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  • reshmakr1995 2w


    Sometimes it's you,
    Sometimes it's the world around you.
    But, all that is,
    Is the denounced memories.


  • parasdeepak 2w

    Think again, step back
    It's mirage of love, don't track,
    It's one way path, fear its wrath,
    Don't follow its aftermath.

    Beauty attracts, let it go,
    Distracts you, you should know,
    No matter, for your efforts,
    You'd lose yourself, say experts.

    Some genius seems nerdy,
    Some may seem sturdy,
    Before you make a move,
    Think twice and disapprove.

    Some are beauty with brain,
    They can drive you insane,
    It's not love, it's illusion,
    Don't jump to any conclusion.

    Attraction is genuine, but beware,
    You'd say it's love, it's not, I swear,
    Once you fall and get attached,
    Sow seeds of pain, to be never detached.

    - ©parasdeepak

  • blackdot 4w

    A heartfelt cry of a lonely heart or longing for the love Far away you decide #mirage #fleeting time #memories

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    Dur hai tu mujhse par hai dur  kyu nahi
    Saath na raha magar suroor kyun wahi
    Jaanta hu main  nahi kya hai galat sahi
    Baatein bas hai yad vo jo tune thi kahi

    Pyaar tha ya tha wo khwab hai pata nahi
    Saath tha wo ya tha wo koi Sarab hi
    Lagti hai wo raat Kal thi tu jo baahon mein
    Ho gayi subah na tu hai bas Teri kami

    Yaad Kar raha hu main jo Tera saath tha
    Har subah sunehri , haath Tera haath tha
    Ho gayi berang Jaise meri zindagi
    Tu nahi hai  toh kya ab andhera saath tha

  • noodle0369 4w

    The Ornamented Lady

    Suppressed lust at first sight.


    With the walk of a drunk elephant.

    Fertile as the banks of the Brahmaputra.

    Full as the Moon.

    I turned into a wolf first.

    Deserving of a thirst quenching howl.

    And then a snake.

    Making sure.

    And a gorilla.

    Smacked out of a dream.

    Bengal Tigress

    Hidden Dragon

    Like mirrors.

    I stop thinking. Not voluntarily.

    I lose.

    I fall on my knees

    on the ground.

    The Rock kisses me with her vagina.


    That plush pink piece of heaven

    A fast fleeting moment of knowing who it is.

    The Ornamented Lady.

    And there is no looking back.

    I hold her thighs

    Around my neck.

    And devour her vagina

    Like the last forbidden fruit in Existence.

    And music!

    Like all the angels have gathered

    Welcoming a martyr.

    I fall.

    On her tenderest.

    She holds me by my hair.

    And I think this is it.

    And I want to die eating.

    I don't quit.

    She lets go.

    And I myself.

    Like two gracefully

    created of God's.

    And there is fire and light.

    And bangs and blinding white.

    Things are being set in motion.

    Hermit awakening.

    I let my hands wander.

    On her every inch.

    Like a possessed slytherin.

    I slither.

    I let it happen.

    She let it happen.

    She is awake.

    Making arrangements for the hermit.

    I don't remember anything.

    In her bosom I awake.

    And a bright new world.

    Immediately me she kicks out.

    Like comfort, come and get me.

    I wander.


  • jagruti_patil30 5w

    My instincts stopped me to believe it was you,
    But my eyes refused to accept it,
    I stared at you like a water in middle of desert,
    Only to know that you were a mirage!


  • iqujiger 13w

    #Your love was perhaps #MIRAGE The more I #chased it more it #walked away from #me

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    //And Darling perhaps your love was the
    Mirage that only made me chase
    But never letted me to hope for it's
    Forever Esistance//

  • in_fragments 14w

    A Fata Morgana is a type of mirage, one that is normally associated with the open ocean but can also be seen at times on land. It takes its name from Arthurian legend, named for the sorceress Morgan le Fay, who was said to use these images with her witchcraft to lure unwitting sailors into her traps. 
    This type of mirage is responsible for all kinds of unusual sightings, from mountains in the middle of the ocean to ships that appear to by flying, and it may even be the source of the legend of the Flying Dutchman.
    Usually, the image is based on a real object, such as a far-off ship, just distorted to appear surreal. People report seeing floating ships, ships that appear to be flying upside down, or even landmasses that aren’t really there. Interestingly, the farther away from a Fata Morgana you are, the taller the mirage appears to be.
    #pod #poem #thoughts #monsters #life #death #humans #mirage @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Fata Morgana Ignored

    The beach lay dormant, quiet and gray,
    on an off-season overcast morning-
    I passed other solemn souls
    in their puffy coats along cooled sand,
    I felt it bond and loosen against my feet,
    I meandered towards the pier, the wind
    nipping at my reddening toes
    nearing the edge of the water,
    when I saw it...

    The Fata Morgana
    made its memorable introduction to me.
    A thirty foot ship, mainsails billowing,
    gliding upside down amongst the fog,
    and a sixty foot wide island behind it,
    whose caps were so humongous
    they covered the skies
    and the heavens all around.
    I saw them, everyone I loved- everyone
    I had ever seen die, staring straight
    back at me with such light
    in their eyes, their arms outstretched
    past the limits of wooden railings
    like soldier's spouses beholding
    the end of the wars they did not survive.
    I watched as mirrors of ghosts
    reached for me over choppy ocean waves,
    inconsolable over the quiet exits
    of their bloodlines, and trying so hard
    to extend themselves towards the sun,
    never fated to have it, only forgetting
    how to feel it. I thought to myself,
    "Is anything worth anything?
    Are these rotting pieces of meat
    and threads of tired synapses we inhabit?
    Are we merely billions
    of men and women and children
    just waiting for our chance
    to dissolve into light tricks?"

