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  • roshannay 6w

    “I am not afraid of unanswered prayers. Because I have trust that they will always be answered. I have faith that none of my wishes, my prayers will be left unheard. I am sure that they all will tear apart the skies and land right where they ought to, because the faith with which I send them is unshakeable. I am afraid though that the prayers I pray, the ones that will be answered, may prove to be wrong for me. I am afraid that I don’t know what the future entails and what I wish for might prove to be my bane. I am afraid that better than my wishes are His plans for me and therefore I bow my head and surrender my wills to Him and hope that the One who loves me more than myself will know exactly what to bestow me with. And in doing this I have never regretted...”


  • gaurangig 6w

    Recipe for Doom

    I am not afraid of the wild beasts roaming the dark forests, waiting silently for their prey, moving around stealthily. I am not afraid of the darkness of a moonless night, the night beings wandering freely unafraid of what a few rays of light may do to them. What I am afraid of is my fellow humans. I am afraid of the selfishness, I am afraid of greed, I am afraid of the hatred, the ruthlessness, the purposelessness of Humans killing other beings. I am afraid of the cruelty, we inflict upon others. Look at those predators of the jungle. They kill only when they are hungry, or to protect themselves, and never their own. But what about us; us so called sophisticated, civilized, intelligent species? Why do we kill? Why do we destroy? Why do we hunt? Think of all the answers you can find and then try to find logic! You will find none. You will be scared as I am then! Because, if I know the purpose of why someone wants to harm me, I can still find ways to reason with it...but if I know someone is hurting me out of spite, or because it gives them some perverse pleasure, I am at the end of my wits. We kill for entertainment, we hurt for enjoyment, we snatch and sieze from nature as if we made it all; we often forget that nature has made us. The Earth has survived a billion years, and it will survive for a billion more. With or without us...and yet we go on destroying our only chances at survival, for flimsy reasons, for our gluttony, for a ravenous hunger to rule, to grab everything and to show ownership over things that don't belong to us. So, you see my dear friend. It isn't the wild beasts and predators I am afraid of. I am afraid of you and me, and the billions of humans that walk this Planet; because all we carry is a recipe for doom!


  • intangible_emotions 6w


    I'm not afraid of anything anymore,because when a person faces various difficulties whether it is to face tough situations or losing closed ones in a short time, he gets used to it,the other small fear are nothing in front of them like that vaccine which already introduces the pathogen making the effect lesser when attacked by it afterwards.

  • ruthsyl 6w

    I am not afraid of Dying but I am definitely afraid of what I will leave behind Once I die.
    I am afraid of will I have someone to cry for my lose or people will forget me like a passing cloud.
    I am afraid of will I be remembered in there good books or people will be happy that finally I am gone.
    I am afraid of will they Smile when they hear my name or they gossip of my life that I lived.
    The harsh truth of life is death
    But what u leave behind makes your life Worth living.
    If All the treasures of the world I attain but could not win a single heart My life is a vain like an empty vessel.
    Therefore I say I am not afraid of dying but I am definitely afraid of what I leave behind.
    An impactful life or a Baren life.

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    "I am not afraid"

  • yinkaa 6w

    My fear has always being missing out on life
    While watching others enjoy and live through life

    Sitting at a corner of my room
    Several thoughts begins to flip through my head
    Anxiety and panic becomes the order of the day

    Being constantly worried about where life would lead me to
    The panic of growing older begins to set in

    Most say, there shouldn't be any reason to panic, so far as one still has life
    But what happens when one's hopes keep dashing
    The dreams and aspirations one had long waited for, keeps pending
    How does one get to enjoy life without any worries?

