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  • sparkles09_ 8w

    " Delicate touch of pure souls, and unholy touch of evil hearts"

    || Once,
    when a little flower, with soft petals
    Feels the delicate touch, of pure hopeful souls
    It blooms with happiness and joy
    Spreading his petals wide, and
    emitting the fragrance of self love
    And feels one's beauty, within one's self ||

    || Meanwhile
    When the same flower, with elegant petals
    Feels the unholy touch, of evil hearts
    It slowly withers, losing all the essence
    Of happiness and joy, hiding one's petals
    And crumbling into dust , losing
    one's scent of self love , feeling pathetic,
    loathing one's self ||

    || But what if
    The crumbled pieces of that flower
    are reincarnated ? turning him into
    a more stronger plant. With a different yet
    a powerful essence of happiness and joy.
    With new leaves, and a mesmerising glow
    Radiating beauty in waves, while his tears
    make his leaves sparkles like metaphors...
    Making it love one's self, no self loathing
    But knowing one's worth, and with it's strong unbreakable roots digging into the depths of the earth inside the ground, such that
    No one could push him around, because now he's not weak, he's powerful than he ever was before ||


    The flower has learned that his tears are important, they are shiny pearls that are only shed on important people, even if he's molested and abused , he'll not waste them on (his abusers and molesters) but he'll shower them on his loved ones .

    ~by a mere poet, with sparkling hopes~

  • sha_bd12 24w

    द्रौपदी की लाज़

    ये द्रौपदी उठ तेरी लाज बचाने अब न गोविंद आयेंगे
    खुद उठा अस्त्र अपनी अस्मत बचाने की ये कलयुग हैं कृष्ण न तूझे बचायेंगे
    थे सभा में पितामह, द्रोण और कृप महान
    उस भारतवंश की सभा में फिर भी हुआ तेरा घनघोर अपमान।
    मुरलीधर रक्षा किए तुम्हारी पर, अब न वो वस्त्र तेरा बढ़ाएंगे
    ऐ द्रौपदी उठ तेरी लाज बचाने अब न गोविंद आयेंगे।
    खुद रक्षा कर अपनी, बची ना हैं लोगो की नज़र में स्त्री सम्मान
    वस्तु बनी उस सभा में भी तू और इस दुनिया में भी तू मानी जाती हैं महज़ समान
    की उठा ना कोई तेरी लाज बचाने थे सब महारथी महान
    हुई अपमानित कुलवधू की ओहदे पे तू रो रो सुनाई अपने दिल का हाल
    फ़र्क न परा उन शूरवीरो पे भी दिखी ना उन्हें कौरवों की कपट चाल
    आज भी हैं महफ़िल वहीं बस रिक्त हैं उन शुरवीरो का स्थान
    की उठा अपने मान का बोझ स्वयं की न हैं अब पुरषों की बाजुओं में जान
    ऐ द्रौपदी उठ की तेरी लाज बचाने अब न गोविंद आयेंगे।
    पोछ ले अपने आसूँ और यही आसूँ ज्वाला बन जायेंगे
    बन के काली कर नाश इन दुष्टों का की ऐसे सज़ा न वो पायेंगे
    बना अपनी आसुओं को ताक़त और अस्तित्व मिटा दे उनका जो तूझे हाथ लगाएंगे
    की ऐ द्रौपदी उठ की तेरी लाज बचाने अब न मधुसुधन आयेंगे।

  • happygirl_muski 30w

    Inspired by the post of @amateur_skm
    #girl. #molestation. #rape. #maadurga. #abuses

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    हैवान बहुत है हमारे समाज में....
    खिलौना समझते है लड़कियों को...
    सलीके से बात तो दूर..
    इज्ज्त तक नहीं देते हैं हमको...

    पर अब समय बदलेगा....
    न कोई बाल विवाह होगा...
    न ही कोई बलात्कारी बचेगा...
    और न ही किसी गुड़िया को...
    अब फाँसी की फन्दे पे लटकना पड़ेगा...

    हमको खिलौना समझने वाले मूर्खो...
    यह गलती अब दुबारा मत करना....
    माँ दुर्गा का स्वरूप् हम....
    अब हमको कमज़ोर समझने की भूल मत करना....

