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  • alythesmurf 1w

    Me too

    I begged him to stop,
    I told him no,
    but there was nowhere
    for me to go.
    I tried my best
    to get away,
    he told me to give up
    and stay.

    Summer heat,
    burning just beneath
    my feet.
    Sweat poured
    from his hair,
    and drenched
    my ghostly face.
    A salty,
    most unpleasant

    Pitch black outside,
    but I don't see stars.
    Music blasted
    from the car.

    Kiss me with your cherry lipstick,
    never wash you off my face.
    Hit me, I can take your cheap shots-
    leave you with the love we made...

    Lyrics forever burned
    into my head.
    I'll never listen to
    that song again.

    Sharp, stabbing pain,
    yet full of self-doubt-
    I wanted to scream,
    but nothing came out.
    I closed my eyes,
    and wished to be
    Some place else-
    the beach, the sea.
    Just about anywhere-
    Any place,
    but never there.

    So much bigger,
    So much stronger,
    I couldn't fight him off
    any longer.
    When it was over,
    and he was done,
    I knew that he had
    finally won.
    A battle that I could
    never win,
    He'll probably never
    pay for his sins.

    Put on your clothes,
    fix your hair,
    pull yourself together-
    Go home,
    take a shower,
    wash off the gasoline
    and leather.

    Put on a smile,
    it's the very next day.
    You want to tell someone,
    but you're not sure what to say.

    You just want it all to go away...

    Too much time
    has already passed,
    and not a single
    soul has asked.
    So maybe for now,
    I should just stay quiet.
    Maybe one day I'll scream,
    and start a fucking riot.

    Men and women,
    boys and girls,
    trauma from all
    around the world.
    Feeling damaged,
    full of disgust,
    but they want us to
    "forget" and "trust"
    Monsters who devour
    those of any age...
    We want the next chapter-
    but we can't turn the page.

    I listen to their stories:

    "It feels like I'm in Hell"
    "I used to be somebody,
    but now I'm just a shell".

    I'm still listening:

    "I felt helpless, and alone"
    "Weak and betrayed"
    "My soul left my body that day".

    I'm crying.

    "I was so scared"
    "I didn't know what to do."

    Two words fell
    from my mouth:

    "Me too"...


  • jmaj161914 1w

    I wonder

    I wonder
    I wonder why my heart swells like the ocean waves when I look at you
    Is it your eyes, your lips, your smile
    Could it be the love you show
    I wonder why my skin tingles like an electric shock when you touch me
    When you hold me in your arms
    When I'm you, a little spoon
    Skin on skin
    You drag me in
    Deeper into the love that you have for me
    I giggle every time I think of you
    Your scent lingers in my nose
    From past nights
    For future love
    I wonder why it's me you chose
    Why with all the flaws and scars I have
    The phases I go through
    The sadness I keep
    I wonder if I'll be good enough
    But every time I see you, my heart bursts
    Exploding with the supernova of a distant star
    Colors flood my head
    If you only you knew what you mean to me
    No words could describe how immense the love is that makes me cherish the passion we have
    Thoughts flood my head
    And I wonder what the future could hold
    Our wedding, kids? Our house, pets?
    But my love is not the obsessive side of limerence
    And that's why I keep on wondering
    That forever seems too short
    But still, I wonder
    Can you be mine?
    Can I be yours?
    Te amo mi novio y siempre estaré contigo y te apoyaré te amo

  • jmaj161914 2w


    Looking in the past

    Realizing the love we had ain't shit

    I'm not surprised it's the thanks I get

    I give up

    I'm done with love cause it's failed me

    I try and I try again

    The result is being numb the the pain

    I tried to be patient with you

    I liked the feeling too

    But I'm Trapped in my mind

    It used to be a beautiful place

    Imagination with abundant grace

    Where I would lay a burden down

    Escape the current situations in life I would currently be in

    I'd push up out of the waves of pressure so I wouldn't drown

    But it didn't last sadly

    They drag me down hands grab at me from the ground

    Clawing me making scars on my body that will stay

    If what we said had a physical effect on someones body would they be pretty

    Think be spontaneous in your choices cause you never know when they will be taken away from you

  • jmaj161914 2w


    Why do I do this

    I trust in the people that will eventually hurt me

    But what is this feeling

    Abandonment, betrayal, why am I hurting

    I want to be numb

    The gift that keeps on giving

    From the pain that scorches my body

    Down to the iceberg that was my heart

    Ice because eventually, it will melt into nothing

    And I will be a shell of what I used to be

    Caring for the things that do me harm

    Why do I do this

    I used to trust in the people that I thought would love me

  • jmaj161914 2w


    'I love you so much'