  • waitaminute 6w

    I am not afraid of it anymore,what is this 'it'...i can't tell you exactly but it's definitely not pleasant. You know it used to hurt a lot somedays i felt that these twenty four hours are more than enough,they never end,like you know you can never count all these stars but you do it every night ....and thinking about all that uncertainty never helps but you do it every night ,
    You start with one stupid thing and it friends with other stupid things and all these friends then play chess in your mind,mind games you can never win. All those good quotes sounds cool ,all those good vibes i get from my friends and family are healing,but still all of this is so tiring...i feel like I am nothing at one time and the other moment I don't feel anything. But it has happened so many times my fear about what's gonna happen next? What if there is no next. Let it be ,whatever you feel tell it without moulding ,there is no point in hurting or getting hurt. Be simple... Hahaha whatever I just said I tell it myself everyday and I repeat it i am not afraid of it anymore and exactly what is this it? I don't know.


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  • arpi3135 6w

    Fears To Face !

    I'm not afraid anymore to fall behind,
    Fall behind everyone in the race of life !
    As when I was left out all alone,
    I learnt to work on myself to improvise !

    I'm not afraid of remaining in the dark,
    Even the darkness that engulfs all light of hope !
    As when I was pushed into the dark cave of melancholy,
    My eyes got used to the darkness !

    I'm not afraid of the rejections,
    Rejections that somewhere broke the confidence within !
    Because while dealing with the rejection,
    I unfolded those minute flaws of mine that needed to be perfected !

    I'm not afraid of those feelings,
    Feelings that were uncertain and monotonous !
    As when I faced these uncertainties,
    It made me clear that where uncertainty prevails, that feelings are never meant to be accepted !

    In short, all I wanted to say is I'm not afraid from any of my fears anymore,
    As in the end, time will enforce you to face them !
    And when being helpless you will face them,
    Eventually you will become cold and hostile to it, making it no more a fear !

    All this while starting from childhood to our present time,
    The things we used to or still fear,
    Was nothing but the things or situations,
    That we never faced before or were hesitant to witness !


  • modulus 6w

    I'm not afraid to die.
    I've been longing
    To embrace death
    - that one loyal friend
    Since so long,
    I don't remember now.

    I'm not afraid to die,
    I've been renouncing
    -slowly- all my attachments,
    And converting ,
    the few lovers I have
    Into staunch haters of me.

    I'm not afraid to die,
    I'm prepared,
    for the moment
    I close my eyes and
    Never open them again,
    To another dazzling sunset.


  • poetrycity 6w

    I am not afraid of dying amidst deserts,
    but of lying on the deathbed and inhaling the soul fulness of sunsets.


  • thelonesurvivor 6w

    I am not afraid of society and its questions. I am just afraid to lose you because I know once I lose you, I won't be able to live like this again. I won't be able to feel what I felt with you. I won't be able to be this happy and I won't be able to smile this bright. I know this doesn't make sense because for you time will heal everything. But for me, it won't. I won't forget you and the moments we had. I don't want to forget all this. These are precious to me. They make me happy. You make me happy. And I want you to be with me forever. As simple as that. I don't care about the world or anyone else. I just want you. Because I know what you mean to me and what I can be with you and without you. The mere thought of living without you chokes me. It aches right here in my heart and I can't describe what I feel at that moment. Please understand what I am trying to say. Don't leave me. I can't let you go that easily. Not without fighting for us. Maybe we will win this fight against society, maybe not. But I can't let you go at any cost.


  • childauthor_345 6w

    #monologue mines muse ,
    Making most materials materialistic ,
    Mind moulding machines .

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    To another decade

    I'm not afraid but slight nervous to have a surveillance where the time could be stopped and controlled with just an order.

    This infinite universe , regardless of it's sovereignty would be hammered down in an almost weightless box .

    There'll be some crossroads where dancing fauna will happily tie a tide of nuisance , to some trapped species.

    To the basic , the sun would rise in a blink , you'll not have to wait for dusk to intensify the beauty of moment .

    The felicity will be counted in stacks of addictive numbers , the signs are visible highly , so should I avoid smiles on faces.

    Performa of letters can be seen only , or some legend would gift it to me , trapping her roses , not filters .

    I've made moon more brighter than many stars solely , but a bit hurdle , it can't wear the attire of apricity anymore .

    Everything relaxed , maybe the poetries would yearn for it's yearning draft , a poet will be the only raft , maybe .