  • _rakhi 33w

    I wish meri maa pregnant thi tab mere papa ke uske pet me lat mara hota na aisi ghatiya maa milti

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 41w


    Since it was the last day of his life as he was to be hanged till death the next morning, he was petrified to the core. Unable to kill the time that was killing him every fraction of second, he started writing about his past so as to imbibe the concept of karma in the forth coming generation.
        He wrote about himself and declared his last wish to publish his writing in all the newspapers of the country.
        The story said that he belonged to a land which seemed to be painted with bright fluorescent yellow because it was blessed with enormous production of lemons, so much, that it could hardly produce any other fruit.
        His family cultivated lemons since centuries and he too had big farms of lemons. One morning, he noticed a blood red fruit in his farm and after proceeding further he observed that the whole farm was about to puke red. He was in utter shock. They were red lemons which tasted like chillies.
    Gradually, the news spread far and wide. Within a week ,his farm started spreading pungency in the air. The people in the vicinity found it difficult to even breathe. So, they complained to the higher authorities. Very soon the farm got sealed and was digged out to find out what lied beneath that caused such an awful fruit to grow.
        The people bit their fingers when they witnessed the corpse of a 5year old girl who was buried there. After a stern interrogation, he confessed that he kidnapped, molested and buried the child in his farms to hide his crime. The awful fruits were actually the squeak of that little girl who yearned for justice.
        Later, he was sentenced to death for committing that heinous crime.  When all the living tongues choose to be silent, the dead find their own way to speak up for themselves.



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  • sha_bd12 43w

    Ab bas

    Despite people talking of women empowerment and celebrating women's day to embark on it, Is it safe for girls to travel alone to do their chores or any important stuff? Are we successful in establishing a safe society for girls? Is safety limited only to the long speeches or it's actually in work? Almost everyone's account is flooded with posts of girl empowerment and stuffs like "अकेली लड़की मौका नहीं जिम्मेदारी होती है" Do we held ourselves countable to a girl's safety? All these questions flooded my mind when I witnessed an incident that questioned not only the law and order but also the society's norms. Are girls still not safe to walk in the daylight? A girl was going somewhere alone and it was around 1 in the afternoon. She saw three men staring at her from a distance. to avoid them she tried to cut her way and went without anything. Suddenly they crossed her almost touching by a bike, she tilted a bit and they failed in touching her. After some distance they stopped, her heart was filled with fear and she was feeling as if something is about to happen she took out her phone and tried calling her friend but unfortunately the phone was not picked up. Since it was happening almost every day with one or another girl midway, she thought to fight for it and take her stand. Keeping faith in herself she moved forward and crossed them. While crossing those perverts she heard cheap comments which made her feel bad but as she was alone and they were three she tried to ignore them and move on. Encompassing the movement in her mind she was trying to cross the way as soon as possible. Suddenly they came from the back and the boy who was sitting in the middle of the bike tried to hold her hand. She didn't freak out instead she remembered one of the basic techniques of self-defense and pulled her hand in the opposite direction, fortunately, the hand was out of his grip and he got a slapping slap on his temple and was clueless for some moment. the next moment they fled and were nowhere seen. One person came from the back and asked if she was ok or not to which she replied I am ok and they deserved the slap. This was not only a small incident that took place that day. It was a question on the law and order prevailing, on the norms of the society, and his parents. Who's mistake is this? Is it the mistake of other girls that neglected their cheap actions, society of that place, police failing to establish law and order, or the teachings that his parents gave him? who should be held responsible for it? No matter what the fault is It is always the girls who suffered and are still suffering. I wrote a poem, I will like to tell you few lines of it: 

    गुजरे कुछ दिन इसी आस में कोई तो
    आएगा जो समझेगा इस बात को

    जब हर लड़की अकेली घूम सकेगी कितनी भी रात को,
    पर शायद मैं उम्मीद ज्यादा लगाए जा रही हूं
    हां मैं नारी हूं
    अपने ही समाज में रहकर इन्हीं लोगों से हारी हूं
    हर पल हर दिन एक अनजाने
    डर के साए में जिए जा रही हूं
    हां मैं नारी हूं। 
    To which I should rewrite it as it's not safe to walk even in daylight. Nobody is going to help us unless or until we stand up for ourselves. We will have to fight our battle on our own. #ab bas

  • ananyasaraswat 45w


    Fight and save yourself little girl
    Fight him you beautiful pearl
    Fight before he catches you
    Fight him before he scratches you
    Fight before he scar you soul
    Fight before he makes your skin crawl
    Fight and don't let him see you weep
    Fight and don't let him cut you deep
    Fight and don't let him touch you anywhere
    Fight because monsters like him are everywhere
    Fight and save yourself my brave girl
    Fight him my dear warrior