    'You make me so happy'

    'I'll always care about you'

    'You mean the world to me'

    'I'll never replace you'

    'I'm always thinking of you'

    'I'll always be here for you no matter what'


    But all you hear is laughter

    Like did it ever matter

    Did I mean anything

    Now I sound crazy

    But all you hear is laughter

    For how stupid I was

    For how broken I was

    For how worthless I was


  • jmaj161914 2w


    The more love you give, the more love you receive

    The more love you give, the less love is received

    The more love you give, the more love is taken

    The more love you give, the more love is deceived

    The more love you give, the more your heart is broken

    The more love you give


  • jmaj161914 2w

    I've been gone I'm sorry I've been busy with college and life. You know how it gets in the way yet I felt guilty not posting. I do apologize. #life #love #life #pride #metoo #mylife #problems #thisisme #unashamed #feels #cry #deep #dark #FR #why #writingcontest #creativearena #wot #love #2022 @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @mirakeeworldwidewriter

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    A wanted dream

    It hurts to love and leave
    So I'll love you less
    Cause I know you won't do your best
    Even if you can see
    Me struggling to be
    What you've always wanted
    I did try to give you my all
    It's what I saw
    It's how it all started
    But it's not how you responded
    You desperately needed my love
    It wasn't what I had
    I didn't think you'd understand
    It's not something you could think of
    Yet what pushed me away was your shove
    It hurts to love and leave
    So I'll loved you less
    I didn't try to do my best
    I know you could see
    Me struggling to be
    The dream you always wanted

  • dhwansha 9w

    I wish

    I wish I could go out
    Without wearing a bra

    I wish I didn't start sweating
    Everytime a drunk yelled
    "Ayee, madam!!!"

    I wish I wasn't afraid
    Of boarding crowded buses

    I wish I didn't have to judge
    While asking directions

    I wish I didn't feel ashamed
    When someone looked at me
    For more than 2 seconds
    While walking down a road

    I wish my heart rate didn't spike
    When i am the only female
    In my surroundings

  • thulasiscribbles 11w

    Feminists are not born.

    They are seeded by trauma,
    Watered by injustice,
    And nurtured by torture.

    Growing with pain and backlashes from others.
    They stand!
    Not tall and strong
    But with heart wrenching pain.

    I do not know what your definition of feminism is,
    But mine is HUMANity!

  • avacobae 11w

    You have not indeed recognised
    your inability to act,to speak
    Perhaps,the sanity itself has vanished,the strength relinquishing your mind
    You cannot overcome the greyness
    when the moment you felt the
    filthy stroke,the melting gaze
    the parched eyes,then recognised
    you are silent,stone
    You cannot stand the nudge
    the glance,the odour
    and still couldn't act upon,
    couldn't raise your voice,
    only the penning in action!
    You wanted to run off
    from the very thought of that
    you wanted to blind the fox eyes,all these
    occurred when the sanity returned.
    You want to barge in the action
    But you,yes you ,the Goddess
    Are petrified of the wolves out there !

  • keetzwrites 12w

    Now when that happened a lot of things rushed through my mind. We talk, we talk a lot about all this. We share all this. We girls say that we do not like this and here I am trying to unsee what happened. We talk about Justice! We say when someone is punished, we get Justice. I have nothing against that. But has anyone thought about the fact that one day a girl goes through all this,the harasser is punished but then the mental trauma stays. What is the point of punishing the person after everything has happened? I agree they should be punished but you know what Justice would really be? When we prevent it from happening and then save a girl! That would be Justice! When a girl can walk around safely without worrying about anyone looking at her that way, that would be Justice!
    We have spoken about this before haven't we? Not me of course, but other girls! We explain how bad we feel, how sick it feels to know this happened. We share posts and try to complain but in the end it is just us who hold hands and say #metoo

    I'm leaving the comment box open for anyone to share anything.
    Also even before any boy Says don't generalize it, no I am not generalizing it. I have a wonderful gang of boys as friends with whom I have travelled a lot and I always feel safe around them. So yeah! This isn't generalizing.

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    Oka let's talk about this!
    Part 2

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  • keetzwrites 12w

    I don't know if we are allowed to share this on this platform! But I guess there is nothing to be ashamed of to talk about it.
    So I stay in the Hostel. It was a bright evening and I went to the Terrace just to get some fresh air. The phone rang and yup! It was my best friend! We hadn't spoken since ages and I was having a lovely time talking to her. On the opposite end a Construction was going on and there were a few workers doing their job. I happened to notice one of them staring at me but then didn't give a thought and continued talking on call. The next time I turned the most unexpected disgusting thing happened ! He flashed! I was shook, I froze for a minute and he stood there like that. Even before something worse could happen I walked back into my hostel. It felt sick! No one wants to be treated like that! No one wants to feel like that. I walked back into the room, took and shower and here I am writing this! That's when I realized it's high time I bring it out!
    Part 2 coming soon.