    Shutters ahead of symphonic bustles of fragile future as nursery is leaning towards an electric firefly .

    I need no facades extra , I wanna glimpse over a face that is a glacier , not a reservoir .

    I want an utopian shift which is discussed by modernists , but the utopia itself lives in history .

    So much upgradation for this innocent humanity to erase the pure essence of humanity .

  • joan53 28w

    It’s been one of those days. You know where you get up at the same time, get breakfast before light shows up out your window, and you have to go feed and water chickens before you let them out of their nightly quarantine. Then you can back down and say I’m getting too old for this…what am I saying? I love those chickens! They are my pets. The only pet I ever had that pays me back. They have the prettiest eggs, light brown and light green. I’m going to find me some yarn with those colors and knit me a sweater. Yep, that will be my favorite sweater ever. I love winter. Don’t you? I can cozy up with my sweater while watching one of my DVDs. I don’t get channels on my TV. Nope, I watch only what I want to watch, no commercials, no stupid news you cannot trust, and no crazy shows! If I want news I go hunt it up and check it out and if I don’t like it I say so. Don’t you like a free country where you can say what you really feel? Of course, I live by myself with my oldest child and my chickens. They don’t care about much that’s going on in the world. Russia’s giving out threats like a good warmonger should and China spouting off threats.too. You’d think they want to start World War Three or something. I suppose they do. They both have fairly large countries and their egos are even bigger. I guess they want to rule the world. Well, my little chicken farm takes no never mind to the worlds goings on! But I do. I was born after WWII, I am a bit of a historian, I read all about it. Many countries fighting against dictators who wanted to take over the world. They were beaten. But these younger generation do not know how it was because they were not taught that in school. They grew up on the spoilt side of life. But if we go to war again no one will be spared. Everyone will feel the horrors of war. Maybe worse. There are things worse than death. But hard heads have to find out for themselves. I guess I said enough for today. There is an old proverb I heard of once, “ smart people learn from others mistakes, average people learn from their own mistakes, and fools learn nothing”. Well, there is more average and fools running around these days. God help us all.


  • mazingmee 31w

    Hey Mee..!

    You talk a lot inside my head,are these words not allowed to spit out?
    You care a lot for people,are you known them for ages?
    You break your nerves down,what made you this fragile?
    You don't ask for what you love,Are you done with ?
    You pity that it won't let go off you,Are you afraid of losing?
    You are not welcome somewhere you belong,is your happy place hurt?
    Hey Mee! Iloveyou with no space between,Don't you love me more?

  • iam_vaibhav07 32w

    मैं, तुम और यादें!

    पता नहीं क्यूँ आज भी तुम मेरे ज़हन में उसी तरह से मुस्करा रही हो, मगर कुछ बोलती नहीं सिर्फ़ मुस्कराती हो, खुश हो जिंदगी जी रही हो। मगर मेरी मौजूदगी से बिल्कुल अनजान मानो मैं हूँ ही नहीं।
    इंसान को अपना बीता हुआ कल, कभी नहीं भूलता, मगर तुम्हें देख कर ऐसा लगता है, जैसे तुम्हारे कल में मैं था तो, मगर मेरे होने ना होने से कोई फर्क़ नहीं पड़ रहा था।
    और अब तो ऐसा लगता है, मैंने तुम्हारी जिंदगी में अपना वज़ूद खो दिया है।

    दोस्त अक्सर कहते हैं कि मैं बदल गया हूँ, मगर कैसे?
    क्या मैं उन्हें बताऊँ कि जो मुस्कान मेरे चेहरे पर आती थी वो सबसे प्यारी थी, जिसकी एकमात्र वज़ह, तुम्हारा साथ रहना था।
    हर बार मैं खुद से आगे बढ़ने की दरख्वास्त करता हूँ। मगर अब, तुम्हारी इन यादों के साथ रहना रास है मुझे। अखिर वो तुम्हारी दी हुई एकमात्र निशानी है। और ये निशानी मैं जिंदगी भर सम्भाल कर रखना चाहता हूँ।

