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  • thoughts_from_her_heart 75w

    What's love with sex or without sex. ?

    Love without sex is a feeling of love
    Having sex when you are in love is making of love
    Having sex without love is.............


  • ankushmagre 76w

    Nfk ❤️

    सादगी तो हमारी ज़रा देखिऐ.. एक वादे पे खुद को तबाह कर लिया.. लोग डरते थे कातिल की परछाई से.. और हमने उन्हें हमसफ़र चुन लिया...

  • smartsam 78w

    Love @ 19

    19 age is Wow 19

    19 1 is cute teen.
    19 2 is beauty queen!
    19 3 is full sexteen
    19 4 come night in!
    19 5 is love pulsating
    19 6 wear deep blue satin!
    19 7 remove that jeans!
    19 8 love sweet unending!
    19 9 full night honeymoon!
    19 10 love again & again!!


  • smartsam 80w

    Dentist love!

    The day was unknown
    the night yet unseen!
    The magnificent time
    when you became my queen!

    The pain was in tooth
    it was extreme.
    I walked in the hospital
    and waited till my turn!

    All girls maiden in
    same uniform seen.
    You too were there albeit
    my night queen!

    Curious girls and fast things happening.
    They examining the patients dentally aching!

    I lay flat on sleek bed
    and you came close.
    White your apron,
    analytical your pose!

    You touched my cheeks mildly and slowly moved my jaw.
    Your touch was divine
    It was so Wow!

    You were examining my teeth
    but I looking in your eyes!
    So beautiful your being
    I just can't deny!

    You came close Doctor
    & stood nigh.
    Asked me some questions.
    Painful in answer I only could try!

    I was laying first time
    on that medical couch.
    You looming on me examining
    my teeth clearing all doubts!

    You seemed deep serious
    but my heart says yes
    you too
    like me were little curious!

    All of sudden the pain
    triggered & went high!
    Couldn't control more
    I silently started to cry!

    All the while you were full
    in front of me.
    I only wondering
    what's going to happen to me?

    Before any long
    Soft your hands, more soft your heart.
    So calmly you wiped
    painful my tear!

    Your palm near my cheecks
    so soft your touch mystic!
    I couldn't bear the dental pain
    The spasm terrible
    In moment thy hand I gripped!

    You said no word
    but you understood me!
    I was alone home
    right on patient couch
    I told you frankly!

    The scrutiny done by you
    as I already had pain!
    But our meeting truly
    was not in vain!

    Before we depart with you
    I left my address.
    Little did I knew then
    only night will us dress!

    You came my home
    albeit in sudden.
    That night turned divine
    in our love fragrant awesome!

    Little did I knew
    you weren't just a doctor!
    So perfect in love
    you my adulation partner!

    We made full love
    all that night!
    Removed all barriers
    divine our love sparked full bright!

    The calmth and peace then
    as I rested on your soft breast!
    No heavens can come close
    in your love absolute best!

    I took your name that night
    and asked your very soul!
    You bestowed love on me
    perfect that none can fulfill!

    Not just toothache but you
    took away all my pain!
    I wish so beningly Dear doctor
    may that night come again!


  • smartsam 81w

    Our Deep love Night!

    Serve me drink low down to me.
    Smile and say rest all free.

    We rest for while may be some juice.
    Arm in arm then we
    do like all spouses.

    Love for love wine for wine.
    We interchange souls for no dime!

    Take me home darling when it's low
    Though dark outside dark bloom yours reveal you glow!

    Every time I visit your shop
    I see you in uniform.
    But now inside in roombed.
    Just hug on me soul your warm!

    Slowly we kiss squeeze & squeeze!
    All night yours unique joystick!

    Spread wide logs,
    loose your hairs!
    Let me cumlate & feel
    fair magnetic your thigh pairs!

    Open the twins, let the bloom
    my lips entangle
    on thy tips affume
    our love wrangle!

    Find in dark your palm it pull.
    hard erect velvet smooth wool!

    Before any word
    You bend down!
    Need not say
    unfurl your gown!

