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  • mahtobpensdown 7w


    Comparison kills
    Self confidence in a pit
    Let's accept self first

    Jealousy Brings Hate
    Always wastes your super mind
    Can you be moral?

    2 social issues - comparison and jealousy

    Let's spread love and be a support in this dramatically twisting Life! Let's make our Lord proud of our birth! And not get mingled with the petty social issues!
    Let's not make an audience that lives under pressure and forgets it's uniqueness!!

  • dory_d 7w

    1) Homelessness

    Shivering in cold
    No shelter but blanket holed
    Is what I ahold

    2) Drug abuse

    Pills meant to half kill
    Youth drowning deep down the hill
    Flairs of humankind


  • twilight1228 7w


    Everybody fights
    Saying their religion supreme
    Killing others for God.

  • kin_jo 7w

    Following are the two haikus , two small flowers in remembrance of my friend John and brother joker.

    A stagnant, years old social issue

    Old age home : Ageing

    Ageing a crime, crestfallen caducity , weak bones , abandoned by own children leads to life behind pasture less walls....away from home. Awaiting a call, a touch, just living merely in memories until sight falls short of time.


    Finding , haunting for their own mistake, tracing palm lines over and over again to locate their moon and Sun. Never finding the real meaning of love in their dictionary from day one . Yet they build a frolic shrine on thorny bed calling it a home , an orphanage

    Edit: Thank you so much @writersnetwork . This specific piece somehow means a lot to me . Love you team ❤️

    #haiku #mirage_poetry_contest @writersnetwork

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    Plicated and wrinkled

    A deserted place
    Same feather inched together
    Shrouds awaiting hope

    Labelled shrine

    Empty shell, no name
    Abandoned by blood in veins
    Wingless,graveyard ground


  • inkandfable670 7w

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the like♥️

    November 29,2021


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    I'm really bad at writing haiku but still tried because the theme is social issues.First is about food loss and waste in celebrations and the second one is about forcing a girl to marry a much more older man.....

    1) In today's world people are doing stupid and weird things in the name of modernity,fashion and trends,wasting food is one of them.We all have seen people ordering cakes alphabetically in a birthday party,eat some pieces and then start playing with those leftover cakes,smash it on each other face,sprinkling snackes over heads,throwing beverages just for fun.
    These crazy youth don't understand that these are the morsels their parents gathering after working all day long.These are the pieces poors and needy just dream to taste once in their life.


    2) I don't know whether these stereotypes are still prevailing in others rural parts of my country,but the place I belong to it still exists.Here society as well as parents pressurise their daughters to marry a man much older than her just because she doesn't fulfill people's so called beauty scale.They force her to marry saying she wouldn't get a companion ever because she is ugly, so it's better to marry a man twenty or thirty years older than her.Sometimes they don't even care that the man is a widower or father of two or three children who are similar to the age of girl.I mean when will people understand that an unmarried daughter could also stay at their home.


    Strewed cakes, ants collect
    Is this age snatching wisdom
    Or ants got more brain?


    Smiling,tears escaped,
    Parents elated, she is
    With a mate tripled age.

  • shreyah 7w

    This evening, winter sat right next to me and lamented over the atrocities it brings with its arrival. It whispered, how the people lying on streets at night forget to witness the morning sun, how the unafraid man with three overcoats runs to catch the city bus at 8, without fail and how the night sky gulps down the dusk, everyday with unsettled chaos.

    The basic idea behind this poem is survival. More often than not, I have come across people who are too reluctant to donate proper, wearable clothes to the poor street dwellers, irrespective of how stable their bank balance is! We encounter several deaths during winters because shivering feet couldn't manage to survive the cold storm that blew over.
    This poem of mine shall remain incomplete as long as it fails to reach the purpose, it is written for. Here, I would like to urge my fellow readers to atleast donate a single wearable cloth to anyone in need. Donate for fulfillment and not for fame. :)

    #mirage_poetry_contest @kin_jo

    29 Nov '21

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    Wrap me in summers,
    O winter of cardigans,
    Winds trespass tatters!

    Vexed streets, cold spines
    Bud, breed, bruise and die watching
    Rich bags and rich coins

  • outofleague 7w

    It is an important aspect in our lives to achieve something that would be able to contribute towards maintaining our own life with and within the very society, state, country, continent, world and ageing history we belong to. To have something that would help us get recognised by the people we surround ourselves everyday, to associate ourselves as part of something present and happening at any moment, to be able to structure our identity synched with the functions of human ecology.

