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  • scribbler_shree 3d

    प्रकृति और प्यार

    देखो ये नदियाँ जैसे बह रही है यूं कल-कल, हर-पल, हर-दम
    कह दो की साथ चलोगे तुम भी मेरे हर-पल, हर-दम, ओ हम-दम

    देखो जैसे ये आकाश है यूं नीला सा, खुला सा
    वैसा ही तुम भी सुनना मुझे हमेशा पूरा सा, खरा सा

    ये हवाएं हैं दे रही संदेशा मुझे ठंडक का
    तेरा संदेशा भी सुकून है इस दिल को दिलाता

    ये हरे पत्तों को देखना है जैसे आहट खुशियों का
    तुम आकर के इस रोम-रोम को महकाना, ओ प्रिय आना ।


  • prishan 1w

    It was a hopeless night
    For a fallen knight
    She was starring at the dark sky
    With a teary eye.

    With the passage of time
    She heard a chime.
    It was just a message tone
    Yet her eyes shone.

    The screen brightened with his hello
    And her face with a glow.
    Just like the stars that light the night sky
    He lights her world and breathes life into her dying hopes.

  • dosbambi 1w

    When a lady knows the weakness of her love interest, she doesn't miss her target at all.

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    her waist beads got the charm
    they lavished her waist
    with alluring beauty
    he was a sucker for waist beads
    they have a hold on him like a charm
    he has a thing for her
    unknown to him that she knows
    all along his partner was in darkness
    she took pictures of her waist
    in beads, gleaming in beauty
    and slid into his dm with them
    that was the beginning
    of their intimate stint


  • dmforstars 3w

    A night to the inbox

    I arrive but nobody opened me
    I was vibrate for sometimes
    Then the light brighten
    But it was for someone else
    I'm still waiting
    It's almost morning
    She still didn't opened me
    Maybe because she knows that it was a lie
    Which make her just hurt so it's time to delete me
    Let's me never bother you again
    So just dump me on the block list trash.


  • vishnuuu_x 4w


    Thank God, it is the time of the message,
    which you block me and leave,
    Otherwise you would have killed the pigeon carrying my message.


  • anas_husain 5w


    Anas reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “When my nation adopts five practices, their destruction is inevitable: when they curse each other openly, they wear silk, they take up musical instruments, they drink wine, and men are satisfied with men and women are satisfied with women.”

  • _angel_ishu_ 6w


    Every single status is silent message to someone

  • sarahrachelea 7w

    Always focus on the solution, not the problem
    Find the way
    If you can't find it, create your own way


  • jusspeakup 7w

    Words are free it's how you use them that may cost you
    -Rev J. Martin

  • lunalight 10w


    They are my messages to reply
    Which I am waiting
    I am their notification just they saw and swipe.

  • yashvibansal 10w

    Behold the vision
    At my front door
    A figure robed in blue
    With a touch of ice
    And a frown of fire
    Plastered on each of the five heads.
    Five heads?
    Yes, five heads, and how peculiar were they!
    One red, one white, one yellow, one orange, and one of piercing grey.
    The eyes in each head, they were two
    One melancholy, and one with a twinkle
    One with a scowl, the other with a wink
    And this strange apparition
    Stood robed in blue
    With a mouth of pink.
    What art thou?
    I asked.
    (Forgive me Shakespeare, this moment of surprise reminded me of you.)
    I am The Picture of You
    Answered the strange figure
    Strangling my question
    But not the answer.
    You see folks, this was a picture of everyone
    It had visited me, for some strange reason.
    The colours and the hue
    Echoed of multitudes true.
    This figure in ruby blue
    Wanted to highlight the different personas
    That all of us are
    The red of passion, the white of peace,the yellow of happiness, the orange of tenderness and the grey of complexity.
    I've got it!
    I cried
    We have to choose
    Which personality we adopt, fair and true!
    Ah no
    Said the figure in blue
    That's not true.
    You are those personalities
    And you must embrace
    Both the light and shadow
    The eagle and the snake
    Then you will, a wonderful life make!
    And now I understood
    Why this figure had chosen me
    I'm a poet,
    And I must get this message out to thee!
    15 March 2022

    #cees_visitors #colours #message #visitor #figure #poet #power #prestige #pride #tyranny #downfall #center #character #control #fear #human #scream #speaker #hero #unlikely

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    The Alien Visitor

    Behold the vision...

