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  • detour 4w

    Just another day

    Same days without alterations
    Just replicating itself over and over
    Like that empty ocean
    That's always in motion
    Working like that lifeless clock
    Dead waves curling over dead waves

  • manuhere 13w

    सब कुछ वैसा है , हममें क्या नया है
    बयां वहीं है,बेहतर अंदाज़ ए बयां है।

    मनु मिश्रा।

  • pnair87 36w

    Sound I hear is cavernous
    Is of the rain or my heart beats !
    Like the sunken ship of dreams
    In the ocean of tears
    Waking up to the roar of the nature
    To a day cycled through ...


  • _jouissance 37w

    Be different not just to catch the eyes rather
    be different so that monotony doesn't haunt you.


  • pranalishah 49w

    - Monotony -

    Humans running into the entangling chase,
    The race that has no starting point to begin with,
    And nowhere to end in,
    Only faces running wild through the chase,
    That’s how it’s meant to be, as believed by billions...

    But then why the monotony?
    When nothing is clear as crystals
    and everything is like a dusky dawn...


  • pranalishah 52w

    - Seek & Away -

    We leave something of ourselves behind
    when we leave a place because...

    We learn to live the moments when away from monotony,
    And forget to live everyday while seeking harmony...

    And so, a part of us always lives in the past...
    As a memory, As a moment of cherishing the last...


  • pacifierpunch 58w

    PS: Many a times life seems monotonous and stagnated and we are always on look out for something more interesting. But, interestingly, there is nothing exciting as you and your versions that are shed and remodelled in this journey! So, relish your instrinsic make up, repose faith in your callings and every ordeal of yours will become more fulfilling ❤️

    @writersnetwork #monotony #life #inspiration

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    Monotony is a call to your epiphany!

    Just finished doing daily chores!

    And, guess what... This day seemed more like a routine, with not any unfamiliar kick of motivation to keep me going and deep down, while engrossed in my work, I was feeling restless as if lack of sense of some achievement is making me anxious and perturbed?

    Is it that what I am doing can no more engage me or is it just that the hackneyed feeling of doing and redoing things have outgrown me?

    In short, boredom has creeped in! The monotony in my daily scheme of things no more excites me!

    And, this just kind of urges me to set foot on another journey to unravel what can enliven my senses! Like a new hotspot destination which I just missed on my travel itinerary!

    But then, once I hop on this rendezvous with new bout of thrill, I know one day it's fate will be to fizzle out in the background! And, then, I will leave no stone unturned to look out for another round of exhiliration! Phew....an unremitting process!

    But, I often wonder, what am I actually seeking? Is it the lack of motivation or my resistance to embrace life as it is? Is it the newness of things that will nurture my parched bent of mind or is it just the sly antics of mind to make me run from pillar to post?

    Like a lion cub, estranged from his herd finding solace in company of sheep, growing up to think of himself as a grazing sheep and groaning only if one day he could be reborn as a lion to annexe this world! But, an unfortunate irony is that he could never really comprehend during his lifetime that he was born a lion indeed!

    You see in life, every thrill and adventure that you are desperately scrambling for is lying within you! The scheme of things may be same everyday, however you do not feel slackened by the lack of that something; may be an x factor (until it is found) but sheer helplessness to discern who you are, what you are made of and what you are capable of!

    Once, you are able to figure out your inner hankerings and fathom your depth, you will no more associate with mad rush to spice things up.

    You will feel empowered, anchored and centred with an unwavering faith that wherever you go, everything will seamlessly follow!

    The journey will not be about dehusking yourself to find your fruit of happiness but to relish every iota of process that unfolds your truth; just like a grounded wheat grain surrendering to its purpose of satiating hunger, so should you giving up all; preconceptions, assumptions, prejudices, calculations to traverse to your ultimate purpose; engaging with your essence!

    And, everything will eventually stop!

    There will neither be a twitch for an effort for another mindful treasure hunt nor a yearning for that switch from lingering boredom!

    There will be a constant observation and pure awareness of where you are in this journey, looking at even the most insignificant thing with newfound perspective and that hunt for a spoonful of motivation to keep going will vanish into thin air!

    For now, you are rowing in true waters of your existence and you are flowing effortlessly, taking every ripple, wave, ride and storm in your stride alike!

    And, hence its no more just an intoxicating divide but an invigorating joyride!


  • ashamurali 63w

    Monotony need not always signify melancholy. As a person who is working in the same place for several years, I know that monotony can actually be a blessing.
    This is dedicated to and inspired by a lovely article written by @veloc1ty_ that made me rethink about monotony. It made me introspect and I realised that the monotony actually has afforded me time and energy to write and think. There is a certain monotony in nature too that is sort of reassuring. There is a monotony in mother's love and her cooking too and thank God for that.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #readthisj #monotony

    Yayyyy!!! This is my 200th post. Thank you mirakee and all the wonderful people here. Love you all. ❤

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    Mundane monotony

    Getting up at the same time
    Retiring to bed at the same time
    Doing the same set of things
    Every single day
    Reaching the work place
    By the same mode and road
    Speaking to the same people
    Every single day

    Sharing the same jokes and stories
    Cooking and relishing the same menu
    Dressing up too the same way
    Every single day
    Does this seem to you mundane?
    No, this monotony is my symphony
    This monotony is magical
    This monotony is a blessing
    No shocks, no surprises
    Everything  works as clockwork
    I know for sure what comes next
    As night follows day
    Predictability is pure peace
    Mundane tasks go into autopilot
    I have all the time in the world
    To visualize , dream and write.

