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  • soulfulpebble 3w

    The Betrayal

    Shivi went camping along with some friends. It was night and the forest was cool and dark. They lit a fire and sat in a circle singing songs and laughing hard. Everyone was in a jolly mood.
    Their heads turned all of a sudden towards an unnatural shrill echoing from somewhere in the forest. It was definitely a woman's voice.
    Shivi jumped and caught hold of her torch and trekking stick. "We should go and check", she said looking up at others.
    "Are you nuts ?" said Aryaa. "Haven't you seen horror movies? You are supposed to hide in situations like these."
    "Yeah you guys can keep chickening out. I am going!" She jogged towards the sound. Aryaa and the others followed reluctantly.
    Shivi went towards the voice and finally reached an old tree with drying branches and thick stump. There it was lying at the foot, an audio player, the source of the sound. She bent down to examine it and suddenly felt a hot and extremely painful sensation in her back. "Die bitch." It was Aarya's voice. "How dare you look at Rahul? Sleep around with demons in hell now."
    There were three more stabs and Shivi was down on the ground on her belly gasping for breath drenched in red.


  • feflourflowers 8w

    When I'm texting you I can only imagine I'm texting your younger self. Because you have grown into a .monster your.no longer the person I once known.

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 8w

    I didn't ask to be born. I'm sorry. #imsorry #sorry #pain #hurt #monster #ihatemyself #iwanttodie

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    i am sorry

    to everyone I have crossed paths with, I'm sorry
    to everyone I have hurt in any way, I'm sorry
    to everyone I have caused such pain, I'm sorry
    to everyone I have driven away, I'm sorry
    to everyone I was selfish towards, I'm sorry
    to everyone I didn't keep my word, I'm sorry
    to everyone, I'm sorry

    but now you are free
    from a life with me

  • hawaii 9w

    Do you know who the most powerful monster is?

    The one you invite into your own home.

    - Sarah Winchester

  • thebhavnasaxena 11w


    The cuckoo sings on my windowsill,
    And I sit in the company of my solitude
    Thinking of home, wondering, if a box
    Of expectations hidden within a fortress
    Of steel and brick can be called one,
    Who is more alone, this cuckoo that has
    Flown far from her nest, or me, clutching
    At myself as dusk looms over the horizon,
    Signalling to me, that a monster will soon
    Knock on my door, expecting to be fed,
    I will have to yield again, but as my body
    Is ravaged, I will close my eyes and pretend,
    I am a wanderer, roaming valleys full of
    Flowers, my skin warm from the kiss of
    The sun, and in this realm of fantasy,
    I will be free.

  • c73poetry 12w

    Korptober Day 31:Monster

    I think there's a monster
    Hiding in my closet
    I think there's a monster
    Underneath my bed
    I think there's a monster
    Waiting in the darkness
    Or maybe the monster
    Is just in my head
    When I was younger
    I was scared of the monsters
    Hiding in my closet
    With my clothes and my boots
    But now that I'm older
    And wiser and taller
    I realise the monsters
    Are the ones wearing suits

  • _untoldpoetry_ 16w


    A whole lot of voices screaming in my head,
    I've been living in the dark, unknown of what lies ahead.
    No day passes by without sorrows and regrets,
    The harder the darkness strikes, the tougher it all gets.

    I had a lot to say but nobody bothered to hear me,
    I got consumed by the darkness while nobody was near me.
    I stopped looking for monsters, monsters under my bed,
    When I realised they were nowhere else but right in my head.


  • shivanirj 18w


    Sometimes I walk with her
    She is so vague
    Beautiful in her own way
    She is here.
    Already reached shore
    Watching raising and dying tide.
    Sometimes I wonder,
    Is she the real monster that I kept inside?

  • nakkupulli 19w

    Actually, it is inspired by a Japanese anime ' Monster' . I really enjoyed watching all the episodes. They all were very fascinating and thrilling. I just got a little obsessed with that . That's why I thought I should just get off my chest by writing all the stuff ( that I have inside) down through a poem .

    #wod #monster @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Nameless monster

    Far far away there was a nameless monster,
    He just wanted to live and foster,
    But nobody gave him any place,
    So he decided to find and trace,
    Through the holes of people's mind,
    To sneak into the door behind,
    He walked and walked through despaired door,
    He found callous ceiling and fiendish floor.
    He was amazed to see that dark and bleak,
    He was happy as it was good to sneak,
    He walked and walked to explore the end,
    Suddenly, a spark began to ascend,
    He got furious as he just wanted darkness,
    So he decided to put an end to all the sparkness,
    So , he devoured , gulped and swallowed,
    He made the man's mind crippled and hallowed,
    He removed all the light and explored the whole abode,
    He found no peace ,got tired and bored.....