    The very process that makes any individual eligible to be any of the mentioned characters, the aware literate has to survive a series of tests so that they, without facing any objection about their abilities against them, keep the pillars of perceivable and understandable known reality to exist alongside the immortal witness that is time.

    With conquerors of the accepted competitions we also get the victims of fated downfalls. And among the latter, somewhere.. we lose a possibility of one family's tomorrow devoured by the probability of earning a needed victory. Many who took part in a legal tournament of mercilessness which upon failure curses to live in the abyss of emotional torture and decaying hope.

    What I have achieved throughout my life is all at the cost of someone else's tears, shed secretly from their loved ones every morning they wake up remembering about it, every day thinking about it, every night trying to forget about it.

    Then comes the choice of keeping the fight alive or surrendering what there is with them. Just so that they would be able to go away from the turbulent echoes that question their capabilities, underperforming to establish silence against the very design that shapes their legitimacy as an accomplished product of evolution.


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    Taught Cannibals

    Behind the mask of
    necessary ritual
    to shape legacies..

    we strangle our own
    with defeats from the conquests
    won by champions.


  • inking_rubatosis 8w

    28 Nov. 2021

    • D͟e͟a͟t͟h͟ f͟r͟o͟m͟ h͟u͟n͟g͟e͟r͟ -

    1. Around 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases.
    2. Losing 25000 to Hunger Every Day - the United Nations.
    3 Oxfam: 11 people die of hunger each minute around the globe.
    4. A child dies from hunger every 10 seconds.


    • D͟e͟p͟r͟e͟s͟s͟i͟o͟n͟ -

    What I've felt that during days of depression we don't ask for help, we hesitate to ask. May be because of what they'll think of us or its just because of state of mind/phase where everything turns out to be negative for us. So we resist. And this resistance further led to more faster decay of one. There is time when inner of us screams and begs for help to get alive again, to live longer, this is the time if we won't listen trust me it become havoc. Your life matters may be not for others but for you, so it's okay to reach out for help from the people whom you trust.
    And for others if someone comes to you, tell you their story, even if you are not interested just behave atleast you are, even if you can't do anything just listen, because it's all they want - someone who can listen them.


    @lovenotes_from_carolyn @jeelpatel

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    Hoarded in - godowns,
    garbage ground; death freed 'them' from
    dying everyday !


    Days of silence, soul
    begs - "save me", sans qualms scream loud.
    Or (let) dark bury you ?


  • the_ice_breaker 8w

    #mirage_poetry_contest #alcoholism #substanceuse
    #addiction #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn

    First and foremost, I offer my humble tributes to @john_solomon and @kehta_hai_joker whose poems have contributed a lot to the mirakee world. May their soul rest in peace ��. And I express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who came up with this amazing haiku contest on social issues ��. Hope I can do some justice. In the below haikus, I've tried to highlight the impact of substance abuse and alcoholism in the society.


    Being responsible for over 5% of all deaths, alcohol and substance abuse is the FOURTH LEADING CAUSE of preventable deaths worldwide. Alcohol addiction or alcoholism occurs when the individual has a drive to use alcohol, regardless of the unwanted consequences. The substance has significant power to rewire the brain and create a physical dependence, leading to severe withdrawal symptoms when alcohol use is stopped. Both legal and illegal drugs have chemicals that can change how your body and mind work. They can give you a pleasurable “high,” ease your stress or help you avoid problems in your life. But when used in excess, this becomes a huge problem.

    Alcohol use disorders can result in many physical, psychological and social effects ranging from weight gain and liver dysfunction to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, loss of income, unemployment and damage to unborn children. Alcohol use disorder frequently co-occurs with several other mental health conditions like DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and antisocial personality disorder. Here are some alarming statistics:

    ■ 50% of all suicides, and over 50% of all violent crimes are cause by alcohol and/or drugs.

    ■Over 50% of all traffic accidents involve alcohol or drugs.

    ■80% of all domestic violence reports are somehow related to alcohol or drugs.