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    Okay let's talk about this!

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  • taytay_nicole424 17w

    *Sexual Assault Trigger Warning read at ur own risk*

    I'm nothing more than a mere painting
    Tarnished by your touch
    You took all these beautiful colors I once harbored
    Splattered them across my canvas
    Ruining the once beauty and brightness of my soul
    Now when I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind
    Forever taunting me
    Always reminding me that my purity was never truly mine to hold

    #painter #wod #ruinedcanvas #rape #feels #metoo #sexualassault #victim #survivor #warrior #struggling #drowning #deep #dark #cruel #art #depressed #ptsd #writer #poetry #poem #poet #mirakee #miraquill #writersnetwork @miraquill

    *I want to give a very grateful thank you to @writersnetwork for reposting my poem, it truly means so much to me<3

    *Giving another grateful thank you to everyone who reposted my poem, just knowin that y'all enjoy my poems enough to share them just makes my day:)

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    Ruined Canvas

    When I look at this art I call my body
    I see nothing more than the scarring smears you left behind

  • e11eventhwolf 17w

    You told me you loved me while you held a blade against my throat.
    You smiled and told me everything would be okay while you tried to stifle every effort I made to be healthy and happy.
    I know your type well. A spineless creature who preys on the powerful who have yet to embrace their light.

  • riyagupta__ 20w

    The only good thing I learnt to do in 2021 is to take a stand for myself.
    Maybe for people around its just a slap which I have gifted to a guy for his behaviour,
    but for me it's a whole journey,
    Journey to become a bold woman from a weak girl.
    I have suffered a lot for the things which I've never done,
    But not anymore ��������
    Now I wouldn't tolerate people treating me like an object , making me feel worthless.
    No, I wouldn't be the voice behind those me too movements now,
    Instead the voice of those slaps should be echoed in everyone's ears, who dares to mistreat any women now,
    Being catcalled, stalked till my own house,
    From a so called relatives,to to some random one on road,
    "Maybe they don't have mother's and sisters at their home"even if you have one, why would they suffer for all the crimes you have done
    Men can never understand ,what one wrong touch can do to a women,
    That fear, would always be sticked to her heart,
    You people can never understand how bad it feels.

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #harassement #women #speakup #speakupforyourself

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    Standing up for myself

    "Hey sweetie!
    Looks who has come to meet you?"
    Shouted mumma from the kitchen.
    "Oh God! Please not him again "I wondered.
    That ever so sweet uncle,
    His uncomfortable hugs,creepy handshakes
    and that wicked smile he passes around,
    his unwelcoming stares on my body ,his ghastly hands roaming on my head and shoulders to bless me.
    "Stop" is the only word that came to my head but a smile on my face,
    I ran away from home crying on my fate,
    I just reached the main street from my house,
    and encountered not so nice guy xyz
    "Hi ! May I drop you somewhere miss,
    If you don't have any issues. Just one cup of coffee in exchange of lift"he said winking at me blocking my way
    "Heya! He is just asking for coffee,why are you showing so much of attitude" his friends rebuked.
    "Stop" is the only word that came to my head but a smile on my face,
    I ran away from street crying on my fate,
    Now running away from all the mess
    I reached e rikshaw stand
    "Bus stop" I asked
    "Yes madam sit"he replied
    I sat and saw him adjusting his side mirrors in an unpleasent way,
    Mirror also crying on his doom ,
    helped the man ogle on my breasts,
    Highly uncomfortable,I shifted to other side,
    Fortunately rest of the ride was fine,
    "Mam we reached" he said breaking my thoughts,
    I took out some cash out of my bag
    He groped my hand in a nasty way.
    I pulled my hand back in reflex.
    "Stop" is the only word that came to my head but a smile on my face,
    I ran away from rikshaw crying on my fate,
    I boarded the bus to India gate
    Bus was full so I stood near the gate,
    With every brake a guy falls on me ,his touches inappropriate
    He rubbing his c***** on my waist
    "Sorry sorry it was unintentional" he said,
    The smirk behind his apology for namesake,
    "Stop" is the only word that came to my head but a smile on my face,
    I ran away from bus crying on my fate,
    Finally I reached India gate,
    To meet my life ,my mate
    I just ran and tightly hugged him,
    That hug was a medicine for my soul
    His shirt in tears I soaked
    "Hi darling! Finally we met. You know how much urge I had controlled to kiss you. Just one kiss"he said
    That one sentence broke my heart into million pieces,
    I'm just an object not my Papa's princess.
    "Hello mumma, yaa I'll come soon"
    I said faking a call, leaving him angered or shocked or what not,
    "You never loved me " he said
    "Stop" is the only word that came to my head but a smile on my face,
    I ran away from him crying on my fate,
    It's almost evening, moon lightening up the sky,
    I walked back on deserted road ,
    My legs shivering, voice cracking ,tears flowing like river,
    My disheveled hair my panicked stricken face,
    Suddenly I heard footsteps following my pace
    I stopped and grabbed pebble from road,
    Now I'll not tolerate anymore I swore,
    "Hey where are you going ! Accompany us ,we both will enjoy sweetheart" the guy said
    "Thud" and he fell on the ground
    "No ! Not again " I slapped him hard and shout,
    Finally that stop come from head to mouth
    My whole fear, whole trauma just came in front of my eyes,
    But I'll not fall weak neither I'll compromise.
    I'm a human not an object to play on
    I'm my mumma's doll but not a toy to mistreat any way,
    I do move in public ,but I'm not public property,
    Learn to respect women, don't play with their modesty,
    I returned back home my head held high,
    losing my love,losing the respect for people I loved,
    but winning the battle with my inner world.