    You lay flat & I loom over you.
    This is what you want and me too!
    Need not I say
    I wantonly love you!


  • alfaaz_e_bulbul 81w

    मेरी ये ख्वाइश है हर रोज़, ऐ खुदा,
    वो भी अब मोहब्बत कर ले, और बेहिसाब कर ले...


  • smartsam 88w


    Hardly we bother
    what twist and sways the life!
    Silent and deep exuberant
    those vibes!

    Sea pushed out immensely
    swaying vibes by beach!
    Calm soothing breeze
    on shore my very heart reach!

    Thrill on swing
    in garden and park.
    Children shout in glee
    as they enjoy swaying vibes jerk!

    Vibes are often unseen
    drastic they are quite preen!

    Uninviting secret in between
    impulsive tick leaks.
    Exciting hearts callous
    in ages teen!

    May be a little shy
    this story untold!
    Vibes capture surely deep soul
    as youth age more unfurl!

    More than often dying
    for the vibes on bed!
    Wantonly she screams
    until her cheek turns red!

    Vibes grabs me in mystic
    spark and current.
    Strong feels I get albeit
    that actually mustn't!

    Vibes unseen
    rampant in feelings!
    Day and night
    in young hearts rolling!

    Words do spread in those
    reluctant vibes
    in people vague as it they
    strategy inscribes!

    Leaders in plethora
    can & do fire ignite!
    Callous & innocent
    shrewdly they raise to
    wrangle and fight!

    Vibes are well pumped
    even in scribes.
    Unbiological decision theirs
    vibes personal uprise!

    Believe not me?
    Ask then the scribes!
    No life real exciting
    without unexpected Vibes!


  • smartsam 88w

    My Love Cherry!

    Might be swish was a nao
    reverie my day and night.
    Blueth thy eyes the soark mystic profound in it bright.

    Solasta of your smile
    rame your vision!
    Coruscant is wild moira
    In search of you I'm
    wandering solivagant!

    Your foligure deiform
    from tip to toes.
    Runda aroma your flows.
    Of my deep feelings
    ye art beauteous love
    poem and prose!

    Seraphic thy nature
    a single glace bolide.
    If this any less your hint in smile
    with my heart collides!

    You glance at me
    and it's all kilig!
    For your marilag desrious
    Offer my soul I'm willing!

    Ye my cherie
    my love dessie!
    My sila marilag
    more than sulit!

    Dalisay thy love
    you my tinatangi!
    Perfect you my amorousy zeal.
    Sapiosexual allures me
    soft pink your valley!

    Without you onerous
    its you le alate!
    Kindly come my love ❤
    quick to me
    do not belate!

    In my arms arrive
    let me you alate!
    In your bosom me quapla
    blossom my love
    very lust we molest!

    Scripturient me not
    but you make me.
    Hailish in thy laps
    Let me rest on
    eyes my close
    sparked with thee!

    Between your breast
    my soul in blissful ataraxia!
    Moxie of your passion
    impish secret gives me frission!

    Thy cafune I recall
    Its heavenly keff!
    Nefarious your mouth n lips
    ye wonderful arousal!

    I recall your frission.
    hour long kissing
    basorexia your!
    I gigil unceasing your
    softs and cute pears!

    Surpised I see you guache
    but not at all on bed!

    Whole night we love
    Oh feel mutual dysania!
    Ephemeral all night long our sensual love mania!

    Mavourneen ignite
    scrummy insertion!
    Endsville your scream
    I will in love, lust passion.

    Two souls ours in each other
    whole night amalgamate!
    Blue lights on
    rose petals pink on bed
    My love cherry
    in amour divine
    we love lust & mate!


  • smartsam 88w

    You Agree!

    Little dark your eyes
    it speak hardly anything!
    May be little shy
    Who but knows where secret
    springs are overflowing!?

    Hairs swayed here n there
    lips as if unsmeared.
    Deep soul yours by any
    is indeed unheard!

    Cheeks yours have average light
    neither your chin is any bright.

