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  • rk2006 2w

    3 mistakes of my life

    The word No is arduous to sound from my voice box,
    It gives me a hard time.

    To trust anyone easily,
    end up being with sleazy.

    Easily forgiving,
    that I regret in my living.

  • kingdomdelight 2w

    #repentance means the change of mind
    #truth brings freedom
    #where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom ...there is life and life more abundantly
    #God is love

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    Mistakes mature birth beauty
    Romans 3:23
    for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

    If we don't know the written word
    It will cost us alot!
    Many mistakes, that could be prevented
    through out our whole written life

    Tree mistakes I did
    I believed in the WORD
    but didn't made it mine OWN
    Vey important to build on rock in one's youth!
    Why, it will give one wings in old age to stand firm

    I "thought" to become saved was really hard
    Couldn't see anything, for life around me, spoke harder
    While it honestly didn't feel if anything happened differently when one tried
    I was only, ten, and had a two year stuggle with the living God
    But at the age of twelve, the Holy Spirit "Himself"
    lifted me from my life's bench
    I even tried
    to stay seated, what a joke, one can't fight God
    while I took a firm hold of the church bench
    But "free will" could no longer hold me back
    For it's not by power ur might
    but by His Spirit alone
    Praise God!!!

    3 Commen mistakes I had to put inline with the written word
    O dear me, never was it done over night,
    but the Holy Spirit does lead one gently into all victories!
    Praise the living God!

    1)The thoughts (mind)
    2)The tongue (the pen)
    3)The heart (the cabinet of life issues)

    All three must be in line with the written word
    To know is to grow ...
    How will you grow if you don't read?
    God's Word the seed
    we plant
    in our heart
    when we read ...

    I also made tons of mistakes to stop reading the word ur pray
    when things didn't go my way, ur seems exstreamly difficult ur hard,
    back then ... sometimes I was just plain lazy to be quite honest !
    I was immature ...I rebelled againt God!
    But I grow up
    The written word and daily prayer life, now
    a mighty tool!
    Glory to be to God, alone!!!

    Hosea 4:6

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
    because thou hast rejected knowledge,
    I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:
    seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God,
    I will also forget thy children

    I was such a fleshly fool for letting "in" what I only think and saw
    to rule mine heart, to be Stonger than what I believe
    But faith comes by hearing,
    and by hearing the word of God!

    Trying to fit a BIG LIVING GOD
    into mine own ways of UNDERstanding, oh so hard!
    I had to let go of mine own UNDERstanding to know
    how BIG GOD was, now life is easy!

    The bible will be just a story book
    if we don't apply what we read
    The bible is really alive,
    once the Holy Spirit lead us!
    "Faith" and "works" go hand in hand!

    Life a journey from being immature
    learning to grow,
    in all God wanted me to know
    To become in Christ, all mature
    Spiritual principles a feast, now!
    Following mine own ways led to mine own misery
    I even thought
    God could use so many other,
    I believe they were more capable than me!
    But God wanted obedients and an empty vessel!
    God'll used a donkey, I like to think it's to show how stubborn we can be, at times!

    The righteous may fall seven times
    but still they'll stand up ..
    bold and tall
    Never have I ever saw
    Grace left a righteous man's hand!

    If I had never fail ur fall
    I would have never grew up
    to mature in the wisdom given by God!

    *The mind: NOT inline with God's Word,
    Still " a free will" in mine life, cost me alot!

    *The tongue, never could keep secrets, always spills the "inner thoughts"
    (Life and death in our tongue, I was young but had to learn to eat the fruit of mine own words)
    If you can't speak ur be silent out of love, we are most probably not in God's will ...
    Any thing spoken ur not spoken, not with the pure heart motive to build UP is not of God!
    The heart can be so deceitful!

    *The Heart harbours all the issues of live, with a mind loose and a tongue running wild, I grew up!
    Many mistakes, many lessons, but grace never fails a believing heart!