  • ket_pat 22w

    Being me

    I was looking at her,finally after all this time. I thought the moment our eyes meet it will be filled with tears. Right now it was just like a blank canvas. I wanted to see something, anything. I was trying to read her face,eyes even her lips. But I couldn't get a single emotion from them.But this nothing scared the shit out of me. My earth scattered, my lips became dry,my heart sat. No,she wasn't the girl I knew. I wanted to scream at her to bring her back,I couldn't. I wanted to shake her,I couldn't.I wanted to grab her hand,I couldn't. Wanted to embrace her,I couldn't. All I could do was stare in her eyes,so I did. Clock was ticking, seconds,minutes and hours and we just started. Suddenly, I started to see blurry vision not realizing they were my own tears. We cried till we couldn't have a single tear left. And then suddenly I could feel our lips turning into a small smile and eyes calm and composed. I could connect with her. Finally we could feel ourselves again after my rape. The dreadful incident after which I could see my mirror image and not feel disgusted, anger and frustrated. I was calm with me and my reflection gave me strength and we were ready for world again.

  • george22 26w

    'Comfort zone' -

    Here I lay,
    I forget so often what to say.

    It's almost time to leave the place,
    Where I fought but lost my grace.

    You'd think leaving would be good,
    But in this spot for years I've stood.

    It's like I'm scared to start a new,
    Here I'll be far away from you.

    I thought I'd be excited for this,
    A chance to make up for the things I did miss.

    But fear takes it's hit,
    And in the darkness I want to sit.

    Going over the past,
    Replaying it fast.

    As I know it so well it's almost a friend,
    But I need to let go and mend

    Walking to the unknown,
    It's time to leave the comfort zone.

  • george22 27w

    'To remember what I am again' -

    November blues,
    Still searching the walls for clues.

    It's been forever its been years,
    But still here comes the harmony of tears.

    To forget that face,
    To remember my grace,

    To forget that town,
    To remember how not to drown.

    To forget that time,
    To remember what is mine.

    November blues,
    What else will I have to loose.

    It's been forever its years,
    Still hooked onto past fears.

    To forget that ceiling,
    To remember the good feeling,

    To forget that man,
    To remember how not give a damn.

    To forget that pain,
    To remember what I am again.

  • george22 27w

    'Breathe, breathe drown' -

    Bad night,
    It's a fright.

    I feel myself sinking down,
    Breathe, breathe drown.

    Staring at the wall,
    Those hands crawl.

    Eyes staring me down,
    Breathe, breathe drown.

    Frozen in this space,
    Thrown back to that place.

    A familiar corridor don't look down,
    Breathe, breathe drown.

    Can't escape don't know how,
    There's no stopping it now.

    Pressing me down,
    Breathe, breathe drown.

  • broken_poet04 27w


    She lays broken in her bed
    Bleeding in a natural way
    Crying over the unnatural pain he brought her
    Wondering why she became paralyzed under him
    Wondering why she didn't think to fight
    Or scream or shout or cry or even argue
    Instead she lay limp and took it
    And now she's on her bed paralyzed
    By the weight of her shame
    And haunted by
    the ghost of her memory