    You don't have any
    dimple on smile.
    Simple you look you
    lack flaunts and style.

    Figure you got
    it's just ordinary
    colortone yours
    isn't special very.

    Height is ok as girl any.
    Your style seems average.
    Well even all networks ordinary
    have limited coverage!
    I smile you shy
    as we hint the emblem
    for others just a mirage!

    I know though you are topmost!
    You know well & agree in smile!
    After all things I talked above
    are just seen by eyes!


  • shakunja 95w

    तेरा साथ रहे

    तेरे प्यार ने इस काबिल बनाया...
    की विचारों को आप तक पहुंचाया।।।

    गिरता जब भी हाथ थाम कर सहारा बन जाती..
    चाहे रास्ते हो दुर्गम हाथ पकड़ साथ मेरे चलती।।।

    अब बारी मेरी है इस साथ को निभाने की...
    खुशियाँ अपनी सारी तुझपर लुटाने की।।।

    रखना है संभाल कर साथ तेरा...
    तुझसे ही है जिंदगी का साथ होना मेरा।।।।

  • smartsam 99w

    Love Bliss!

    Love you kiss you
    take you in my arms.
    Spell on your beautous pair
    my love fervent warm!

    I feel your neckline soft
    with moist my lips!
    Finally heartthrobbing
    crimson moist your kiss!

    Roll my palms down
    your arms to palms!
    Tightly clasp soft your
    hands your fair warm!

    Slowly moves low
    your cheeks to chin.
    Untie your shiny hairs
    bare gorgeous your skin!

    Lips locked to lips
    embrace thy warm!
    Little pain in love ye
    honey is no harm!

    Grip you tight in my arms
    squeeze soft prettiest blooms!
    Eat, pluck your tips beautous
    on heavenly curved twins!

    Feel your flesh
    waist, lips & curves!
    You eagerly enjoy all
    pretending nothing you knew!

    I grip tight your slim waist
    in my arms vigoured!
    Silky it fits in best your
    curve mermaid like figure!

    I pull ye close tight
    clamp in my soul your
    body warm ardourous light!

    Slowly my hands loosen
    your dark hairs wisp!
    Your neckline & back so soft
    sensually unceasingly I kiss!

    As I touch slowly & bare
    your soft cutis skin!
    Abruptly it shivers warm
    glowing velvet soft thin!

    As I gently induce, stimulate
    thy skin bare incite!
    Your scream witness our carnal love my touch to be right!

    You long clumsy thighs
    fair, velvet soft laps!
    Smoothly I touch & ye
    shiver bit collapse!

    The feel is glamorous soft
    warm, grey, fair, velvet!
    The shrink same time reflects
    my touch all your zone perfect!

    It's contoured curved bloomed white & swaying!
    Twin thy swaying thighs
    femur, loins my soul preying!

    Loins, buttocks amazing
    softly fleshly bloomed full!
    Tight my hands spoil
    your flesh soft like wool!

    I grip it tight by both
    my powered hands!
    Liberate filch twins thy flesh
    enjoy special flesh lush grand!

    Oh so majestic your torso
    & curved frame!
    Whole night I clasp it, crunch it
    we both enjoying without blame!

    Kiss, love feel
    from top to down!
    Times comes I lay you
    naked on roses bed fine!

    You lay flat while your
    circled bloom takes high!
    Soon I spread across curved
    tall parellel splendorous your thighs!

    You breathe fast &
    so does my heartbeat.
    As I ogle in your eyes
    you tickle up the narrow suite!

    As I peck in my shaft
    so sensitively you scream!
    The night has begun now real
    we both enjoying our dreams!

    I pump in, hop in
    you lust in, grip in!
    Amorously thy hips
    to top speedily flip in!

    Rock dock tock
    the rhythm speed n lust!
    You love so wantonly
    deep my pelvic thurst!

    It goes on amorous
    I turn you & takeover.
    We free from top to toe
    lustrous this night
    erotic bliss my lover!

    We sense then both
    as seeps in our moist!
    love is really ineffable
    incredible intimate bliss!

