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    Open message to All poets and writers.

    WE Writers have responsibility towards our reader. Just puking your words in name of liberation and freedom. Won't suffice.

    Be responsible for what you preach. If you can't, mentioning a precaution is your very duty, don't spread false ideology and stupidity.

    In this world of high divorce rates, broken family, single mothers, absent fathers and broken, fragile children. Vulnerable teenagers, and adolescent delinquency. It the moral responsibility of writers poets to spread knowledge, peace, understanding and universal message of peace and tranquility.

    Not to fantasise alcoholism, premarital and unprotected, promiscuous mating rituals. Be responsible what you write, for you know not who are reading and are being inspired to act on them.

    We blame everyone, from the garbage collectors to the president.
    Yet we neglect our own responsibility, and duty towards our society.

    Thats it. Be responsible.

    By: Scribe_in_soliloquy

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    Stupidity Of Poets...

    Women who swills whiskey
    Have wonderful tales to tell.
    Said a famous poet
    Who was raised

    Her mother told him
    All the flings and tales
    When not sober,
    Ain't that obvious
    —Anyone can always tell.

    That is why
    He cowers in attic
    And write poems.

    Reciting her mother tales
    To the girls and ladies.
    Whom he wishes to
    Raise another
    Fatherless Poet.