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  • drbismaa 11w

    I wish we could have

    made it much better than ����

    Itz presented in all our dreams

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    I met you way through all my nerves
    Yet you were insecure and flushy .....
    All I expected was your loyalty
    Yet you failed with all your possibility ....
    Couldn't I make upto all your smile
    Or Else the memories that I recall are even the insecurities.......

  • _desaiagraja 16w

    Let me vist the moment's from our past��

    Random draft����✨��

    #moment #visit #wod #pod #mirakians #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Moment's they spent,
    His so called past,
    still bleeds blue inks,
    through her poetic heart.

    You might not remember,
    But it's still alive,
    In her eyes.
    He captured it in the photographs,
    She beaded it in a poetic art.

    The moment's,
    Long lost from his cache memories,
    But rentless they stayed,
    In the gray matter of her brain.



  • _desaiagraja 17w

    Mirakians, you guys are awesome. Your writings are super awesome������
    I tried though.��

    Let me talk about my ancestors,

    Sir reed pens, carved out of a bamboo stick.

    And sir quill pens were all too much esthetic to be true about us pens.
    He had the feather, crowned on himself.

    Sir fountain pens, the one were we kids still fantasie about our royal beautiful family.

    And I'm the ballpoint pens and I'm proud and honoured to be here as a pen family.

    #pen #wod #pod #oldman #autobiography #story #forever #mirakians #writtersnetwork #miraquill @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Pen of a man

    As the pen, i have the powers,
    Power usually mistaken by sword.
    We are the one promoting peace,
    Writting love, also inking pain,
    Aren't we the opposite of sword??

    A man in his teen,
    Got me from,
    Love of his life,
    And I stayed in that pocket,
    Since a long time.
    With me,
    Was a photograph,
    Photograph of his love,
    Kept on left,
    Near to his heart.

    I would more often be out,
    In the old notebook,
    Gifted by his grandma.
    His love, sorrows,
    Gratefulness and fears,
    I know all of his secrets,
    Inking on a paper plain.

    While he would write
    About love of his life,
    The tear would roll down,
    From my right,
    wetting the page,
    Pouring love, through my ink.
    How would he send letters to her.
    Form a while now,
    She has been waiting in heaven.

    I am being wrapped and packed
    I know, I was being gifted
    To his son,
    Whose wife was in army force.
    I know it was going to be an
    Emotional ride,
    Love letters and miss you so much,
    I had to write.

    This guy,
    Was strange and
    Stronger than his dad,
    I mean I never had to write
    On a teary wet page.

    I've rarely Been,
    To the same old notebook,
    Although his ears
    were my stand,
    What a strange man.

    Doodles and poeterys,
    As my daily routines, added.
    He would shake me a little,
    Or snap me to and fro,
    Then I would flow smooth,
    And ink his words onto a paper.

    Tears rolled down
    From my right,
    wetting the page.
    My ink bleeds
    Love, pain and misery
    While I kept Thinking,
    How would he send letters
    To her love,
    While she is in heaven now.

    The day came by,
    And I had to see him cry.
    He used me to write her,
    The last love letter.
    His wife, was covered in dignity
    Under a tri coloured flag.
    With her wife's body,
    me and the letter I inked,
    Were also burnt to ash.
    With all the pride,
    Our soul rests.

  • shroh__ 17w

    आजी असावी अशी...

    खांद्यावर बसवून गाव फिरवणारी...
    हातात झुणका भाकर घेउन मायेचा घास भरवणारी...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    घास लागताच टाळूवर फुंकर मारणारी...
    पाठीवरुन हात फिरवणारी...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    धावत दमत लपाछूपी ती आपल्यासाठी खेळणारी...
    गपचुप आपल्या पिशवीतला खाऊ ती देणारी...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    जखमेवर मलम लावणारी...
    कडू औषधा सोबत साखर देणारी...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    मस्ती केल्यावर मम्मी पापांच्या फटक्यांपासुन वाचवणारी...
    "खबरदार माझ्या नातीला ओरडलात तर" म्हणून त्यांनाच दम देणारी...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    रुसून बसल्यावर आपल्याला समजावणारी...
    आपल्या ओठांवर हसू परत आणणारी...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    झोप येत नाही म्हणून गोष्ट ऐकणारी... घट्ट आपल्या कुशीत घेऊन झोपवणारी...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    अचानक एक दिवस...
    "मम्मी-पप्पांना त्रास देऊ नको,
    खूप मोठी हो" असं शेवटचं माझ्याशी बोललेली...
    गाढ झोपी जाऊन कधीच न परत आलेली...
    आजी असावी अशी...

    माझी माई आजी होती अशी...

    Shravani Kadam

  • _desaiagraja 17w

    Just random thoughts and I wrote it out��✨
    What's your thought on this mirakians??

    Everybody just want to skip to a good part.
    And actually, there is always a way,
    we humans has made it all so much dramatic..

    While it's simple,
    if the broken thing doesn't fit back or it doesn't form a beautiful form of mosaic art
    What we do is see inside the unbroken part, cherish it,
    embrace it,
    make it grow so much,
    That the broken is no more visible
    and it no more hurts....

    We are humans and we tend to complicate it,
    the love.

    we create finelines and we are the one crossing it everytime..

    Love is like a cranky kid..
    More the attention it gets,
    more it is hard to handle...
    Love should be simple,
    It's as simple as loving your mom, dad, pets, siblings and friends and I don't know how it suddenly become complicated when it comes to romanticizing love...

