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  • _disha_jn_ 24w


    I want to write about you
    But for the first time,
    It feels like my words have betrayed me
    For the better or the worse
    Things are changing
    I don't know where this is going
    And I'm afraid to find out the destination
    I don't know if this is real
    Or just a figment of my imagination
    I'm so confused and angry
    Constantly judging, and questioning everything
    I don't know what to believe in, what to do?
    All my thoughts, all the time, are about you
    So much so, that my friends are tired of listening your name
    But i keep going on without any shame

    In the matter of a night, my dreams and nightmares somehow got mis-matched together
    If we let things be the way they are
    Would it really be for the better?

    I long for the comfort of how things were before
    When we weren't awkward and things weren't this tight
    Please promise me once we put this phase behind us,
    Once again, everything would be alright?

  • aditi_bhandari 63w

    Baate khud ki hi
    Khud se chupati hu m aajkl

  • poursomeink 84w

    Hn ye baate zruri hai
    Pas Tum ho, fir kesi duri hai
    Kaha ho Tum? ��
    Ye kahani adhuri hai
    K kesi dhun mere lamho ko chui hai
    Mere dil ka fasana hai
    Tumse Milne ka bahana hai
    Kaha ho Tum? ��
    Dilo ka ishara hai
    Koi shaq hai na Koi irada hai
    Muje samjhaye Koi q
    Muje samjhaye Koi q
    Na Janu me na jane Tu
    Ye dil besabar
    Me jau Kidhar
    Hn badalti bahare hai
    Tere intezar k sahare hai
    Kaha ho Tum? ��
    Hn guzarte sitare hai
    Na Jaane khoye hai
    Ya vo humare hai
    Kaha ho Tum? ��
    Me tumhe dhund lauga
    Kaha ho Tum? ��
    Hum Zamane se paraye hai
    Kaha ho Tum? ��

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  • ehmee_ 86w

    Dear Rishi,

    You completely own my heart❤
    I believed that the clouds will remember you.

    After a long time I started to watch a teenage romantic drama and you entered- Mr. Rishi Singh Shekhawat��

    A 17 year old handsome hunk who believed in 60s romance had made up his mind to spend his forever with a clumsy, tomboyish girl in the world full of snapchat and instagram filters.

    Your "Hello future wife" was enough to steal hearts of all the old schools right here.

    It's not easy to get over those cute little efforts you made for Dimple to impress her, from searching her in the whole campus to ask her for a date with pretty cartoon sketches..showed us the purity of your love.

    When Dimple misunderstood you and Namrata, you indirectly told that "the geeky, nerdy, love chemistry is with someone else" it was so sweet.

    And when you had parked the car but you just simply said you didn't bring a car to made her walk with you, was so cute.

    You were the perfect peace bearer amidst all the chaos. My eyes lit up everytime you appeared. Girls like me pine for a man like you.

    From being a loving grandson to an amazing best friend to a heartwarming lover, there is no role you didn't shine in. You deserve better, a happier family, forgiveness of a true friend and a lover who protects your heart from everything like her own, most importantly love yourself from within just to see the perfection in you.

    You are being my constant thought not because you are hopelessly romantic and exceedingly filmy but because you are honest and truthfully real about feelings.

    Rishi, you are a lost poem hiding inside a fantasy. The sweetest Rajput who will keep warm in a frozen snowflake. I see stars in your eyes and believe me, your smile holds some supernatural powers called blessings to heal.

    Thank you for reminding me that old school romance is to die for.

    In this alternate universe, I want to meet you someday, where I will happily share "manohar ka shreekhand" with you.

    a small admirer who loves love like you❤


    #mismatched #rohitsaraf

    @writersnetwork @abhi_mishra_ @rani_shri
    @gunjit_jain @harish8588

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    Did the sun come up or you just smiled at me

  • starlight__19 171w

    I have my,
    Hands free for you to take,
    Soul waiting for you to crave,
    A wrecked heart
    willing to be uplifted,
    A life wanting your
    love to be filled....
    But all I got from u is ail,
    Consisting of your sore gale!
    Trying I was to please you
    But you got aggrieved like,
    I did tease you...
    I couldn't find still,
    What's the reason that
    You got detached,
    What's the word that
    Made us mismatched....
    But I'll find out soon,
    As you are nothing but
    My favourite boon!!


  • sj_diaries 220w


    वफादारी ने अब शायद मुझसे
    हकदारी का हक भी छीन लिया है।

  • the_unsaidthings 225w

    Hold me at my lows
    And feel me at my highs
    Sleep in tents with me
    So that you can hear the stroies unheard
    Understand me carefully like a meaningful poetry
    Cause no one ever did
    Are you afraid of heights??
    Cause I was born to fly
    Chasing was not my thing
    I rule them
    Mountains are my best friend and the winds are my companion you wanna join or go, again .
    I can love till the last breath if you can
    I'm a WOMEN