    When love takes over
    blessed is that day & night!


  • ankushmagre 99w


    जिंदगी से यही गिला है मुझे
    के तू बड़ी देर से मिला है मुझे-❤


  • smartsam 99w

    Our ravish love!

    Serve me drink low down to me.
    Smile and say rest all free.

    Love for love eine for wine.
    We interchange soul for no dime!

    Take me home when it's low
    Bloom yourself though outside dark reveal you glow.

    We rest for while
    may be some juice.
    Arm in arm
    then we do like all spouses.

    Every time I visit your shop
    I see you in uniform.
    But now inside in room in bed.
    Just hug on me soul your warm.

    Slowly we kiss
    squeeze & squeeze.
    All night yours this
    majestic joystick!

    Spread wide logs,
    loose your hairs.
    Let me feel grey fair
    magnetic your thigh pairs

    Open the twins, let the bloom.
    my lips entangle
    on thy tips affumed!

    Find in dark your palm it pull.
    hard erect velvet smooth wool!

    Before any word
    love you bend down.
    Need not say I
    unfurled your gown!

    You lay flat
    I loom over you.
    This is what you want
    I intimately love you!


  • ankushmagre 99w


    हिचकियों को ना भेजो अपना मुखबिर बनाकर
    हमें और भी काम है तुम्हें याद करने के सिवा-❤


  • smartsam 99w

    One become we two!

    Oh my beloved sweetheart
    come to me my love!
    My darling miss
    I will kiss you, love eternal
    let the night herself thus bless!

    Rush on bed
    by the door your shoes threw.
    You me undress &
    I me quick undress you!

    Take me in arms
    close your eyes!
    lets together share
    marvelous our love prize!

    Open the cover reveal
    me my precious prize!
    when I kiss you darling
    hint yes please closing
    your beautiful eyes!

    Say no words yet
    ask you more.
    every fragment of you
    let ask my love!

    Kiss you, squeeze you
    I hold you tight.
    I take deep in my bosom
    darling you all night!

    Loose you hairs free
    apparels & yourself too.
    Kiss, squeeze, hold tight
    deep entwined in amour
    we each other all night!

    From dusk to dawn
    we love in embrace warm
    all night through!
    In our passion & deep love
    one become we two!


  • smartsam 99w

    Our Love Moment!

    Shiny black your hairs
    Earrings no value
    Unless they on your ears!

    Eyes thy my love
    life to soul.
    Looks beautiful even more
    when ye angry & scold!

    Cheeks yours bloomed roses
    lips thy ardour fervour passionate
    Neckline thy even
    beauty itself supplicate!

    We feel, search touch
    mutually get aroused
    Before any long simply
    I remove your blouse.

    Then I come down
    to the ever secret bloom.
    Beauty enchanting itself zooms
    That's where I smell love perfume

    As I come low my face gently rapidly rolls allover.
    Curves, bloom soft,
    till dark tipover.

    But prior I low down
    I unceasingly sqeeze.
    If this any less constantly I eat.
    You too bloom up fervour this meat.

    As I lick, taste, squeeze & lick
    You scream sudden
    As the tips of love
    softly my teeth pick.

    Until I come down
    I turn you over.
    Young fresh warm flesh
    my hands roll allover!

    We feel all ecstasy
    leave no space.
    Need not mention
    by now we both
    totally undressed!

    The bed is warm
    by us both.
    just we two each other on
    simply no clothes.

    My cheeks, lips feelyour
    young shrinking warm back.
    The curves waiting down
    no beauty it lacks!

    My palms and finger
    get so busy.
    They feel all zone
    evident to closey.

    Time comes again to turn
    your back.
    I feel your navel & skin fair
    which no glory lacks!

    As I move low
    you take the turn.
    Leave no chance
    you eat and churn.

    This is again when
    I feel in heaven!
    Deepthroat yours unique
    unending gulp performance!

    You hmm hmm hmm
    and smack allover.
    Give & get passionate love
    so eagerly my lover!