    Then, all the people on the shore,
    aghast and stunned at what they
    were seeing, started swimming out,
    entering the water in plainclothes,
    as if entranced on that frigid
    wintry morning. I saw them diving,
    emerging and submerging
    like distorted dolphins, hypnotized
    by the faces of their loved ones,
    how close to the touch they seemed to be.
    They moved in droves out
    to that illusory ship, swimming towards
    jubilation, swimming towards love,
    swimming towards absolutely nothing.
    My own ghosts still beckoned,
    they stared and smiled and sang,
    but I turned around-
    facing all the humans
    running down the sand so happily,
    so excited, so ready to drown in a farce-
    with my head up and forward facing until
    the beach was out of sight completely.

    They were once here, and now they're not,
    and there is no other way
    to visit the dead
    without allowing them
    to take you back on their ship of ghosts.

    The only thing that's not nothing
    is this moment, right now.
    Tomorrow is a mirage, the sunrise is
    a Fata Morgana, but today
    doesn't have to be. Find something
    to hold on to, even if it's pain,
    even if it's dread and traumatic stress
    from being followed by mirages.
    It must come in waves
    to remind you that you're
    beautifully and entirely real,
    and so was everyone else you lost.
    Beautiful, and finite- gone,
    and the glittering mirage on the horizon
    is just that.
    You are not a mirage quite yet,
    still with so much more to do
    if the universe chooses to let you.
    Don't ever stop living
    because you feel Death spying,
    like a flying ship, following,
    waiting to take you in.
    The point of living is not to escape
    from timeworn truths into the traps
    of dangerous illusions-
    the point of it all
    is to live so well, and in the names
    of everyone you've ever loved,
    to find so much happiness
    that you won't be afraid to die
    when your ship finally arrives.
    Life is not to be spent looking for
    and expecting Death at any moment;
    life is to be spent in spite
    of all It's alluring illusions,
    glaring at them every day
    before you sleep
    and staying alive even as
    they rip you into pieces by sunset.

  • lostspiritsam 15w

    I extended my hand
    In the hopes of an oasis.
    But found myself
    Walking to a mirage.

    I see you smiling now
    Is it an oasis that you found
    Or is it a mirage
    Like you once were.


  • pnair87 23w

    മൃതിയുടെ തണുത്ത കരങ്ങളാൽ
    ജീവിതത്തിന്റെ എരി കനൽ അണഞ്ഞിടുന്നു ...
    മൃത്യുതൻ നനുത്ത കൈവിരലുകളാൽ
    ആത്മാവിൻ മുറിവുകളെ മായ്ച്ചിടുന്നു ...
    ശാന്തം സുന്ദരം ആ വഴി ...
    ഒരു അപ്പൂപ്പൻതാടി പോലെ ...
    ഒരു മരീചികയായ് ...


  • sonu99 26w

    Nostalgia is a mirage.

  • little_miss_delusional 27w

    "Delirious visions"

    I was but a mirage

    left in your atmosphere

    filled with condensed

    resentment and

    unforgettable first kiss


  • sanjeevanik 28w


    Dream is a blue mirage in the desert
    Crossing the dream, beyond the bush
    Go to the place where it gets clearer

  • brokengypsysoul 28w

    I lost myself in loving you
    I was too busy meeting your needs that I forgot about my own
    I lost time in loving you, precious time
    I put my life on hold, for a dream life with you
    I got hurt in loving you
    I made sacrifices for you, to see you
    My dreams now shattered
    What I didn't know is this was a mirage
    An illusion set by you, one that would never come true


  • crudemotions 28w

    Mirage of Happiness

    Often encountered in the sands of lifetime

    Oasis filled with pre-defined life standards

    Lures explorer for a detour from actual path

    Leading into the voids of the endless ambitions and desires

    Burying explorer with the weight of disappointment

    Only to find the core of this illusion is Mirage of Happiness


  • kanchanruhela 30w

    Your existence in my heart is a mirage itself, what can I say about your presence in my life?


  • chavdamohit18 32w


    The happiness it's a sweet mirage of life

  • pinkfloyduwu 34w

    I always wonder what makes someone indifferent towards God—then I remember who even has time to think about God and what purpose thus it can serves?. The reality in the very start deprived us of God all now left is descriptions, better it never is questioned; lost in a desert one adapt the manner of indifference towards mirages.

  • doux_torment 34w

    But what's it that I have (

    @writersnetwork @mirakee


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    In sheer silence
    When everything comes to a halt
    When tic-tic of my clock stops at 12:00
    When mellifluous beatings of my heart along with my encapsulated elusive apparition rests on the hands of clock
    When my pulse fades away
    And my breath turns shallow
    And my bone becomes hollow
    I impregnate them with solace
    And I lose
    all I have
    to find once again


  • smartsam 34w


    Life is mirage
    make best from foliage!
    Chasing hopes we from
    kindergarten till death!

    Life is mirage
    accept with courage!
    Air as escapes from grip
    time this finds its own passage!

    Dreams other camouflage
    hopes entangled with mirth!
    Hurt, pain, sorrow
    lastly remains hardly any worth!

    Wishes, hopes & dreams
    all colours various
    of but one thing!
    Who knows yet but what
    tommorow shall bring?

    Anyways keep doing your best
    honest, hardwork & with
    faith & courage!
    Noble attributes in action
    can spawn real from mirage!


    #mirakee @mirakeeworld #mirakeewriters @mirakee #poem #pod #mirage @mirage

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  • thehiddeninsights 36w

    World of love

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    His hypnotizing eyes
    Never let me escape
    From his prison