    एक वक़्त आयेगा जब तुम्हारी खाली जगह कोई और ले लेगा, मगर तुमसे जुड़ी यादों में कोई बदलाव नहीं ला पाएगा।
    चाहता तो तुम्हें भूल कर आगे बढ़ जाता, मगर सच बताऊँ तो अब मन नहीं करता कि इन यादों का हाथ छोड़ू। जी चाहता है इस हाथ को यूँ ही पकड़ कर चैन की नींद सो जाऊँ।

    एक उम्मीद बनी हुई है, कि एक दिन लौटोगी, पर सोचने वाली बात ये है, कि क्या हमारे बीच वो पहले जैसी बात रह जाएगी? क्या मैं तुम्हें अपना समझ पाऊंगा? तुमसे वो सारी बातें कर पाऊंगा, जो करना चाहता था? और सबसे अहम सवाल क्या मेरे अंदर उतनी हिम्मत होगी?
    इन सब सवालों का सिर्फ एक कठोर ज़वाब है कि 'नहीं ' , वो बात नहीं रह जाएगी, अपना तो एक बार को मान लूँ,  मगर वो बातें नहीं कर पाऊँगा।

    मेरी आँखों से बहता दरिया कल को शायद सुख जाए, मगर वहाँ एक रास्ता बन जाएगा, जिस रास्ते से मेरे सारे ग़म गुज़रे होंगे, जिस रास्ते से वो यादें गुज़री होंगी, गुज़री होंगी हमारी सारी मुलाकातें।
    वो दरिया सिर्फ़ कहने सुख गयी होगी, मगर सूख जाने से उसकी अहमियत कम नहीं होगी।

  • iam_vaibhav07 33w

    विलोम और पर्याय

    आज फिर जज़्बातों की स्याही से पन्ना भरने चला हूँ।
    काफी जज़्बात भरे हुए हैं अंदर, सम्भल नहीं रहे मगर सम्भाल रहा हूँ।
    अंदर से टूट कर टुकड़ों में बिखर गया हूँ, धीरे धीरे हर एक टुकड़े को समेटने की कोशिश कर रहा हूँ, कभी कभी हाथ कट जाते हैं, मगर दर्द का एहसास नहीं होता,  आदत जो पड़ गयी है। या यूँ कहूँ कि हालातों ने इतना मज़बूत बना दिया है कि इन छोटी मोटी खरोंच से फर्क़ नहीं पड़ता। विडंबना देखो कि एक हाथ को पकड़ने की होड़ में मैंने ना जाने कितने हाथों को ठुकरा दिया, यह सोच कर की कम से कम वो हाथ तो मिलेगा जिसे मैं पकड़ना चाहता था।
    मगर जिंदगी जनाब ! जिंदगी! यहीं पर अपना दाँव खेलती है, अंत में हमारा मनचाहा हाथ भी नहीं मिलता, और बाकी हाथों को तो आपने छोड़ ही दिया था।
    कैसा मेहसूस होता है अकेले रहकर, साथ रहने के सपने देखते देखते सोने पर। पर कौन जानता है उस नमी की वज़ह क्या है, हो सकता है आप खुद हो।
    जो गलती मैंने की ही नहीं, उसकी सजा काटना आसान नहीं होता। पर मोहब्बत की यही तो खास बात है।मोहब्बत आपका वक़्त, जज़्बात, स्वाभिमान, सब कुछ लेकर खाली हाथ छोड़ देती है। और यहां हम एक गलती कर बैठते हैं, हम एक जगह रुक जाते हैं, इस फ़िराक़ में की वो वापिस आयेगा, और इस इंतजार में वक़्त हाथ से निकल जाता है।
    तो अब फैसला हमे खुद करना चाहिए कि वही एक चीज चाहिए या उससे बेहतर।
    दुनिया में अगर किसी चीज़ का 'विलोम' है तो यकीनन उसका 'पर्याय' भी होगा। और ये फैसला आपको खुद करना होगा कि आपको विलोम चाहिए या पर्याय।