    All these make it evident that excess addiction to alcohol or drugs is ultimately DETRIMENTAL to the individual and the society as a whole. Understanding alcohol use and seeking available resources are instrumental ways to diminish the influence of alcohol. Being a doctor myself, I've seen so many cases of alcohol addiction and have come to realise that it's not just the individual who suffers, but the family as well. Often wives are at the receiving end of brutal domestic violence in the hands of their husbands under the influence of alcohol. I've been often moved to tears watching their plight.

    The only way we can bring this social evil to an end is by raising awareness. Teaching children from a young age the harmful effects of addiction and teaching them when to stop becomes very important. And yes, seeking help. Alcohol addiction is COMPLETELY CURABLE. If you know anyone who is suffering from alcohol or sustance addiction, seek help immediately instead of condemning them. Rehabilitation centers and social groups like "Alcoholics Anonymous" have played an important role in saving millions from the detrimental effects of alcohol and drugs. I hope and pray that by instilling awareness on this issue among all age groups and by nurturing a compassionate society in the future, we can bring this social evil to an end ��.

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    Surviving life's lows
    With short lived euphoria
    Bingeing elixir.

    Sinking further low
    Harming thyself and others
    Reduced to cripple.

  • sulu80 8w

    In Memory of two great pillars of Miraquill who encouraged the blooming poets with their valuable comments .Dedicating to two great poets @John_solomon and @kehta_hai_joker.


    Born with empty hands
    Starry studded sky as roof
    Browny earth lay bed

    Silent Cries

    Gentle and Divine
    Bearing the cries with patience
    Beauty filled with thorns

    #mirage_poetry_contest @lovenotes_from_carolyn @my_cup_of_poetry

    Thank you very much @writersnetwork . Happy to get recognition from Miraquill .

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    Born with empty hands
    Starry studded sky as roof
    Browny earth lay bed

    Silent Cries

    Gentle and Divine
    Bearing the cries with patience
    Beauty filled with thorns

  • artemiswrites 8w

    In loving memory of @john_solomon and @kehta_hai_joker; two incredible individuals who made Mirakee a beautiful beautiful place.
    These Haikus are about Eve Teasing and Domestic Violence. The first one is from the pov of a victim who has learnt to fight back, and the second one is from the pov of a victim who is subjected to physical violence by a loved one...as is common in most Domestic violence cases. The second Haiku is meant to be gender less, given the fact that Domestic violence is gender less too.
    #mirage_poetry_contest @lovenotes_from_carolyn @writersnetwork

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    Eve Teasing/ Catcalling:
    "Whips of lustful calls
    leave welts of hurt in our hearts,
    Not in our Spirit."

    Domestic Violence:
    "Starred sky." You called me.
    I fell. Now, Constellations
    of bruises dot me.

  • yourarmy 8w

    Dear Mom,

          I am sorry, I wanted to say this to you earlier but I was scared about your response. I have seen you sobbing in the dark, I heard your cries and I did not want to add on them. I know dad loves me but at the same time, he is conscious about his prestige. All these thoughts pulled me back from sharing anything.

        But now, I am tired of hiding it. I want to say what I went through and what I feel. I feel suffocated here mom. I often feel as if I am caged. I can sense those eyes touching me without touching me. I feel that hot breath even when I metres away. Why it is like this? If a meter of dupatta can save me why not the jeans. Will it be over if I start wearing a saree? If it is so why did I bleed in my uniforms even when I wore a full dress? Why do I deserve that touch which makes me uncomfortable? Going through puberty and body changes made me even uncomfortable. Why did they call me melons? I feel shame for being a girl. Isn't it natural mom? You said it, right? But why society doesn't understand.

      Yesterday I met a kid here. She is just two. What kind of dupatta she should have worn? Does it matter mom? I know girls are bound to some rules, but I wonder, who made them? Does it even help? Instead, why don't they teach them how to defend? Why didn't they stand for me when I was teased? Why I was left alone? Why I was treated so bad? It hurts mom. My freedom to shout was ripped. My eyes were forced with fear, my fully covered body was shared as a treat. I was crushed till death. I faced it, mom, I am brave but proof of the truth should never exist. So they sent me here. But still, I didn't find my answer.

      What was my fault? My dress? My makeup? My job? My fate? Or being a girl? Will be waiting for your answer.

