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  • nothingleftsoiwrite 2d

    many mistakes. repetitive mistakes. broken sorrys. broken promises. I'm empty. #sorry #mistake #pain #brain #iloveyou

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    i made a mistake

    this pain inside
    my brain, destroyed in my mind
    just missing her eyes
    looking deep into mine
    just want to rewind
    a couple months of time
    I know I can find
    a way to finally be right...
    to you


  • yaduom 4d

    One day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you… then you’re going to hate yourself for letting me go.

  • teenager_words 2w

    No one notice your pain. No one notice your tears. No one notice your Sadness,but they all notice your mistake.


  • ascendsmog 3w

    3 mistakes

    1.is to love someone more than I do love me
    2.is to keep loving the person to this day
    3.is thinking one and two are mistakes

  • captainfatimahabiba 3w

    #journal @miraquill @writersnetwork

    It's around 25 times by now since 9-11-1996 that I've experienced the frosted dew of December, that I've seen the blooms of April, that I've tried to squeeze the long days of blazing June with the tang of mangoes and that I've stimulated my auditory canal by walking on the crumbled dry amber leaves of October.

    Throughout this life so far, I have been developed and devastated periodically and with a certain clicks of transformation, by now I stand with multitude of emotions and points of view.
    Many came, much happened a lot I did to consume myself that owes almost an equivalent proportion of good, bad and average. But somewhere something remained constant with variable someones that the introduction to whom, made me sit on the chair of
    Y ( a person who is centre of
    O attention or talk).
    E , and the imagination bee created a massive comb in heart that dripped the drops of expectations but which has never lasted for so long and the reality hunted and chopped it down causing,
    (Sudden end of O
    contact with S
    someone without T
    any explanation)' I
    G. But it's not the end since every ending is a new beginning and so is continued here. Though this breathing monument of 5.4 ft has reached its final size and the construction is over but yet not the process of renovation!

    Life generated various regrets but time unfolded me the disguised blessings. Like I opted medical (science of body) but after four years of robotic input, I finally realized my #mistake and switched to literature (science of soul).

    Various entities like family, friends and fellows kept on switching the ears to my voice and my gratitude still accompanies them like a ghost never mind yet it seems that I almost remained wrong in making the right choices until I met my PEN that by listening to me, itself becomes my voice thus truly becoming my
    R (A trusty, honest
    E fellow).

    ■□■// My pen is actually another me who records my state to preserve myself.// ■□■

    It made me a warrior in the army where pen fights, defends and attacks instead of the sword. It made me an inhabitant of a galaxy of writers that emit the radiating light of
    E (to do something with soul,
    R creativity or love, to put
    A yourself in it).

    Meanwhile I am making #mistakes while what to support and what to condemn but my love for pen is holding me to stay on third road.

    And perhaps I am making another #mistake right now saying all this. But may it be not a long lasting regret. So far whatever I considered mega mistakes of my life that I regretted for, later on stood me grateful for the very things.

    ■ □■// Inside me, there is situated a colossal museum with the memories hung on its walls that echo whatever has been mine once, the laughters, the sobs, the applause, the condolences and the still continued expectations, plans and dreams. //■□■

    © captainfatimahabiba

    (updated my old and #mistaken piece)

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    Life, we try to cage in words
    Like the poets drip in rhymes
    It's secrecy but flies like birds
    Staying a mystery over times

    // When true nectar one begins to get
    River of life meets bank of death
    With everything yet nothing to show

    © captainfatimahabiba

  • harishkumar32 4w

    This is for special one in my life....
    I want she remember me in her life...
    I don't talk to more..........


    #special #mistake #broken # love

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    Need my heart..

    You never let me say my piece...
    I never got the closure I needed...
    Especially knowing how little i was to you...
    I was a mistake you choose to forget....
    I wish I didn't still think of you...
    Even after so much time has passed...
    Sometimes my heart still hurts.. .....
    Sometimes tears still fall.......

  • anjalishukla03 6w


    जब तुम दूसरो को मेरी गलती बताना
    तो उसमे थोड़ा अपनी भी बताना
    प्यार दो तरफा था .........
    एक तरफा मत जताना

  • bharathi_ 7w

    We are
    for our
    Undone mistakes..
    that mistake
    to our character..

  • night_mist_ 7w

    Some death

    Real death is when someone leaves you alone in the illusion of love and recognize you by your mistakes and not with your love, and does not understand you

  • iamsatyajitrout 8w


    World's most finest and purest love story starts from a beautiful mistake...

  • bluemushroom 8w

    This is what I Fear...

    This is what I fear.

    Life, like I wont be able to uphold it.

    Life, like I might lose it very soon.

    Life, like my existence was just a mistake and not it was already taking its toll for the borrowed moments.

