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  • queeraadi 5w

    Do not depend on someone in love this much, that you'll lose your identity

    #pain #memories #selflove #breakup
    #love #hurt #struggle #survive
    #miraki #mirakiquill #sadpoetry

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    Lost or Live

    God of poetry, now weeps in pain
    unable to draw or sing for his love
    who lost himself in human fame.

    He watches the stars, remembering the past
    Suffocating under his own breath looking for a gasp
    He finds himself in a labyrinth lost
    where he hides teary eyes to fake smile.

    Once bloomed in after blue and played in noon meadows
    has become a gold leaf of autumn like a dead with soul
    unable to fall, unable to fly

    Being a victim of dark story he wants to survive
    yet struggling to face unblind truth of a new start
    He is no longer a god, nor a human
    but somewhere between, both or maybe?

    will he resurrect as a pheonix or end up burning to ashes?
    Time will unravel where his fates reside


  • uvnika 12w

    Down to the road of Disappointments

    At times we pray for things with mere thought of how we see them or really want them to be, without realizing the harm this prayer can cause if things go otherwise.

    In place of becoming optimistic, we end up being over-possessive and our world revolves around the thoughts that are far away from reality & even our mind cannot process them anymore.

    But we would have been aware of this all, only if we knew the universe holds a long list of disappointments and probably with every wrong prayer we make, we are walking down to the road of disappointments...


  • wajju_ali 13w

    Shab-bedaari koi shouq nahi, sukoon-e-qalb hai meer...
    Muqatib khudse aksar khamosh raaton me hota hun...

  • ayubkhan_u 16w

    Run Fast

    This morning is pleasant
    I just started my ordeal
    Like a deer runs for life
    I run for my livelihood
    Life is not easy
    Yet life isn't difficult too
    When things defined by
    The Almighty God
    We, poor human beings
    What best could do
    Yet hope changes the context;
    It decides who wins
    Lion or Deer?
    Remember, deer runs for life, isn't it?

  • anuraj1 16w

    Kabhi bhi kisi insaan ko uski shakl se nahin balki use us ki akl se aankna chaahiye, kyun ki shakl aksar dhokha de jaati hain insaan ka naam aur cehra to badal jaata hai, lekin uske karm nahin badalte, sahi maayne mein yahi uski pehchaan hai.

  • uvnika 17w

    Till Infinity!

    2 years and counting...
    4 years and counting...
    6 years and counting...
    X years and counting...
    At times we stay so stuck to numbers that we forget we can count till infinity, what matters is, if we are loved the way we deserve while we take it to infinity.

    Just like forever, Infinity is a myth :)


  • the_little_pearl 29w

    Never be part of something
    That Disturbs YOU

  • akshatt 33w

    Your love was my soul's favorite food.
    Now I just feed him your memories.

  • mims_gold 36w


    Tell them I left my traces
    Tell them I lived as I pleased
    Oh! when I'm gone
    Tell them even when my deeds was justified by me, I still lived to my will

    Still at some point, I dwell on my decision
    Tell them, my acts are what I choosed
    Tell them my Destiny has been ordained
    I lived to my ordained life
    Moulded by the divine .

    Now the light is here
    But darkness couldn't prevail
    Let love lead and light gleam to all
    Because we are ignorant of our purposes.

  • akshatt 39w

    Hey Addiction!

    Hey Addiction!
    I know you're the ultimate trickster
    Well prepared
    I acknowledge that you've the most powerful spell
    No offense, but not enough to keep me compelled.
    Hey Addiction!
    You've been creeping inside me for so long
    You've given me enough blues
    This time I'll settle the score once and for all
    There won't be any dues.
    I will surely beat your ass
    I will definitely survive
    I refuse to be your slave
    I will live to thrive
    Hey addiction!
    I know you find joy in my suffering 
    The way you give me that disgusted feeling
    The way you feed me darkness in the form of pleasure
    The way you hinder me from healing
    Now, your days are numbered
    till then have fun
    this time my sun of faith would be so effective
    That all your addictive forms would burn.


  • say_say 39w

    If I could throw away everything would living be easier ?

  • shubhangi_dave 40w


    What am I becoming? What kind of void I'm filling?

