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  • wifey_suicide 8w

    I'm Sorry

    I hear you keep blaming yourself
    The way I treated you wasn't fair
    You shouldn't eat yourself up like a full plate
    My actions are emotions
    I know you still hate me and I hate myself too
    The things I put you through, just for me to miss you
    You were a great person, I wish I can show you how much I am sorry
    At the end of the day, I still messed up anyway
    I just hope you finally get treated fairly
    I was wrong, I shouldn't have traded you
    They're not with me
    A lessoned learned
    While I let a ship burn
    The pain that I feel now, should've been felt yesterday
    The sorry and sorrow, but you don't need it now
    I waited too long to say anything
    I'm not perfect like everyone else, but I knew better
    You could've been the one to buy me a ring
    The tears that are covering my sweater
    Doesn't even matter
    Why I'm I crying when I knew exactly what I was doing
    Just for wishing you were here with me
    The silence echos the air
    While you're out hopefully having fun
    I'm sorry that I wasn't the one

  • meherun728 14w

    We all been through this situation, where we grow up and learn to walk alone but still we want someone to love us , appreciate us, adore us .... This poem is based on those situations.... Here an adult says through his mind that he needed someone but he stayed silent because he was said that he has grown old and it's not the time to baby sit him.
    #sad #deep #voicesofmyhead #messed #anadult #lost

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    Unheard voice

    With flying time,
    I've realised, I've grown up now ...
    I can make differences between wrong and right...
    I can judge things, opinions
    And decide what's good for me ...
    But I still want someone to take care of me.

    I'm an adult, with lot of responsibilities,
    I'm brave, I'm responsible
    I can make decisions for my family
    I'm courageous enough
    To take steps selflessly
    But I still want someone to pamper me

    I understand their busy schedules
    I know their working minds
    I know their comfort zones
    And i'm not bothered anymore
    I accept everything that goes around
    But I still need someone to understand me

    Those tired, teary eyes
    Those counted sleepless nights
    I've been through lonely roads
    I didn't utter any words
    As I know that i'm old
    But I still need someone to hear me

    I'm not afraid of the dark
    But the darkness swallows me down
    I'm scared to be lost
    In my visioning isolated town
    I'm old and I can sleep of my own
    But i still need someone to make me sleep sound


  • stellaire_mystique 17w

    Yeah it was easy to move on....but unfortunately I died while moving through...

    I never had a regret of my decisions no matter good or bad they went but this is the first time
    You made me regret for falling in love with you
    It left me shattered
    I am alive but I am no more alive
    I smile but no matter how hard I try I can't be happy
    It's like I am walking but I don't feel that ground anyless
    I might talk to few people but I just cannot trust anyone anymore
    Yes I might get full stomach everytime I eat but still I am always hungry
    Yes I am breathing but I am dead from inside
    I got fucking hurt but I didn't even made a sound of it
    I am killing myself from inside everyday
    You wanna know how bad it went for me ....
    I craved for you but now I don't want you...
    This insane anxiety is like a parasite inside of me growing every second I can't even sleep for an hour now without a thought spinning in my head about you...
    I cannot make decisions anymore because everytime I think about something it gets overwhelmed with your thought...
    Yeah it was easy to move on....but unfortunately I died while moving through...
    Now it's not just my brain that reacts to your thoughts but also my body that every inch of it aches with an essence of your absence...
    I am not aware of what I am anymore or what will be the leading consequences of all these sublime reactions been charged up....
    Because a part of you will never leave me alone....Can also be the reason for why I can't let you go off me...
    Just so can't deny that your presence was my Pride....

  • purvitak_ 39w

    तुम ही बता दो

    चाँद-सितारे, हवा-पंछी, समंदर-बूंदे....
    इन सब से फुरसत निकाल कर ,
    आज उन कमरे की खाली-सफेद दीवारों को पुकारा।

    "दोपहरों में गुनगुनाते सुना है मुझे तुमने,
    रातों में उन्से बाते कर खिलखिलाते देखा है तुमने,
    बरसात मैं उन बूंदों को छू कर आँसू झलकाते भी देखा है तुमने।
    खुद को बहला फुसला कर ध्यान भटकाते देखा है तुमने,
    खुद से रोज़ ऊलझते झगड़ते देखा है तुमने।
    बिन वजह ही ख्वाब बुनकर नाचते देखा है तुमने।
    और कई दफ़ा उस कोने मे गुमसुम बैठे भी देखा है तुमने!!
    तो तुम ही बता दो ना, क्यों यूं हर पल खुद से ही मात खा जाती हूँ?
    क्यों एक पल में दुनिया पूरी माया लगती है,
    और सच्ची, सिर्फ खुद की ही काया लगती है...
    क्यों दूजे पल ही किसी के साए में बिखर जाने को दिल करता है?
    क्यों यूँ छोटी सी बिन मतलब की बातों पर जशन बनाने लगती हूँ,
    क्यों फिर अगले ही पल, उन बैचैन, तेज़ दिल की धड़कनों से घुटने लगती हूँ?