  • priyankasohal 11w


    Kyi vaar hun...
    tainu message krn lgyaa sochdi an....
    ki teri masroof zindgi ch ....
    saade faltu message da ki kmm....
    fr bss apni unglan nu rook laini an....
    dill de drvaaze bnd kr laini an...
    te zindgi pehla vang guzarn di koshish krdi an...

  • sarahrachelea 11w

    Be true to yourself
    And the truth will reveal itself

    ~ what hidden will appear

  • autonomous_anonymous 15w

    Cider and Sin

    We exchange glances every now and then,
    But today you weren't even subtle about it.

    Your gaze fixated on a fantasy, the idea of someone new.

    Fast forward, you're leaving, mouthing the words gesturing, "you and I will keep in touch,"
    After I say everyone says they will but never do.

    A few weeks later, I find you weren't lying;
    And in a way that so brilliantly combined subtlety and desire, you texted me.

    15 minutes before the end of my shift,
    knowing that on Fridays, we left the office at 3, knowing I would be free;

    You were waiting for your car at the shop;
    In the brewery across the street;

    I was nervous.
    You were blushing,
    Ears so red I'd never seen that before;
    And I've seen many men.

    We chatted awhile
    Then you invited me out again;
    Under the guise of cider and sin.


  • sarahrachelea 16w

    Dear Humanitarian Hearts,
    You can still helping others without being martyr
    Go find your win-win solution


  • teokannan 16w


    "If you ignore someone's message and judge that it does not warrant a reply, God will ignore your prayers and judge them as stupid.
    When you judge, God will too."


  • entanglednerves 18w

    Never Teach 'em That

    You're right, wise parents. How can you ever be wrong?
    Never discuss with your teenage kids about Sex, Dating and Relationship
    You may continue forcing them to marry and produce babies like roaches
    But Never teach 'em that what your ancestors never taught you, 'wise' parents.

    - Shivin

  • alonestar1 18w

    #Unknown Msg

    आएगा तेरे पास मैसेज,,,ना जाने वो कौन होगा ।।
    अपनी चिकनी बातों से वो,,,तुमको हरहाल फंसा ही लेगा ।।

    बातें करते करते यूं ही,,, कुछ दिन निकल जाएंगे,,,
    वीडियो कॉल पर बातें होंगी,,,फिर कपड़े भी निकाले जाएंगे ।।

    वो कर लेगा स्क्रीन रिकॉर्डिंग,,,फिर पैसों की बातें होंगी ।।
    अगर नहीं दिए तुमने पैसे,,,तो फिर ब्लैकमेलिंग शुरू होगी ।।

    फंस जाओगे चक्रव्यूह में,,,थोड़ा तुम संभलकर रहना ।।
    गर हो तेरे साथ कुछ ऐसा,,,सीधा पुलिस के पास चले जाना ।।


  • beensn 21w

    New year

    What is going to change in the new year?
    Of course, the calender on the wall for sure.
    Why are we so excited in welcoming?
    As if it may refuse to come without partying.
    When we see the amount of resources wasted,
    And the mishaps, the misbehaving, the drinks, the dance, the money looted.
    Is it the way to welcome something new?
    Losing one's own senses and not knowing what's due.
    Why are we so happy to leave the previous year behind?
    And later worry that the 'Good old days' were so kind.
    Let us do something good to leave a message,
    Not New or old, Jan or December, but what matters is how we envisage.
    © beensN

  • seo_myeon_i 22w

    Free to move
    Free to cry
    Free to laugh
    Is this life

    Whenever you want you pour down your tear
    Sometimes feels rain is just a droplet of message
    Soil is your love of the life
    And trees are planned to be children
    Your life is beautiful
    I am jealous

    Is what it feels like
    Moving around the World
    Knowing many things
    But can't be explained
    Maybe I want to be like you
    But it's good to be me too

    Everytime you touched us
    Feels like the message
    Send by the souls
    Wish I can see you
    But better not

    I want touch and see you
    I want to be jealous with you
    You always made fun of us
    Maybe heavy winds are your
    Laugh upon us
    It's ok

    I am still jealous with you

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    I wished I could be a sky.
    I can travel everywhere.
    See new the lights.
    I wished I could be a sky.