  • iam_vaibhav07 33w

    शायर और शायरीयाँ

    शायरीयाँ ऐसी चीज़ हैं जो किसी के अंदर के जज़्बाती इंसान को बाहर सबके सामने लाकर खड़ी कर देती है, दिल टूटने पर कोई कबीर सिंह बनता है और कोई सत्येंद्र IAS बनता है, मग़र जो शायर बनता है दरअसल उसने टूट कर प्यार किया होता है। कबीर अपना दुःख कम करने के लिए शराब पीता है, IAS अपने दुःख को गुस्से में बदल कर जीवन संवार लेता है, मग़र शायर कहीं का नहीं होता, वो रुक जाता है, वहीं पर जहाँ उसका दिल टूट कर गिरा होता है, टुकड़ों को बटोरता नहीं, सिर्फ़ देख कर मुस्कुराता है, वो अपना दर्द पन्ने पर उतारता है, पन्ना भी एक समय पर पलट कर हल पूछने लगता है कि, "क्या बात है जनाब, आज आपकी लिखावट ख़ूबसूरत है बहुत, लगता है मोहब्बत भी ख़ूबसूरत थी, मग़र अधूरी रह गई", तब शायर के पास जवाब में सिर्फ़ शब्द रहते है मग़र बोलने का साहस नहीं रहता, तो वहाँ कलम अपनी वफ़ादारी दिखा कर उस शायरी को मुकम्मल कर देती है।
    जनाब टूटे हुए लोग पागल नहीं होते, और ना भटके हुए होते है, दरअसल वो धोखेबाज़ होते हैं, अपनी मुस्कान से धोखा दे देते है, वो कहते हैं ना, "जो इंसान जितना टूटा होता है उसकी मुस्कान उतनी प्यारी होती है"...एक शायर पहले दर्द को शब्दों में तब्दील करता है, फ़िर उन शब्दों की माला पिरोकर कोरे कागज़ पर इठलाता है।


  • muskaanbhatt_ 38w

    There can be any reason to suicide and anyone could be thinking of that,so try to council the depressed ones, try to help them to get out of their tensions.

    And dear parents put only that much pressure on your child which can be tolerated by them, don't put too much that they die under that burden.

    Thanks for the ❤ @writersnetwork

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    May be they do because of their families, love,social pressure,studies or lack of religious knowledge.

    It might be any reason but actually they think the pain of this world is more horrible than the pain and punishment of the next world, they end their pain of this world but invite eternal pain of hell.

    But let's understand their perspective too.

    They somehow know that it's a big sin but they can't stop themselves from ending up their lives because they are mentally so much disturbed and in pain that they think suicide is the best solution to end their intolerant pains.

    But all credit goes to their families who are so much busy with only their child's education, jobs, and degree and not telling their children about the religious studies, about what's wrong and right, about how Satan attacks, about the another world, parents who pressurise their kids to do this and that degrees by not listening to what the children actually wants to do, parents who just wants high standard jobs for their children but not allowing their children to go for business( small units which later on become big), parents who forcefully marry their children with their own choosen person, but not letting their children to marry whom they want.

    Parents kill their children just to satisfy their wills and after the suicide, they question their selves why their child suicided.


  • muskaanbhatt_ 38w

    Now I just want to know is there any other additional way to trace out that cellphone or to get that back without complaining to the police��‍♀️

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    Handset Stolen (a short story)