  • joban8 56w

    The Change

    Dekh halaat menu kinjj badleya...
    Nei bdleya te rooh te zakham da Nishan nei bdleya
    Unjj dekh sa mein chehra kida khushnuma badleya....
    Houli houli dhukh reha c jo hun wekh akhir ho swaah ch bdleya,
    Jeon di wjah dsda jehra ajj os ne maukam da raah bdleya....
    J buzdil da khitab den lggo ge tan pishey dekhna os kinna kuj tadey lyi bdleya.....
    Ik ik lyi mngi dua kher di par ajj
    Khud lyi oh slamti Shadd maut Val da kr  khyaal bdleya...
    Jeon di aas muka baitha j ajj kyu?
    Tuhadey muho kujj chir pisho jau eh swaal bdleya....
    Maafi k Pura utar nei skeya mein tadey Bola te,
    Smjh Lena kojey ko na gya bulandi Wal da raah bdleya...
    Ik khwaish odi hazri lva deni
    Yaad ode shehr da shadd jo siveya da raah bdleya....

  • shobhnakanwar 57w


    Flickering thoughts
    Blooming desires
    Leading messed life
    Creating distortion


  • untold_diaries_story 61w

    Whenever she get messed up
    He just kisses her forehead
    To make her calm down

  • _messedupwords_ 65w

    Khudse nafrat karne ki addat si ho chuki thi
    Khudse nafrat karne ki addat si ho chuki thi
    Per pata nahi andhere meh kyu tumne haat pakr kar roshni dikhai
    Kyu Bharosa dilaya saath rehne ka jab
    Ki do kadam meh hi saath chorna tha


  • thegirlwiththebook 77w

    The world is such a messed up place,
    Messed up people,
    Messed up relations.

    The feeling of happiness is always temporary
    The feeling of hate, anger and disgust is with you forever

    You hope for things to change
    You hope for a better tomorrow

    But in the end all we do is run
    Run from all the troubles
    Run from all the pain!


  • ahsila 80w


    Pretty much messed up
    Pretty much handling myself
    On the delusion of the world
    Uncertainty of situations
    Finding myself courage
    Hope i could see the
    Stars beneath the sky one day

  • wifey_suicide 85w

    God can’t save all of us.

  • poornimagowda 103w

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • farzana_bilal 108w

    Why do I even exist
    Everything would have been so sorted for everyone if I wasn't here!!!

  • anthonyhanible 109w

    Alone With You

    The time only you and I know
    A world in this bubble
    One big secret
    I won't tell no one
    I touched you
    You won't tell no one
    You touched me
    The fireworks
    The messed we made
    While I was
    Alone With You

  • alextheft 110w

    We all have been something before what we are. The present us is not what we dreamt of, did we?
    But we have to learn to respect the demon we have tamed. And no one's alone.
    This is to all of you. Who know the capacity of the dark and still manage to think normal.
    Love ya all guys. Keep fighting.

    #sparkle #dailychallenge #mirakee #pod #her #women #wise #million #trust #broke #messed #unreal #reality #miraquill

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    A million of which I wasn't

    Never even with beleive, was I?
    And trust ain't a sparkle for me to try,
    Or shall we say, addicted to lie
    Was my heart waiting for you to cry,

    No, I don't carry hate in heart,
    Rather fill things up in my cart,
    Oh! No-one's a target but a dart,
    And kindness ain't a business to start,

    Time broke me, messed up I stand,
    No other occasion to celebrate it grand,
    Thanks to life and those lose strands,
    I'm a million of which I didn't understand.

  • adilnissar 110w


    You were the sunshine // I was the rain
    You were you // I was me.
    we were us till you wanted it to be.

  • ishm_01 113w

    A messed up soul will find a way someday...
    Somehow, they'll be out of this...

  • nivyaangelin 118w


    It was a boring morning as usual.
    One asked me,
    " What's the time?"
    I replied, " Gonna be 8:40am "
    even though it was 8:35am.
    I broke out again!


  • _poelet_ 122w

    Two roads

    There are two roads
    Two to thousand
    Thousand to infinite
    Which to choose
    Which to lose
    All I could think of those days
    Feets running up and down
    With thousand dreams up over our head
    Without knowing that at the last of day
    You could only choose the one you met
    Down the stars, on the feet.

  • dumb_meeee 124w

    Last Message for 2019

    In 2019, I tried so hard to find myself. I even applied to a job to find my purpose. I failed. All my life I've been worn to a frazzle trying to figure out exactly what I want,fuck!

    But anyway, I'm truly grateful to those peeps I met and stayed in my 2019. Thank you so much.