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  • mariecurieosity 1d


    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who was the greatest of them all?
    Heroes were used for demonizing them,
    Could they have been used to humanize them?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who was the best of them all?
    Sure they’re villains in our fables,
    But aren’t heroes evil in someone’s tales?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Were they even villains at all?
    We thought them evil, so we called them villains,
    But did they even, do anything wrong?

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    They didn’t do anything wrong.
    If only you look them through a mirror,
    Hidden beneath, you’d find a hero

  • likwidsay10 8w

    Queen of Misunderstood

    You shouldn't have left it off, as you should
    I'm the queen of misunderstood
    Now I'm alone and lonely
    Just wishing for the company of anybody
    Who'll listen to me cry an' whine
    Hell even at my own dime
    If you knew what loneliness is
    You wouldn't do me like this
    My friend died a few days ago
    An guess who had to have an ego?
    I fell silent at your end
    An I'm stoopid for loving you as my friend
    I could've used someone to lean on
    But instead you have to prove me wrong
    Not everything is about you
    You always wondered why I did what I do?
    It's because of people like the likes of you
    Can't handle when someone is being true
    You never liked it when I was vague
    Somehow you couldn't pick up the slag
    Always taking the convo out of context
    I couldn't be anymore direct
    I'm the queen of misunderstood
    This can't be any good
    When expressing what I really feel
    Only gets me in trouble, for real?
    You want the truth from me
    But then you shun me for my reality
    I feel like I'm all alone
    I should've figured I'm on my own
    Nobody really knows me or understands me
    That's why I guess I'm best off alone and lonely
    People always doing me dirty
    All trusting others does is hurt me
    Why do I even press my luck
    When no one really gives a fuck?
    You shouldn't have left if off, as you should
    I'm the queen of misunderstood


  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 21.11.2021; 12.52 A.M (Malaysia)

    #good #mood #food #misunderstood

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    -ood ~

    It was raining. Felt so good.
    Did not ruining my mood.
    I was hungry. Craved for food.
    Got angry. Misunderstood.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • dubldeez 17w


    Words to herself, on deaf ears constantly falling 

    Trying too hard to get the attention so coldy locked away.

    A laugh, a smile, a thoughtful hmm, anything but silence. 

    But the echo of quiet rings forever in her shaky self esteem 

    Alone in a crowded room, invisible voices float around her consciousness.

    The people she calls friend wander thoughtlessly away from her.

    Refusing to acknowledge that they are the only tendrils of faint connection, lashing her to the world outside of her imagination.

    She calls herself a dragon. A fierce, beautiful creature, winding through existence, fleeting though it may be.

    Trying to make her confusion known, so that she can understand herself. 

    The darkness keeps her separate from that which she desires the most. 

    The clouds from the storms of yesterday forever dim her view of tomorrow. 

    Her dreams will eternally tear her apart only to then bind the very wounds they have just torn into her psyche. 

  • terbell 23w

    The loneliest feeling is being misunderstood.

  • lollipop71 30w

    Love Misunderstood

    Love is powerful
    Love is deceiving
    Love is misunderstood
    Love is what you make it.

  • themitartofficial 31w

    Ability to express feelings

    " Not everyone has the ability
    to hide their feelings inside them. "

    There is always a fear of
    either losing the person
    or being misunderstood by the person
    or putting the person in trouble
    due to which one never can express the feelings.


  • stevenlgoosby 34w

    Love has A Mistress

    It was a man who break
    her heart first
    so she decided to explore
    the love of a woman.

  • azra_r 35w

    Fucked (cont.)

    There's a voice saying no but a choir singing yes.
    How the fuck did I get into this mess?

    Call me a fool, pining over you...
    Playing it cool but was the intention so true?

    Yeah, it must've been my imagination.
    I probably misread the situation.
    Guess I don't have the best intentions,
    is there any self redemption?

    I'm terrible, I still don't want to believe a word of it was true.

  • azra_r 35w


    Is it my imagination?
    Did I really misread the situation?

    I'm terrible, I want some of it to be a lie...

    Felt like some part of our minds aligned
    Can't help but want your body alil closer to mine

    I'm terrible, I'm hoping some of it is a lie...

    Can't shake this feeling of anticipation and exhilaration.
    Sitting here deep in contemplation.

    I'm terrible, I don't want to believe it's not a lie...


  • philocalistabella 40w

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    Look for who hears

    What you left unsaid

  • p_n_maselo 40w


    Glimmering blue eyes set on me
    The old lady gazes up at me
    Almost expectantly she waits
    For my simple greeting that is
    Like a kid waiting for money earned from household chores
    My acknowledgement a prized possession
    One she'll put on he mantle with all the others
    A reward for being content with being overlooked for so long

    She waits I know. Patiently.
    Waiting, craving for something only I can give
    That is until she looks down
    At the rough leather of my jacket
    The pseudo symbol of my ratchet existence
    Telling stories of a rough life not chosen
    I anticipate the frown upon her lips
    As she looks through the ripped holes of my black jeans
    Her disapproval is palpable

    Like a looming shadow overcast
    The sun doesn't shine so bright
    Jdgement slithers his way up the surface
    He wears a black cape and Carries a cane