  • saevenia 20w

    Saevenia Facts

    It's long been rumoured that there are undead dinosaur-like monsters lurking deep in the Veralinian jungles. They are held off by The Two-Faced Guardian, immortal ruler of Veralin. He's known for occasionally going insane and wreaking havoc on Veralin's inhabitants, however...

  • czarcasm 20w

    Terrors of the night

    The feeling came, a moment of happiness paused in a sliver of time
    And they wished they could save it, capture some of that light to cherish
    But as quick as it came it went
    Leaving them in complete darkness
    And that was when true fear settled in
    For the dark is the monsters friend

    They made no noise as they stood there, taking in the noise of the dark
    Waiting to sense any movement
    Their hair on their forearms stood up
    And they could feel someone, something watching them
    Blood pounding in ears they stood fast
    Hoping it was only nerves
    As the wretched feeling settled in their gut

    They were being stalked by the night
    A scraping sound filled the air to their right
    And they winced, stopping themselves from running
    'It was nothing, absolutely nothing'
    Yet the noise after that thought countered it

    Something was out there, and there was nothing they could do about it
    For they found they couldn't move
    Something was holding their feet into place, making them stay
    To attest to the horrors in the night

    An unearthly roar filled the air and they shook
    Skin covered in goosebumps, their breath caught
    Was this the end?
    And there, before they could blink, the demon ran out at them

  • roel_gonz 22w

    Another night
    Another nightmare
    The monster keeps
    dragging me out of my bed
    And I'm fighting back
    coz tomorrow is the day
    you and I becomes one

  • nemesis_here 24w

    Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process they themselves don't become one.

    #gaze #monster #save #yourself #life #battle

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    If you gaze long into abyss,
    the abyss will gaze back at you.

  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 24w


    Born to the womb of oceans she was the princess of waves, that swung & swayed,
    Stealing hues from the fiery star ever morn, glistened with gold her loosely tied braid,
    Body shimmered like diamonds, dust of Milky Way rendered that angelic shine,
    When coral reefs formed the cushion for her beauty naps, fishes kissed her lips divine.

    He was the king of caves, forests echoed when he coughed or sneezed,
    Munching upon mountains and hillocks, sipping over the rivers & seas, survived that beast,
    Glaciers thawed and dissolved at once every time he exhaled or snored,
    The oceans quaked with terror whenever he walked or roared.

    One fine evening when he was about to take a swig of an ocean with eyes glazed,
    The sight of a lass emerging out of the ripples, flipping her hair, left him amazed,
    His burning throat got quenched with the glimpse of her charm,
    He couldn't gulp down that ocean as he didn't wish to cause her any harm.

    Every day when the beams spread in the skies and starlight used to wink,
    He neared the ocean, beholding every inch of her curves, ceased to even blink,
    Extended his hands to lift her up and feel the divinity of her delicate breaths,
    Within the fraction of a second she felt as if she experienced million deaths.

    With tip of his pinkie finger he caressed her fragile body and face,
    Unable to resist, he placed a kiss on her lips, triggered his heart beats' pace,
    This was the first time ever, such a soft feeling hit the chest of a giant too hard,
    While his finger tips were casting magic on that mermaid's heart.

    She fell for that tender feeling of love, never did she experience, emotions profound,
    She mustered the courage to open her emerald eyes & watch him closely, her man she found,
    The face that appeared scary a few moments ago, she had fallen for that within no time, such an Irony!
    She engraved his forehead with her dulcet kiss and he placed against his heart, his tiny miss.

    *Reshma kausar Mohideen*

    *Insta handle : sword_of_word_86*


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    - MERMAID.


  • she_react 25w

    Her smile is divine,
    Even stoned hearts,
    Melted into flawless,
    Liquid of happiness.

    She smells like jasmine,
    an aroma of purity,
    Growth at dark,
    Unseen and unheard.

    She touches like a breeze,
    Gentle and cuddly,
    Coaxing me to sleep,
    Into depth of lost.

    She Sounds like Nightingale,
    Melodious and calm,
    Makes even unseen,
    Yearns for a glimpse.

    Who is katrina?
    Perhaps a princess,
    an angel, maybe a fairy,
    Hypothetical guesses.

    Well my beautiful people,
    She is a monster,
    Who lurks at night,
    Traps hearts of lost.

    Shout out to all our lads,
    Who thinks outer beauty,
    Can be added purity,
    Radiated from inner heart.