    यहीं सवाल पूछ रही हूं आज कल ख़ुद से।
    सोचती तो यहीं आई हूं तब से लेकर अब तक की अब तो मैं बदल गई हूं अब कोई हिस्सा नहीं रहा उसका मेरे पास
    पर शायद ये गलतफहमी ही थीं
    शायद आज भीं उसको ढूंढती हूं
    जाते जाते मेरा जो एक हिस्सा ले कर गया है ना
    उस हिस्से को आज भी ढूंढती हूं
    कई बार ख़ुद में और शायद कई बार गैरों में
    और ढूंढते ढूंढते कई बार दूर भी निकल जाती हूं
    कि शायद थोड़ा आगे बढ़ कर ही सही वो मिल जाएं
    पर मिलता है तो सिर्फ वहीं खालीपन और पहले से ज्यादा गहरा घाव। फिर ख़ुद को थोड़ा सहलाती हूं, समझाती हूं बस
    और फिर से शुरू हो जाता है उसे ढूंढने का सिलसिला किसी और जगह।

  • akshatt 46w


    Here comes the RAIN..
    the soothing droplets touches my soul..
    Washes off all the chaos into the drain..
    Heals my anxiety with ecstasy..
    Fills my emptiness with intimacy..
    Brings my mind and heart at peace..
    as i flip those beautiful pages of the book with a brewing cup of tea...
    the rain mischievously cease, just to tease me.


  • heartords 49w

    from your beauty to your wrinkles,
    i'll love you the same.
    #miraki #love #poem

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    love till death

    'I love you' he heard
    Gone he, out of the world
    Sayin' his heartords
    She won the purest soul.

    Seein' each-other they blushed
    Throughout their body adrenaline rushed
    Towards each other they turned
    Shivering so hard
    For the first time
    He hold her hand
    Entered both the greatest life span.

    Quivering so hard
    For the last time
    She left his hand;
    This earthly land.
    Coming to you,
    Promised the other end...

  • _writer_at_heart_ 50w

    #words #ikigai #miraki #miraquill #writersnetwork #wod #mirakee #eunoia @writersnetwork @miraquill

    // Meaning of the words used in this post :

    Ikigai - to have a direction or purpose in life that provides a sense of fulfillment.

    Meraki - to do something with pleasure, love, passion, absolute devotion, putting something of yourself into what you're doing.

    Eunoia - a well mind, beautiful thinking. //

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    Meraki in your deeds,
    Leads you to reach your ikigai...!!

    To follow your ikigai,
    You must know it right.
    To do your best in the present and for the days to come ;
    Use the magic of being determined.
    With meraki and eunoia,
    Leave a piece of yourself into everything you do ;
    By giving your best,
    Leaving the negativities and worries of mind at rest.

  • prakharsinghofficial 58w

    "रात काली है"

    मैंने कश्ती को किनारे से टकराते देखा है
    आजकल रात को रात से घबराते देखा है।

  • ishialextigga 59w


    We all are living in the illusion of being loved or taken care of, describing each other even when we haven't met yet.Still we are illustrating each other so perfectly like it was meant to be.Some of us are just describing someone we haven't known in real or in person.we talked hours in our mind thinking about what if?we were fearless enough to be who we truly are and to be with whom we truly want.We have lost so many of them just to be us.Not so scared not so childish but when we become us ,in thoughts what's the maturity we were talking about having? Love unloved is just the mind games that we owned from too long.Can we be honest we were with ourself when nobody needed us and now we feel right to have one who made us feel known to ourself. Cause you were always the type of person I always wanted to be the kind off. Person i was adoring for so long even though I haven't seen you,known you, you was just the illustration of my thought back then.We all desire a certain kind of people to be with.I ADORE YOU EVEN IF I HAVEN'T MEET YOU IN REAL.

  • nishabd_anand 59w

    ये वक्त बे-वक्त की याद का मजा कीजिए
    महसूस मौजूदगी को उनकी तफसील से कीजिए
    रूठना मनाना रूठ कर मान जाना
    इस इश्क की आदतों में हैं शामिल
    इन आदतों इन चाहतों को मुक्कमल तो कीजिए
    ये दरिया भावनाओ का हैं जरा तैर लीजिए
    पानी के जैसे हर रंग में रंग लीजिए
    रोना रुलाना हंसना हंसाना
    इनके बिना इश्क होता नही हासिल
    इन सब हरकतों में जरा घुल मिल तो लीजिए

    ---- आनंद सगवालिया

  • the_unknow_writter 60w

    दिल के पनों पे तुमारा नाम लिखा
    तो किस्मत के स्याही ने तुम्हें
    ब्बेवफा लिख दिया


  • sparkling_afrin 62w


    Don't overdo it and it will dry you out...