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  • afza147 22h

    I have the time but I don't have the money

  • yusuf_kareem 1d

    Si señorita

    Money talks
    No long words

    Man been saving up
    Spanish girl taking em

    Yunno it's worth it
    She's an investment
    'ain't gonna risk it!

    She loves tequila ,si señorita
    Face interesting,
    Fuck it; 'bout to kiss her

    Back to back, we earn.
    Twice as fast we spend

    In all you do,Just focus!
    Money talks
    No long words!!

  • smartsam 2d

    Loan lesson!

    It was late then when
    I was in some need!
    So I got some money
    capital in loan indeed!

    I needed stuff
    for reason so & so!
    Money matters so brute
    until then I didn't know!

    A friend of whims & mood
    as in his free time!
    I was working so
    he said 'twas fine!

    Until now & before
    never had I done!
    On his advice finally
    I borrowed a capital loan!

    God save me tables turned
    I lost my job!
    On account of covid reason
    employees many they sapped!

    Now my things turned
    really very dire!
    How I pay the loans
    my heart dark, mind haywire!?

    Until now I never
    done a loan thing!
    Now this good for nothing
    loaner felt he was a king!

    He called & disturbed me
    every now & then!
    When would you pay my
    dues penalty & loans!

    I hurt my peace robbed
    my heart trapped instill lay!
    I asked him please wait
    until my full & final pay!

    He grudged I will wait
    not much
    & careful if you delay
    make no excuses nor
    you belate!

    I was growing into a man
    no idea all life things!
    Money is as careless bird
    it flies away speedily its wings!

    I was scared & so timid
    I changed my daily path!
    To escape shame &
    bought loans undue wrath!

    I learned lesson hard!
    People love money
    & cash purse!
    Money can destroy relations
    tear peace & brings curse!

    The money was little
    but pain has no size!
    Really money matters is
    filled with satan & lies!

    Days delayed & he felt
    time was in his prime!
    He looked me up & down
    spitefully we met every time!

    I had no idea this
    filthy bucks only more!
    Changes hands becomes none
    & is uncertain only as a whore!

    Whatever be the case
    it robbed my happiness!
    My peace all drenched
    sadness & fear cornered
    me ever since thence!

    I prayed to God then
    make out a way 1 time!
    Never shall I borrow then
    money from any anytime!

    God mercied on me
    I got my incentive check!
    I went directly to that
    money moron & broke
    all time that loan havoc!

    I paid his money
    all in cash currency
    note fresh!
    Only then i breathe free
    & my soul release felt!

    Now I've become a
    grown man!
    I see money exchange
    hands, come & go!
    A lesson hard I've learned!
    thence never do I loan nor
    ever do I money borrow!


  • alonestar1 1w

    #Unknown Msg

    आएगा तेरे पास मैसेज,,,ना जाने वो कौन होगा ।।
    अपनी चिकनी बातों से वो,,,तुमको हरहाल फंसा ही लेगा ।।

    बातें करते करते यूं ही,,, कुछ दिन निकल जाएंगे,,,
    वीडियो कॉल पर बातें होंगी,,,फिर कपड़े भी निकाले जाएंगे ।।

    वो कर लेगा स्क्रीन रिकॉर्डिंग,,,फिर पैसों की बातें होंगी ।।
    अगर नहीं दिए तुमने पैसे,,,तो फिर ब्लैकमेलिंग शुरू होगी ।।

    फंस जाओगे चक्रव्यूह में,,,थोड़ा तुम संभलकर रहना ।।
    गर हो तेरे साथ कुछ ऐसा,,,सीधा पुलिस के पास चले जाना ।।


  • ms_lonely 1w

    Smart people are those who know how to sell their content.