    I guess we humans have made so many perceptions and ideas and norms that are not actually normal...
    They are I guess just the mirage and not the mirror.
    The bollywood sagas, movies, and the Prince Princess stories have actually made it worst for us..
    since childhood we have been taught to expect so much, about love and the love stories being all magical....
    Not every prince comes in a horse,
    (Or may be in royal Enfield now a days)
    And not every Princess wants the glass shoes & Cinderella dress!!!!

    It's not too much to be broken,
    It's just us,
    Who drench ourself so much in romanticizing and loving the life partner that we forget our existence,
    that we forget selflove,
    we try to find it in the partners while you want it from ourself,
    The love, the respect, the importance,
    And that's when "love yourself" comes into the picture...

    When you fall In love,
    Let's rather say,
    When you have been in love with yourself,
    You glow pretty and bright,
    Independent and confident,
    You know your flaws,
    You know what can break you and
    More importantly you know the ways you can be healed......

    #surrounding #wod #pod #love #broken #beautiful #forever #heal #thoughts #random #writersnetwork @writersnetwork @miraquill #miraquill #mirakians

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    Broken something

    There was broken something,
    Trying to figure out what it was,
    My broken heart or self esteem.
    Too many lights but
    Couldn't even light up that dark part..
    Too much of lights and,
    was that dark part the shadow of mine,
    or the black hole i created for myself.
    May be, at some point of time,
    we are all broken a little,
    Trying to figure out
    what's broken
    And also secretly searching
    For what's Beautiful in it.
    Ps: read the caption:-)



  • _desaiagraja 17w

    It stayed in the draft for so long, so thought of posting it����
    Wishing you guys a happy day✨��
    乁( •_• )ㄏ

    #wod #pod @miraquill @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #mirakians #ceasetheday #lasttime #forever

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    Cease the day

    You might never know,
    That your last time is "the last time".
    You expect it to be more
    You think you have forever,
    But you don't.
    Cease the day my friend....

  • drbismaa 23w

    burden of love
    I call
    it fragile

  • mr_selfmuser 46w

    अनेकता में भी एकता की एक मिसाल है भारत,
    दुनिया को मिला हुआ ईश्वर से, एक वरदान है भारत।।

    A very #HAPPY_INDEPENDENCE_DAY to all #Mirakians
    #Amrit_Mahotsav @writersnetwork

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    विजयीरथ पर सवार, है तैयार देश मेरा ऊंची उड़ान को,
    सीमा की तरह करेंगे इसे अंदर से भी सशक्त, आज ये भी ठान लो,
    ये मिट्टी मामूली नहीं, शौर्यवानो के बलिदानों ने इसे सीचा है,
    गाड़ दिया इस मिट्टी के भीतर ही उनको, जिसने दिखाया मां भारती को नीचा है,
    सिर उठा कर देख उपर, शान से लहराते उस ध्वजा को,
    कर के हौसले बुलंद अपने लहरा दे विजयपताका, देख दुनिया दंग हो,
    लाख मुश्किलों को झेला पर, टेके जिसने ना कभी घुटने हो,
    अब देश मेरा है तैयार फिर से "सोने की चिड़िया" बनने को।

    75वें स्वंतत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाए...।

  • suhani05 49w

    औरो की तरह मत बनना..
    चेहरे मत रखना..!!
    झल - कपट से दूरी बनाना ,
    एक सच्चे इंसान की परिभाषा बतलाना..!!

  • suhani05 49w

    मंज़िल अपनी ओर खींचती है..
    जब परिवार में खुशियां नहीं दिखती हैं...!!

  • suhani05 50w


    इंसान की पहचान एक वाक्य में --?

    २१ वीं सदी में जिसमे इंसानियत बची हो..!!

  • suhani05 50w

    हर रोज़ परेशानियां बढ़ती जा रही..
    जिम्मेदारियां अपनी सीधी चढ़ती जा रही..!
    मजबूत हू नहीं मै..
    ये मेरी खता है..
    पर मुझे कमजोर पड़ना नहीं..
    ये मुझ पता है..!!

  • suhani05 50w

    Only mornings knows ,
    How badly we need the end of a night.

  • suhani05 50w


    Life is a mirror,
    Whatever you do,
    Come back to you..!!

  • suhani05 50w

    It is not okay to leave ,
    When your time is reave.

  • suhani05 50w

    ज़िन्दगी सांप सीढ़ी का खेल है..
    कभी जीत से तो कभी हार से मेल है..!!

  • suhani05 50w


    आदमी क्यों अकेला है..?
    जब हर तरफ लोगों का ही मेला है..!
    साथ रहते है , सब सुख में..
    पर पूछे ना कोई दुख में..
    आदमी क्यों अकेला है..?
    जब हर तरफ लोगों का ही मेला है..!!

  • suhani05 54w

    मंज़िल से ज्यादा..
    रास्तों ने मुझ सिखाया है..
    मुश्किल वक़्त ने मुझे..
    कई अच्छे और कई बुरे चेहरे दिखाया है..!!

  • suhani05 54w

    हंसना रोना चलता रहेगा..
    दुख देने वाला हमेशा सगा रहेगा..
    पर जो जिंदगी को जीना भूल जाएगा..
    वो जिंदगी के उलझनों में फसा रहेगा..!!

  • suhani05 54w

    हैरान परेशान..
    ज़िन्दगी के अगले चुनौतियों से हूं अनजान..!!