    But mine greatest mistake, mine biggest sin ever!
    Mine greatest lesson, became mine greatest thruimph ever!
    a devilish trap of dreadful pride
    I became so angry with religious people,
    People " not unknown " to me,
    at all, those throwing daily stones and spoke evil about others
    Saying they are God's children while they gossips about others!
    (James 4:11 Speak not evil one of another, brethren)
    Some folks always remembering the worst about everyone
    without acknowledging their own faults!
    I sinned, for pride let me become just like them!
    Oh the shame, when you know you have failed the Most High God!
    Oh how it pierched mine heart!
    Truth had cut deep into mine heart
    While the devil tried to rip mine heart out!
    Wisdom opens the eyes of the heart,
    uncover your own pride hiding in the corner of the heart,
    His Spirit reveals everything!
    God knows everything!
    Those unknown "pride" you harbour in your own heart !
    Did I though, I was even better than them?
    Oh how evil that sounds! Oh so shameful!
    Suddenly you know ...
    Why Moses couldn't enter the promise land?
    Sin is sin!
    No big ur small
    We all make mistakes, we all sin!
    The truth ...I have sin before and against the living God!
    2007 mine greatest lesson!
    I needed to repent and mend my way
    With only His perfect ways!
    But the truth, God's love never stop
    His grace, mercy and peace was raining down on me.
    God is love
    Love never leaves, amen

    Psalm 51:7
    Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean;
    Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

    Thank You, Lord for looking to me like being Your own loving son
    Draped in snow white under His faithful garment dippen in righteous blood
    Covering mine daily walk and erasing mine remorful mistakes
    Nothing I could ever "do" ur "work" for
    Grace found mine heart's address
    Never to be the same ... never can mistakes rule,
    where God has forgiven all repented mistakes!
    How great is our God!
    God is love!!!

    1 JOHN 3:20
    For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart and knoweth all things.
    Thank You, Lord


  • diamond49 2w

    It was my mistake
    To be distant
    From you
    By hearing people
    Connecting my name with you

    And.. I lost a friend in you

    It was my mistake
    To say no
    When you asked
    To join in project
    And help you

    And.. I lost the time I could spend with you

    It was my mistake
    Not to face you
    At our farewell
    And confess
    My feelings for you

    And.. I lost a lover in you

  • blue_nib 2w

    Three Lesson

    //Curtain Rises ///

    Life is full of opportunity!!!
    You miss , what you love...
    You hit things , what you ditch...
    You get teared apart...
    You then self stich...

    *Take one*(Mistake No. one)
    Not taking opportunity head on!!!

    Life is a adventure !!!
    Try and remove dentures...
    Break some teeth...
    Before you are served a wreath....

    *Take Two*(Mistake No. Two)
    Not taking enough risks!!!

    Life is full of love...
    Try and express most...
    Tell them you really love them...
    Before you rest in peace.

    *Take three*(Mistake No. three)
    Not letting loved one know their worth!!!

    ///Pack up///Light diminishing
    Centre stage empty ///


  • muskaanbhatt_ 2w

    Still have much more to write on this, but I guess it's enough.

    I want to use my writing skills to write reality, truth and real causes, to write for people and their problem with a mix of my own feelings of truth and love, I don't want my writing to dance around fakeness, imaginations and khayali pulaw, that seems wasting of skills because khayali pulaw are of no use, they are trash, I mean when your writing is not opening eyes of society then why to write��

    #pod #wod #writers #mistakes #kashmir
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    KASHMIR ( Heaven for outsiders and hell for insiders)

    Kashmir, It was a beautiful land decades ago
    Kings emperors and full of sufi saints

    Love and beauty was flowing from every land and river

    From adhan of mosques to the prayers(Puja) of temples to the mattins of church to the ardas of gurudwaras

    Everything was beautifully indulged and connected with one another

    There was no criticism and hate among different religion

    But with the passage of time everything changed

    Peaceful land turned into a conflict zone
    Inhumane people killed lakhs of innocents and still counting on

    Women are becoming widows, kids becoming orphans and from parents, parenthood is stolen

    Everyday blood splits on the streets,
    Create horror and emotional feelings in the hearts

    This land is no longer a paradise and not less than a butcher house

    Those who are fighting for the good cause are framed as Terrorist while those who kill and murder innocents are known as officers

    Small blossoms are openly murdered in daylight and some are under false allegations and detained

    Outsiders come and enjoy our heaven with blind eyes

    Can't they see those murder committed hands of officers and those continuous tears of mothers

    Kashmir is only of kashmiris then who are you who are you who forcefully occupied our paradise

    I am Kashmir and my people are suffering from torturous regime

    When will that day come when you will lose your pride and we will win

    You can control kashmir but never it's people and their hearts

    Majority hates you and few supports you, who are your informers

    I am Kashmir, and my dignity respect is everyday suppressed by those evils

    From decades they are covering our tensions and showing good worldwide

    When people raise their voices against them, they are shot dead some are made blind by pellet guns

    Have outsider ever wondered why boys pickup guns and stones

    I guess not ever that's why still framing them as threat to public

    So unfortunate is that to kill a single person you call your whole team of men

    And in between kill many other civilians under the name of cross fire

    Kashmir is burning, Kashmir is dying, Kashmir will vanish soon from the whole world