  • twaritamahato 50w

    I'm sorry
    I'm sorry
    When I thought about boys I thought about dinner dates
    And soulmates
    Never it haunted me about guys talking about her ass is tighter than that chic's
    Now you say you say NOT ALL MEN
    And I continue JUST ENOUGH MEN
    Just enough men to make you feel bad about your body
    Just enough men to increase your insecurity
    Just enough men to make you cry
    Just enough men who spy
    They just think you are a bait
    And even the judiciary gives them a clean slate
    My feet trembles to step out of my own gate
    And you say NOT ALL MEN
    Maybe not you and if it's not you
    Then it shouldn't bother you
    Maybe you never groped her ass on a bus
    Maybe you never had evil intentions for some girl
    Just remember you are not special.. you are normal
    #women #molestation

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    Not all MEN ....Seriously, how do you have the audacity to say this?

  • pakhi1738 53w

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    Everything was normal for next couple days. No weirdos, no unknown calls, no stupid texts. It was almost as if nothing happened. But those calls started again. He would just call her, wait for her to pick up, call back again if she doesn't pick up, completely silent if someone else picked up instead of her, text her if she picked up once and then shouted and hung up. It was making her crazy. She couldn't sleep, couldn't focus on her homework. She freaked out every single time that phone rang and would run and grab it to see if it was him or someone else.

    After a while, every ringing phone started giving her chills and she would just black out for a second or two. Initially she thought that whoever that person was, he would just realise that she was not interested in whatever shit was going in his head but it just kept getting worse. It was pretty obvious that it was now just a game for him and he was really enjoying it. There were moments when she wanted to talk to her parents about what was happening and it would all go away but then she also didn't knew what their reaction to that situation will be like. Her parents were not the kind of people who were really friendly and open with their kids so she wasn't sure if she could trust them or not. It was just a lot for her little brain. She just stopped talking. She tried talking to Ritika but all she got from her was, "I told him that it's not my number. I asked him not to call you. I can't do anything if he doesn't listen."

    It continued for 6 months. He initially used to call after her school when she was at home but then he went on to calling her when she was in school. Her mother once picked up the call but he didn't said anything as he didn't recognised her voice. She didn't tried calling back thinking it was a wrong number. Once, she was watching TV with her father when the phone rang. Her father was about to answer it but she got to it first. "Hello?", she said. He started talking rubbish like always once he recognised her voice. Her father was still sitting right next to her so she just disconnected the call and told her father that it was a computer call.

    The moment she said it, she realised that it was a mistake. She should have said it was a wrong number because he was going to call back again and it would look bad. He called back again and this time, her father answered it. He kept saying "hello" but no one answered back from the other side. He disconnected the call thinking that it might be some network issue. That was the moment she knew she had to really do something about it. She had to tell an adult, anyone but her parents, just in case the situation got out of control. She thought about it for days and made a plan that was really risky but at the same time, sounded pretty much perfect in her head. She decided to talk to Ritika again and ask her to talk to that person and make it all stop before she actually carried on with the plan. Her reaction was, "you can do whatever you want. I don't care about you. You can't do anything. All you have is just words". That's the kind of motivation Aayasha was looking for so she left by saying, "you asked for it".

    She wrote a letter for Ritika's aunt explaining everything, gave it to her 6 years old daughter and asked her to give it to her mother the moment she reach home after school. She had a lot going in her head that day. All the possibilities of it all going wrong and biting her in the ass, what might be happening in their house, what if she decides to come over and talk to her parents? She couldn't sleep, partly because of the fear that everything might go wrong and partly because she felt like she betrayed her friend. Next morning, she saw Ritika in the school bus. It was written all over her face that she has been crying. Later that day, Ritika's aunt came to talk to her after school. She already got a heads up about it from one of Ritika's cousin in the morning so she was prepared for it. The moment she saw her in school, her first instinct was to run away because she had no idea what that conversation was going to be like but then she had to go see her because one of her teacher got involved. It was not a pleasant conversation but it could have been much worse so she was a bit satisfied. She gave that phone number to her aunt and that teacher when they asked for it. That person never called her again and her parents never found out anything about it. That number was printed in every single cell of her brain by then and she knew that she was probably never going to forget it.


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    Wrong number!
    (Part 2)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • pakhi1738 53w

    If you are new here, please visit #horrorstoryormolestationstory to read the previous stories of the series and don't forget to leave a feedback if you read any.