  • subhamrizal 1w

    Today, materials hold happiness.
    Money is known as its seed,
    And the worst part is-
    Drugs too come in this category.
    There has been two types of happiness:
    One that is worst and other,
    the that is the best.
    Worst is often the one that lasts
    Before a tragic aftermath,
    Drugs, heist and fate can match it.
    The best is money, for many
    Sex, materials, for most.
    No boy, that's not true happiness.
    If you think it's money, than
    Your happiness is absurd.
    If it's drug, than
    You're not even close to it.
    Sex? No that's overrated.
    Let me tell you what it really is-
    You can relate to it,
    if you've stood on the top of the world,
    If you've been faster than an eagle.
    At least for 2 seconds.
    You can come near to it if you've seen death.
    Have you seen the sky painted with six colours ?
    You shall feel it in bones
    when your name stays immortal,
    Despite of the rotten body in the coffin.
    When you get most from love and least from tragedy.
    You can feel it in your bones
    when you reach the bounds,
    Of freedom and liberty
    Money is cheap, more cheaper instead.
    It's cheaper than fear.
    But true and best happiness is
    Twenty thousand times more expensive
    than the biggest mansion.
    It is higher than the flight given by a drug.
    It's more pleasurable than
    the best sex you ever had.
    It's so picky that it won't choose
    All from the crowd.
    Don't disguise your mediocre pleasure
    To ultimate happiness.
    That's a sin.


  • safu_1 1w

    Never covet other people's money

    "The one who builds a house with the money of another. it is like him collecting stones for his tomb..."

  • goravgs 1w


    Now it's just to earn money, because the world is only in front of money and supports the money people. #goravgs

  • jeetspeaks 1w

    Never run after money!

    Yes, i really mean it. Never run after money , try to focus on your skills, efficiency, calibre, and character. If are able enough to deal with all these, money will come to you automatically. Those people who run after money, they are unaware of all these secrets. They put more efforts to earn more. It's like winning a war by the most effective strategies. So, do you run after money?☺️

  • battleofminds 2w

    "Enough" is the One thing I have.
    Which many people don't have.

  • propheticsinner 2w

    Inhale Confidence,
    Exhale Doubt

  • propheticsinner 3w

    Napoleon Says

    "A genius is the man who can do the average thing when everyone else around him
    is losing his mind."


  • leaonmars 3w

    Sour loser.

    Who said money can't buy happiness is a foolish loser. who couldn't make it to the top, so now he is sulking at the bottom cursing at himself. While struggling to protect his cloak of pretty lies, to insulate himself from the cruel existence.

  • jyotisharma_10 3w

    Is money Important??

    We are all running after money

    Neglecting our peace of mind

    Think too

  • beensn 4w

    New year

    What is going to change in the new year?
    Of course, the calender on the wall for sure.
    Why are we so excited in welcoming?
    As if it may refuse to come without partying.
    When we see the amount of resources wasted,
    And the mishaps, the misbehaving, the drinks, the dance, the money looted.
    Is it the way to welcome something new?
    Losing one's own senses and not knowing what's due.
    Why are we so happy to leave the previous year behind?
    And later worry that the 'Good old days' were so kind.
    Let us do something good to leave a message,
    Not New or old, Jan or December, but what matters is how we envisage.
    © beensN

  • jeetspeaks 4w

    Knowledge vs wealth

    I don't think it will be wrong to say that knowledge is always greater than wealth as wealth can be created if one has enough knowledge and skills, but the vice versa is not possible. Knowledge cannot be bought with wealth but it can be acquired by other means. One can buy most of the material stuffs by means of money, but knowledge cannot be bought, though degrees can be and degrees are no indicator of knowledge.

  • larvenum 4w

    "Until you beg for money with the same cup you drink from you don't know what being poor is."


  • ephraem 4w


    The Urge to Earn money, The need of money.
    Doesn't need Monday Motivation.


  • emyflorencemoses_ 5w

    Does anyone give you anything for free,
    If they don't get something out of it?
    No. Mostly
    Moral: don't use Credit cards

  • jeetspeaks 5w

    Assets vs liabilities

    In this world, we have more liabilities than that of assets. Liabilities, in the words of Economics, are burdens that do not generate anything (though they generate satisfaction, pleasure etc.), whereas assets, on the other hand, generate income, money etc. All that we buy for our satisfaction which do not add any exchange value are liabilities. For example, bike, iPhone, TV, and car etc. On the other hand, building, gold, stocks, plots and bonds etc. are assets. We need to create more assets than liabilities.