    There is rhythm in repetition
    There is radiance in the recurrence
    Not a novice to need novelty
    I am matured to love monotony.


  • shakthi_dr 65w


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    Power of smile

    A bright smile from your loved ones can break any bitter moments of the day.

  • geniusjenny 68w


    Life is easily complexed!

  • murryben 74w

    ~To Life~

    Oh, To be awake and not behold
    God's divine luscious masterstrokes
    thriving before my eyes!

    To be alive and not feel Life pulsating
    through my thick red blood!

    To have to gobble and not savour
    Life's sweetness on my tongue!

    To be a walking dead corpse
    devoid of every known benevolence!

    Then It is just as well I shall
    be buried and forgotten
    For it is this that I am afraid of!

    Where living and being alive is a
    chasm I cannot quite well fuse,

    If I am alive and not living
    What good will this life serve me?

    I'd just as well be dead then.
    Dead and uncared for!

    ©Meri Murry

  • sillver 74w

    Monotony doesn't prove it right .

  • wired2beweird 77w


    sweltering evening air
    of stifled dreams
    and stifling haze
    their mutters circled,
    around certain square cubicles.

    they talked about their
    humdrum lives,
    bearish markets and
    overbearing bosses.
    mused about their future life
    of swanky cars
    and corner offices.
    downed a drink or two,
    coupled with a shot of despair.
    puffed about the phenomenal work
    that would come their way.

    the promise of a better tomorrow
    hung in the air, half-dead
    because they, could only gripe
    about the ordinary lives they led.

  • puzzledgirl 81w

    The loop

    This time I thought it'll be different
    An exception in the cloud of pain
    I thought you'll bring me a rainbow
    Your presence will break the chain.

    I feel like my life revolves in a loop
    For me time doesn't follow a linear path
    The love and heartbreak occur in circles
    Like the way the Moon orbits the earth.

    It's deja vu all over again and again
    The beginning and the end is so familiar,
    Feels like I've been living this life for ages
    Even before the birth of all these stars!

    All I want from you is to tie a knot
    A point of intersection where we can merge,
    My fate is so tired of rotating in a loop
    At least once, let the thrill of destiny resurge!!

  • av_1749 88w

    Life is filled with squiggly lines and straight lines, monotony and variations, blues, black and white and other colors..

    (My own drawing)

    #life #colors #lines #monotony #variations #thoughts #perception @mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    Life at it's best and worst

  • unknownstar1729 90w

    Forced Inspiration

    The life I am living is so dry and meaningless
    That I am living it very thoughtless

    Thinking about things which makes me numb
    My brain don’t have anything else to pump

    The air which is blowing in my way
    I hope I get the answers from it as it sway

    Time is passing by so fast
    nothing but a rhythmic beat’s playing in my nest

    A monotone called life asked me for motivation
    I said, look for a forced inspiration


  • av_1749 93w


    The monotony of the routine
    Makes me see things in black and white
    Yet, an " Are you okay? I'm here for you" that lights up my phone screen
    Adds colors of joy and makes my day bright

    I may not speak much,
    But,my letters in black on white background
    Guided by my overflowing thoughts, written as such
    Show the colorful thoughts I have not spoken aloud

    The black and white of a routine or a page
    Co exist with the colors of life and thoughts
    Unseen, unheard, unnoticed by most
    Yet, noticed by few who bring to attention to the rest.

  • queenofhearts1491 95w

    Just another Day

    Just another day ... where you pretend to be perfectly fine because you don't want to disturb others.
    Just another day ... where people judge you for who you are.
    Just another day ... where you don't want to get up in the morning because it seems pointless.
    Just another day ... where you are told, you were too young to have problems.
    Just another day ... where you are afraid to lose the ones you love most.
    Just another day ... where you can't stop yourself from crying because the weight on your shoulders is way too heavy.
    Just another day ... where you are discriminated because of your gender, ethnicity, religion or sexuality.
    Just another day ... where you hide your scars so nobody sees how damaged you really are.
    Just another day ... where you feel like no one understands you.
    Just another day ... where you become numb from feeling too much.
    Just another day ... where people tell you to 'just cheer up'.
    Just another day ... where you lie awake at 2 am. because the thoughts come rushing in.
    Just another day ... where you wish you were just like the others.
    Just another day ... where you decide to go on no matter what...
    ... And that, my dear, is called bravery.


  • lips_a 96w


    Desperately wanted
    to break the monotony
    of this busy life.
    Corona did it..
    Alas! Monotony again!!


  • wandering_star 96w

    Life Lost

    Life let's meet up tonight.
    Let's meet by the river side.
    Let's walk hand in hand as we used to do before..
    Before.. When it was light..
    Before.. When it was all right..

    Do you remember.. ?
    We used to chase each other..
    Run around hand in hand..
    Our steps would made mark on wet sand..

    I remember..
    We vowed to stay together..
    But I decided to see the other side myself..
    You said the other side is a rotting hell..
    And there are demons all around..
    Humanity is nowhere found..

    I should have heeded..
    But I sat on my boat and headed..
    I headed towards the unknown land..
    I left behind our footsteps on the sand..

    Years later I returned to our home..
    My boat is broken and so is my heart..
    Where are you life..
    Come meet me tonight..

    Our house is empty.. Our Flowers are dead..
    Our swing is broken.. Where we once sat..
    Come back to me.. Embrace me, life..
    Let's meet tonight by the river side..