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  • bonitasarahbabu 8w

    On a Sunday morning, I sit at church,
    And I remember your tender hugs and kisses.
    These are the moments when I break down
    And get angry at God.
    But this was destined to happen,
    And accept it I must.

  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 8w

    This piece serves as my attempt at multiple recent challenges. Thank you so much for reading! Also, I need to request your patience in regard to reading/reposts, because as our cross country move is drawing near, my presence here will be sporadic for a month or two. Thanks for understanding and bearing with me. ♥️

    The Merchant Marine & His Irish Queen
    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    A wild and winsome wayfarer
    Set sail with the Merchant Marines
    To a land called the Emerald Isle
    That's decked out in the loveliest greens

    'Twas perhaps the luck o' the Irish
    That led up to next event
    For there, in the naval office
    'Twas a gal who looked heaven-sent!

    A bright lass was she, named Jenny
    With brown hair and eyes of blue
    For him, it was love at first sight
    And I reckon it was for her too

    Yes, that was my gramps and my gran
    In a meeting designed by fate
    There's a whole lot more to that story
    But the hour is growing quite late

    Fast forward to one whole year later
    Oh that Irish lass, gramps sure did miss
    So he brought her back here, to the States
    Where they married, in wedded bliss

    They got on with the usual business
    Of living their day to day life
    And soon enough, gramps did discover
    He had a fine cook for a wife!

    She prepared all the food to perfection
    From hors d'oeuvres to roasted meats
    To veggies and soups and salads
    And of course, all the goodies and sweets

    Huge feasts she'd create to delight us
    Not a single time e'er did she fail
    For as soon as she'd bring out the food
    Cheers of delight would prevail

    Her pies were sweet and superb
    Her cookies, a chewy delight
    And she'd send us on home with the extras
    When we left at the end of the night

    In the chill of midwinter on Sundays
    I'd sit right by gran at her feet
    As she'd tell me the tales of her childhood
    While munching on goodies to eat

    By then, she had barely an accent
    But still, it was there in some way
    And oh, was I fond of her voice
    Which lives on in my heart to this day

    Looking back on these tender moments
    I recall the young Merchant Marine
    And I'm so glad he sailed off to Dublin
    And returned with his Irish queen.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/12/2021

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  • nocturnal_enigma 8w

    * 13.10.2021; 12.38 A.M (Malaysia)

    #momentsc #moments #challenge @writersbay

    * There's a quote hang in the house:

    "Life is not measured by how many breaths we take but by moments that take our breaths away." Maya Angelou


    * See also: #NuEmSigh

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    Moments ~

    Seize the day, by enjoying the moments.
    Sigh a lot won't destroy the torments.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • sproutedseeds 8w

    Every problem has a solution

    When life is smooth and straight
    We feel happy
    We cherish the MOMENTS
    blessed with love and care.

    But when it retrogrades into sorrow
    We become low, depressed
    We get WILD with anger
    cursing our stars.

    Life is full of curves
    Life takes U_turns or
    sometimes reaches dead end
    not knowing which way to go.

    The path seems hidden
    sometimes invisible
    but there is an alternative
    to come to a solution.

  • daffodilpearlzz 8w

    –· DRAMATIC ·–

    The poet said, "I'm the moon."
    Pain disguised as the darkness of night.
    Poetry leaked, from the moonlight.
    Metaphors became the mangata.

    The moment when poetry discovered me,
    every quixotic spark of joy turned into reality.

    ©daffodilpearlzz ~ Bhavya
    Mon 11 Oct 2021

  • penelope_ 8w

    Out in this wild world I exist as a piece of soft flesh.

  • fizahfiz_ 8w


    Do capture some moments,
    maybe one day,
    we'll not be together,
    but you'll always with me,
    as a beautiful memory.

  • penelope_ 8w

    My idiosyncrasy this moment is that no matter what I do I come here on Mirakee to find myself, I come here to write, until today it was unknown to me that writing/ words have been my abiotic friend and abstract supporter.

  • writersbay 8w

    Write about the moments in your life when you feel soft and happy and everything in between.

    Tag and share with #momentsc

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    Do you know how there are moments when the world moves so slowly you can feel your bones shifting, your mind tumbling? When you think that no matter what happens to you for the rest of your life, you will remember every last detail of that one minute forever?

    – Jodi Picoult

  • shadowofthoughts_ 8w

    #wod #momentsc #wild #1310
    Thankyou so much for EC! ❤️��

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    Half heaven and half hell.

    I collected my heartbeats to connect with me.
    I made mistakes, but that made me no less than I was.

    Wild, barefoot I ran.
    To me.

    Wild flowers surrounded my soul.
    Weeds tried to rip me whole.

    I was there whenever I cried.
    I was there when I was sad.

    Under my skin I was all naive.
    But I had became a garden of wilderness with bushes,
    I was being pushed.
    But I tried. I tried.
    to make it right.

    Doors were opened long back,
    But I still was inside cageless prison.
    I didn't know how to step forward.
    But I tried. I tried to make it right.

    Half heaven and half hell,
    I was trying to find me in my own sight.


  • queen_butterfly 12w

    #senses #livingc #momentsc #postcard

    Done ranting for today.

    Thank you for the read @/writersbay��
    Thank you for the read WN❤️��
    Yayyy! EC!

    Happy today~12 Sep,2021.

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    Skies of ruby and orange zest as the sun tucks itself beneath the cityscape. Buzzing arises from towering steel lamps. And when their light pierces the dense grunge, they find me there. Shadows crawl upon cement lands, streaking darkness before night. I am bundled within my coat, perceiving myself As rubbish abandoned upon the streets. I hunker between the shade and light, venturing onward into the enigma. The coldness of darkness swaddles me. Blood has foregone nourishing my limbs, retreating into my throbbing heart. Absent wishes contribute to my dismay as I remain wondering the grim streets under the polluted evening skies and rust-colored illumination.


  • thorvi_mule 15w

    Live the moment before it becomes a memory.

  • snehalv 16w

    I have never known the address of where insanity rules & humanity suffers
    I would like to uncover the truth behind serious human crisis
    How much adversity makes us realise that you have to live every moment of life , spread peace , love .

  • cruisey 7w

    #end #momentsc

    Do you know how there are moments when the world moves so slowly you can feel your bones shifting, your mind tumbling? When you think that no matter what happens to you for the rest of your life, you will remember every last detail of that one minute forever?
    - Jodi Picoult

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    Blue walls. Pink curtains. 
    A small dressing room.
    Lady in her forties.
    A bed big enough.
    Man in his forties.
    Soft humming.
    Eyes closing.
    Lady dressing. 
    Man lying. 

    Minute passes. 
    Lyrics right. Beats wrong.
    Shadow of a smile.
    No interrupting. Rather enjoying. 
    /I see him lying as if he has all the worries in the world just not at the moment./
    She peeks. Annoyed.
    "Chop, chop"
    Hurries herself.
    He wakes. 
    Threw me a wink.
    Tucks in shirt. Buckles belt.
    "Ready and waiting"

    A minute later.
    Lights off. Threshold crossed. 
    I press myself against my room's wall.
    Ocean. An iron pressed cloth.
    A moment and a threshold. 
    Same ocean. A creased cloth.
    It was just a moment.
    And just a threshold. 
    But the air changed.
    That. There. 
    Everything happened in a moment.
    Yet. Yet it will stay forever.
    With me.
    /I thought that love would
    last for ever: I was wrong./
    Love is there. In moments.
    Just in small moments.


  • snehalv 81w

    Living in the moment brings in positivity ,peace ,& it is great start for better tomorrow.