    Life, like would I be a burden to those who knew me or would I just be forgotten like one of the passing acquintances.

    I want to improve my health and well-being but the traitor called depression is now weighing me down.

    I’m affraid, I want tot be able to overcome this obstacle.

    This is one fo my fear. To be consumed by the negativity I accumulated. To not be able to come back.

    This is waht I fear. To be judged and ridiculed.

    To be compared and to be a failure. I, who masked an inocent facade was now covered in mud and dirt. A well behaved lady turned to a monster. A biting tigress but fangs have already been removed. A nobody.

    This is what I fear.

    To not be able to perfom well and to be stuck on the mistake I made.

    This is what I fear, to no longer trust the future because of my misjudgment.

    I fear that I wont be able to prove anything.

    I fear that I will get stuck.

    I fear that I would get blamed,

    I fear to become nothing.

    This is what I fear.

    Life, to end before I could even come back.

    Fail, even before I even started.

    Judged, for my past mistakes.

    Retribution, for my guilt.

    To be rejected, forgotten and disregarded.

    I fear to be left alone.

    And I fear to not be able to come back.

  • ahfazjiwani 9w

    Mistake was mine

    I know the mistake was mine,
    I know the mistake was mine,
    Everyday it dwells in my mind that mistake was mine;
    From the rays of rising sun till the night when the sun is about to come,
    I realised the mistake was not little but a great sum;
    Unforgivable although I know,
    still I apologise for the misconduct I showed;
    Has struck you deep,
    Had made you weep,
    And all that because of me therefore I apologise deep;
    Not worthy of a second chance I know,
    But really I have an apology to owe,
    Trust me this once and see if I am worth,
    otherwise throw me away at the mercy of earth.


  • charithaburri 9w


    In the name of forever and long run, we often forget to embrace the moments. Life is all about quality not the quantity. Don't you think so....

  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 9w

    In my desperate attempt to make everything right, it always ends up in a fail. I try to manifest my thoughts to where it seems that's a no fail situation.
    I still fail.
    I dream that one day others can look through my flaws, my mistakes and see who I am. Who I AM TODAY. Not yesterday. Not last year or 15 years ago.
    I work on myself as a daily routine now.
    I have came to realize that we can only answer for our choices. Our regrets. Our setbacks. Our drug addiction. Our own. We own up to our own mistakes. We can only do that for ourselves. No one can do that for us, nor can we do it for another. As bad as we would want to, we can't. Its life. And then we take what we have learned to be a better person than we were back then. That's life as we know it.

    #idreamc #dream #idream #dreams #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #writersbay #writereadunite #mistake

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    I Still Fail

    I dream that one day others can look through my flaws, my mistakes and see who I am. Who I AM TODAY.

  • night_mist_ 10w


    Jaane anjaane me jo dil dukhaya maine ,dil dukha hoga tumhara toh aansu bhi jhalak aaye honge un naajuk aankho se ,mujhe pachtawa hai ki meri wajah se tumhe dard hua ,sorry k ab koi maayne nhi lekin agr kahu naa toh itne bhi hum bure nhi

  • pranalishah 11w

    - Déjà Vu -

    I’m not certain why I feel this way…
    Is it déjà vu running down my veins?

    At the sight of you I feel
    my hopes wobble, unconsciously,
    And your absence brings me pure turmoils…

    I see the guarding walls that
    I’d built suddenly falling
    Brick by brick, Edge by edge…
    Was I suppose to let this happen?
    Or was it another mistake that
    I was slipping myself into?

    How will I save myself this time?
    Or am I saving myself by falling for
    someone like you this time?


  • leo_dreamboat 14w

    It's a big mistake from our part
    to hate the right one and
    to love the wrong one!


  • madinah_writes 14w

    Many mister make mistakes missing minds for money.
    Many others misuse magnificent meetings with marvelous misses.
    Mechanizing madness moves men, more.
    Making manifestos and mixed mayhem.
    Meditating miffically and moving miraculous masterminds.
    Mouthwashing mojo and misanthropes.
    Moudergreening mysterical monikers with monkeyshines.
    Many mixes motivational mnemonics in a mumbo-jumbo.
    Mister and misses, I'd mind muting my mouth.

  • neeru365 16w

    It's a mistake

    I know it's a mistake.
    But there are certain things in life,
    where you know it may be a mistake.
    Certainly you don't really know it's a mistake.
    The only way to really know
    if it's a mistake is to do the mistake,
    look back and say
    "Yup, that was mistake"
    So really...
    The bigger mistake is to not make the mistake. Because then you go your whole life not knowing if something is mistake or not.
    Damn it...
    I made no mistakes,
    I have done all of these
    my life, love and career
    mistake free...

  • mute_my_mind 2d

    People always try to fit into things
    That don't even match their sizes