    Few weeks back, I guess 4-5 weeks ago, I lost my cell phone ( vivo v15) in his locality, when we were on our date, there I kept my cell,slingbag,other stuff and food items near the bank of the stream, and went into the stream with him to capture pictures and shots, there we were so much lost in one another, and in clicking that we forgot there are alot of people(many were his known and others were unknown)present there who can easily stole our stuff as that area is already so much notorious which I wasn't knowing before the theft, therefore when we came back to the bank of the stream where I had kept all my things, there I was trying to find my cell phone, I checked my bag and things,amd I noticed the cell wasn't present there but the cash and atm,credit cards and other stuff was there as before it was, I was so much in shock and thinking how can a person steal things of others without any hesitation, I was disappointed at that moment not because of the phone, but because everything got spoilt be it his mood, our happiness and the date, just because of me being an irresponsible person, then there we tried to find but as everyone knows thieves won't be waiting there for us to come and take that back from him, then after alot of hardwork we couldn't find that, at that moment I wasn't worried about the cell more than I was worried about the sim cards and the personal numbers,as the cell was not having any password and pattern so anybody could have misused that for different purposes, as I never keep my cell locked as everytime I transfer my data to pc ( be it pics, vids, pdfs,notes, recordings,contacts,or anything except my call history details ,sms and whatsApp, drive, emails and backups,log in-outs) and fortunately I keep these apps locked and rest is always open from the lock screen to the other others and same was with that cell too ,I was worried about the sim but I was little bit happy also about that I wasn't having any personal data in that which could be misused, then later on I went to the sim service provider(with id proofs which are always with me)and immediately blocked those sims which were in that phone and bought their duplicates, and changed the passwords of all the accounts,and tried logging out the accounts from the device, but thanks to you love who always help me in hardships, thanks for giving me your cell to use as I refused but can't argue with you❤, so moving on I went to my house , and tried searching the cell phone box for imei no. for tracing that cell ,as he said he will trace out just give the imei, which I couldn't unfortunately find, then it took me 2 days to get that imei details through my gmail account which I had created on that cell phone, finally i get the imei no. He tried to trace out from alot of people who could help in tracing but we got no result but he said the thief could be the known one who were present there at that time and who we're stalking, he then said he will talk to police about the matter as it was the last option but I refused because I don't wanna interact with the police as I had never seen a police station from inside nor I had talked to any cop anytime as I hate JK-police and I didn't wanted to encounter with them, if I would they will definitely try to link my family, love and my life with that stupid cell and with that thief, which I never want to happen, so I said to him ❤ leave that cell now i don't need that back, after few days I bought the new cell and gave him his spare phone back and then mom was like where is your phone I just said that some girl stole that in my college and I have no idea who, and now I got the duplicate sims and that's why I bought a new cell‍♀️, she said you are so inactive and irresponsible which I am actually , and my Little sister said shouldn't you complain to police, I was speechless thinking from inside (story is something else what will I say to the cops) then my dearest mom said, leave that cell, no need to complain about that as that complain will surely ruin anyone's career which I don't want as I am also having daughters ❤
    That's my mom non comparisonable

  • muskaanbhatt_ 38w

    Thank god, I may not be a good person but I am definitely not like you guys (the illegal ones) ����

    You guys don't even have the guts of tagging me In your posts, which you people write about me on topics which I do and write but you show with a fake description instead of the truth, but I am grateful that I am such a great person for you that you guys created fake I'ds just to write(in tuti phuti english) everyday about me and just to stalk my stuff��such a schedule free persons they are��

    P:s : they pretend they haven't read my story when in reality they read it whole from top to bottom, but say we didn't read as we don't like, it was so long, when in reality they read it all that's why they knew the story was long, and if you didn't read, then how you got to know, what the story was ,����insane, and about whom, stop giving solacements to yourselves.

    Thanks @writersnetwork for the ❤

    #pod #wod #miraquill #haters @miraquill @Miraquill_assistant @writersnetwork #monologue

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    Too much jealousy and hatred I am enjoying✌and laughing at the same time

    Few days back, I just noticed that my many so called haters are also present here on this platform,I didn't want to write about them but I was feeling bored so thought of kicking them back, so they have made fake accounts with fake known names and are posting shit about me and my writings, and are puking out their jealously and hatred from their posts which are they trying to frame about me, like they think I am faking my things, achievements and I am copying my writing from search engines and I am remixing others writing with my own and give credit to myself lol, well firstly let me explain I don't notice that much of other people but when I notice,i notice very badly.