    Your's loving daughter



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    * They said, wrap a shawl
    Though I had wrapped a saree
    They wrapped my body

    * Criminal and crimes
    The victim and blames, if you
    Question face shame


  • daunting_phoenix 8w

    @/john_solomon and @/kehta_hai_joker rest in peace��

    In 2021, there were around a thousand weddings celebrated within a month in Delhi alone. If the wedding expenses are added up, all together they sum up a grand total of some crores. Ever wondered, how much food is getting wasted in such celebrations? The kids who have no one to call family, and the kids who have a family but are extremely poor, will come around to the place where the lavish weddings are held just to witness a month's worth of food to be littered or being thrown away. If only, enough food is made for the feasts of the wedding....or if people are a bit more aware of their surroundings, will this situation change? If people don't pile their plates with food they're gonna throw away later, will this situation get better?

    In a recent article, it was shown that how instagram affects the life of children, more specifically, teenagers. The pics of the influencers, celebrities, internet stars...who have an ideal persona for common people, instills self-doubt and inferiority complex in most. Why? Because, they compare. They compare themselves to those influencers who have a perfectly proportionate face, the looks of a heavenly being and the fit muscular body everybody wants.
    What they fail to understand, is that they aren't actually like that. The don't realise how much gym workouts, supplements, etc. they take to maintain their looks and body. How much editing, lighting, make up and what not goes into sculpting out that one, 10,000 like picture. It's not their fault. The internet doesn't make them aware of that fact. If they do tell this to their parents or teachers...they might make them aware of this fact. But, isn't that a completely ideal situation? That nagging feeling of inferiority doesn't just go away. It's an uninvited thought one has to kick out of their minds.

    @lovenotes_from_carolyn @kin_jo

    If any mistakes are there, please do tell :)

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    Littered paper plates
    Glimpsed with despondent eyes;
    Hunger's hopefulness. 

    Million flawless pics
    Gaze in the mirror; faulty 
    Self-esteem, tattered. 


  • treble_clef 8w

    #mirage_poetry_contest is a beautiful tribute to the two souls John Solomon and Jo, who are fondly remembered by so many writers here. I never had a chance to interact with them, but here I am dedicating my two experimental haikus to pay my respect to them, whom so many of you remember with such high regard.

    I have endeavoured to highlight the socio-economic and political scenarios in my haikus. #haiku


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    Greed and powerlust
    Radcliffe Line drawn deep in hearts
    Partition, still on?


    Cost of living steep
    No value for human lives
    Irony of life.


  • _astitva_ 8w

    @john_solomon @kehta_hai_joker ��

    I have not got a chance to interact with these two beautiful souls but the fragrance of their life and lively nature still can be felt in this home called miraquill. I met Joker ❣️ through a very special person of mine and the kindest soul as in her memories. Now, he's my friend and will always be forever with the moment and bond we share. I have read John when I initiated writing Haikus and yeah he's a king of hearttouching Haikus.
    May God bless both the amazing souls ��

    A little dedication to them in the two Haikus ��

    First haiku is about

    How the judgemental society inscions scars of their thinking on the souls of teenagers (and others also) and it dwells them in self doubts for many years of their life sometimes.

    Second Haiku is about

    how a red saree draped over girl's all dreams because it the societal pressure and the same thinking of early age for marriages without giving the freedom to live their life, become independent and then go for such a big decision of marriage.


    @kin_jo Thank you for always being a constant support and inspiration for me ��

    @dusky_dawn @captain_blant Thank you for existing beautiful souls ��

    Keep inking and keep smiling always ��

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    ~Judged jiffies~

    Jaws of judging jibes
    Jeopardize jaded jitters
    Jilt juvenescence

    ~Reeking red~

    Rustic red (w)rapping
    Rejuvenant reveries
    Revered repression!


  • the_hypnotised_cat 8w

    The Melodies of Life

    In the melodies of life
    We try new songs
    Each and every moment.
    Whispers of love
    Beats of darkness
    Strings of happiness
    And sometimes
    The flow of melancholy.
    Breaking the flow
    To unimaginable music
    We wander and keep wondering.

    From now on!
    What's good or bad?
    Am i made for that?
    Am i capable enough?
    Leave all this behind
    And resonate and keep resonating
    Synchronising the strings
    Let's rock and roll
    Unsure about the symphony
    Our strings are gonna create.