    Like an old friend I give him a nod
    "Back so soon"i tease
    Judgement never replies
    Just shows up and waits

    The old lady's eyes gleam under the sunlight
    Realization I suppose one can call it
    Dawn's upon her ancient features and her already creased lines deepen further as she finally arrives at the midnight of my combat boots gleaming brightly and proudly under the light of day

    Her worn eyes can no longer hide judgement so well
    Her weathering face can't obscure her thoughts
    Her face is the symbol of her believes
    You cant teach an old dog new tricks they say

    That's why even though she has yet to meet me
    Her dying heart will never welcome me
    Her cobweb filled brain will never understand me
    This old lady has made her decision
    It doesn't matter now
    Whether or not I greet her
    Suddenly she doesn't need it so badly
    She doesn't crave it as much

    My greeting like a rotten piece of bread
    Frowned upon and flung outside
    No longer as appealing, its value gone.

    With a huff and a puff the old lady looks away
    With a smile I pass her by
    Swallowing my greeting
    That she won't be needing

    Old dogs
    New tricks

  • iam_pnkaj 41w


    hume badi khubsurat nazar aa rhi h
    ye raahe tabahi ke ghar jaa rhi h ,
    Lga hai jisse nhi milni thi rahein kbhi
    Unse hi mohhabat hoti jaarhi h


  • 2write 43w


    As rain washed
    All the tears,
    Deepest cries
    Were misunderstood
    As joyous smiles.

  • night_reader 44w

    Loneliness is such a tiring thing.. It eats you away on the inside. People who have not experienced it will never understand. They will try to be understanding, but they can never truly ever understand it. Staring into empty space, each day feels like a chore, I want to do so many things, yet I don't want to do anything. Sometimes it feels like mind just goes into that offline mode n stops working. You feel Soo stressed but don't know what you are stressed about.. you feel Soo much yet you feel empty... You want to scream out loud frustrated, yet you just don't find the voice. Does it happen to you too... Or is it just me losing it?

    #lonely #lonliness #feelings #mess #misunderstood @mirakee @mirakeeworld

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    Staring into empty space,
    Each day feels like a chore,
    You want to do so many things,
    yet you don't feel like to getting up.
    You feel Soo stressed
    But you don't know why
    You feel Soo much yet you feel empty
    You want to scream out loud frustrated,
    yet you just don't find the voice.
    Does it happen to you too...
    Or is it just me losing it?

  • preshycreates 46w


    Some days don't see a reason to smile.
    Some days words fail me.
    There are some things I don't seem to understand!

    Some days I not only question myself;
    I question my belief systems.
    Why are things the way they are?
    I can't seem to grasp it all.
    Even the still voice: echoes still.
    My heart filled in tumbles and chill.
    Teach me to read in between me.
    Let my thoughts be a fountain,
    Not my Achilles heel.

  • slaughtered_heart 46w

    Not everyone deserves your #honesty. Some just deserve the #sweet little #lies they are fond of.

    #rude #misunderstood #alone #silence #masked @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Don't say everything that you have in your mind, people don't consider you honest,
    they'll consider you as rude....


  • sayen_writings 48w


    No one understands me,
    Some of them try but still they don't,
    I'm really not sure if I'm that complex,
    Or people just can't accept the reality,
    They think I'm sharp and clever,
    Selfish and egoistic, dying to show off,
    But I'm just a simple girl wanting acceptance,
    I realized it's not there fault,
    We live in world full of flaws,
    We can't accept one selfless good deed,
    As we are too stubborn to accept the purity,
    I don't blame anyone because I don't understand me too,
    I don't expect anyone because I can't be there too,
    But still I feel that one chance should be given,
    Above all the faults and flaws roaming around,
    To understand the depth of a person,
    And accept the true form of it...

  • kitty8frost 49w

    Help Me, Please

    They are mistaking my hesitance for laziness
    I'm tired and I don't know where my energy is
    "I can't do this" but they push me anyway
    Telling me that I am strong enough to stay
    But they are not hearing the words that I say

    They assume that I know how to handle this
    But I still have no clue what to do with this
    My motivation is thrown out the front door
    I'm falling and I'm about to crash to the floor
    I'm breaking apart, I can't take this anymore

    Not independent, I lean on people too much
    So busy using those closest to me as a crutch
    I'm not a good friend, or a daughter or sister
    I tear into their lives like a full blown twister
    There's a demon in me and I can't resist her

    Stop trying to fix me, I can't be unbroken
    Just stop and listen to the words I have spoken
    All I've ever needed was for someone to listen
    To hear my words and search their definition
    Because right now I'm alone in this prison

    A cage that I've locked myself in.

    I still have the key
    but won't set myself free
    because I need a hand to guide me.


  • laconic_words 49w

    The misunderstood angels

    I agree its hard to stay and to be with someone who keeps pushing you and who keeps telling you your faults and is always trying to make you a better person.

    I understand that your ego won't allow you to be with them.

    But believe me,
    Once you get to see improvement in yourself and observe yourself inching towards the success,
    You start craving for these angels, who never cared about what other's thought about you and about them for being brutal with you, because all they care about is you and your success.