    Firstly I am not having any fake thing as my life is an open book but you haters show your things as private,when there alot of people who know your whole history, being private on social fake media doesn't mean your real life is that much private when everyone knows the real life history of yours, the amount of open book I am on social media describes the amount of how much private my real life is,secondly I achieved alot by the grace of God and with support of my mom, otherwise I wasn't interested in achieving anything and where you wanna see the achievement proofs your place or mine, thirdly what you had written I use search engines for copying, I must say you are revealing these truth about yourself that's why you think everyone is like you,let me tell you my every post and poem poetry story writing everything it's all my own written by myself using my heart and my brain as original real writing comes from inside of us not from search engines, I may use a dictionary for my writing as I am not professional,just started writing from the start of this year after a gap of 10 years,but never so called search engines and so called books of others to write my stuff, and what you had mentioned in your 2rs posts that everyone is a self made writerwriter not just me,exactly everyone may be a self made(not going to Institutes to learn writing), but for me self made means (not having any guide,not having any one from family background as a writer, not Consulting books of others to know how to write and all as I don't buy nor read books rather then my medical books and the holy book(haters be like reading books of others but not having time to read our religious books), and continuing,not taking any known writers teaching and training to write, not going through writing platform or source to take guidance to write as I am a freelance writer without any source and guidance), writing for me is like some ideas accidently come to my mind I think just for a minute and then I write without consulting anything, it's your problem if you like or not, I don't give a shit about that, and fourthly whaT you said I am remixing my wordings with other's writing and give credit to myself, well there is a plagiarism option you can go for that to check the posts are orginal or not, you will easily get to know, if whenever you feel like I am copying and so you can report, and fiftly must say the words and language you use in your posts so called which are for me, I must say you are such a downgraded person like your mouth sticks with the smell of swear language, and last but not the least what you had posted I follow I alot of accounts then gain the new followers and unfollow again and then posted I got 100 in 10 days and 100 now in 1 day haha so (jab ata karti hu apko nahi ata karna toh mai karu us mai)wese you haters also follow hell lot of people for gaining likes and followers but in return people don't follow you guys as much they follow me because my writing is much heavier then yours, look my old mirakee account I didn't use that from 3 days and still there no one unfollowed me and it's power of writing not the game of unfollow follow, if it was that then being inactive for 3 days I would have lost half of them but see I am gaining the followers there too and you are so much jealous of that, and you guys should be jealous of that because everyone knows you haters are on this platform from a long period of time still not gaining that much,and followers likes reposts comments, they are just numbers but somehow these numbers give writers like a motivation and support to write more and more with the same enthusiasm and it shows how much people love a person's writing,may Almighty give you haters some patience to tolerate my things.dont know how many are involved but who cares.

    Haha well carry-on and write shit about, i will appreciate that and will do more better better in my life,so that you haters will die of jealous more quickly,I don't give a damn about you people, but let me remind you do you guys know what that person is known as who talk behind the backs, you backbite, everyone knows what that person is known as, I don't wanna make my mouth dirty, if I have problem with anyone I directly talk to them on their face not like you gutless persons who know how wrong and highly mistaken they are that's why you guys keep making fake accounts and write false information about me, which is actually about your own selves not about me or others, you are having hate and jealousy for me, talk direct on my face, stop doing kiddish things by making fake I'd and posting about my topics which I do and write but with a false information. Such an immature beings they are, may lord show you the right path and stop you from doing prohibited things which you guys do on daily basis without any guilt

  • sugandh_ankahi 40w


    I have a pen and a diary
    Pen is brimming with ink
    And paper is glossy

    From window
    I can see the night sky
    The moon being the silvery one
    Gloating in its glory

    I am supposed to pick
    from myriad possibilities
    A pearl of capability
    Or symbol of duty

    I am here to find way
    Through Labyrinth of choices
    In maze of uncertainty

    The one right lego , that final piece of puzzle
    All the right steps and overcoming every hurdle

    I have friends and companions
    Proverbs ,sayings or idioms
    Cautious warnings or claps at podium

    I can be a fierce princess
    Or gentle warrior
    An encompassing shadow
    Or a glittering lamp

    But the day was long, and now it's night
    I m just tired from burden of picking right

    I am thankful
    That I have a pen and a diary
    Few random words and some poetry