    Isn't unsurity intriguing?
    What's the beauty
    If you are same every day?
    Let's fail and fail again
    Embrace the flaws
    Untill and unless we
    With beat of tranquility.

    Perfection is just an oblivion
    So never fall for it
    Breathe the hardships
    And be your own rescue.
    Unite your soul
    And your conscience
    To create the unimaginable.

    Aaah gorgeous soul
    You can do it
    I can do it
    We can do it
    Together with love and care
    For our own self.

  • nemesis_here 8w

    @lovenotes_from_carolyn @jeelpatel @dusky_dawn @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #hunger #haiku

    ��Pot belly with lean limbs is a sign of malnourishment
    ��Ghoul - someone who takes bodies from graves and sells them for anatomical dissection

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    Pot belly, lean limbs
    eating away from garbage,
    stagger in strange lands.


    A child so small lies
    deep in earth, souls cry while there
    waits a ghoul, grinning.


  • bubbly_bluebells 8w

    They eat humans not food,all want to have everything taste it ,use and destroy, heartless species never know how to love only fools; taking your emotions wearing it as their helpless and loving robe, hiding the truth that don't have any home to give care,very cold as abyss,show themselves as your replica and be what you think to take empathy and drain your energy, just fake by repeating stolen emotional lines about can't even feel by own though.They grin and laugh ,lie professionally by making you doubt own compass and thoughts and give one more chance to break the soul.Plant flying monkeys to keep you hanged(even send homes to check), astray from purpose and collect information to how to damage more.
    All you find yourself lost,when you start feeling helpless about yourself understand you are in their circle.Asking helps will only stab you more.Find the solutions alone!
    They keep on checking are you destroyed or not or how much to sow poisons more!
    They can't play without planting sub-ordinates around whom you don't even doubt to hug and talk openly,also when give silent-treatment.

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    dramatic hook

    emotions strangers
    If I read lines of hues
    How to final muse?

    After narcissist
    abuse,remembering things
    Hard,sensors blocked!


  • crystal_snow 8w



    I have written about wealth and poverty.
    @telepathy123. Thank you so much ❤️
    I tried :(

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    In waters of shimmering gold
    Sit's the woman wearing elegantly lavish Dior
    Prestige nibbling her lead heart.


    Toiling under the shimmering sun
    God gives her a coin, and a smile
    Heavens kissed her, Paradise cried

    22.11 21

  • cool_buddy45 9w


    Do you notice that this world is becoming so cruel day by day and has lost the best quality called "humanity"? How can you not known when we daily hear to something that's heart piercing and that bring tears in our eyes, murders,sexual harassments, bullying,caste differences and so onhellip;We have become so selfish,selfish-enough to murder another breathing life that a whole family is living depended on him like you.And not a single voice to be raised against such cruelties nor being hidden as of the impact,of to be afraid of being killed.How unfair this world is when the rich dances in discos while opulent crawls streets for a piece of crumb.Human hearts are turned frozen with hatred.But,
    Be the one to ease your heart, to inhale kindness and exhale love.


    A major killer dose in this universe.As of a research I did recently with a monk who is kind of a bit known to me,we found the exact meaning of depression,it was a kind of a therapy I follow,(unrelated info's apart)hellip;Well we all know that suicide is the fourth leading cause of death.According to 2021,over 700 000 people around the world die due to suicides because of depression.Still there's a part of people who will accuse or complain them for suiciding,I would love to admit that suicide is the last stage of patience and hope.I don't say that it's good or it's totally alright even I'm a person who oppose the decision of suicides but unfortunately we are too playing a major role, if we people could have thought twice before doing an action or if one of us was there to listen or to help them out,another life would be still breathing until now.Think about it again colleagues!And the worst part is that approximately 280 million people are still suffering daily.
    -Are not there any cure for this!? the mind voice of a depressed soul struggling to find peace.


    @kin_jo @jeelpatel @my_cup_of_poetry
    @captain_blant @dusky_dawn

    Thank you so much in advance for all the wonderful readers 🖤

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    H u m a n i t y

    Skeletons undressed;
    bosom crippled;air sucks a
    violent crime

    D e p r e s s i o n

    Soaked tears; concealed fears
    around his neck,the twisted hope;
    and hanged with a rope