    It was time for the longest vacation for Indian school kids! Yes, you guessed it right. Summer vacation! Aayasha, a 13 years old girl, was very excited to live a month without having to step a foot out of her house. She was always like this. Sitting in a corner, busy in her own world, cooking up stories and doing homework.

    One fine afternoon, a friend of hers from school, who lived in her neighborhood, came to seek her help with some project work. Or at least that's what it looked like. Aayasha and her younger brother were sitting on the terrace doing their work when she came. Their mother, who was busy with household chores, directed her to the terrace. She looked a bit in rush and out of breath. "I want a phone. I have to make a call. It's urgent. Please. I want a phone", she said. Aayasha tried to calm her down but she wasn't ready to listen. She just kept repeating it and denied to tell her anything except that she would get into really big trouble if Aayasha didn't get her a phone. She started crying and Aayasha, completely lost and clueless of what was happening, came down and asked her mother for her phone. Before she could ask her anything, Aayasha said that her friend upstairs wanted another classmate's phone number. She was shaking because she has never lied to her mother before but she somehow controlled herself and ran back upstairs.

    Her friend snatched away that phone from her sweaty hands and started pressing the keys like a maniac. Aaysha didn't wanted to invade her privacy but her mind just wanted to make sure that she wasn't in any big trouble so her ears were trying their best to catch hold of some of the conversation. All she could hear was, "you need to break that SIM card or I'll get into so much trouble". She disconnected the call after the conversation was over, turned back to Aayasha, gave her the phone and said, "I told my aunty that I am going to Aayasha's house to ask her for her computer project and if I don't get back home soon with your file, she'll get suspicious". Aayasha tried asking her what was happening and if she could do anything to help her but she just ignored it and left with an almost empty project file.

    It was just 5-6 minutes since her friend left and Aayasha was lying down, soaking up some sunlight and processing what just happened when that phone rang. It was an unknown number so she ignored it. It rang again and this time she actually picked up the phone to have a proper look at the number on the screen. She froze. It was the same number her friend dialed a while ago. She knew that because she saw some of the last digits before her friend deleted it from the call history. ".......313". She kept staring at it, waiting and praying for the phone to stop ringing. It eventually did and she called her friend. It was her aunt's number.

    "Hello! Aunty namaste. Has Ritika reached home yet? I accidentally gave her a wrong file. Oh! Okay! Can you please ask her to come back and exchange it with the other file as soon as she gets back home? I need that file. I was working on that project when she came and I have to finish it by tonight". Ritika came back and was really mad about Aayasha calling her aunt. Aayasha told her about the call and asked her to call that person back and tell them that it was not her contact number. She did as Aayasha asked her to and left.

    The phone rang again roughly an hour later and it was the same number. She wanted to block it but couldn't because she didn't wanted her parents to get all suspicious about it just in case they somehow end up checking the blocked contacts lists. That person just wouldn't stop calling so she finally answered it. "Hey, listen! I don't know who you are but you need to stop calling. This is not Ritika's number", she said and was expecting an apology from the other side. But, "I don't care who you are. I just want to talk", that's what's she got. She was really angry and just so done with that person. Aayasha was usually not like any other "normal" teenagers but she was really short tempered. She wanted to shout but couldn't because her parents were home and she didn't wanted to grab any attention so she just hung up without saying anything. That person just kept calling her until he was just gave up.

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    Wrong number!
    (Part 1)

    [Horror story or molestation story]

  • strongest_girl 56w

    When you started playing with my body when i was just eight,
    My body,
    It never felt like mine again.

  • nidathinksdeep 57w

    You're not alone

    Nobody can erase my dark past, but I can ensure that someday, someone will understand me and the circumstances I had faced in my younger age.
    I fought back against all odds, inspite of being humiliated unnecessarily by my own people. That was so sad and pity but it all made me strong in a very young age. And today I'm proud of being a fighter.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 58w

    Since a span more than a decade,
    No visit by any human or human like has been paid.
    They say that the house is cursed & haunted,
    No baby was ever allowed to be born & raised.

    It is a nerve-racking tale of a three-month old,
    With fair pinkie skin & hair of gold.
    Giggling at the musical rotating rattle,
    She lied merrily in her comfy wooden cradle.

    Neither did she soil nor wet her pants,
    Yet, they were taken off by those sinful hands.
    The beast in his body & sick voracious desire,
    Blew the innocent soul off to calm his lusty fire.