    That time you will win because you only want our land and never the people of Kashmir

    So many massacres my jehlum and dal witnessed

    As every time they give their water to remove the blood spots from the streets

    From top of the mountains to the depth of the rivers I am suffering

    Internal pain is suppressed under the name of internal issues

    I am Kashmir and my voice is subdued and if I speak truth I will be murdered

  • captainfatimahabiba 2w

    #journal @miraquill @writersnetwork

    It's around 25 times by now since 9-11-1996 that I've experienced the frosted dew of December, that I've seen the blooms of April, that I've tried to squeeze the long days of blazing June with the tang of mangoes and that I've stimulated my auditory canal by walking on the crumbled dry amber leaves of October.

    Throughout this life so far, I have been developed and devastated periodically and with a certain clicks of transformation, by now I stand with multitude of emotions and points of view.
    Many came, much happened a lot I did to consume myself that owes almost an equivalent proportion of good, bad and average. But somewhere something remained constant with variable someones that the introduction to whom, made me sit on the chair of
    Y ( a person who is centre of
    O attention or talk).
    E , and the imagination bee created a massive comb in heart that dripped the drops of expectations but which has never lasted for so long and the reality hunted and chopped it down causing,
    (Sudden end of O
    contact with S
    someone without T
    any explanation)' I
    G. But it's not the end since every ending is a new beginning and so is continued here. Though this breathing monument of 5.4 ft has reached its final size and the construction is over but yet not the process of renovation!

    Life generated various regrets but time unfolded me the disguised blessings. Like I opted medical (science of body) but after four years of robotic input, I finally realized my #mistake and switched to literature (science of soul).

    Various entities like family, friends and fellows kept on switching the ears to my voice and my gratitude still accompanies them like a ghost never mind yet it seems that I almost remained wrong in making the right choices until I met my PEN that by listening to me, itself becomes my voice thus truly becoming my
    R (A trusty, honest
    E fellow).

    ■□■// My pen is actually another me who records my state to preserve myself.// ■□■

    It made me a warrior in the army where pen fights, defends and attacks instead of the sword. It made me an inhabitant of a galaxy of writers that emit the radiating light of
    E (to do something with soul,
    R creativity or love, to put
    A yourself in it).

    Meanwhile I am making #mistakes while what to support and what to condemn but my love for pen is holding me to stay on third road.

    And perhaps I am making another #mistake right now saying all this. But may it be not a long lasting regret. So far whatever I considered mega mistakes of my life that I regretted for, later on stood me grateful for the very things.

    ■ □■// Inside me, there is situated a colossal museum with the memories hung on its walls that echo whatever has been mine once, the laughters, the sobs, the applause, the condolences and the still continued expectations, plans and dreams. //■□■

    © captainfatimahabiba

    (updated my old and #mistaken piece)

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    Life, we try to cage in words
    Like the poets drip in rhymes
    It's secrecy but flies like birds
    Staying a mystery over times

    // When true nectar one begins to get
    River of life meets bank of death
    With everything yet nothing to show

    © captainfatimahabiba

  • sparkles09_ 2w

    I know every human has different opinions l and I respect them ��...it's just my opinion that I wanted to share with you all ��
    #mistakes #embrace_your_mistakes
    #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    I learnd something important today
    Something which I should've known
    A very long time ago....

    But I think
    It's better to know late
    than never to know

    Today something happened
    That changed my perspective
    On seeing something in a different way

    You see, when a human does something
    that's wrong, or something that they say
    In a state of mind, when their emotions are unstable

    And without knowing, they say things that
    hurts someone, but after realising it
    They apologize, by saying that they weren't thinking what they were saying

    When you commit a sin,
    You beg for forgiveness to god
    Saying that you didn't wanted to do it, it was the devil

    But you see, it's not the devil (not completely)
    That made you commit the sin
    It's you who did it, the devil only gave you a push that you needed ...

    God has given the devil a place in human's heart, that's equal to the size of
    A small mustard seed

    Such that the devil could lure the human into committing sin, but it's still on them
    whether they do it or not

    It might be true that sometimes you
    gets so carried away by your emotions that
    You say or do things and hurt people

    What am trying to say is, us humans
    Try to find reasons, excuses to run from our mistakes, so sometimes we blame others for it

    But at the end of the day , it was us,
    our decisions , our mistake, our words
    That leads us to the consequences that we face in our lives ..