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  • thebhavnasaxena 27w

    In the masquerade I am lost,
    My fingers scratch at their
    Artificial faces, wearing my
    Solitude like an ancient curse
    In my skin, I am the one in
    This carnival of lust and passion,
    With no mask hiding my face,
    Save for the elflock that sits
    Atop my head like a vicious crown,
    Clasping in its tangles a drop of
    My blood, from the day my heart
    Was broken, I cannot see, I cannot
    Look, the debris of my fragile heart
    Clouds my eyes like a blindfold of ice,
    Of stone, in a masquerade I am blind,
    Hoping to find, the one with gentle fingers,
    To undo the tangles in my soul, yearning
    To drink from his lips the elixir to make
    My heart whole again, I know not what
    Name to call out, in a masquerade I am
    Lost, I am blind, stumbling from one
    Person to another, their fingers cruel
    On my flesh, they feast on me, as if I
    Were an exotic fruit, till I succumb

    #medusa #transformation #masquerade #lost #elflock #oldenglish #women #portrait #sketch #penportrait #heart #people #life #feeling #imagination #self #shewrites #followme #poet #creative #readwriteunite #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersofmirakee #poetsofmirakee #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #freeverse #pod #wds #writinglife #quotes #poem #mood #thoughts #diary #writersbay #mirakeeworld #wod #perspective #mythology #retelling #monster

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    To my fate, I surrender, I whisper,
    My voice tasting like gravel in my mouth,
    I collapse to the ground, and wait to be
    Trampled upon, till I feel my elflock grow
    Like vine, slither down my arms like snake,
    In the masquerade I was reborn, and
    Those who feasted upon me, now tremble
    At my shadow, they don't dare to look
    Me in the eye, my name is legend,
    Whispered in hushed voices,
    I was a lost girl,
    I am a monster,
    I am Medusa.

  • anupriyachauhan18 28w

    I too have lost someone very close to my heart to Cancer. I was thinking of my Maasi and that's when thought of writing this piece. @miraquill @readwriteunite @writersnetwork
    #cancer #monster #memories #life #mortal #death #hope

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    Cancer can take away bones, fleshes and mortal life but what cancer can't take away is the memories and love we associate with the person battling it.
    Cancer can take life out of the person but not love etched in his/her heart.
    Anyone battling this monster called Cancer holds onto hope even if it is as fragile as a feather.
    God knows how many lives and families this monster has destroyed but I hope one fine day it goes away and never comes back.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • __monster__ 29w

    I wish my nights came easy

    I wish my nights came easy
    But when I close my lids
    My eyes still see behind them and I can’t help but look through the gallery inside my mind
    Of all the moments I shared with the one I loved who loved me wrong.
    He had no right to love me wrong.
    Tears fall pouring when I reminisce
    Memories left playing like an old film
    I can still taste the smell of blood inside my mouth from the fateful night when you put your hands on me and said you were teaching me a lesson
    I wish my nights came easy
    I can still smell your scent a mixture of alcohol and bad choices demanding respect that should be earned
    I don’t fall asleep without thinking and plotting and wishing my cries can burn the pillow or just be as loud as a wave hitting the sand just wishing for something to wash away these scars you left that I try to hide and explain.
    I shouldn’t have to explain.
    Society has us fucked up they only see what we post online
    Wiped my tears and I smiled for that snap and insta just two seconds I’ve disguised everything that I feel with a fake smile but hey I sleep alone and I realize
    I wish my nights came easy
    Through the lessons I don’t learn
    Explanations I can’t make
    It’s night time again and I’m waiting for my sleep to take away the pain for a few hours here he is again banging on the door and i froze because I know it’s about to start.
    Wake up fool?
    Where is my food?
    You should be smiling
    No other man is gonna love you
    You can’t even bare a child
    I am tolerating you
    No man is gonna stand this
    You are lazy
    Look at you...
    Indeed look at me...
    I wish my nights came easy some days they do but this life catches up with me in my dreams.


  • soniprag 28w

    In Love with that Monster

    Oh yes! I am in love with that monster
    That monster who was here to slay not to play...
    To slay my heart and soul,
    To snatch away all my goals,
    But yes i loved that monster,

    Who was here to scratch my delicate skin,
    As I was his most easiest prey to win,
    To give me painful memoir..
    To make me slave of his devil's reign,
    Oh yes! I just wanted his noxious love game...

    Every time when he pierced his nails in me,
    Each one reminded, how foolish i was to believe,
    To believe on all fake peoples,
    To trust on the disloyal one,
    Oh yes! That was the biggest mistake indeed...

    His excruciating pain had given me bane,
    All his hatred started to flow in my veins,
    To walk on my own ways,
    To move on and leave this cruel herd,
    As That monster had made me strong sword,..

    So yes! I was in love with that Monster,
    Oh yes! I am in love with this Monster.....

  • randalthor 29w


    The mind is like a dungeon. The deeper you walk inside, the more monsters you have to fight.