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  • queeraadi 12w

    Do not depend on someone in love this much, that you'll lose your identity

    #pain #memories #selflove #breakup
    #love #hurt #struggle #survive
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    Lost or Live

    God of poetry, now weeps in pain
    unable to draw or sing for his love
    who lost himself in human fame.

    He watches the stars, remembering the past
    Suffocating under his own breath looking for a gasp
    He finds himself in a labyrinth lost
    where he hides teary eyes to fake smile.

    Once bloomed in after blue and played in noon meadows
    has become a gold leaf of autumn like a dead with soul
    unable to fall, unable to fly

    Being a victim of dark story he wants to survive
    yet struggling to face unblind truth of a new start
    He is no longer a god, nor a human
    but somewhere between, both or maybe?

    will he resurrect as a pheonix or end up burning to ashes?
    Time will unravel where his fates reside