    They cleansed every nook, every single curtain & bedsheet,
    But the fresh cologne of the newborn ceased to deplete.
    The marks of blood still surfaces and vanishes,
    The house smells as if every day her tender body perishes.

    The rattle rotates even when no winds blow,
    The cradle oft swings crazily, to and fro.
    Squeaky cries of the baby are heard every night, too late,
    Those who tried to occupy it were compelled to vacate.

    The tiny soul wanders restlessly within the four walls,
    Every night the house quakes with her helpless calls.

    Read my thoughts on YourQuote app at https://www.yourquote.in/reshma-sheikh-ojeg/quotes/haunted-house-since-span-more-than-decade-no-visit-any-human-bruowr#mirakee

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  • jaya___ 58w


    Quiet, desolate places scare us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    All government policies and cameras can't assure us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    A male companion can't always save us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    All training in self defence seems to fail us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    Lack of public transport scares us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    Late night parties scare us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    On being molested, society mockingly blames us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    Thoughts of parking in basement parkings horrify us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    The sluggish judiciary can't give justice to us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    A trip with colleagues worries us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    Trusting men over social media scares us
    Any man lurking behind can grope us

    Wearing short dresses makes men take a shot at us
    Drinking, smoking in public vilifies us
    Yes we know that Not All Men as they say
    But who can tell why All Womxn are scared everyday?

    © Harfkaar 11-12-20

    #womensafety #yesallwomen #notallmen #rape #molestation #girl #genderdiscrimination

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  • preethiscot 63w

    The Bruises will go away but the pain will remain!��

    Inspired by picture!��

    #rapeisacrime #rapestory #molestation #rape_a_shame #rape_victims ...to be followed by more hashtags!��

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    Not only wall have ears, It's actually have eyes and limbs too!

  • _harsingar_ 68w

    राम और रावण

    सीता तब भी असुरक्षित थी
    सीता अब भी असुरक्षित है
    तब केवल रावण था
    अब कौरव की सेना है
    हर दुहशासन् ने द्रौपदी को घेरा है
    परिपाटी यह चली अा रही
    बदले हैं तो केवल नाम
    कहां छुपे हो तुम हे राम
    सब धृतराष्ट्र बने बैठे हैं
    या राजनीति में ऐंठे हैं
    पांडव तो द्रौपदी हार चुके थे
    पर अब पांडव लाचार हैं क्यूं
    केशव तू भी चुपचाप है क्यूं
    द्रौपदी नहीं तू चंडी बन
    केशव को अब मत गुहार लगा
    बन जा काली और खड्ग उठा

    डॉ सीमा अधिकारी

  • mahtabsays 68w

    When alone

    Childhood nights were good,
    Because then there was a fear of ghost,
    When alone.
    But now at nights I have a fear of
    molestation, rape, murder,
    When alone.
    Even the broad daylight turns it's dark mode on for a girl,
    When alone.


  • inked_it 71w

    Sexual Exploitation!
    Domestic violence!
    Marital Rape!
    Force Kiss!

    Yes, sometimes boys also get
    Victims of these.
    So why do we keep our mouth shut...?
    Why do we a stick a tape...?
    Isnt it weird?
    Isnt it a kind of rape?
    Is there any priority in gender?
    That we fight for girls only
    Not for boys?

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 72w


    Mom used to hold me softly,
    Dad carefully touched me.
    So delicate was my body,
    I was just a three months old baby..

    I had worn no short dress,
    No one have i tried to impress.
    Neither was i out too late,
    Nor did i go on any blind date.

    Smiling at the rotating rattle,
    I loved to lie in my cradle.
    My sister used to jump & clap,
    To see me laugh and hear me giggle.

    My diapers were not soiled
    Neither were they too wet,
    They were taken off still
    I did'nt know, who did that.

    I had only milk,no other food
    My frock seemed dark red hued,
    I did not jump or play in dirt,.
    My legs cramped, thighs also hurt

    They all pitied me as i was molested,
    So many times i was medically tested.
    My body was drenched in injuries,
    Doctors too did multiple surgeries.

    For everyone else, its a matter of past,
    My wounds have healed, scars shall last.
    I live now ,with this strong inner belief,
    Only death can place my soul on the ice of relief.

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    A blood-stained diaper.


  • _rakhi 76w

    मेरी सारी दबंग बहने जो मुझे भाइयों की तरह protect करती है उन्हें रक्षाबंधन की शुभकामनाएँ

    भाइयों का क्या वो तो बहन बोल के कर भी कभी सामने तो कभी पीछे से मूँह मरते है।