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  • jan_balan 72w

    "it's definitely worth a try"

    Going through a medical phase in life is always a worth a try. They always show how we are strong mentally and physically. The joy of waiting to get clean and reach the honeycomb is a success. That coming back or back to form life will be worth trying. That's what I love in the whole dramatic concept of being sick.

    Strength is something everyone looking forward. The "positivity" and "I'm there", are the words we are waiting to hear from the closed one during those days. Those words are memory, joy and happiness.

    "Self- care" is the term everyone has to look through in this year 2021. Taking care of ourselves. Keeping ourselves fit and happy is our own problem... No, our own solution will be the correct term. Our happiness and self care resides on us not on others.

    In that case, keeping track on Self - Care is definitely worth a try.

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    It's definitely worth trying

    Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn
    Twist and swrils sets the shore
    Either horror or joy expresses itself.
    Human metabolism changes
    Adopts, Adapts and Acquires - incomings.
    The pain of new enemy
    Slides through soliders eyes
    Exhibits it's power to overpower.
    Tiny cells of human body grow;
    "Eating", is the master plan,
    Killing the good, eating -
    A wonderful twist.

    I look back and see
    Things I have lost,
    The pain, I'm going through.
    The days are in count
    To win the "War of Metabolism."
    I fight, to taste essence of honey
    Running down the roads of joy.
    Wounds are began to heal
    Often knock the pain hard,
    Harder and hardest manner.
    To resolve, reconnect and revolve
    Around the world.
    Yes, It's definitely worth a try.

  • dixabhavsar1424 152w

    Love kept me going, it will keep you going too, if it is true, selfless, forgiving & soul piercing.

    Love is the strongest feeling, emotion, virtue, passion, whatever you call it. It could be for anyone, a person, place or a thing - your family, friends, spouse, partner, pet, work/job, hobby, country, God & lot more, not to forget the most important one- self love.
    The feeling of love is enough, for you to survive the worst, be it failure- grave disease- heartbreak- financial crises- depression or death. Love heals. It understands. The only condition for you is to keep your heart open & give everything you can & you'll see how content it makes you feel.

    But it demands hard work, faith & determination to never give up. Thats all you gotta give & it will never let you down.
    Yes, there will be tough times, you are gonna be doubting yourself & others, on the verge of giving up, failing to understand why things happened that way, but just hold a pinch of faith there in your➡ self, relationship, work, dream. That's all it takes for you to not give up & keep going.

    Yes, its difficult but not impossible. Give love a chance and see how it heals you & makes you the best version of yourself.
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    Love will keep you going.


  • dixabhavsar1424 152w

    Flax seeds/ linseeds, we commonly know as Alasi have been used since centuries now owing to its nutrient content omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, protein and fiber.
    So it's no wonder they acquired the name Linum usitatissimum, meaning "the most useful."

    Flax seeds benefits your body like no other food and its been scientifically proven to improve conditions like:

    ��Its soluble fiber helps to keep your hunger at bay - best for weight loss & people who are always snacking.
    ��It improves digestion & relieves constipation due to its insoluble fiber.
    ��Reduces diabetes - blood sugar levels.
    ��Studies have shown, flax seeds reduces LDL (Bad cholesterol), improves HDL ( Good cholesterol), resulting in reducing overall cholesterol levels in blood, improving heart health.
    ��Flax seeds also lowers blood pressure.
    ��It is best plant- based protein for the people who  avoid fish (vegan)/ fish oil supplements.
    ��It is an immunity-booster & possess #antiaging property, rejuvenating & good for skin & hairs.
    ��Flax seeds contain a group of nutrients called lignans, which have powerful antioxidant and estrogen properties. It helps in preventing BPH, breast and prostate cancer, as well as other types of cancer.
    ��It helps improve brain function especially in children with ADHD or the ones grouped under Autistic syndrome. Also useful in controlling  meopausal symptoms & depression.

    Acc to Ayurveda: It is hot in potency, so useful for vata disorders like neuralgia, paralysis, arthritis. It reduces vata and increases pitta & kapha so should be used with caution by people suffering from bleeding disorders & planning to conceive.

    How to consume it:
    “If you eat flaxseeds whole, you will likely pass them whole in your stool." So, consume GROUND SEEDS rather than whole, as your intestines cannot break down the tough outer shell of the seeds.
    Flax seed oil is applied externally to treat joint and muscle pains, non healing wounds, skin disorders.

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    Flax seeds

  • dixabhavsar1424 153w

    Yes, you reading it right. Practicing Gratitude can bestow us with so much more than peace of mind. Not to forget, peace of mind leads to  happiness.

    Acc to Ayurveda, our body & mind are related, as we are psychosomatic beings. Peace of mind improves your metabolism, leading to good gut health - thats directly related to the release of happy hormones.
    Research studies have shown, Gratitide improves HDL ⤴(good cholesterol) and reduces ⤵LDL (bad cholesterol). Even ⤵lowers blood pressure.
    Improves��the quality & duration of sleep.��
    Beginning each day with Gratitude❤can improve your work efficiency, create positive vibes, inspire you to do better & improves your relationship with others and yourself.
    We have been blessed in ways we dont even reckon. God have been really merciful and lenient with us humans then any other living bodies on planet. We owe him big time. Showing compassion towards other species & #patience towards humans, we can create a peaceful environment on earth.
    Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction of giving. God provides us with everything. Gratitude is the least we can pay. Gratitude is the peace we need, something which keeps us going.
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    Improved work efficiency
    Good Cholesterol
    Sound sleep???

    Practice Gratitude