    I know that
    making mistakes is a part of being human,
    But embracing your mistakes, understanding and learning from them, is what makes you better

  • debangana_gogoi 3w

    Honestly all I could think of writing in mirakee in Love. I have no idea why! Happy Reading ��

    #mistakes #confessions #lifetalk #love #peace #addicted #friends #charm #personality #regrets #bewitched

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    Are you my mistake?
    My mistake which I would regret in life?
    I who am lured by your personality
    I who stand awed, enthralled by your charm
    As if bewitched.
    It's addictive
    The peace which I get while talking with you
    I share minute details of my life
    Even at 3 am in the morning
    Why do I do so?
    We're nothing more than friends
    We're nothing more than just friends.
    Then why do I find peace with you?
    Why do you mean so much too me?
    Am I making a mistake?

    By loving you so deeply?
    Yet not confessing it?
    Am I making the mistake of my life?


  • banerjeedekai 3w

    You can worth your mistakes by learning from it not by keeping a count of it...........


  • bare_heart 4w


    What I want to say here is I am not telling that we are always wrong or we should ignor own views or we should not take stand for own thoughts, I am just saying that sometimes we might be wrong...and should accept it...������

    :-( ~ :-)

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    Accept it

    Sometimes we have all reasons for anything and we think that we are always right, but point to be noted here is..

    "We also may be wrong"
    We can't just end up things by sticking to own points...

    Flexibility is needed in thoughts, behavior everything...
    Acceptance of own mistakes will make us more humble and stronger...

  • peterneil 4w

    Embrace Failure

    Failure is never final
    Mistakes are never futile
    Scars are never lethal
    Life maybe eternal
    But records are never eternal

    Success is not a destination
    But a process
    Where the flames of consistency, perseverance and diligence must burn constantly

    Yesterday is gone
    Today you have,
    Let go of yesterday and make the best use of today. For you can not change the past but can maximize the present.

    Never dwell on your mistakes
    Never assume yourself a failure, how can you learn without mistakes?
    No matter how many times you fail, there is always room for improvements.

    Embrace your Mistakes!


  • hasraton_ka_ashiq 9w


    अपनी चाहतों से खुद ही रुठ जाता हूँ

    इंसान हूँ खुदा नहीं


    खुद गलती करता हूँ फिर

    खुद ही टूट जाता हूँ

    Please do follow me for more such daily content

  • emyflorencemoses_ 9w

    We learn a lot from past mistakes,
    And will probably not do the same so easily!

  • herreverie 9w


    We are not afraid of making mistakes because of the outcome we get

    but we are afraid of the pain and sufferings we have to go through.....

  • poetic_hulk 9w


    For the world, I have been fasting,
    Atoning for my mistakes, everlasting,
    Surviving on bowls of cold raw salad,
    Escaping the eyes, the dressings added.


  • giridhar1529 10w

    Sometimes,sorry becomes the hardest word in the vocabulary,as people aren't ready to accept their mistakes...


  • backstorypoetry 10w

    When you start losing everything one by one, you can't blame someone for it, you are the one to blame.
    Where do we go wrong??
    A comeback to the world of writing.
    Never let anything break you.

    Follow @backstory.poetry for more

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    Life is not the same anymore

    A life that was worth everything to me
    Is nothing now
    A person who meant everything to me
    Is now a stranger
    The enthusiasm which I always had for everything
    Is lost somewhere
    The people who saw the best in me
    Now point out every mistake in me
    The love and care which I always had
    Is now turned into anger
    Life is not the same anymore

  • kp_singh 10w

    उसे कितने मौके मिले, ये शायद उसे भी पता नहीं।
    मैंने ही नहीं जताया कभी, इसमें उसकी कोई खता नहीं!
    She might not even know how many chances she got.
    I have never expressed it, there is no mistake of her in this! -kps©2021

    #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #mistakes #chances #fakesorry #writersnetwork

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    उसे कितने मौके मिले, ये शायद उसे भी पता नहीं।
    मैंने ही नहीं जताया कभी, इसमें उसकी कोई खता नहीं!
    She might not even know how many chances she got.
    I have never expressed it, there is no mistake of her in this!

  • peppy_writing 10w


    MEANING - The stain was on my face BUT i was clearing the mirror.
    I just went through this lines today
    It taught me something great
    We always try to blame the other person or situation
    We always try to see the negatives in one another
    When we forget to look at our ownselves
    When we forget to look at our own mistakes
    LEARN - Instead of trying to change the whole world just try n change only single person YOU
    Just try n change a perspective of how you look at things n people.

  • laughingmaniac 11w

    I am back and making content again #mistakes #happen

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    Mistakes Happen

    People will break you down.. People will hurt you.. when you stand up for yourself they will see you as the monster