    Ye leave no inch
    make me all wet.
    skin, balls to all secret
    it's your lips & moist
    that makes me erect!

    Dyingly you swallow
    it full deep.
    Tongue, lips, deep throat
    you churning it keep!

    What shall I say more
    of this sensual act!
    In a quick moment
    ye gulp all warm erect!

    Your touch skill lips moist
    have no defect.
    This very moment my
    soul is in wait!

    The heart beats faster
    grey our soul erotic.
    Sensual touch, grip, feel
    intimate passionate!

    Fair, soft, so fleshly long
    Scroll my hands up & down.
    I extend your thighs away
    with my hands strong!

    You close your eyes
    and deep breathe.
    And my pulsating nerves
    hollow warm in squeeze!.
    From long in wait
    we both this prize!

    It's the moment
    you just not in yourself.
    Me too lecherous
    tightly ye embrace.

    You my love my
    darling my miss.
    Eat your lips I keep
    giving allover you kiss!

    The night goes deep
    So deep goes my prick.
    Ohhh you crumb down
    melt in my arms quick.

    As I hold you tight
    you can't overpower.
    But every stroke you love
    of unique this dagger!

    The tumult is evident
    so are the intimate strokes.
    You cry eagerly of
    this manhood is no joke.

    The rhythm begins
    low deep full.
    Intimate copulations
    I eat wontonly labia
    your clitoris softer than wool

    It the time just
    before you cream.
    soul breathe out inner
    intimately you scream!

    Time runs fast maybe
    we keep intimate stroking.
    Roll on eachother
    pulsating & bumping.

    The rhythm goes fast
    your eyes closed.
    I keep kissing simultaneously
    your lips cheeks, tip nose.

    I slow a bit and rollover
    brushing your loose hairs.
    I take you my soul allover.

    You smile ashy
    and soon begin.
    The love strokes
    and our passionate flames!

    You just so uncontrolled
    yet keep stroking in lewd.
    Quickly I grip you
    & roll allover again you.

    We keep making love
    relation coitus.
    Extreme goes our intimate
    soft intimate joys momentous!

    Hour pass like moment
    in this love gratifying.
    Love, kiss, soul to soul
    passionately dying.

    In our love stroke
    grip & kiss.
    Blooms out our wet
    in this love act thesis.

    Drenched on each other
    bare, unclad, bare we sleep.
    For early hours dawn again
    our love flesh intimacy to repeat!

    Love, kiss, embrace
    we both in heaven seven.
    On each other we write
    benovelent love poems!


  • that_messy_girl 103w



    Life is a journey of living.. where we live fully... Life is not same for everyone . Some have lots of difficulties , some are doing lots of hard work where some aren't.... Life doesn't show any kind of partiality , heat , or anger .... You made it.... Life is a full of adventures where u will win or lose ..... and life is also about happiness and sorrow .... So always discover ur happiness with life .

  • ankushmagre 103w


    tumhe jaan hi liya jaaye
    Fir tumhe apna maan liya jaaye-


  • moumita_ghosh 103w

    মন-কোলাজ : #1

    মহামারির পৃথিবীতে আমি
    'তুমি'তে আক্রান্ত , 'তুমি'তে আছন্ন-
    এ সাঁকোহীন অস্তিত্ত্বের শহরে
    'তুমি' যেন এক পশলা মিঠে
    বৃষ্টিমাখা সোঁদা বাতাস -
    বানভাসির খড়কুটোর মতো প্রাসঙ্গিক -
    পাহাড়ের প্রথম নরম সূর্যটির মতো অ-উপেক্ষণীয়-
    আর ....
    এক দীর্ঘ পথের শেষে সুখের
    ঘরে ফেরার অপেক্ষায় শহরতলির
    লাস্ট ট্রেনের ব্যকুলতা ঘিরে থাকে
    সেই "তুমি-ময়তা"কে ।

  • raksha1998 109w

    लोहार है हम जरा कम करते है वार
    लेकिन हमारा हर वार होता है जोरदार, दमदार..।।