Your ship spear itself upon spires of rock
    Do not hide here
    The storm will chance you better
    Than this harbor

    We sail by them, in our motorboats and sunhats,
    And wonder at their majesty
    As they try and tell anyone who would look a little closer
    That the sea has no mercy for us
    We're alone in it's hold without eachother


  • myhiddenlies 37w


    Without this cold winter breeze,
    could I have ever cherished Your warmth ?

    If these tears would have never fell,
    could this smile still hold the meaning it has?,

    If I wouldn't have been so shattered,
    could I have returned to you as i always have ?

    If it wasn't for the sadness,
    Could I have ever distinguished the happiness?,

    If you weren't always there to help,
    Could I have ever cherished You more?,

    If You would have been a little more Harsh
    Could I have loved You more?,

    If You wasn't this merciful ,
    could i have ever be forgiven for what I am?


  • joyjitghosh_writer 37w

    The end is nearing, human beings are feeling it but negative forces are fooling and misleading them.It is time for the human society to kneel down before Almighty God for mercy before it is too late.